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Month 6:22, Week 3:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5939:170 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50,
USA Judgment - Day #T-35, Global Judgment - Day #T-122
Gregorian Calendar Saturday 5 September 2015
Baruch's Warning
Black September Message 1

      "So Jeremiah called Baruch son of Neriah, and while Jeremiah dictated all the words Yahweh had spoken to him, Baruch wrote them on the scroll. Then Jeremiah told Baruch, 'I am restricted; I cannot go to Yahweh's temple. So you go to the house of Yahweh on a day of fasting and read to the people from the scroll the words of Yahweh that you wrote as I dictated. Read them to all the people of Judah who come in from their towns. Perhaps they will bring their petition before Yahweh, and each will turn from his wicked ways, for the anger and wrath pronounced against this people by Yahweh are great" (Jer.36:4-7, NIV).


    Shabbat shalom chaverim! Dare I say, 'welcome' to Black September? There are things I have wanted to talk about but which I am being restrained from doing right now because even the Remnant is not prepared to hear them.

    The Opening of Dark Portals Has Begun

    Without trying to sound too cryptic I can, and must, say that what we had anticipated in the dark supernatural has most definitely begun. Unlawful spiritual doors have been opened, and are being opened, into our time and space that is permitting for more 'spiritual exchanges' between our dimension and, for want of a better term, what we shall call the 'dark side' of our universe. There has been a increase in UFO activity where we live with our closest sighting last night when one the size of a tennis ball flew close by, a circle of lights flashing on its understide, taking the observer by surprise. Strange phenomena have begun happening. Reality, as we have known it, is starting to change. So you had better have your spiritual armour on because you're going to need it.

    Adequate Evidence for the Sceptics

    As there is but a little time before wrath is poured out on the United States I need to remind the sceptics, who for some reason continue to follow us, of what is to come. They will know the emet (truth) soon enough as the situation unfolds, but knowledge without proper preparation isn't going to be enough. There has always been 'adequate evidence' both when it comes for the existence of Elohim (God) and the approaching wrath.

    The Testimony of Baruch Against Yahweh's People

    To remind you of what is to come, I cite the testimony of Baruch, the scribe of Jeremiah, who, from the vantage point of exile in Babylon after the words of his master had been ignored, as the words of the nevi'im (prophets) are being ignored today:

      "So Yahweh carried out the threat He spoke against us: against our judges who ruled Israel, and against our rulers and the people of Israel and Judah. Under the whole heaven there has not been done the like of what He has done in Jerusalem, in accordance with the threats that were written in the Torah (Law) of Moses. Some of us ate the flesh of their sons and others ate the flesh of their daughters. He made them subject to all the kingdoms around us, to be an object of scorn and a desolation among all the surrounding peoples, where Yahweh has scattered them. They were brought down and not raised up, because our nation sinned against Yahweh our Elohim (God), in not heeding His voice. Yahweh our Elohim (God) is in the right, but there is open shame on us and our ancestors this very day. All those calamities with which Yahweh threatened us have come upon us. Yet we have not entreated the favour of Yahweh by turning away, each of us, from the thoughts of our wicked hearts. And Yahweh has kept the calamities ready, and Yahweh has brought them upon us, for Yahweh is just in all the works that He has commanded us to do. Yet we have not obeyed His voice, to walk in the statutes of Yahweh that He set before us" (Baruch 2:1-10, NRSV).

    Being Realistic About National Repentance

    After calamity has struck, the people make a show of repentance, but it is not genuine. I know that there are those of you who still believe there will be a great repentance before calamity is due to strike your country, and that this will prevent calamity being sent by Heaven. If only it were so. But not only will there not be repentance before calamity, there will not be repentance in the immediate aftermath of calamity either, because people now love their sin even unto death. It will rather be an ungodly sorrow at misfortune, and a reactive anger accusing and blaming Elohim (God). We must not engage in wishful thinking and such tiqveh (hope) as we have must be realistic. National repentance will neither be swift nor enduring.

    The Bumpy Journey to Come

    Jeremiah and Baruch longed for their nation to repent but it did not. They did not end their days happy men. And the remnant of their time was not so spiritual as they would have liked either. Praise Yah the Remnant is better prepared in ours but even still it has got a steep learning and obedience curve ahead of it. So we need not grow cocky.

    A Whole Century of Opportunity Has Been Missed

    Our Israelite nations have had more than ample opportunity to repent over the last century. Two world wars did not cause them to turn back to Elohim (God). Indeed, after each one things just got worse - they turned more and more away from Him. You can expect the same this time round. Each Sh'mittah (Sabbatical and Yovel (Jubilee) the Israelite nations have failed to do any releasing whatsoever and bondage has only got worse.

    Our Naïvity Concerning Human Nature

    We must not be so naïve as to suppose that human nature will defy its ground state of sinfulness and suddenly become very meek and mild. Human nature - the sin nature, the carnal nature, the Adamic nature, the fleshy nature - cannot be tamed. It has always been slated for execution because it is satanic. And the choice of every human being that has ever lived, and will yet live, is to choose been voluntarily - by an act of conscious, free will - to put that nature to death in Messiah or to continue living under its slavery.

    Compromising the Flesh

    Every one of us at some time or another, even those who eventually lay this deathly nature aside in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus), at some point or another, attempts to live with one foot in heaven and one in hell. We sign treaties with the flesh. We try to accommodate it. We sent it appeasing presents. We try to compartmentalise ourselves by living lives as believers in one part of our being and one part as unbelievers in the flesh. Few make a clean break between the old life and the new because the hold of the fleshy nature is not a small thing. We don't overcome it without a long and arduous struggle. The soul really and truly believes that it needs the flesh in order to survive, and the moment we feel the pain of the death of the flesh, we recoil in deathly fear!

    Only One Remedy for the Flesh

    Scripture does not mince words. We are never told that the flesh is like an irritating sore, or a cut or a bruise. We are not even told that it is a painful disease like cancer or leprosy which, though terrible, hold the very small hope of being overcome in the course of time. The word used to describe it is death. It is a terminal condition that if not addressed will drag us down into hell, no matter how much we are in denial over the fact. Holding onto it as though it were a life-raft or a parachute is one of those insane beliefs that man clings desperately to. It's a lead weight chained to your legs, not a helium balloon or a para-glider that you can hop on and fly away without consequences. So, no, Scripture nowhere says that dying to self is easy.

    The Continued Ignorance of Mankind

    Baruch says:

      "Later generations have seen the light of day and have lived upon the earth; they have not learned the way to knowledge (wisdom) [concerning salvation], nor understood her paths, nor laid hold of her. Their descendants have strayed far from her ways" (Bar.3:20-21, NRSV).

    The Fantasy of Liberalism

    Thousands of years later men are still trying to find a way to accommodate the flesh by making peace with it, and they still fail. They repeat the same errors again again expecting a different outcome. Perhaps that is why most people have an aversion to studying history because they do not want their hope in a false path to salvation to be dashed once more. Such is the fantasy of theological liberalism.

    The Madness op Mankind

    Brethren and sisters, it is insanity of the highest order to keep on repeating the same errors of previous generations in the vain hope that there will be a different outcome, an end that can miraculously embrace carnality safely. That kind of hope requires more faith than the genuine article. And the only reason that humans continue to pursue this absurd chasing after the wind is because of stubborn PRIDE. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the obstinate insistance that Yahweh is in some way bad and that they are good. Indeed, is not the most common eulogy in funerals, "He was basically a good man"? Vanity and stupidity, my friend, that is all that is.

    The Inevitable Realisation

    What, then, are we to do with this stubborn, precocious and troublesome child that thinks the flesh has been given bad press? What shall we say to him? What is it that needs converting in his rebellious soul? Apparently it is very simple - it is to first agree that Yahweh's boundaries are inviolable, and second, that they are actually for our good and not for our harm or inconvenience:

      "She (wisdom) is the book of the mitzvot (commandments) of Elohim (God), the Torah (Law) that endures for ever. All who hold her fast will live, and those who forsake her will die" (Bar.4:1, NRSV).

    The Abolition of Rules is Vain

    It really can't be put any simpler than that. The mitzvot (commandments) are given for chayim (life) and spiritual prosperity - all of them, and not just the ones we 'like'. That includes the calendar we live by, the festivals and other moedim (appointments) we are to observe, the food laws we have been given, the Name we are to worship Elohim (God) with, the rules governing marriage and sexual conduct, the threefold law of tithing and so much more. These were not whims of the Creator to be 'replaced' by lawlessness and cheap grace, as the bulk of Christendom teaches, because, the fleshy mind stupidly concludes, Yahweh trusts our hearts so much now that we have no need for any kind of rules any longer. Look where that attitude has got us! The Torah (Teaching/Law) and the Messiah are inextricably linked together.

    Stop It, Do It!

    We need salvation precisely because we are habitual law-breakers and must learn, through putting the flesh to death, to stop violating the Creator's rules and to trust that they were given to us for our well-being. Go and stop fornicating, stop eating bacon and shrimp, stop worshipping on the days of pagan gods (Saturday, Sunday, etc.), stop calling the Creator by the names of heathen deities, stop observing Satan's days at Christmas and Easter/Astarte, stop dressing like the world, stop listening to vile, spirit-numbing music, stop piercing and marking your flesh, just STOP IT! No more excuses unless you want to come under the judgments that Baruch described. You may think these things are unimportant because your mind and heart are corrupt, but Yahweh plainly says otherwise. So what if you do not understand all the why's and wherefore's at this stage. Just do it! The reasons soon become apparent but only to the faithful. That is what living by emunah (faith, trusting) actually means.

    Transgressing the Torah

    Yah'shua (Jesus) died for us precisely because we still break this Torah today. That's the one of the main reasons He died and yet the god of this world has blinded the minds of professing Christians to this simple emet (truth). Sin was, is, and always will be, "the transgression of the Torah (Law)" (1 John 3:4, KJV). Whenever we sin against Yahweh, it is because we are breaking the Torah. Whenever we go to the Messiah for forgiveness, it is because we have broken the Creator's Torah. That is why He died on the cross for us. And that being undeniably so, what insanity has gripped the foolish mind and heart of man to make him say that Yah'shua (Jesus) has abolished the Torah? What crazy doctrine is that? And yet it is this monstrous teaching that has in part catalysed the demise of America and the West. We have been taught a lie because we believed we were somehow intrinsically good or that the Ruach (Spirit) had, without our prior knowledge, somehow crucified the flesh for us so that every thought and every feeling we have is somehow Elohim (God) speaking to us. We deceived ourselves with a false theological proposition put forward by churchmen who should have known better.

    The Unavoidable Verdict

    It is perhaps a little premature of me to offer encouragement to rebels before their judgment because this is no longer a judgment that can be avoided. The ripening of sin demands a quick verdict for the sake of the oppressed elect and that heavenly verdict has already been given. The countries you love are soon to lose what little freedom remains in them. Just accept that, however painful.


    The nevi'im (prophets) have, for the most part, stopped crying repentance with the hope of change and mostly do it now so that the blood of this generation is not on their hands. Right now it is the Remnant that occupies our efforts. A time is coming, after the burden of bondage has cowered the unwilling soul into submission, that the nevi'im (prophets) will speak again, calling the unsaved to salvation that per chance they will repent. So to the Remnant my prayer is that of Baruch the scribe who all those years ago lifted up his voice and cried:

      "Take courage, my children, cry to Elohim (God) and He will deliver you from the power and hand of the enemy. For I have put my hope in the Everlasting [One] (Yahweh) to save you, and simcha (joy) has come to me from the Qadosh (Holy, Set-Apart) One, because of the mercy that will soon come to you from your Everlasting Saviour. For I sent you out with sorrow and weeping, but Elohim (God) will give you back to me with simcham (joy) and gladness for ever" (Bar.4:21-23, NRSV).

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