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Month 2:17, Week 3:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5939:47 AM
2Exodus 2/40, Omer Count Sabbath #4/5
Gregorian Calendar Monday 5 May 2015
Late Chag haMatzah 2015 III
The Firstfruits on the Ark

    Continued from Part 3

    Introduction: MLT-NCAY Dissolved

    Chag haMatzah sameach kol beit Yisra'el. Today is the third day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and as far as the current Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT) and New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) are concerned it is the last day of this Late Passover Season. We will of course continue fellowshipping and celebrating the two coming sabbaths with you all but it will not be as members of MLT and NCAY which as of today is officially dissolved. I am here standing before you now to serve you notice of that. Whilst you will, of course, all continue to be baptised into Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) you will no longer be baptised or confirmed members of either this Central or Mother Assembly (MLT), or of NCAY. This ministry in its present form is at an end.

    Always Moving Forward

    I have quite a bit to tell you this morning so I hope you will bear with me as I explain as much as I am allowed to explain to you for the present. This ministry has always stood for change, not of the fickle or wreckless kind, but of the change initiated by Yahweh through the Ruach haQodesh. We are never to stand still. We are to rest, yes, but are to constantly reach upwards and onwards. Yahweh's people have known such changes throughout the history of the world and the times today are no different. I hope that in a year's time we shall be very, very different to what we are now. So what I am going to share with you is part of what was revealed to me yesterday morning, of which yesterday's Late Yom haBikkurim sermon was by way of a preface or introduction to today's.

    The Second Exodus

    Of all people, you who are assembled here know that we live in an extraordinary and very dangerous time. For years you have been warned of what is coming and that time has most certainly arrived. Last year you were informed that the Second Exodus had begun and that it would last a substantial portion of the span of the next generation. I, and almost certainly a handful of you sitting here today, will not see it through. We are here to prepare you for it and then return home. But Noah lived on both sides of the Great Flood and so shall we.

    Callings and Foreordained Missions

    We were born into this world at the times appointed by Yahweh according to His will to serve foreordained missions. All have a calling. For the most part, these missions unfold before us rather than our being told in advance exactly what they are, though sometimes we are told. Collectively we have seen and experienced a lot. We have all been through long journeys. Some of you are starting from the beginning and others are slowly being seasoned. Yesterday we had some discussions both immediately after the sermon and in the evening session and those of you who were here will recall, I hope, much of what was said. We spoke much about how different people are called to different things based on their situation and on the basis of what they know and have accepted into their daily walk. We stressed the importance of living to the full what Yahweh has has revealed to us and not to judge anyone simply because they do not have the fullness. Brother Ljungstrand shared an example of a couple in Gothenburg who bought a bus and go around witnessing what they absolutely know to be true. This is all we can reasonably do. Who, after all, has the fullness anyway? We discussed how different ministries, churches, assemblies and groups serve as stepping stone to the genuine seekers after emet (truth) and for some indeed we have been stepping stones too for we were not their final destination. That is how Yahwweh weaves us into the great and ever changing tavnith (pattern) of human affairs in all our different situations. And His genius in doping so is quite astonishing, quite wonderful. Nothing is left to chance.

    Stepping Stones and More Stepping Stones

    Many people have come and gone over the years and the stepping stone we were, say, 20 years ago, we are no longer that same stepping stone because we too have moved on. There are times when we must be pushed out of the nest to teach us to fly and sometimes it is not a pleasant experience. Such a time has most definitely come. For many it is terrifying. I myself have been thrown out of one church because I had outgrown it and could no longer sustain its claims. I did not want to go, I tried to get back, but Yahweh blocked me from doing so. I am grateful that He did otherwise I would have spiritually stagnated and died there. I know some of you have had similar experiences. And others I have left of my own free will. Indeed one changed overnight from one thing to another and half the members left because they were no longer in the place that they had originally chosen to come to. But even Yahweh is in all of that. The important thing, as always, is that we are walking in Him and don't get too comfortable with human institutions, even if Yahweh has set them up. Those in Katmantu, Nepal, found that their capital had moved 30 meters overnight after the earthquake. That was nothing. Some people are going to find their familiar places of residence completely removed. We have seen it in Syria and Iraq where ancient churches and monasteries, some taking back 1,600 years, were suddenly obliterated. We must not get too comfortable in the illusiory safety of age. And that goes for people too. Our sages are here one day and gone the next. Things constantly move on but the goal - the destination - is fixed and immovable, as is the end of each day over which Yahweh is sovereign.

    Our Hatred of Change

    The Great Flood in Noah's day was probably the most traumatic time of change for the whole of humanity. Many 'lesser' calamities by comparison have happened throughout history and they have been traumatic enough. World Wars spring to mind, revolutions, upheavals in the earth of divers forms - plagues, super-volcanoes, giant meteor-impacts, ice ages to name but four. For the most part we experience much smaller calamities but they impact us nonetheless. We as a rule hate change but the only constancy in this world is the ahavah (love) and goodness of Elohim (God). The emet (truth) never changes. Some of you are from abusive backgrounds and have been stunted in your growth in one area or another owing to trauma. Whatever the upheaval may have been, for you personally it was very great and may have taken you - or may still take you - many years in which to fully recover and heal. And though these upheavals may have made little sense at the time, as Brother Ljungstrand remarked yesterday, Yahweh is in control and knows what He is doing. And He is absolutely in control of the changes happening today and in the days ahead.

    Like a Shaken Fig Tree

    We all of us here were purposefully born to experience this time. Obviously, since we are all currently alive in it. The world is in turmoil and rapidly spiralling out of control. What follows will not be a happy experience for most but it will be a blessing to those whom Yahweh knows will be saved, but they will only be saved when their world is shaken violently like figs off a fig tree. The world has descended into gross wickedness, judgment is at the door and has already begun to be executed in various nations.

    We Have Been Prepared

    As fas MLT and NCAY are concerned, such a change was ordained for now. It is long overdue, in fact. Most of you were witnesses to the Great Dedication and you saw and experienced what Yahweh did at Aviv 9. This was not done for our amusement, it was done with a very great and important purpose in mind. That Anointing was for today, and today shall be for things to happen in the days, weeks and months ahead. The world as we knew it is about to change and we are being lovingly prepared for that new world. What could be better than an anointing to give us shalom (peace) and stability within? We have been given a safety rail to hold on to. That new world will not be paradise, I hasten to add. There will not be any 'rapture' (which doesn't exist except in the vanity of impure minds), it will not be the Second Coming and it will not be the Resurrection which all believers yearn for and await from generation to generation. It will be a changed world, one for which we are being prepared in advance.

    The Bikkurim are Boarding the Ark

    Yesterday we talked about the meaning of the bikkurim or firstfruits. Today the bikkurim (firstfruits) get on board the ark for the last time and then the door will be closed. Yesterday I told you that none of us knew exactly what form that the 'Ark', as a metaphor, would take. Obviously no one is on board a literal, physical ark, even though we have been called to be in literal, physical locations for this brewing storm. This boarding of the Ark has been for us - for members of MLT/NCAY and those wanting to be a part of us.

    Four Families on the Ark

    There is to be a necessary through temporary division amongst us, not in the negative sense necessarily unless any chose to depart and make war on this work which they would be ill-advised to do. Some of you may indeed go away in shalom (peace) but some - if not all (for I do not know what you will all choose, though I have been shown some choices that people will make) - will remain. Just as there were only eight souls aboard the Ark of Noah - a single family consisting of four families within a family - Noah and his wife, Shem and his wife, Japheth and his wife and Ham and his wife - so there will be eight souls along with their dependents on this Ark which we are boarding today.

    The New Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon

    All who are summonsed by Yahweh to board this Ark - the bikkurim or firstfruits of the Remnant - will constitute the new, reconstituted 'Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon' just as those on the original and literal Ark constituted Mishpachah Noach or the Family of Noah. And as I have told you before, a similar Ark will be built in the time of the next generation just before the Great Tribulation. They, however, will be on that Ark for a lot longer than we will, seven years in all. We do not know how long this Ark will remain 'afloat' or how long it will be before we can go on 'dry land' and start again but it will be at least a year. Moreover, the New MLT will not be located in one place as the current one has been - it will consist of those from all over the world. And though its headquarters will have a physical location (as it does now), its members will be scattered in multiple locations.

    A United Vessel

    All who are aboard the present Ark - the eight adult men and women and their dependents - are all echad or united as far as commitment to this work and ministry are concerned. They have the same calling in that respect and have had Heaven bear witness of it. Those who are unsure whether they are called or not, or who are divided in their loyalties, will not be on the Ark. All are, and will be, prepared to give their all for this work of Elohim (God). They are not perfect but they are united in their calling and have all received the Aviv 9 Anointing.

    The Necessity of a Personal Revelation

    It has ever been the teaching of this ministry that you have to have a personal revelation from Yahweh to be a part of it. You have to know where you have been called. No other reasons can substitute for this revelation even if those other reasons may be an advantage like, for example, you agree with the teaching or like the people, two give two of many possible examples.

    Those Who Have Come Over the Years

    People have come to this work over the years with mixed motives, both 'Israelite' and 'Amalekite' and usually a mixture thereof. A great many have not been totally sure this was where they were supposed to be and have simply moved on in shalom (peace). Others have believed and heard the calling but have felt unprepared to make any sort of commitment by covenant. Some have made a commitment and entered covenants who were not really totally commited and had other reasons for being with us, seeking some sort of selfish advantage. Others have come and have entered covenants who truly are commited with all their hearts. But to be committed in that way - fully in your heart - you absolutely need a revelation from the Father. You can't just guess whether you belong, you have to know it absolutely, and then give your all openly and freely, sharing your gifts, time and substance.

    Many Possible Arks

    Those who are unsure of this Ark may very well be called to other arks at this time though personally I am not currently aware of any but that may just be because Yahweh has chosen not to speak to me of them. It might be best at this time that we don't know of one anothert's whereabouts at this time - I can think of many good reasons. If there are multiple arks then they are most definiteky destined to one day come together as a single Ark and Sanctuary of Yah's bikkurim (firstfruits).

    The Testing of Faith

    To not be on this Ark at this time does not mean that you are doomed to destruction. Yahweh is well able to preserve you even if you are exposed to the metaphorical elements more than those on the main Ark. This is not, after all, a universal type of flood as it was in Noah's day or as it will be in the 12-fold Ark of the Last Generation bearing the Twelve Tribes in the Cities of Refuge so there are without doubt other 'places' and 'covenants' where safety can be found but those who are called to them must have revelation as to where they are and where they must be. I would not recommend anyone simply 'take their chances' out there without knowing exactly where Yahweh wants them to be. Some of you may indeed have received a portion or the fullness of the Aviv 9 Anointing and not be on the Ark but be led to a safe place anyway. And by 'place' I don't just mean a physical location which you have prepared with food storage and so forth but that spiritual place in your innermost being which is Yahweh's Sanctuary in your heart. Those who are not prepard in both or either of these ways must of necessity weather the storm alone as their emunah (faith) is severely tested. At the end of their trial they will know where they truly belong if Yahweh has preserved them.

    Taking Personal Responsibility for Fateful Choices

    Please understand that I have no revelation about where anyone outside the Ark is supposed to be and nor would I expect to receive it because everyone must have a personal revelation from Yahweh as to where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do themselves. Neither I, not anyone else with the prophetic gift, has any right to tell anyone else. Your life choices have to be wholly your own. They have to be your own responsibility so you cannot blame anyone else if things go wrong. We can counsel in the general sense but beyond that every man and woman must stand alone on the Rock of Salvation and grow up into the full measure of his or her calling.

    Visible Ripenings

    We have long since made it known that we are not in this work for the quantity of persons but for the quality. We desire holiness (set-apartness) and right-relationship to Yahweh and to one another above all else. We refuse to pretend to be what we are not. We call a spade a spade with an abundance of grace and ahavah (love) when the emet (truth) will be received with grace, but bluntly and without apology when it is no so received. Since these are oftentimes matters of life and death, we cannot pussy foot or pander to the flesh, nor allow the Amalekite ever to get a firm footing in the Camp of Israel. Amalekites will always find a way of sneaking in undetected into less spiritually mature assemblies and will remain there until the season of ripening. As far as the Bikkurim or Firstfruits are concerned this is the time of repening and those who are not of the Bikkurim (Firstfruits) are plainly visible, just as the tares are visible when the wheat is ready for harvesting.

    Maturity and Immaturity

    Those not on the Ark who are not ripened but who are true will become ripened in the storm. Then those who are truly of Messianic Israel, and of MLT/NCAY (Messianic Evangelicals), will see who is genuine and who is not. The storm will sift them out, even as those who are not to be gathered on the Ark have already been sifted by their own life storms. None escape the sifting. In that respect everyone is equal. The difference for now is largely that of maturity and immaturity. And the only reason some of the immature have not become mature is because they have chosen to remain immature. Others are immature by virtue of their young age and are justified, coming as they must (unless they choose not to) come under the wings of the mature. It is in Yahweh's ahavah (love) that He continues to mature the immature outside the Ark by means of the storm for it is in His heart to save everyone, if only they will respond to His pleadings.

    The Called

    It falls upon me to call the bikkurim (firstfruits) of the Remnant onto the Ark. I shall not be making any announcements but be speaking with you privately. The basis of these callings is not my personal preference or belief but whom Yahweh tells me to call. Some may have been with us a very long time and others only a very short time. Duration of membership is not the criterion here, but faithfulness, commitment, willingness and an adequate ripening. I don't, in any case, own anyone, let alone myself. Yahweh is the owner, as we discussed yesterday.

    Not Rejected

    Please also clearly understand that if you have not been called that you have not been rejected as a person or as a brother or sister in Messiah. I do not have Yahweh's permission, let alone blessing, to reject anyone. My task - and the task of all leaders of Messianic Israel, is to invite everyone into the circle of Yah'shua's (Jesus') love within the perimeter of New Covenant Torah. Understand also that these are not 'normal' times, anymore than building and boarding arks is a 'normal' occupation. We are talking here of the establishment of the ministry - of the Messianic Evangelical priesthood - which Yahweh called a halt to last Sukkot (Tabernacles) when we started to go ahead with ordinations but were stopped by Him. We are still not called to go ahead with any ordinations, not during this late Passover Season at any rate. The callings will be issued which may be accepted or rejected. All are free to choose.

    No Ministry of Stragglers

    Those who are called will, during the course of the current Ark's journey over the coming year (or longer), become the new first Elders and Eldresses of this community. Like everyone else, they will start by being called into the Deaconate. Some who will be called will already have given long service. Others will only have given some service, it does not matter. What matters is that they are fully immersed in the work and have walked according to the profession of their emunah (faith) in Torah-obedience even if they have occasionally stumbled, as all do. We cannot by any means have a ministry of stragglers, of the undecided or of the double-minded. Others will be called and come later, being added to these bikkurim (firstfruits), after the Main Ark, and the other little arks, have landed in a year's time.

    Doctrinal Unity

    All these Elders from 4 families know absolutely to where they have been called and know where they are going in terms of the mission of this ministry, and they know by direct revelation from Yahweh. They have each testified at different times of these things to me and demonstrated it by their works that they are truly 'family' in the messianic sense of the word, so this is not guesswork on my part. In fact I didn't even know who they all were unless two evenings ago. They may not be 100% doctrinally united yet but are pretty close as to qualify them to be the members of this reconstituited Priesthood.

    A New Beginning

    4 is, as I said yesterday, is the number of creation - in this case a 'new creation' consisting of Elohim (3) plus a new beginning (1). These four men are to be the first of 12 eventual Elders and, as Yahweh directs and permits, be ordained apostles of the Dedicated NCAY. They will be the full compliment of Elders and their companions during the current time of troubles over the next 12-14 months to which others, as they ripen or mature, will be added to the 4 after this New Ark settles next year and the mission is relaunched. This New Ark contains the covenants and mitzvot (commandments) of this work to which its occupants are totally and unreservendly committed by the sacrifice of their time and labour in the mission field winning souls according to their giftings.

    International MLT

    These four families shall therefore, at this time, constitute the International Community or Fellowship known as Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (IMLT), replacing the MLT which until now has only been a local Swedish congregation where the headquarters are physically located.

    Training the Elders

    During the days of the Ark's wandering, these Elders will counsel amongst themselves under patriarchal headship and be trained as they prepare for full organisation by Pesach (Passover) next year (2016) in the manner revealed in the Covenants & Commandments.

    A Sabbatical Rest for the Arkers

    As I think many of you know, my family and I are totally exhausted and burned out from the years of service. We have worked hard for you. We have paid the price in persistent and sometimes chronic sickness and must now rest. For us this Ark Journey will be a sabbatical leave of sorts. Therefore it will be up to those not on board the Ark to make their own arrangements for annual feasts, monthly New Moons and weekly Sabbaths. By the time Pesach (Passover) arrives in the spring of 2016 we will let everyone know what the plans are. There is no guarantee that we will either still be in Kadesh-biyqah or in Sweden at all for that matter - some of you will know of the Texan prophecy. We shall go where Yahweh sends us. Next year, though, we here in Sweden, or some other mission of NCAY, will organise an International Assembly to organise new missions. The only congregations that will retain the NCAY name will be those still holding probationary membership in East Africa since that is the name they are registered with. If by the spring of 2016 the East Africa Mission has fulfilled the terms of its probation, after an extensive on-site examination , participation and interviews, its congregations will be licenced as full members of NCAY.

    Things to Be Done

    Though we shall be resting from these activities, we shall be busy in other ways. During this next year the NCAY website will be totally rebuilt and activity in NCAY social groups such as Facebook radically scaled down and changed - assuming we have been allowed to remain on such social media. We have many teaching materials to write and publish in preparation for the work in a year's time. I will, of course, also be counselling with the traineee Elders and Eldresses.

    A Priestly Ark

    I also hope that nobody who is not on the Ark views this in any way as a 'disfellowshipment' or 'excommunication' because it absolutely is not that, for such would be the furthest from our hearts. No accusation is being laid at anybody's feet here, nor is this an exclusion from friendship or fellowship as fellow believers in the wider Body of Messiah. The Ark is a Priesthood matter, and nothing more or less.

    Letters of Recommendation

    I repeat, though, so that there is no misunderstanding, that with the dissolving of the current MLT/NCAY membership that no ordinance performed by us is considered valid which means that nobody outside the Ark may represent this ministry in any official capacity. Anyone we send to missions or individuals at home or abroad will be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by this Patriarchate. If you receive a visit from someone claiming to be of MLT/NCAY who does not have such a letter of authorisation, they should not be received save as representatives of themselves. If in doubt, get in contact with me.

    Rejoining the Work Next Year

    If after next Pesach (Passover) you wish to once again align yourself with this work by seeking membership it will not be necessary to be rebaptised if you have already received an NCAY baptism. You will, however, have to satisfy the criteria for membership after a thorough interview. All other covenants, such as confirmation (Bar- /Bat-Mitzvah) that you may have entered into do in the past will, however, have to be renewed in the manner described in the current Constitution as though you were entering them for the first time and to so qualify you as members in good standing. As Yahweh is consituting again the fullness of the Melchizedek Order it is vitally important that everything be done according to divine tavnith (pattern), something that we shall be guarding most strictly.

    Between the Individual and Yahweh

    We do, of course, hope that those of you not on the Ark will in keep in regular contact with us as fellow believers in the wider Body of Messiah for as long as that is possible during this storm. This should be regarded as a unique opportunity to spend much time with Yahweh and to win lost or estranged family members back into faith, particularly sons and daughters and parents. As I said, this is an extraordinary - an unusual - time that won't repeat again until the time immediately before the Final Gathering. So as the steward of this ministry I am formally releasing, in the Name of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), all of you who have made baptismal and Shavu'ot (Weeks) Covenants at NCAY. That does not, of course, absolve you of any covenants you have made directly and personally to Yahweh, which is not in my purview but your own private affair. It simply means that over the year ahead it is not our business to hold you to accountability to those covenants. It's between you and Him.

    Keep in Touch and Watch Out

    So do please keep in touch over the coming year. Hide yourselves in Messiah and guard your treasury with wisdom. Continue to cultivate the bonds of fellowship with us and other believers but beware of the wolves for there are many, and there will be those who appear to be friends who are not. The Amalekite is ever present. We very much look forward to receiving such as want to be a part of us again next year into a fully restored and functioning Melchizedek Order. It is so important that we know where we are called so that there are no uncertainties or divided loyalties. Don't be alone out there - remember the Amalekite likes to pick off the weak, the vulnerable and the straggler. Beware of those who offer shelter and succour who are ravenous wolves. Allow no one to force to go down a road that Yahweh does not want you to go down. We will not, of that you have our word. We give you are blessings and will be praying for you and for those of you assembled here for Conference in Sweden we shall of course be continuing the program of informal worship and fellowship until Conference is over next week.

    Concluding Benediction

      "Yahweh bless you and keep you;
      Yahweh make his face shine upon you
      and be gracious to you;
      Yahweh turn his face toward you
      and give you shalom (peace)"
      (Num.6:24-26, NIV)

    In Yah'shua's Name. Amen.

    This concludes the fourth series of NCAY sermons entitled 'Shemot'

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