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Month 6:01, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5939:149 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50, USA Judgment - Day #T-56, Global Judgment - Day #T-143
Sinai Count - Day #25/40, Unveiling - Day #30/30
Gregorian Calendar Saturday 15 August 2015
Rosh Chodesh VI
30, the Priesthood &
the Bride Unveiled


    Chag sameach Rosh Chodesh kol beit Yisra'el and welcome to this assembly to mark not only the sixth month of the current Sh'mittah (Sabbatical) Year but quite possibly the last one of its kind. We shall see. In the meantime here we are, gathered according to commandment (Is.66:23), doing what we are told will happen every Rosh Chodesh in the millennial world to come, presumably to hear the Davar (Word) of our Master to all the earth.

    Rosh Chodesh is Scary for the Prophets

    I have to truthfully say that for me, as a head of a large family and of a voluntary association of believers, many of whom come trusting and expecting much from this ministry in their search for light and truth, Rosh Chodesh sometimes scares the living daylights out of me. Today happens to be one of those days. As one commissioned to bring forth a prophetic davar (word) for the edification of the qodeshim (saints), for today specifically but also generally in times to come, I sense only too keenly my fallibility and nothingness before the greatness of our Elohim (God). I am aware of the need to be very, very careful indeed.

    Frail Stuff

    I think back on all the mistakes I have made in my life and I sometimes wonder how any of us can be used of Heaven. For reasons known only to Him, He has chosen to make us of frail stuff and yet He calls out those to lead, guide and edify. Those of you are heads of homes and congregations I hope know what an awesome and terrifying responsibility this is. If we are ever to fear Yahweh it is at such a time as this, more so as the fate of the world hangs in the balance at this time of imminent and terrible judgment.

    A Beheading in Sweden

    Sweden woke up a day or two ago to a shocking headline news in the newspapers. An assylum-seeker from the 'religion of peace' went into an IKEA store and cut off someone's head. For an insulated nation like this one, once ferocious and notorious through the Vikings, but now totally pacified and brainwahsed with liberal secularism blended in a potent mix with Marxism, such an occurrence is unthinkable. Yet the city of Malmö is a War Zone, grenades are lobbed around regularly in violent clashes with the authorities who are impotent to do anything because the state has tied their hands.

    Wimpish, Paid-off Politicians

    What chance does a nation have when, as in America, the Vice President'S adviCe to a woman about to be rapid is not to defend herself with a leathal weapon but to urinate in her pants in the hope the rapist will be discouraged? Our leaders are wimps who wouldn't even take their own advice in a similar situation. They are bought and paid up instruments of an élite bent on our destruction.

    The History Yet to be Written

    And here we are, days away from an intervention of Heaven in the affairs of men in America and throughout the world which will never be forgotten. The history books are waiting to be written again. We must make sure, however, that as chroniclers for the last generation we write accurately so that the last generation knows what is yet to come at the end of the age of which today's events are but a prelude.

    The Message Not the Messenger

    So what message to I have for you all today? I have to tell you that I have struggled long and hard this past night before standing here before you. I have been plagued with doubts as to my own worthiness and ability to fulfill this commission. So I hope none of you are looking to me as a person for inspiration for I am no more exceptional than any of you, in either direction of righteousness or unrighteousness. Our ears must be tuned to the message, not the messenger. Messengers come and go but Yahweh's devarim (words) abide forever.

    The Latest 30-Day Count - The Watchmaker

    Today marks the 30th day of a 30 day count that I was directed to make a month ago which I have not made mention to anyone until now because I have not known, until now, what it actually was, even though it was given in answer to a specific and personal question. With half-a-dozen counts running simultaneously you would be forgiven for being a little boggle-eyed trying to keep up with them all, let alone discern their individual and interrelated meanings. There is so much going on as the build-up to great and terrible events gets underway. Only the Almighty understands the whole picture. The great marvel to me is that He, like a celestial watchmaker, has everything under perfect control. Not a cog-wheel is out of place, no spring at the wrong tension. Nothing ever takes Him by surprise, nothing is ever unforseen by Him. In that we may derive a large measure of comfort, don't you think?

    The 30th Day is Rosh Chodesh

    I need to tell you a little about this 30 day count and why it is especially important to us. I want you to particularly note that it ended at the beginning of a new month, today - at Rosh Chodesh. When I was given this count I did not know that the end of it was Rosh Chodesh as I didn't count the days out on my calendar as it is already cluttered with so many other counts! It also happens to be a family member's birthday - I didn't know that either. Usually I get a calendar out and mark the days off when Yahweh gives me a count but I didn't do so this time. There were other more pressing matters to attend to.

    The Levitical Priesthood

    Let's begin by looking at the biblical and prophetic nature of this number. It is not a number I have seriously studied in the past and not before now has Yahweh drawn my attention to it. It is, however, important, both for our understanding of biblical symbolism but also for now - for today. I think you will understand why by the time we have finished this morning. Let us remember that we are called to be a qadosh or set-apart priesthood - all of us, men and women alike, and that the Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood of the Old Covenant was a type of the fullness represented by the Melchizedek Priesthood. It pointed us to greater things yet to come when Moses was given it.

    The Mystery of the Number 30 Revealed: Ministry

    Aaronic cohenim (priests) were dedicated for service when they reached 30 years of age, the age when a person was considered to have reached both physical and mental maturity and could therefore hold major responsibilities. It is for this reason that we do not as a rule ordain ministers younger than the age of 30, the same reason we are commanded not to ordain recent converts because a lack of maturity often leads to conceit, one of the pride-derived sins that caused the devil to fall (1 Tim.3:6).

    John the Baptist and Yah'shua Both Began Ministering at 30

    You will remember that John the Baptist, who was of the lineage of Aaron, began his ministry at the age of 30 too, preaching in the wilderness and calling the natiion to repentance. Similarly, our Master began His 30 year-long preaching ministry aged 30 (Lk.3:23). Important things happen at the age of 30. At 20, male Israelites attain to the age of majority, as we call it - that is, when a man becomes a man and is recognised as such by Yahweh and His people, not 18 or 21 as we have in our man-made traditions. At 30 he is ready to be ordained to a priestly stewardship. This is Yahweh's order which we do well to remember.

    Perfection of Divine Order - Joseph of Egypt Elevated at 30

    The number 30 therefore denotes a higher degree of the perfection of divine order, such as marking the right moment. I have mentioned John the Baptist and Yah'shua (Jesus) who began their ministries aged 30 but so also did the patriarch Joseph, himself a type of Messiah. Yahweh called him to be taken out of an Egyptian dungeon as the lowest of the lowest in society and to be set-apart as the Prime Minister of the most powerful nation of the world when he was 30. There was a reason he had to wait until he had attained to those years.

    David Crowned at 30

    David, yet another type of Messiah, began reigning as king aged 30 (2 Sam.5:4) and you will recall that he, like Joseph, was a type of our Messiah, who Himself was not allowed by His Father in Heaven until He was 30 years old. If Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself had to wait then you can be pretty sure we are to follow His lead.

    No Elders or Pastors Younger Than 30 Allowed

    Those who ordain ministers younger than this are out of divine tavnith (pattern) and out of harmony with the Divine Will. If any of you out there have elders or pastors younger than 30 you have to repent, remove their licences, and make them wait. They can still serve as deacons or helpers.

    The Betrayal Factor - Judas

    All of these men of the biblical past had the age of 30 in common before they began their ministries. But they had other things in common too. All of these men were betrayed either before or after they started their ministries. How they were betrayed is in some cases very interesting and very germaine to our study. For Yah'shua (Jesus) was betrayed by Judas for 30 silver coins of blood money in fulfilment of the prophecy of Zechariah:

      "I told them, 'If you think it best, give me my pay; but if not, keep it.' So they paid me thirty pieces of silver. And Yahweh said to me, 'Throw it to the potter' - the handsome price at which they priced me! So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the house of Yahweh to the potter" (Zech.11:12-13, NIV).

    30 is Also Betrayal, Tragedy and Sacrifice

    When Judas, mortified by guilt, returned the blood money to his bribers who had taken it from the temple fund, the cohenim (priests) could not accept it as an offering and so decided to buy a potter's field with it, thus fulfilling verse 13 in Zechariah's prophecy. And though this was a 'negative' and tragic event, it was also the means by which great good was done, for in being betrayed, Yah'shua (Jesus) shed His blood for us on Calvary. Thus the number 30 is also linked to the sacrificial blood of our Messiah. Betrayal, horrible though it is in the human experience, is nevertheless used by Yahweh to mature His servants called to important ministry.

    The Price of a Slave

    Does anyone know why Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver specifically? There is a reason and that reason was because 30 pieces of silver was the going rate for a slave at that time. In Joseph's day 20 pieces of silver was the going rate, and though David was never sold into slavery, he was continually chased by Saul who tried to kill him on several occasions. Joseph was falsely accused of adultery and was thrown into Pharaoh's prison. He was not released until he was 30, the age at which he was suddenly appointed Prime Minister over all Egypt.

    The Number of Little Value Which Has Great Value

    There is a reason I am telling you all of this. You see, 30 is often perceived in Scriptural symbolism as being of little value. It was the value of a slave. But are we also not slaves? Either we are slaves to sin or we are slaves to righteousness. We can choose. The first way is the way iof the flesh, the second is the way of the Ruach (Spirit). Voluntarily or involuntarily, we must all receive the number 30. It comes to us one way or another. However, the true value of 30 surpasses our fleshy perception of it as in the case of Yah'shua (Jesus), Joseph and David, where we see (most especially in the case of Messiah) that it is of infinite value.

    A Destiny With 30

    To the world, then, 30 is nothing. To Elohim (God), it is eternity. It is very, very important. We cannot escape it, either it is humbling or - if we choose surrender and submission to the Creator - it is exalting in nature. If we choose the flesh then we die in slavery of the worst kind. So we all have a destiny with the number 30 and we are all experiencing its even as I speak, one way or the other.

    The Prophets and 30

    For this reason (as well as others linked to maturity) Ezekiel began to prophesy when he was 30 years old. The nevi'im (prophets) must also wait until they are 30! Yes, out of the mouths of babes Yahweh can speak great and wonderful things (Ps.8:2; Mt.21:16), and even animals like donkeys (Num.22:28), but Yahweh calls no one into a prophetic or priestly ministry until he is 30, even His own Son. Remember that, because it is ordained in Heaven.

    The Number of the Overcomers and Their Companions

    Pointing to the spirit of the overcomers, we also discover that Joshua overcame 30 kings in the Conquest of the Promised Land, Samson had 30 companions (Judg.14:11) and Israel mourned for 30 days when Moses died (Dt.34:8). I will leave you to figure out all the connections as we don't have time to go into all of them today. Suffice to say that overcoming, humility, service, priesthood and prophecy are all closely linked together.

    The Ark and the Sanctuary

    Finally, as we are symbolically aboard an ark now and as we spiritually entered the Sanctuary during the Great Dedication earlier this spring, I need to point out to you that the height of Noah's Ark was 30 cubits and the length of the Sanctuary or Temple in Moses' Tabernacle was 30 cubits too. As you will see, there is profound meaning in all of this. The number 30 is sacred and is built into the dimensions of heavenly objects because they depict spiritual activities. Particularly note the length of the Sancuary because we are called to journey into it and through it to the Holy of Holies, a walk of 30 cubits. That journey requires total surrender and submission. It requires priesthood to walk it, total consecration and overcoming. That is why the number 30 is built into it. You don't just 'get' there by repeating a salvation prayer. It's a journey, and a tough one.

    The 30-Day Month and Time

    Prior to the dislocation of the Divine Calendar, there were exactly 30 days in each month. Yes, Yahweh built the number 30 into sacred time-keeping itself as a reminder of what we are called to. There are temporal ramifications to discipleship, including observing the divine moedim (appointments) which are rooted in time. Rosh Chodesh reminds us of this - we are never supposed to forget it. Hearkening back to a more perfect order, therefore, we speak of a 'prophetic month' as consisting of 30 days, something that should be born in mind when examining figures - and especially dates - prophetically. Do you see how it all connects together?

    Vision of the Raining Body

    30 days ago Yahweh revealed the meaning of a puzzling vision I had seen some weeks previously through Brother Ljungstrand in which I saw myself on my knees and on all fours only my arms were not touching the ground as I was being supported by an invisible force. My body was literally 'raining' - water was pouring out of it. This was on the day I ended my 60th year or my second 30th (30x3) year and right before Shavu'ot (Weeks) when the Omer Count ended.

    The Rain of Correct Teaching

    What did this vision mean? It represented myself specifically, but all the overcoming Remnant generally, and the need for complete contrition so that we can be used supernaturally to rain blessings of divers kinds on those whom Yahweh sends to us. Specifically Brother Ljungstrand drew our attention to the blessings of our teachings that are mentioned in the Torah:

      "May my TEACHING DROP LIKE RAIN, my speech condense like dew; like GENTLE RAIN on grass, like showers on new growth. For I will proclaim the Name of Yahweh; ascribe greatness to our Elohim (God)"(Dt.32:2-3. NRSV).

    More Blessings to Be Rained Down Through the Suffering

    This has undoubtedly what we have been doing up to now in large part and it has certainly cost us a great deal in order to bring forth the revelation and teachings of this end-time restoration. BUT THIS IS NOT ALL. There is much more that is to be rained down on those willing to receive it from this living, suffering Body of Messiah which is a key mark of the Remnant.

    Basilea Schlink

    In once again pondering this vision yesterday evening I was led to recollect the writings of Basilea Schlink, whose story and teachings Yahweh led me to many years ago as an illustration of what complete dedication to the Master consists of in practice. One saying in particular of this German Lutheran sister stands out forcibly in my mind in connection with the character, experience and calling of the Remnant, and in particular its leadership now and in days to come:

      "Only those who forsake the things that are most precious to them will receive in return the greatest gift of all, which can make us happier than anything else in heaven or on earth - Yah'shua (Jesus) and His love. This love does not fall into a person's lap by chance, but comes to everyone who surrenders all he has to Yah'shua (Jesus)...Do not cling to any soulish love, which brings you into bondage. Do not encourage it! It will kill your bridal love or prevent it from blossoming. Yah'shua (Jesus) does not give us His love if our heart is divided. So let it cost you something to experience this overwhelming, blissful love that Yah'shua (Jesus) has for you" [1].

    Unveiling the Bride

    On the same day that Brother Ljungstrand shared his interpretation of the vision, and later that afternoon, I was shown a vision on an unveiling. I did not know what the unveiling represented at the time, though it most definitely pointed to this work, the allusion being to our website, and it was not until the following morning that I was shown the vision of the number 30 in response to an important question that had been occupying my mind, and indeed my family. It was not until yesterday evening - on the 29th day of the count - that I realised that the vision was about unveiling the Remnant Bride. Today is that day.

    Revelation to the Bride

    Brethren and sisters, I have broken the silence of this period because of this important message. When Yahweh told me that the Bride would be unveiled, He didn't just mean that a fully aware Bride would be revealed to those seeking after the fullness but that the Bride would be unveiled to herself too. In other words, the Bride would suddenly realise that she had a calling which even she didn't know about. As a virgin and chaste Bride cannot possibly anticipate what is going to happen in the Bridal Chamber, no matter how much she might indulge her imagination, so the Bride of Messiah cannot know what her deeper encounter with Messiah is going to be like. All that she has experienced hitherto will seem like something old and to be forgotten in the light of the new and living.

    A Sudden 'Breaking'

    About half way through ministering this davar (word) to you I broke out into a sweat. It felt like I was burning up. And then, quite suddenly, whatever was happening suddenly 'broke' and the 'fever' was gone. I feel a different person today, as though something of the old has gone and something new has entered in. I feel my heart awakening in a new way. I feel the ahavah (love) of our Master in a new way. Something is stirring and it is but a beginning.


    There are another 15 days left in this Sinai Count and we must continue to seek the face of Yahweh-Elohim until we have received all He would impart to us. We cannot, however, receive it until all the junk is out of the receiving vessel - our own beings. What you receive of the new will be in proportion to what you have thrown out of the old. Amen.


    Basilea Schlink, A Foretaste of Heaven - My Personal Story (Lakeland, London: 1975), p.170

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