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    A Visitor By Night

    UFOs Visit Us in Arvika (With Numerous Updates)

    I have seen a number of UFOs in my life but this is the first sighting that I have managed to properly document with pictures, videos and witnesses. This is the third or fourth time this has happened in our current home. My earliest experiences were as a student when I was visiting Germany, Austria and Hungary doing research for my Historical Atlas. The first I was not even aware of until after I developed a picture of the Deutsche Museum in MŁnchen (Munich), Bavaria when a fairly large saucer-shaped craft appeared in the sky. I very much regret lending that picture to a UFO research organisation as I never got it back again. My second experience was on the German-Austran border at Passau on board a train when at night I saw a bright light darting about the sky doing maneouvres no earthly craft could possibly accomplish.

    Since coming to Sweden I have now seen at least three craft from my own home. The first occasion was some years ago when I casually in our garden looked up and saw a bright, stationary light that seconds later suddenly darted off at incredible speed and disappeared across the wintery night sky literally within a second. The second, which was similar to craft I saw last night, took place last winter and was witnessed by both myself and a son (aged 16). It was there in the night sky, in a similar direction to the one I saw last night, but much closer. It suddenly faded away to then reappear out of nowhere in a slightly different position.

    At around 1 a.m. last night (29 July 2011) my wife awoke to see a very bright light through our bedroom window. It was a clear, hot summer twilit Scandinavian night so that you could see the trees. She had been watching this light for a little while before waking me up. There was a no sound at all. Thinking it was a radio tower's aircraft warning lights she paid little attention to it at first even though the light pulsed in a strange way with red, yellow and white lights. It was at its closest when she first observed it. When it suddenly 'went out' and then reappeared at another location higher up, she began to get worried and woke me up.

    I too witnessed what she saw as well as two more position changes. The photograph below, taken the following morning, shows the three locations of the UFO in the sky that we saw before finally going to sleep with the craft still there. The view is from the window I took all the photographs and movies from because the one in our room was covered with a fixed mosquito net. The direction of view is in that of Arvika and Karlstad in the province of Všrmland. Each time the UFO changed position, it was further away, judging by the reduction in brightness,

    I have seen many still and moving images of UFOs before (as this is a subject I have researched all my life) and knew the importance of trying to get my camera on solid ground. The first two shots illustrate the problem of trying to take pictures at night holding a camera in your hands - the worm-like trace is caused by the camera moving while the shutter is open. These are the only two pictures I took of the UFO without a proper solid base for the camera:

    I took some pictures of the farm 70 degrees to the west from the UFO positions to illustrate this problem as well as to have some controls. The first picture is of the four farm street lamps whilst holding the camera in the air and the second with it resting it on the windowsill, illustrating the importance of a still camera:

    The pictures that follow are taken when the UFO was in position #2 (I did not see them in position #1, only my wife). At this point I woke up my 16 year-old son both as a witness as well as so he could experience this phenomenon again. He was later joined by my 12 year old daughter who also saw the object, making a total of four witnesses. Here are the first position #2 still exposures:

    All pictures were taken at maximum magnification using a Sony Optical Zoom 4x Wide Angle 30 mm lens 12.1 mega pixels digital camera. I used a number of different exposures, both slow and fast to try and get clarity to the images. After taking the pictures I studied the images in batches in situ using the camera's autoviewer to full magnification and noticed that there were three solid objects, something not always readily seen in these particular exposures. But it was when the UFO changed locus to position #3 that dramatic changes began to take place. The UFO began to pulse much faster, something you will see in the videos later, and its bizzare movements are captured in the stills that follow (remember the camera was stationary and these were not occasioned by my hand or body movements):

    What follows are two of the three clips I made blown up 500%. There is no way the shape of the craft can be determined, which I am deducing was some distance away. What is interesting, and which is confirmed by thousands of such sitings elsewhere, is that the movements are typical. As you watch the clips remember that the camera is entirely stationary - the movements that you see are the actual movements of the craft. The still pictures above are the light traces made by the UFO as it performs its bizzare antics in the sky:

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    Whatever this is, it is not 'natural' and no terrestrial craft is capable of such movements in the atmosphere. This object was not a planet, star or satellite - it did not twinkle like a star, it's light emission was not uniform like that of a planet reflecting the sun, and its larger movements could not have been a typical trajectory of star, planet or space satellite. It was not a comet, meteorite, plane, helicopter, weather baloon or other manmade object. But the bigger question is Why? What's actually happening here? There are, I think, certain postulates that we can quickly dismiss:

    • 1. The UFO occupants or controllers were doing this to entertain humans - this was at a time when most people are asleep;
    • 2. The UFO occupants or controllers were doing this for their entertainment;
    • 3. The UFO occupants or controllers were trying to gain attention or make contact in any way - this was completely silent operation.

    So what was going on? What could possibly be of interest to them in Arvika? The Volvo tractor factory? Some wireless masts? The new children's park? The tiny airport? There's nothing really much at Arvika. As it progressively moved away, it may have been doing something above the larger city of Karlstad as well, but again, what? By about 2.45 a.m. I was too tired to watch more, and there was nothing novel going on save it was going farther away. I took many more pictures but they are much like the ones already in this article. As I did not wake again until broad daylight, and as nothing was visible when I did, there is no knowing how long it contined this activity.

    I have seen this type of vehicle before, as I have mentioned, but not so close and not with a movie image. (I think my camera was being recharged on the previous occasion) There is no discernable patterm it is movements - it's a bit like someone playing with a torch or flashlight in the sky, though we know obviously not some mischievous 'alien child' messing about. The light generated by this object (or objects) must have required considerable power, too great for a hologram - and what would be the point of a hologram anyway? Whatever is going on is serious business that's being done secretively.

    The activity of this craft was not, in my opinion, commensurate with observation by its occupants but with some sort of activity that required the emission of a tremendous amount of light, presumably as a byproduct of whatever it was doing. The movements must represent some sort of complex program, possibly automated. If this object was transmitting something from itself down to earth (which is the only explanation I can come up with), what was it transmitting and to what end?

    At this point I can only speculate but given our knowledge as to who these UFO occupants really are (interdimensional ultra-terrestrials as opposed to extra-terrestrials from our own dimension) and what their goal is, it is my belief that these craft were being employed to influence us humans while we sleep by imprinting our psyches with data. Such weaponry already exists down here on earth (quite possibly obtained from these occupants). In a nutshell, these nefilim/demons are trying to program our psyches while we are asleep. We are being conditioned for something.

    The reasons I posit this are as follows:

    • 1. I can think of no other reasons, given our knowledge of the nefilim agenda; and
    • 2. I noticed a lot of interference in my dreaming activity after I went back to sleep which I have observed at other times before.

    Am I suggesting there is some sort of systematic conditioning going on by these craft while we sleep? Possibly. Given all the reports now coming in of UFO sitings, there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions of them out here. These vehicles have been seen in swarms of hundreds and thousands in broad daylight, both from the surface of the planet as well as from out in space from the Mir Space Station as well by Space Shuttle crews. And since no direct attempt is being made at contacting humanity as a whole by the occupants of these machines (assuming many are not just robotised), we have to ask ourselves the question: what are they doing here? And what are the most logical explanations?

    There are some good videos on our main UFO webpage that you are invited to watch to get the bigger picture. We are not dealing with ETs (extra-terrestrials) but with demons and their nefilim offspring with humans. These are neither spiritual nor physical beings like us but something inbetween. They and their master Satan know that they have little time left before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns to doom them and so they are going for bust - this is an all-out war for the mind, hearts and souls of men, as it has been since the beginning.

    So know what you are dealing with when it comes to UFOs. Treat them as you would demonic entities for, unless they are piloted by humans (as some are), that is what they are. Do not fear them, trust in Yah'shua (Jesus), put on your spiritual armour and spiritually cover your families, and get on as normal.

    Update #1: Second Siting of the UFO

    At around 2 a.m. on 31 July 2011 the same thing happened again, beginning with the dogs of the household getting very agitated and my daughter, who was the fourth witness two days ago, noticing a very bright light in the sky, in the same location as last time, but this time much closer that it had been on the first occasion. This time the UFO changed shape from looking like a very bright star to a becoming thin yellow tick/check-mark, which then then inverted or flipped, and then flipped back again, before getting round as it got closer and larger before suddenly disappearing and then reappearing at another location much further away.

    Very frightened, she woke up her elder brother, who also witnessed the phenomenon close up, though he also noticed a red light, and then myself but by the time I was able to grab my camera and get to the scene, it was already far away. I took one poor grainy photograph before returning to bed overcome with fatigue from the two interruptions to my sleep in one night.

    Update #2: Multiple Siting of the UFO

    Ever since the first update above, we have seen one or more UFOs virtually every night for the past three or more weeks. The only times it has not been visible has been on 2 or 3 very overcast nights when nothing was visible owing to heavy cloud cover and rain.

    Last night (22 August) I thought I would try a new technique to try and enhance the image as well as to give a reference point. By angling my camera to include the wall of my house, I was able to get some much clearer shots of the UFO itself. The first picture shows it at a moment when its luminocity was low and the rest when it was at its brightest, revealing a red core light along with the predominant white and some green. On this occasion there were two UFOs, the first in the usual position (the closest) which I estimate was probably over the city of Karlslad, and second much farther away in the direction of Arvika but far beyond it. The latter moved quite a bit, rapidly changing position, whereas the main one was mostly stationary. It was a crystal clear night without a single cloud in the night with the stars out in force. I tried to photpgraph some of the brightest stars to give some contrast but my camera was not sensitive enough to pick them up. I accordingly chose to use the wall of my house as a reference point (the wall, which is white, is on the right).

    Please also see the recent articles I have written on this experience and my latest conclusions:

  • Satan's Moving Target: More UFO Mysteries Unravelled
  • Unwelcome Neighbours: Making More Sense of UFO's

    Update #3: Better Quality Photos & Clips

    The UFO (sometimes two of them) have been in the same place(s) continuously since I first started documenting this case, though obviously not visible on cloudy nights. On Friday 16 September 2011 we not only had a clear, cool night but two other advantages. First, the UFO was in close proximity to a gibbous moon so there was a fixed reference point. Second, I was able to get a large tripod fixed up outside on solid ground to take pictures without extraneous movement caused by slight body movements or even pulse. I took two sets of pictures - with and without a tripod - and was able to demonstrate that some of the movements in the first photographs taken on other sightings were caused by body movements as proven by distorted images of the moon. The rest, though, are unquestionably 'as is'. So let's take a look at the artificial distortions first:

    In the two photographs above, taken by hand without a tripod, the distortions caused by body movement are obvious. In the first, both vertical and horizontal distortions of the moon are reflected in the UFO image; and in the second, a slightly vertical movement. The UFO is therefore stationary in both shots.

    The following pictures are from the best still shot using a tripod that I could get with a longish (4-5 second) exposure:

    As you can see the UFO could either be spherical or hexagonal (and possibly shape-shifting) and emitting a great deal of light which, though not nearly as great as that of the moon, was many orders of magnitude greater than that of the brightest surrounding stars which aren't even picked up on my camera. The light-source frequency changes, as shown by the green, yellow, orange and white colours in concentric rings or hexagons (it seems to be a combination of both), possibly an effect of the pulsations that become clearer upon a closer look at the accompanying video clip. But first another photograph showing only a very brief exposure at a moment when the UFO was shining very weakly:

    What I find particularly interesting about this pair of pictures, and especially the blow-up, is that the UFO does not appear to be a solid object but a ring and some sort of a hole in the middle with some kind of energy emerging through it. This isn't remotely your typical saucer-type craft and indeed doesn't behave like one. And though this is pure speculation at this point, I want to suggest that this may, in fact, be a kind of portal to some other dimension. This may not even be a physical object at all, but be made up of pure energy. This is not so clear in the movie clips that follow as the magnification is not as great as the still pictures. Nevertheless, as you wills see in these the best clips I have of this object yet, this is no terrestrial or natural celestial object. The first, showing moon and UFO, is magnified 280% (2.8 times):

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    The second clip, showing only the UFO, is magnified 500% (5 times):

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    As you can see there is a very slight wobble which was probably me standing on the wooden balcony on which the tripod was stationed when this movie was taken. Next time I will take the movie on terra firma.

    If any one knows of others who have had similar encounters - or are having them - please let me know. As our readers letters and comments below show, we are not alone in having seen this kind of UFO. Take a look at the links at the end of Update #2 for my further thoughts on this subject.

    Update #4: 9 UFO's At Once

    Without better equipment it has been impossible to get better shots to get a closer look at these objects so I am still using the same digital camera. There was one night, unrecorded (as I was very ill with 'flu), when one vehicle (in the usual spot) was twice as bright as on any other appearance, and presumably therefore twice as close. These objects continue to be visible every clear night and have now been seen by visitors as well as our own family, making 9 witnesses altogether.

    On the 29 September 2011, at around 9 pm (21:00), the UFOs were out in force - a total of nine, with 6 in a new location to the front (south) of our home and 3 in the usual place (in the east and north). I took numerous still pictures and movies, the latter with a witness and gave a running commentary as I performed various camera relocations and zooms. In one movie, a UFO is seen to appear suddenly out of nowhere, do some bizzare manoeuvres, and then vanish. In this and several other clips, I not only caught 5 to 6 UFOs arranged in a straight line, but also caught them laying what looked like a carpet of red energy undernearth them. What this carpet was, I have no idea, though it is a matter of record that the whole district went down with an influenza epidemic which affected nearly the whole of my family, myself included, as reported above. After presenting the latest pictures, I wish to share some more speculations and also experiences that explain more of what these objects are and what they are up to.

    In the picture above we see 4 of the UFOs in the straight line. They are pulsing so the one on the extreme right looks almost invisible - there was another to the left and yet another further to the left which I omitted in order to zoom in and get a close shot. The one on the left is diminishing in intensity.

    In the second picture (above) you can see the carpet of red energy beneath the UFO on the extreme left. I have numerous shots of this phenomenon, spreading further under two UFOs. Though this possibly could have been a cloud being illuminated, I discount this as the intensity of the light was constant whilst the UFOs were pulsing to the point of invisibility. Had this been reflected light from the UFO, the 'cloud' also should have varied in light intensity. So i have to conclude that the cloud, whatever it was, possessed its own independent luminosity. The redness corresponds to one of the phases of the UFO pulsations which was of identical colour.

    In this shot (above) of two of the UFOs you can see the red phase of the pulse - two of the craft in the centre appeared to be in synchrony whereas the others were pulsing according to another cycle.

    What follows are two of the best clips I took, with the second magnified. Notice the UFOs jumping about as well as apparently materialising and dematerialising. These were taken on a tripod on our concrete balcony at the front of the house, in the presence of my eldest son (16), so the camera was entirely stationary. The second clip shows our lit kitchen window as a reference point so that you can see the camera is not moving.

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    First clip, normal size

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    Second clip, normal size

    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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    Second clip, magnified 180% (1.8x)

    More pictures were taken on a subsequent event but these are much like the earlier ones so they are not reproduced here. The same objects have been out every clear night since, and no doubt behind the clouds on overcast ones. Further updates will only include pictures if they are better quality, higher resolution, or different from what is already posted here.

    I have another spiritual insight that I want to share too because when I asked Yahweh more about these vehicles and what they were doing, I heard very clearly the word Fragmentation. As I thought back to a number of experiences I had had with these craft, one thing I became aware of was that my thoughts and mental pictures had become highly fragmented. These objects are somehow interfering with out thought patterns, as I have previously stated, by breaking them up so that we cannot either think straight or clearly.

    24 October 2011

    Update #5: Large orange pulsating UFO

    It's been a number of years since I have published pictures of UFO's as they are such a common occurrence here, especially in the winter when they are the more readily visible. This siting occurred at about 6.30 pm just after we had eaten supper and I was taking a dog out to do its evening 'jobs'. Tomorrow is the the much trumpeted 'Super Blue Blood Moon' which I was planning to photograph then (though the eclipse itself won't be visible here in Sweden). As I looked up this enormous orange pulsating saucer-shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere, at about 8 o'clock relative to the moon at a distance from it of about the span of my outstretched palm. It was jumping around all over the place, as these craft are wont to do, so there was no doubt what it was. As I always carry a camera on me, I was able to take a fairly decent picture before it moved away and disappeared behind a layer of cloud. Five others of my family were witnesses to it. I am recording this siting because I have never viewed one so close before - it was about the width of my index finger stretched fully out at its closest point.

    The supermoon, slightly misty

    The UFO just before it banked away, 12x magnification

    The supermoon about 10 minutes later after the mist had fully cleared

    As you can see from the photograph, there is more than one colour present, also very common. Usually you can see these colours with the naked eye (green, yellow, etc.) as they pulsate but this was so bright all I could see was orange.

    I have a new portable camera now, a Samsung WB35F, my old one having gone the way of the laws of entropic decay.

    30 January 2018

    Comments from Readers

    "We must be having the same problems with those white dots [as] I call them...[We] have been tracking them here in South Australia for 3 months now...at sunset or with the moon or during the day, they're just there...and like you say, they just disappear and turn up [at] another location within seconds...fast little critters!" (IB, Australia, 18 September 2011).

    This page was created on 28 July 2011
    Last updated on 30 January 2018

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