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Month 8:8, Week 1:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5939:215 AM
2Exodus 1/40
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 31 October 2014
Yahweh's Controversy
A Prophetic Word on
Tongues & Marriage

    Introduction - A Change of Plan

    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el. I must say that I am as surprised to be standing here with a prophetic davar (word) as I dare say you are seeing me, as it was my intention to continue sharing with you the new fourth (2015) edition of Foundational Studies of the Bible which we began two weeks ago. But we must be prepared to drop our plans in an instant when Yahweh gives us our marching orders to do something else. May we always be alert, especially in perilous times, so that we never find ourselves with the heathen who declare:

      "We will continue with our own plans; each of us will follow the stubbornness of his evil heart" (Jer.18:12, NIV).

    The Indictment of Heaven

    Yahweh has a controversy with, complaint against, and indictment of the Messianic Community or the Body of Christ. Yahweh likewise has a controversy with, complaint against, and indictment of this part of the body, namely, the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh. And He has a a controversy with, complaint against, and indictment of each and every single one of us who who claims to be named after Messiah as 'Messianic' or after Christ as 'Christian' (it makes no difference). It is written:

      "Hear now what Yahweh says:

        'Arise, plead your case before the mountains,
        And let the hills hear your voice.
        Hear, O you mountains (nations), Yahweh's complaint ('indictment', NASB; 'controversy', KJV; 'accusation', NIV),
        And you strong foundations of the earth;
        For Yahweh has a complaint against His people,
        And He will contend with Israel'"
        (Mic.6:1-2, NKJV).

    A Trinity of Core Values

    So what does Yahweh want of the nations, of the Messianic Community (Body of Christ), of NCAY and of each of you? The same as He always does, that each and everyone would "act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your Elohim (God)" (Mic.6:8, NIV). These are, if you like the trinity of core values that are expected of us. There can, however, be no justice without a just law, and that law is Yahweh's Torah. Likewise, there can be no mercy unless there is a reciprocal understsanding of grace - of undeserved loving kindness, of unmerited favour - and no complete vision of that is possible without each and every soul becoming born again through Messiah into the Kingdom of Elohim (God). And finally, there can be no true humility without making true teshuvah (repentance), so really this trinity of core values must work in concert.

      "Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others" (Phil.2:3-4, NKJV).

    The Invalidation of True Theology

    To be humble is to be conscious of one's own failings, to be unpretentious, lowly, and not to esteem oneself or ones opinions too highly. The controversy with Israel, then as today, is over the failure of those calling themselves talmidim (disciples) to walk in justice, mercy and humility. I have known brilliant men, whose theology was often right on the mark, to lack in one or more of these three, and so disqualify them as ministers of the emet (truth). And though this lack did not invalidate their theology, it does invalidate their claim to speak and act authoritatively in that theology as Yahweh's mouthpiece. Yahweh summonses us directly to the heart of all matters so that we might have a right footing in representing His Kingdom before the world.

    Resolving Old Controversies

    Two old controversies have resurfaced since the conclusion of General Conference last Sukkot that have haunted the Body of Messiah for centuries and that Yahweh has commanded me to authoritatively resolve so that there are no disputes in the future. Few have dared to speak boldly about them, most have compromised for the sake of an imaginary peace between brethren, myself included. We now no longer have that luxury if as a claimants to the Sukkot Brideship we are to, first, walk in unity, and second, if we to walk in the Sukkot Anointing of the Overcoming Remnant generally, for otherwise Satan will sap our strength and abort this reconstituted work in its infancy. For in the final analysis there are, as one brother pointed out recently to me, only two kinds of people walking this earth - there are the overcomers and then there is everyone else. We either aim to overcome completely or we remain with all the rest as mere lip-servants.

    Unity in the Essentials and the Essential Platform of Truth

    The day has now passed when we could, as fellow believers, seek unity in what have traditionally been called the 'essentials' and compromise in everything else. By the time you come up to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb at Sukkot, everything is essential. So let us first make an important distinction: the 'essentials' of the Besorah (Gospel) are everything, down to the last jot and tittle. What honourable evangelical Christians call 'essentials' in order to walk together for the last couple of centuries we shall call 'the essential platform of emet (truth)'. For the sake of evangelicals coming up to this work at this time, it is important that we clearly define and affirm what that essential platform is.

    Defining the Platform of Truth: McGrath's Six Distinctives

    There has always been some measure of disagreement amongst evangelicals as to what the 'essentials' are. Many of these have ended up as long and convoluted creeds containing a substantial amount of error. As I have done once before, I want to strip all of this to the bones to give us an essential platform on which to cooperate with evangelicals, and they with us. We shall not get into Godhead doctrine or engage in the Calvinistic-Arminian controversy. I believe it would be true to say that evangelicals of all stripes can share the following common platform known as McGrath's Six Distinctives [1] so that there is no controversy between us and them:

    • 1. The supreme authority of Scripture (Protestant Canon);
    • 2. Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as incarnate Elohim (God);
    • 3. The work of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit);
    • 4. Personal conversion (as opposed to nominal conversion and religious formalism);
    • 5. Evangelism (actively bearing witness of Messiah); and
    • 6. The importance of the Messianic/Christian community.

    Stott's Three Priorities and Six Distintives

    On the basis of these six points we, as Messianic Evangelicals, view ourselves as evangelical Christians. We view this digest as a representation of what the three spring festivals of Pesach (Passover), Chag haMatzah (Feast of Unleavened Bread) and Yom haBikkurim (Day of Firstfruits) represent. But as not all evangelicals are necessarily content to accept us on this basis, we have also further qualified our belief using Stott's Three Priorities and Six Distintives, respectively [2]:

    • 1. The Gospel is revealed by Yahweh;
    • 2. The Gospel centres on the Cross of Yah'shua; and
    • 3. The Gospel is effective through the work of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    We thereafter define the Gospel or Besorah in the following way:

    • 1. The Gospel is about the Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus);
    • 2. The Gospel is based on the Scriptures;
    • 3. The Gospel is rooted in history;
    • 4. The Gospel proclaims the theological significance of Yah'shua's (Jesus') death;
    • 5. The Gospel is the message of the Apostles (including Paul); and
    • 6. The Gospel is personal, in that people receive it, take their stand on it, hold on to it, and are saved by it.

    Where We Go Further Than Evangelicals

    Thereafter evangelical denominations diverge from one another, and we from regular evangelicals when we add a seventh and vitally important distinctive to McGrath's:

    • 7. The importance of living the Torah lifestyle.

    and a seventh distinctive to Stott's:

    • 7. The Gospel is also communal, national and Israelite, inasmuch as it is lived out in a Torah-obedient lifestyle.

    Where We Draw the Evangelical Line

    These two '7th' points are what make us 'messianic' and yet we are not regular messianics either because most messianics do not accept all the distinctives laid out by McGrath and Stott. These two 7th points take us beyond what is contained in the foundation spring festival teachings and into the summer festival of Shavu'ot (Weeks) which defines the other side of the 'gospel coin'. It defines the lifestyle we are to live that is pleasing to Yahweh. Of necessity this forces us to reject uniquivocably many of the Roman Catholic doctrinal and practical carry-overs in protestant evangelical Chrisistianity including their redressed pagan feasts like Christmas, neo-Platonic Godhead formulations and confusion over the Torah.

    A Handrail for Friends and New Members

    Were evangelicals to submit to the Torah, 90% of their differences and inter-denominational controversies would evapourate. And if messianics submitted to the six evangelical precepts, a good many of their more serious controversies would disappear too concerning, for example, the Elohimhead (Godhead). Obviously I cannot, and will not, go into the details today. I haven't even really got to my main message yet, but I did want to make some qualifications both for our friends in the evangelical and messianic movements as well as to provide a clear handrail for new brethren to hold onto while walking the Derach (Way).

    Background to the Prophetic Message

    Let me share with you the background to today's message. On the evening of Rosh Chamashee two day's ago (29 October) I was sitting down at my desk feeling very ill indeed, so much so that I was on the point of either going to the hospital there and then or otherwise resolving to contact my doctor the next day. I had been like this on and off for a few days and this was preventing me from doing what I wanted, and needed, to do. As I was reflecting on some of the things I had been studying and praying about over the past 24 hours, I was aware that the sabbath was but a day and a half away, and that I had neither had the time nor the energy to prepare the revision of the next Bible study, when the Ruach (Spirit) suddenly fell on me powerfully and I was aware that Yahweh wished me to put aside the study this week and to deliver yet another message of warning to His people. It was so serious and deep that it took my breath away.

    Supernaturally Lifted Out of Critical Illness

    As I received what was being communicated to me, I felt this heavenly strength surge in me and lift me out of the illness that had so scared me; and though I was not healed of my long-standing medical issues, I knew that I had been supernaturally lifted out of the danger zone and that all of this illness had been permitted by Him to keep me hungry for His presence and out of any pride I may have had because of all He has taught me over the years. Not only that but perhaps for the first time I was genuinely thankful for that which I have hated with such a passion and been angry about more than once - my poor health! I could truthfully say that at that moment I was experiencing what Paul meant when He counselled:

      "...let the shalom (peace) of Elohim (God) rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful" (Col.3:15, NKJV).

    The Urgency of the Message and Our Task

    Before I tell you what Yahweh's controversy with us is I am happy to report that I got a second, unexpected independent confirmation of the urgency of this message - not the message itself but the urgency with which Yahweh views the present controversy and which He will resolve, unilaterally and without our consent, if we do not fall into line, by pruning us again if necessary. In His grace He is giving us until next Pesach (Passover) to get aligned with His Davar (Word) so we have the winter for prayer, serious study and teshuvah (repentance), but not a day longer. That is one reason I was commanded not to ordain or confirm any priesthood this Sukkot and to leave us organised only at the Pesach (Passover) level. It is not Yahweh's will that we organise another 'denomination' as the churches and messianic synagogues might view them, but a pure, qadosh (holy, set-apart) and spiritually endowed assembly of Messianic Israel-restored. Our credentials are not to merely be in our doctrine and practice but pre-eminently, in addition to these, in our walk and in our anointing. Either we reflect Yahweh or we do not proceed. It is my task to guard that most closely: this is His work, not ours.

    Prophetic Dream of the Menorah Tree

    But first the second witness which came in the form of a prophetic dream my wife received two nights ago. This is what she wrote:

      "I dreamt that I was walking through a lovely forest and I came to a clearing. It was circular with trees and flowers framing the edges. There was a stone bench, which I sat on and I watched the birds and buterflies flying about. It was very peaceful. There was a large tree that stood out a bit from the other trees and it was directly in front of me at the circle's edge. As I was looking at it, it began to change and the large branches stretched out and curved and the tree became a menorah, a living menorah at that. Suddenly the wind began to blow, gently at first then growing stronger. Soon the wind was whipping through the large menorah tree, swirling about the branches; and then the wind became fire and the this fire wind swept up and all around the menorah tree and as suddenly as it started, it stopped. All the dead twigs and limbs and leaves had been burnt away and all that remained were the strong branches and the small green leaves that had survived. However the menorah tree quickly began to blossom and grow and each branch became full and green."

    Individual and Corporate Menorahs

    This is a depiction of what Yahweh is doing with us, and with all the Messiah-trusting, and Torah-obedient overcomers and congregations, at this time. He has sent the wind of the Ruach (Spirit) to first of all stir us up directly, or through others, and then to burn up all the dross in that same wind turned into heavenly fire. This wind and fire is only sent to those who are themselves menorah trees and who dwell as part of larger menorah trees. What do I mean by that? We are ourselves, individually and personally, living menorah trees made in the image of the Heavenly Menorah, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), whose light we are called to radiate to the world in invitation to salvation. But we are also collectively menorah's as congregations:

      "I saw seven menorahs of gold, and in the midst of the menorahs, one like the Son of Man (Yah'shua/Jesus)...the seven menorahs are the seven assemblies" (Rev.1:12,20, AENT)

    Becoming Images of Messiah

    Here, in Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT), we are a single menorah, and in East Africa we are several menorahs, but there is much remaining that is dead that must be removed in compliance with the mitzvot (commandments). To be images of Messiah we must represent Him as He really is - counterfeits will not do, that which is blemished will not do, which is why we must die to self and let Him shine though us. This requires our absolulute obedience.

    My Failure to Obey

    Two evenings ago Yahweh gave me the a message which I failed to write down. I thought to myself, 'I can do so-and-so first and write the message down later'. So instead of recording it as I was bidden, I went off and did some other things, and when I returned 1˝ hours later to write it down, the anointing was gone, along with the message save in the barest outline. And though I sat for 1˝ more hours trying to record it, I could not, and was in some distress about that. When Yahweh speaks, we are to respond - immediately. Though I made teshuvah (repented) of this the anointing did not return until yesterday afternoon and evening when I duly penned this sermon to you. The enemy exploited my disobedience and I needed to go into spiritual warfare, because the anointing was no longer there to guard me, leaving me vulnerable and exposed.

    Why Obedience is Important

    I share this with you so that you might understand the importance of obedience to Yahweh's Davar (Word) in all things. As it is written:

      "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your Davar (Word)" (Ps.119:67, NIV).

    Better late than never, but sooner is better.

    Receiving False Gifts

    We are never given the licence to pick and choose what suits us and what does not. Nor can we reject the gifts Yahweh has given us, save at our own peril. If we do, Satan will substitute in a false gift and make us believe it is from Yahweh. When we receive a false gifting or anointing we have, in effect, chosen it because of deception or disobedience in some important matter, and must make the choice to consciously reject it and the powers that feed it that have led us to believe they are from, and of, Elohim (God).

    Visions of the Night

    Two nights ago, after I had made my teshuvah (repentance) for not recording His message when it was given to me with such a powerful Ruach (Spirit), I was shown in vision what Yahweh was doing with His people. I suppose my wife was dreaming her dream round about the time I was seeing these visions of the night in the early hours of the morning.

    Vision of the Apostolic Table

    I saw a large round table, but it was not stationary like an ordinary table, but was in constant motion. There were twelve chairs around it and though I saw no people seated at that table, or nearby, I was aware that twelve men were being drawn to that table to commune as shlichim or apostles with the Master; but I also knew they were being purged or purified first, and no doubt by wind and by fire in the manner revealed in my wife's prophetic dream. As I was watching this table of the Lamb's end-time Twelve Apostles who are yet to be gathered, and the swirling energies of the Ruach (Spirit) around it, so I was shown another vision of the long table that my family acquired just before Sukkot an an inheritance with its armed chairs at the the two ends and the 12 armless chairs on either side - the two tables were moving in and out of each other as though separate and yet one. There was so much energy and power moving around that scene I could not begin to comprehend it, nor did I try to, but was content in the knowledge that Elohim (God) was working, purging, purifying and gathering His remnant leadership and all the remnant qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones). I understood, as I prayed between visions, that our part was simply to yield and surrender to Yahweh in Messiah, to adhere faithfully to our Shavu'ot (Weeks) Covenants and to obediently carry out Yahweh's several instructions.

    A Dark Halloween Time

    I was also aware during that night two nights ago of other powers arraigned against the qodeshim (saints, set-apart-ones), seeking to cause confusion, sow division and break up their Messianic or Christian echad or oneness. For the last 19 days satanists, devil-worshippers and others have been preparing for tonight, their devilish Feast of Samhain, known in society more popularly as Halloween, which reaches a climax tonight at midnight, usually with human sacrifice. You all know - or should know - that this is not some harmless trick-and-treat costume party. And as I have testified to you before, there are more demons on the earth today than at any time since the Great Flood, hell-bent on causing their human allies and dupes to seize global power and to destroy every last vestigate of the Emet (Truth) and its Bearers. Those who have refused to obey Torah will not, by the by, find themselves justified once they have received the teaching and testimony of it and will discover that they are lacking the spiritual covering needed to be overcomers in these last days. They will be unable to deflect the darts of the Adversary and be overwhelmed even should they initially make it to the Second Exodus. Things are not going to get easier but worse and anyone who is not protected will be badly buffetted and even, in many cases, overwhelmed and destroyed by Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) forces. So this is neither a time for compromise nor for relaxing ones guard.

    Beware of Ecumenism

    In these days of liberalism and the watering-down of the Besorah (Gospel) it is considered noble to be ecumenical and not to stir up controversies. But as should be plainly obvious by now, this is not man's 'gospel' we are guarding but Messiah's eternal Besorah. No watchmaker in his right mind would ever be 'ecumenical' about any part of his watch design and construction because he knows that every part fits precicely, and to remove or leave unmachined any part is to render the watch useless. Likewise, every cell biologist knows that you cannot omit a single organelle of a cell - you cannot drop the Golgi Bodies or Lysosomes - every part is needed for the smooth functioning of the cell. To admit a plant organelle to an animal cell is to spell its death. Likewise, Yahweh's system is whole and complete and reflects His glory.

    Do Not Impeach Yah's Character

    One of our callings and tasks is to restore and guard all the mitzvot (commandments) because they form an integrated whole. Each time we have removed something that is false, like the Sunday or Saturday 'sabbath', and replaced it with the correct system of worship of the Creation Calendar, it has caused everything else to shift in order to correctly fit. You know what happens if you try to fit a jigsaw puzzle piece in the wrong place and then try to carry on constructing the puzzle around it - the whole puzzle loses its shape and becomes a disjointed mess. Yahweh's Torah is like that, it is an organic whole and every mitzvah (commandment) is important. And since the whole of Torah reflects His Divine Character, to remove or substitute any true mitzvah (commandment), principle or tavnith (pattern) with a false one is to impeach the character of Elohim (God).

    Grace but Not Neutrality

    This is why we are not ecumenical as far as the Divine Calendar is concerned - we cannot be, without disfiguring and impeaching the character of Yahweh-Elohim. We must, of course, grant others all the freedom and grace to search and remain in error if that is their choice, without railing on them, but we cannot be neutral and say it doesn't matter either. It does, because every part of the whole matters for the true Calendar reflects the glory of Elohim (God) when it is both proclaimed and lived out. It may seem an irrelevancy to those who think we should only be committed ultimately to something like the 'six distinctives' that I spoke about earlier but this we cannot do without falling into the error of those who do not want to know the whole emet (truth) with their all hearts, and is to partake of their sins and to rip away essential protection for the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones).

    Resolving the Tongues Issue Once and For All

    I mention the Creation Calendar and Sabbath but Yahweh wishes me to specifically address two other controversies that have arisen again. The first of these is the question of tongues, or what some call 'ecstatic utterances', which seems to dog every attempt at unity in some way or another. Over the years I have been obliged to write numerous articles yet there is still a blindness which does not allow for rational discussion because the root of the problem is not usually just one of plain scriptural exegesis (interpretation) but is existentialist - a supernatural experience that so enchants the soul that it will not allow for the possibility that its power might not be from Elohim (God). Those who habitually experience tongues with no immediately obvious negative effects are fully persuaded that they are both self-edifying and therefore desirable - for them its cession would therefore seem a tragic loss.

    A Summary of the Scriptural Teaching About Tongues

    It is not my intention today to repeat the exhaustive exegeses and numerous reviews that I and others have made in the past but to tread new ground. I realise that what I say will doubtless provoke a backlash and risk a separation of brethren but I am compelled by the fire of the Ruach (Spirit) within me to say it nonetheless, namely, that:

    • 1. Tongues in Scripture, without exception, refer to known human languages; and
    • 2. Is for the sole edification of unbelievers:
    • 3. Any personal edification to the one speaking in tongues is incidental to the former action, and never separate or independent of it;
    • 4. It is to be done in public and always with an interpreter, whether it be by the one exercising the gift of by another with the gift of interpretation.
    • 5. There aren't who kinds of 'tongues' (natural languages and ecstatic gibberish), only one (natural languages).
    • 6. And whilst the existence of one or more malak (angel) languages is acknowledged, three things must be said about them:
      • a. First, that there is no recorded example of a malak (angel) ever speaking to man in any other language than his native tongue;
      • b. Second, were a malak (angel) to speak this heavenly language, there would still be the need for an interpreter; and
      • c. Third, the angel would not do so save to edify an unbeliever - and as an unbeliever would not naturally speak a malak (angel) tongue, there would not, in any case, be any point of it, which is no doubt why Scripture is resoundingly silent about any malak (angel) ever conversing in a malak (angel) tongue to a mortal.
      • d. As a footnote to this must be added that a malak (angel) tongue would have to be a bona fide language with grammar, syntax and vocuabulary. This said, it is clear that when the apostle Paul speaks of "the tongue of malakim (angels)" he is speaking only in general, hypothetical terms.

    An Old Heresy Resurfaced in Our Day

    The ahavah- or agapé-love which we are Scripturally admonished to seek and exemplify is always a self-giving love, not self-receiving [3]. 1 Corinthians 14, the chapter that speaks most about tongues of any other in the Bible, was a gift so highly prized, abused so greatly, and counterfeited so disasterously by a very young, immature, egotistical and self-willed congregation of Greeks still steeped in pagan ways, that we must always tread with care not to repeat the ancient error. Additionally we shoudl expect the heresies of the past to repeat themselves if they are successful in waylaying believers from the emet (truth). In any case tongues, whatever they might me, if they are without ahavah- or agapé-love are regarded by Paul as merely useless "noise".

    Lovelessness and Selfishness

    In New Testament times, rites honouring the debauched pagan deities Cybele, Bacchus, and Dionysius included ecstatic noises accompanied by musical instruments. Paul warns the Corinthians that unless the gift of languages is administered in ahavah- or agapé-love (that is to say, selfless love), it was no better than the gibberish of pagan ritual. Lovelessness and selfishness was definitely a root spiritual problem of the Corinthian qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones). Paul makes it clear too that the gifts are exclusively for the building-up of the messianic community (church) itself, and not for private self-gratification. The goal of all the gifts is to edify the entire congregation, and as far as tongues are concerned, for any unbelievers who might be present to convince them of the power of Elohim (God).

    Two Types of "You" in 1 Corinthians 14

    The "you" in 1 Corinthians 14 is always in the plural ('ye', 'you'), consisting of the corporate assembly of believers and their unbelieving guests. Where the singular "you" ('thee', 'thou') is used it is always to distinguish the counterfeit gift of pagan gibberish, and this is perhaps why the King James Version (KJV) translators added the word "unknown" in front of the word "tongue" to precisely make that distinction [4]. So when Paul says, "he who speaks in a tongue" this indicates that it is the ecstatic gibberish learned from the experience of the pagans, the countefeit, that is being referred to, which was bound to turn up in a place like Corinth where it was common amogst the heathen. This demonic gibberish had invaded the meetings of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) and had to be eliminated. Why is "tongue" in the singular here? Because gibberish can't be in the plural - there aren't various kinds of non-language. Thus wherever the word "tongues" appears in the plural, the true gift of languages is being referred to [5]. There is only one exception (in vv.27-28) where the singuar refers to a single person speaking a single genuine human language.

    Beware of Apparently Solitary Exceptions

    The case offered by the defenders of private gibberish hangs on the apparent statement of only one verse in the face of the dozens of others that oppose it - as a general rule it is never wise trying to build a whole theology around an isolated verse especially when many other verses contradict it:

      "For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to [] God" (1 Cor.14:2, NIV).

    The Missing Definite Article

    Where such a solitary verse is used as a prooftext for a 'new theology', great care muct be exercised and special effort devoted to examining the translations. In this case a bad translation has been habitually reproduced in nearly every English translation. We must remember that the Greek text here has no definite article (kai, 'the') in front of theos (god) and this verse would be better translated, "For anyone who speaks gibberish does not speak to men but to a god", that is to say, to a demon. Where Elohim (God) the Father, or Yahweh, is being referred to, the Greek Sctiptures always include the definite article in front of theos, calling Him "the God" to distinguish Him from pagan elohim or deities [6]. So Paul is here contrasting demonic gibberish with the supernaturally inspired and controlled language given to a man as a gift:

      "Follow after ahavah/agapé (love); and be searching for the gifts of the Ruach (Spirit), and especially that you may prophesy. For he that speaks gibberish ('in a tongue'), speaks not to men, but to a demon ('a god'); for no one understands what is said (so it is useless)" (1 Cor.14:1-2a, AENT, adapted).

    Speaking Mysteries Equals Speaking Rubbish

    To speak in gibberish was, and still is, to worship pagan deities, whether in public or in private, it makes no difference. It is to reduce the beauty of Yahweh-created language into useless nonsense. The Bible records no incident of any believer ever speaking to Elohim (God) in anything other than normal human language. What would be the point, then, of speaking drivvel?

      "No one hears (understands), in spirit he speaks mysteries (talks rubbish)" (1 Cor.14:2b, literal translation).

    Two Kinds of Scriptural 'Mystery'

    The carnal Corinthian believers who were continuing to use pagan counterfeit, ecstatic speech, weren't at all interested in being understood, but in making a dramatic display, like the pagans themselves they had once been. The spirit by which they spoke was not the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), but their own human spirit under the control of a demon. The "mysteries" they spoke were of the pagan mystery religion, whose depths, the pagans claimed, could only be understood by the few privileged initiates. These "mysteries" were totally unlike the ones mentioned in Scripture [7] which are exclusively divine revelations of truths previously hidden and no more than that. Biblically kosher "mysteries" were in no way like a private language between a believer and 'God' because all gifts of the Ruach (Spirit) make Yahweh known and understood to the Messianic Community (Church) (cp. 1 Cor.12:7) as Paul makes plain:

      "In reading this, then, you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Messiah (Christ), which was not made known to men in other generations as it has now been revealed by the Ruach (Spirit) to Elohim's (God's) qodesh (holy) shlichim (apostles) and nevi'im (prophets). This mystery is that through the besorah (gospel) the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Messiah Yah'shua (Christ Jesus)" (Eph.3:4-6, NIV).

    Deliverance from False Tongues

    There is therefore this important distinction between the 'mystery' of the gibberish kind spoken by pagans and continued by carnal believers, and the "mystery of Messiah" which has now been made known to all regenerated believers. The purpose of true tongues is to supernaturally communicate the Besorah (Gospel) to unbelievers in their own language, and not to show off or for self-gratification. Therefore I have to declare that as far as this work is concerned, no form of gibberish - whether in public or in private - is acceptable to us but evidences a carnal mind not yet fully surrendered to Yahweh, and as such cannot be allowed amongst us even in private where communal or corporate covenants are concerned. It is to be expected that demons, previously given free reign in public meetings but now restricted because of the obedience of the believer to the order demanded by the apostles, would seek to remain undisturbed by being confined to private worship and prayer at home and so damage the corporate Shavu'ot (Weeks) covenant of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones). Such must be extirpated from the Body so as not to impede the movement of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and the authentic gifts amongst the children of Elohim (God) and so lay them open to Enemy attack. We should further expect their presence to have a negative effect and impact on the fruit of the true Ruach (Spirit) in some form or another such as is commonly experienced in deliverance ministry. The light of emet (truth), shone clearly and brightly on such demonic activity, will at length shock the one previously fooled into thinking that gibberish-speaking was somehow divine or an angel-tongue, and the elect will in the end not be fooled but delivered. Do not underestimate the subtlety and genious of the devil who knows how to prey om human weakness and maintain the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) in bondage.

    The Messianic Evangelical Policy on Ecstatic 'Tongues'

    So it is my task today to make it clear to messianic evangelical members, and to those desiring to be a part of us, that ecstatic tongue-speaking in an unknown language has to go - immediately. It's not even an option if practiced privately. We commend those obedient to the plain sense of Scripture that such has no place in the corporate worship of NCAY and who have therefore limited this practice at home - nevertheless if you feel the need or compulsion to speak babble or gibberish privately at home, or indeed amongst Pentecostal or charismatic Christians who do so in public, then you need to be strictly warned to desist there too. If there is resistance within to ceasing such activity, if there is an ungodly reaction in whatever form to this thought and intent, then you need to engage in spiritual warfare immediately and, where necessary, seek help in having this spiritual imposter removed. Certainly no baptised member of NCAY should be partaking of the Master's Supper or wearing tzitzit (tassles, fringes) or wearing those headcoverings conferred on women by their fathers, as a result of Bar- or BatMitzvah Shavu'ot Covenants who still practices such tongue-speaking anywhere, whether in public or in private at home [8]. I repeat, the removal of all false tongue-speaking is mandatory to the preservation of the purity of the Body of Messiah.

    Plural Marriage

    Finally, we come to a second controversial issue, which for the sake of the maintenance of the purity of the Body of Messiah, must also be finally resolved. I speak of biblical plural marriage, known technically as polygyny or (inaccurately) as 'polygamy'. And whilst the actual practice of this is rare in the West [9], commonly you will find Christians and Messianics denouncing it as 'perverse', 'ungodly', 'adultery' or the relic of a former barbaric age which Yahweh finally stamped out in the New Covenant.

    Honouring the Principle

    To endorse such an attitude or spirit, or to harbour such unbiblical sentiments, whether passively or actively, is to deface and defile the image of Elohim (God) and is incompatible with membership in NCAY. The Elohimhead (Godhead) is itself plural and we find Yahweh symbolically identifying Himself in a polygynous relationship in Scripture in His kosher relationship to 12-tribed Israel and to separated Northern Israel and Judah as their allegorical husband [10]. Whilst there may be good grounds for denouncing as ungodly the way some believers pursue or practice this lawful biblical marriage lifestyle, setting bad examples in the process [11], we are obliged as believers to vigorously defend the principle as we would any other aspect of biblical emet (truth), and those who practice it in accordance with Torah, even if we may never be called to practice it ourselves, just as we are called to defend spiritual gifts we are not ourselves endowed with or ministerial offices we are not ourselves called to.

    Do Not Endorse the Doctrines of Demons

    As with the wrong use of tongues, when we defend those who attack any form of biblically-mandated marriage, whether it be monogamy or plural marriage, we are endorsing the very doctrine of demons that Paul warned against and so become agents of Satan's Kingdom:

      "Now the Ruach (Spirit) expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the emunah (faith), giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to marry..." (1 Tim.4:1-3, NKJV).

    Aligning With Scripture

    Marriage is defined in the Davar Elohim (Word of God) as one man being married to one or more covenant women in moderation (unlike Solomon who married to excess and to pagan women), whether he be a monogamist (like Isaac or Joseph) or a polygynist (like Abraham, Jacob or David). When anyone, believer or unbeliever, denies anyone the right to marry in the biblical way (to one or more women) by enforcing either celibacy or a monogamy-only policy, he is listening to "deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons", he is "speaking lies in hypocrisy" and out of a "seared conscience", and to actively endorse anyone who does the same is to likewise do the same things. For the sake of emet (truth) and the Image and Honour of Elohim (God) we are obliged to defend and guard Yah's Davar (Word), and to do so vigorously and not half-heartedly, as we do our polygynous brethren and sisters in Kenya and Tanzania. We are not permitted to hypocritically support with one hand and condemn with the other to appease the prejudice of fallen man. We have to pin our colours to the mast of the emet (truth) of the Davar Elohim (Word of God) and not compromise with it to be liked and accepted by the world or those believers who are not in alignment with Scripture.

    Our Policy

    We, as a covenant people, can go no further until we have all such issues positively resolved and are moving forward in harmony and purity. It is the very firm testimony to me from Yahweh that we resolve such matters by Pesach (Passover) and preferably sooner. I will be the first to admit that some Bible teachings are at first either unclear or uncomfortable. It took me nearly 30 years to understand fully what the Scriptures actually teach about tongues and I have had to endure criticism and open persecution for defending plural marriage - many have been repelled by us because of our position on such things and some have separated from us also. That is as it must be but for us as messianic evangelicals, we will not compromise the emet (truth). In any case, we are to show reciprocal grace while we either work out these sometimes difficult topics or otherwise witness of them. As far as tongues are concerned, there is no place for babble or gibberish, whether in public or at home, in this ministry, and we openly endorse the principle of plural marriage even if we do not necessarily agree with the way or the reasons many practice it, and in consequence therefore tend to discourage it at least in the West, for the reasons given in our policy statement.


    I have been commanded to raise these two issues with you specifically today and have discharged my duty. Of course, I am happy to discuss these matters with anyone and appreciate, and sympathise with, the struggles sometimes involved. We are at least all agreed in our goal to walk with integrity before our Elohim (God) and I will respect anyone's right to differ with me because of their conscience. My task is to guard the Covenant and regulate admission to it in this part of the Vineyard. The wind of the Ruach (Spirit) is blowing in the living menorahs, which are the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones), and with it comes the sometimes painful fire of purification. May all find grace and shalom (peace) in Yah'shua our Messiah (Jesus Christ). Amen.


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    Comments from Readers

    [1] "Just finished the sermon - it is very, very good. I'm very glad for this scriptural look into tongues! I've long known that there are many demonic counterfeits going on in many churches (something I have been careful of), but was still unsure about the 'private prayer languages' many people advocate and how that fits within the context of Scripture, and was unsure if they may well be legitimate or another counterfeit of the true gift of tongues. The deeper look into the Greek of 1 Cor 14:2 helped clear that up for me, and confirms that Paul wasn't advocating gibberish like 'ecstatic tongues', because he was saying people speaking in these kinds of 'tongues' were speaking to 'a god' (namely a demon), not the God, namely Father Yahweh. It also helped make more sense as a whole of the verses from Paul on the gift of Tongues - the way people have been advocating the 'private prayer languages' for self edification never did seem to 'fit' well with where Paul said that the true gift of tongues is meant as a sign for unbelievers. Thank you for taking the time to write this" (DP, South Africa, 31 October 2014)

    [2] "What you wrote helped me a lot to understand things better...I prayed about the subject of speaking in tongues. Then I asked myself whether it had brought me closer to YHWH or had any other benefit for anyone. When I looked at the last couple of years of my life I found that the speaking in tongues didn't seem to have any effect at all. I have come closer to YHWH as I spent more time praying and reading the bible no matter whether I was speaking in tongues or not. Therefore I concluded that my speaking in tongues was most likely just made up by myself rather than coming from the Ruach HaKodesh" (SB, Germany, 2 December 2014)

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