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    Messianic Heresies Exposed

    Seventh Edition (16 December 2014)

    There has long been a need to systematise the many false teachings and heresies to be found in the so-called 'Messianic Movement' and to dismantle the mistaken belief held by many evangelical and orthodox Christians that messianics are homogenous and should be judged as a single 'denomination' or 'movement'. Whereas we have examined individual messianic heresies in articles and sermons over the years we have not attempted to bring them all together into a single document. We hope that this overview will help both orthodox Christians and Messianics sort through the latest 'maze' and not get seduced by, or lost in, the false teachings and spirits which are rampant in both evangelical Christianity and Messianism.

    The General Position of This Ministry

    This ministry is a Messianic Israelite fellowship. This means that, very broadly speaking, we belong to the 'Messianic Movement'. However, we also call ourselves 'Messianic Evangelicals' and 'New Covenant Christians' because we simultaneously consider ourselves to be a part of 'Christianity' - and specifically, evangelical Christianity - which most messianics do not (and sadly often rudely and mockingly call them 'xtians' in common with satanists and atheists). This is because we are both messianics and evangelicals, and neither: we are evangelical in our Christology (the doctrine of Christ or Messiah, adhering strictly to the Apostles' Creed) but messianic in our commandment-keeping and in our belief that the Body of Messiah (Body of Christ) is not the 'church system' but New Covenant Israel (not to be confused with the political entity in the Middle East which calls itself the Republic of 'Israel' or with Zionism).

    We therefore, in common with most messianics, reject Replacement Theology (the false doctrine that the 'church' has replaced Israel) whilst at the same time we acknowledge that Yahweh, our Father in Heaven, is very definitely involved in the 'church system', and will continue to be, until it is completely swallowed by the end-time beast system, simply because He is involved wherever there are people who acknowledge Him and not because of the system per se. At the same time it is also our belief that the 'Messianic Movement' is headed for the same apocalyptic destinty as orthodox Christianity so long as it clings to false doctrines and practices. For us, then, it is not a question of 'orthodox Christians' vs. 'Messianics' but of Truth (evangelical and messianic) vs. Error (evangelical and messianic) no matter what religious labels people wear. In the end, Yahweh will judge our heart and our lifestyle no matter what 'movement' or 'system' we are - or think we are - a part of.

    The Purpose of This Study

    The goal of this article is to make an introductory examination not so much of our own messianic beliefs but to point out the many false teachings and heresies in the messianic movement which we reject. We are doing this for two reasons:

    • 1. To make absolutely clear what we are not so as not to be misjudged and misrepresented; and
    • 2. To clarify the truth because it is one of the believers' commissions to expose all falsehood and declare all truth, and by this means save souls by "pulling them out of the fire" (Jude 23).

    Types of Messianic

    Though messianics (and by 'messianic' we include those calling themselves 'Messianic Jews', 'Messianic Israelites', 'Nazarene Israelites', 'Nazarene Jews', 'Orthodox Jewish Messianics', etc.) are usually categorised together as a single group, they are, in truth as diverse and splintered as orthodox and non-orthodox Christians. What broadly unites them, and to some extent justifies the designation 'messianic', is their common belief that the mitzvot or commandments, sometimes known as the Torah, are still binding on believers who have accepted Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as their Master/Lord and Saviour/Redeemer.

      "By this we know that we love the children of Elohim (God), when we love Elohim and keep His commandments (mitzvot). For this is the love of Elohim, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome" (1 John 5:2-3, NKJV)

    This is in sharp contrast to most orthodox (and especially evangelical) Christians who teach that the Torah or 'Law' (though Torah actually means 'Instruction') has been 'abolished', 'done away with', and 'nailed to the cross' 1 and is no longer binding on followers of Christ. However, as any careful study of orthodox Christian denominations will show, different sets of laws and commandments are made binding on their people, some from the Torah itself and others from an historical stockpile of man-made rules. This is also true of messianics who are not agreed on which sets of Torah commandments are binding today but who also add Jewish tradition to their beliefs and practices, many of which are of human and/or pagan origin.

    Introduction to Heresies and False Teachings of Messianics

    There may be said to be two types of false teaching:

    • {1}. False teaching that damns the soul (robs it of its salvation) - these are of the greatest concern and which we must give priority exposing - these, and the groups who espouse them, should be avoided at all costs and exposed: and

    • {2}. False teaching, while not damnable, can progressively lead the soul astray over a period of time that may, or may not, lead to {1}. We can patiently work with those subscribing to such beliefs, agreeing to disagree, uniting around shared truth, and constructively building on common ground in the true fellowship of Messiah.

    Since the accumulation of second category false teachings can often lead the soul into the first, it is important to consider both. We are classifying the various false teachings with one of these two designations, representing them as either {1} or {2} or either {1/2}.

    Where you see the designation (qv), this means this topic is treated separately and usually in more detail elsewhere in this article.

    Please remember that messianics, depending on their backgrounds (and especially those from one of several possible Jewish backgrounds), may often be found subscribing to a cocktail of disjunctive doctrines which they have not properly sorted out in their minds and which are leading them to embrace all kinds of false spirits. We must patiently and lovingly show them the disjunction between these mixed teachings and then lead them to the truth, showing them how the truth is internatally consistent and harmonious.

    Most of the false teachings in the Messianic Movement are shown below. As this is a work in progress, we shall be adding to this list and new editions of the article created.

    Table of Contents

    A. Common Heresies

  • 1. The Godhead (Elohimhead)
  • 2. Non-Divinity of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)
  • 3. The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) as a Force
  • 4. Resurrection
  • 5. Soul-Sleeping
  • 6. Reincarnation
  • 7. Legalism
  • 8. Talmudism & Orthodox Judaism
  • 9. Zionism
  • 10. Two Gospels
  • 11. Kabbalism
  • 12. Hell
  • 13. Circumcision
  • 14. True Names
  • 15. Renewed Covenant
  • 16. Yah'shua (Jesus) Not Human Flesh
  • 17. Ebionites and Paul
  • 18. Books of Yahshar/Jasher, Enoch, Apocrypha, etc.
  • 19. Roman/Talmudic Calendars
  • 20. Divorce

    B. Minority Heresies

  • 1. Yah'shua (Jesus) the Leper
  • 2. Male Concubinage
  • 3. Promiscuous Female Concubinage

    C. Miscellaneous Doctrines

  • 1. De Novo Conception, No Pre-existence


    These doctrines are widespread in the Messianic Movement and need to be vigorously countered.

    I. The Godhead (Elohimhead)

    (a) Unitarianism/Monism/Monotarianism {1}. This doctrine teaches that only Yahweh the Father (Abba), is Elohim (God). This means that the deity of Yah'shua (Jesus) (qv) is denied (being viewed as no more than an exalted human messiah) and the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) (qv) is not viewed as a Being or Person but as a 'force'. This doctrine stems from the erroneous understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew uniplural word 'echad' (khad in Aramaic) which means 'one in many' and not singularity (for which there is another Hebrew word, yachid) - i.e. compound unity. Thus the Shema, which is the core scripture of Unitarians as well as most Messianics, is misunderstood:

      "Hear O Israel, Yahweh (the 'Lord') our Elohim ('God(s)' = 'Mighty One(s)', 'Ruler(s)'), Yahweh (the 'Lord') is echad (one = uniplural, compound unity)" (Dt.6:4; cp. Mk.12:29)

    What this Scripture means is that there is One Elohim (God) who is made up of more than one - and at least three - Being(s)/Person(s), viz. Father (Abba), Son (Yah'shua/Jesus) and (sevenfold - Rev.1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6) Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Unitarians insist that only the Father is Elohim (God). There are many Messianics who teach this heresy. Remember, they use the word echad differently to those who insist it means uniplurality - many in one. Be sure to ask them to clarify what they mean as they can use this term to trick those who, like us, insist that unity/oneness does not mean just one Being/Person.

    (b) Modalistic Monarchism or Modalism {1/2}. This doctrine teaches that there is only One Person in the Godhead (Yahweh) who switches 'hats' as 'Father/Abba', 'Son/Yah'shua' and 'Ruach haQodesh/Holy Spirit'. Though this doctrine at least acknowledges that the Son (Yah'shua) is Deity, it is still false - Elohim is not a schizophrenic who talks to Himself. Similar to the doctrine of Oneness Pentecostals, which teaches that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all 'Jesus', a variant of this doctrine teaches that 'Yahweh' and 'Yah'shua' are now one and the same - that Yahweh became Yah'shua when He took on flesh. This dishonours the Father, Yahweh, making Yah'shua out to be the 'new' Father. Much confusion exists in messianic circles as to what is meant by Yah'shua being 'God-in-the-flesh', some meaning a form of Modalism (thus denying there are three Beings/Persons in the Godhead), others Trinitarianism (that the Son part of Elohim/God took on flesh), and others Absolute Monotarianism (one Elohim/God, one Being/Person with multiple titles).

    (c) Binitarianism {1/2}. This doctrine, also common amongst messianics, teaches that the Godhead consists of both Father (Yahweh) and Son (Yah'shua). It is a less serious error than Unitarianism because it does at least accept that Yah'shua is Elohim (God) which is essential to salvation, but it denies the Personhood of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). This doctrine is also taught by the Armstrongite (as opposed to the modern) Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots. A variation of this doctrine is that of the Jehovah's Witnesses who believe, in common with Arians, that the Son is a 'lesser' deity or 'god' to the Father. This is not to be confused with the non-heretical 'Greater/Lesser Yahweh' doctrine of some messianics which teaches that Yah'shua the Son also carries the Name of the Father, Yahweh (as is true, since the Name 'Yah'shua' contains the Father's Name, 'Yah') as the 'Lesser Yahweh' but insists that Yah'shua is fully Elohim (God) though in a subordinate position to the Father (Abba) as the Head Being/Person in the Godhead or the 'Greater Yahweh'. The truth therefore lies somewhere between Arianism and Trinitarianism.

    (d) Polytheism {1}. There are not many messianics who are polytheists (like the Mormons who believe in 'three Gods'). Those that do tend to be immersed in New Age teachings and are far beyond the pale of salvation, imitating the religious syncretism of Solomon in his latter years and of ancient Israel when it fell into apostacy. Some of these worship new Age female goddesses (not to be confused with the True Ruach haQodesh - qv), view dead rabbis as ascended masters or as messiah figures in common with Orthodox Judaism, and view Yah'shua as Gnostics might.

    The True Doctrine (minimum) is that Yahweh-Elohim consists of Father/Abba, Son Yah'shua the Messiah, and the sevenfold Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), all of whom are Divine Beings/Persons and exist as an echad unity. This much is needed for salvation. This we call 'Prototrinitarianism' or 'simple Trinitarianism'.

    In its fullest (complete) revelation, as understood by this ministry, the Ruach haQodesh is revealed as female and as our Heavenly Mother, Herself consisting of Seven Beings/Persons or Heavenly Mothers (others view the Ruach not as Seven Beings/Persons but as a sevenfold singular Being/Person, whatever that may mean). The Father, Abba Yahweh, is the Patriatrchal Head (Superordinate) of the Elohim, and the Son, Yah'shua, though fully Elohim (God), is subject/subordinate to His Father, being the Only Begotten (uniquely made) and Firstborn of the Father and the Mother. Originally the Father was alone, the Mother was 'derived' from Him (She is not a 'creature' in the sense that angels and humans are, having been with Him always) in the same sense that Eve was 'made' or 'derived' from Adam. These Three (or Nine) were, are and always will be, Elohim (God).

    Finally, in an adoptive sense only, the children of the first resurrection and the faithful malakim (angels) may be viewed as second rank 'elohim' or 'rulers' and are therefore a part of the Elohim Family, and are so designated in Scripture (e.g. Jn.10:34).

    II. Non-Divinity of Yah'shua the Messiah

    The most serious class {1} heresy amongst many messianics is that which denies that Yah'shua is Elohim-in-the-flesh, viewing Him as no more than a human prophet endowed with supernatural gifts, the chief of the prophets in much the same way as Muslims view Muhammad or Christadelphians view Jesus. Such are not saved. Many of these subscribe to the messianic figure of the false Pharisee pseudepigraph, the Book of Enoch, which similarly denies the deity of the Messiah. Be absolutely sure to check out whether messianics believe Yah'shua (Jesus) is Elohim (God) or not. If not, they are not true believers but unsaved Jews. (See the Shoob Heresy).

    The True Doctrine is that Yah'shua the Messiah was, is, and will be forever, Elohim (God/Deity). This is a cardinal, non-compromisable doctrine that defines true orthodoxy. After the Shema, declaring the existence of Yahweh as the only Elohim, the deity of the Master Yah'shua ranks as the Second Cardinal Doctrine of the True Faith. (See the series, The Word Made Flesh).

    III. The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) as a Force

    (a) An Invisible Neutral Force {1/2} A common heresey that many messianics share with Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christadelphians, Herbert W. Armstrong adherents (old Worldwide Church of God and spin-offs - e.g. United Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Church of God International. etc.) and others is the belief that the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is not a Being/Person but the invisible force of either the Father or of the Son, or of both. Whether this is a class {1} or {2} heresy will depend with which other false teachings it is associated such as soul-sleeping (qv).

    (b) Male Personage {1/2}. The bulk of Trinitarian Christendom believes that the Ruach haQodesh, Holy Spirit, or Holy 'Ghost', is a male Being/Person in common with the Father and the Son, making for an all-male Godhead. This error, which is almost universal amongst believers, is a Roman Catholic-derived doctrine which has emerged because of different gender usages in Greek and Hebrew: in Greek, the Ruach or Pneuma is neuter whilst in Hebrew the Ruach is always female (without exception). This error has arisen because Greek primacy has been given over Hebrew and Aramaic texts when it comes to the New Testament or B'rit Chadashah Scriptures. Messianics who acknowledge the primacy of the original Hebrew/Aramaic New Testament either admit that the Ruach is grammatically or personally feminine, depending whether they view Her as a 'force' or as a ´Being/Person'. Those Messianics who view the Ruach as male tend to be classical Trinitarians and are usually Messianic Jewish rather than Messianic Israelite. The gender evolution of the Ruach from female to neuter to male can be traced linguistically from Hebrew (Ruach - female) to Greek (Pneuma - neuter) to Latin (Spiritus - male) and thence to English.

    The True Doctrine is that Adam (and Eve) were made in the image of the Elohim, male (and female), Adam being made in the image of Abba/Father Yahweh the Eve being made in the image of Aima/Mother Ruach haQodesh:

    "Then Elohim said, 'Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.' So Elohim made man in His own image; in the image of Elohim He created him; male and female He created them" (Gen.1:26-27, NKJV).

    Collectively Yahweh-Elohim is referred to as "He" because the Father Yahweh is the Superordinate Head.

    IV. Resurrection

    (a) Spiritual Resurrection {1}. Many messianics, like the Jehovah's Witnesses, New Age Christians and the second or first century BC authors of the Book of Enoch, believe that the resurrection is not physical but immaterial or spiritual. Many of these, in their turn, subscribe to a doctrine of reincarnation (qv) or transmigartion of souls which they obtain from Jewish Mysticism/Occultism and expecially from kabbalism (qv) which is central to Orthodox Judaism (qv). However, some who subscribe to Jewish occultism do accept a physical resurrection.

    (b) Other Resurrection {1}. A small minority of messianics who deny a literal physical resurrection and subscribe to the occultic doctrine of different grades of spirit/matter, speak of some other kind of substance which possesses the qualities of both, in some sort of 'intermediary state' which is neither 'physical' nor 'spiritual'. They are not always clear what they mean by this: however their false spirit is revealed by many of the other false doctrines they additionally subsribe to.

    The True Doctrine is that when Yah'shua returns to the earth - at the beginning (first resurrection of the firstborn) and at the end of the Millennium (second resurrection of the rest - lawless believers and the unsaved) our spirits are clothed with physical matter of the same sort we had whilst alive on earth before our deaths, but joined together in a way that makes them inseparably connected and immortal. This physicality will be in every way like the physicality we know today only it will not be subject death, disease, injury or pain and will additionally possess supernatural properties that we do not currently enjoy but which will presumably resemble those enjoyed by the malakim/angels.

    V. Soul-Sleeping

    (a) Soul-Sleeping/Non-Existence {1/2}. This false teaching is closely linked to the doctrine that the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is merely an invisible force (qv). This is because the adherents of this doctrine believe that man consists of no more than Yahweh's impersonal 'breath' (ruach). They believe that at death, this 'breath' returns to Yahweh and the physical body disintegrates in the grave, leaving the person that once lived as no more than a 'memory' in Yahweh's mind. They believe that at the resurrection (qv) the original person will be 're-created' from this perfect 'memory' so that between death and the resurrecion they had no independent existence. What can make this a class {1} heresy is that some of these adherants believe, in common with the Jehovah's Witnesses, that the resurrection is only spiritual - they thus deny one of the cardinal doctrines of the Apostles' Creed which categorically states that the final resurrection will be physical. They believe that Yah'shua, when He appeared physically after His resurrection, only put on a show so that the disciples would not be 'spooked' by a ghost, and returned to being a 'resurrected spirit' after He left them.

    (b) Literal Soul-Sleeping {2}. Those who adhere to this doctrine believe that the human spirit is not mere 'breath' but is, in some way, personal and independent from the body, though their doctrine is not well delineated. They believe that after death the spirit literally 'goes to asleep' or 'rests' as an entitity apart from Elohim/God and is not conscious again until it is awakened from its slumber at the resurrection. Adherents of this doctrine may, or may not, believe in a literal physical resurrection. The error of these people is that they confuse hebraic metaphor (which is abundant in Scripture and confuses those not aquainted with the original languages) with the literal.

    The True Doctrine is that we are fully conscious and separate from Elohim/God after death and are placed, temporarily, as spiritual (disembodied) beings, in either Paradise/Heaven or Hell, pending the Final Judgment. No doubt some spirits are more 'conscious' than others, depending how spiritually awake they are, but they will not necessarily be literally 'sleeping' which is just a figure of speech for death from the point-of-view of those living on the earth. Messianics who subscribe to the soul-sleeping doctrine are often infected with the same spirit as the Jehovah's Witnesses and some of them may not, in consequence, be saved, or be living in fear and double-mindedness under multiple spirits.

    VI. Reincarnation

    Some messianics coming out of an Orthodox Jewish (qv) background, which is saturated with Jewish Mysticism, Occultism and Kabbalism (qv) believe in the doctrine of the transmigration of souls or reincarnation {1}. These very often do not believe in a physical resurrection (qv), embrace the soul-sleeping doctrine (qv) and accept other false teachings.

    The True Doctrine taught in the New Testament is that there are not multiple lives, but that after this life there is the Judgment (Heb.9:27). We are not conceived and birthed again as we were in our natural mothers' wombs but are returned to earth, accompanying the resurrected Yah'shua in the sky, after a supernatural physical resurrection (qv) at the beginning of the Millennium (if we are the Yah'shua-trusting and Torah-obedient chidren of the First Resurrection - those who are alive when He returns will be transformed from mortality into immortality in the 'twinkling of an eye') or at the end of it (if we are Yah'shua-trusting but Torah-disobedient children of the Second Resurrection). The only 'other life' we have enjoyed was as spirits in a pre-existence (qv) before we were ourselves incarnated into mortality for our one-and-only chance to choose or reject the Messiah.

    The doctrine of reincarnation is an invention of Satan and was expressly designed by him to make people spiritually lazy, convince them that they can save themselves by their own efforts, and to thus keep them postponing their true salvation which comes from repenting of Torah-transgression (sin) and trusting in/adhering to Yah'shua. Messianics (or anyone else) who believe in reincarnation are usually not saved or if they are, have serious demonic issues which may cause them to lose their salvation if they do not renounce this false doctrine.

    VII. Legalism

    Many messianics, though they accept Yah'shua as their Messiah, often fall into the trap of trying to 'get saved' by obeying the Torah instead of trusting in Yah'shua and living in His empowerment. This is called 'legalism' - relying on your good works to be saved {1}. But then evangelicals often do similar things only they put their trust in creeds, programs, courses, ministries, charismatic leaders, church systems, and so on. At the same time, evangelicals accuse Yah'shua-trusting messianics of being 'legalists' for obeying the commandments as though commandment-obedience were a sin. This is usually just an excuse to be rebellious and disobedient, and has nothing to do with legalism per se. Both messianics and evangelicals who have not met the resurrected Messiah and not been born-again (regenerated) often turn to works ('religion') to save themselves - this is legalism and a dangerous heresy.

    The True Doctrine is that nobody can be saved (getting delivered from sin and death), or forgiven for sin, by obeying the commandments but only by trusting in the Resurrected Messiah who alone obeyed Torah perfectly in His own empowerment and within a body disposed towards sin, and who paid for our sin by His death. That does not mean we should not obey the commandments (mitzvot) since not to is to sin and we are commanded not to sin. By trusting in Yah'shua and having Him abide within us, we are empowered to be obedient and sin-free. But when we do fail, then the only way to be cleansed of sin is not by trying to live the commandments in our own strength but by asking for forgiveness through the blood of the crucified and resurrected Messiah.

    VIII. Talmudism & Orthodox Judaism

    Most messianics, before they came to faith in the Messiah, originally practiced one of the forms of Judaism {1/2}, of which there are many denominations from the ultra orthodox (who are steeped in kabbalism (qv), the Talmud, midrashic literature, etc.), to the Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Liberal to the secular humanists. All of these embrace anti-biblical and anti-messianic philosophies hostile to the true Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) even though they embrace the language of the Bible and in many instances the Torah (though often much mutilated) itself. Most Messianic Jews bring this extra baggage with them into the true faith instead of discarding it along with its false spirits. This is often because (in the case of Messianic Jews) they regard this as part of their culture (qv) and identity which they wish to preserve, so as not to be rejected by, and so remain a part of, the Jewish community (though for the most part the Jewish community rejects them) and its political counterpart, the Republic of Israel, which is based on an anti-messianic philosophy called Zionism (qv).

    The True Doctrine is that Judaism and the Gospel are irreconcilable because Judaism, as it has become over the last 2,000 years, has evolved to be a specifically Messiah-rejecting and Yah'shua-hating religion. It is not even the original religion of the Hebrews when Yah'shua was born. In the Gospel there is neither Jew nor Gentile (Gal.3:28) because Messianic Israel is a new nation under a new King (Yah'shua). This means that both Jews and Gentiles must abandon their paganism and non-biblical doctrines and practices upon accepting Yah'shua as Messiah. Furthermore, you cannot follow both the Messiah and Zionism because Zionism is a counterfeit secularist 'theocracy' without Theos/Elohim/God.

    IX. Zionism

    Zionism {1/2} is a political movement committed to a permanent homeland for the Jewish people in the area originally belonging to the biblical nation of Israel. However, the true nation of Israel is not the Jewish people but those of the original nation who accepted Yah'shua as their Messiah and King and those from other nations who have done the same thing and have become grafted in to Messianic Israel (Rom.11:17ff). Those Israelite Jews who rejected their King also rejected Yahweh's Kingdom and ceased being Israelites, and automatically reverted back to being the unregenerated descendants of Jacob without a nation or a national homeland. This was underscored when they were driven from the Holy Land by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago. The political entity established in 1948 was achieved through subterfuge, political intrigue and terrorism in a fleshy manner, imitating Ishmael's and Esau's ways rather than Isaac's and Jacob's, and wholly out of harmony with the spiritual principles upon which the true nation of Israel was established under Moses and Joshua and upon which it will be re-founded when Yah'shua returns. Moreover, the vast majority of modern Jews (over 90%) are known to have no racial connections to Abraham Jacob/Israel or Judah but are converts from other nations to the anti-messianic religion called 'Judaism'. Both messianics and many evangelicals have been deceived by this counterfeit and have been led to believe that there are somehow two gospels of salvation (qv) - one for the anti-messianic Jews and one for those who accept Yah'shua as Messiah, and that 'supporting Israel' is somehow to be in God's favour. This nation is not, however, of Yahweh and to support it is no different from supporting any other Messiah-rejecting, worldly state.

    The True Doctrine is that there is only one path of salvation and that is through trusting in Yah'shua the Messiah, Elohim manifested in the flesh. Those who reject Him have no access to the true Elohim (God), Yahweh (Jn.14:6), including non-messianic Jews. There is only one true faith, not two. The only persons legally entitled to the Holy Land are those who have accepted Yah'shua the Messiah and who obey the Law of the Land of Messianic Israel, which is New Covenant Torah. Zionism is a satanic counterfeit and must be rejected. The only "chosen people" and "apple of Elohim's eye" are those who trust in Yah'shua and walk in His commandments (mitzvot). These chosen or elect are, for the most part, in diaspora (dispersion) amongst the nations and must remain there until Yah'shua returns, sets up His political theocratic kingdom, and calls them home. The modern 'Republic of Israel' is just another secular nation like other nations and is subject to the same judgments as the other nations. It has no special favour in heaven and is owed no preferential treatment.

    X. Two Gospels

    (a) Israel and the 'Church' {1/2}. This false teaching posits that Jews and Christians/Messianics are both 'God's people' and that to oppose Jews in any way ('anti-semitism') is to oppose the "apple of [God's] eye".

    (b) Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians {1/2}. This false doctrine posits that there are two Gospels - one for those with a Jewish background in which they must live the Torah (and often following some or all of their Talmudic (qv) traditions) in addition to trusting in Yah'shua the Messiah - and one for Christians who are not expected to obey the Torah but only the so-called Noahide Laws (an invention by Jews) in addition to trusting in Yah'shua the Messiah. Though it is rarely ever stated (except by extremist fundamentalists), those who are Jewish believers regard themselves as racially superior to 'Gentile' Christians who may only live the Torah with their permission if they so choose. Some chauvanistic Messianic Jews say that Gentile 'Christians' may not become Messianic Jews but must remain with the Church system, emphasising the two-class system they believe in.

    The True Doctrine is that there was only ever "one Lord/Master (Yah'shua/Jesus), one faith and one baptism" (Eph.4:5) and not two. There is only one people of Yahweh and they are those who trust Yah'shua and obey the commandments (mitzvot) or Torah of Messianic Israel. Yahweh is no respector of races or nations and views all those who trust in Him as one nation of Messianic Israel. There is only One Gospel for All. Those who refuse to obey the commandments are considered disobedient and lawless (e.g. 1 Tim.1:9; Tit.2:14) do not inherit the first resurrection but the second because they are trying to trust Yah'shua and follow the "lawless one" (Satan) (2 Thess.2:8). Finally, there is no Theocratic Nation and won't be until Yah'shua returns. We are not, as many Messianics teach, called to immigrate to the Republic of Israel (or to Petra in Jordan as some Messianics teach) which is destined, according to Ezekiel, to become a zone of major destruction before Yah'shua returns.

    XI. Kabbalism

    Kabbalism {1} arose as the mystical arm of anti-messianic Judaism much as Sufism did in Islam. Many messianics have adapted (as they suppose) the occultic Jewish extra-biblical teachings of kabbalism to the faith of Yah'shua, assuming that it is of ancient pre-messianic provenance, some even saying it was originated by father Abraham. By and large, kabbalism originated in the mediaeval period though there is some (though not much) evidence to suggest that it may go as far back as Solomon when that king apostacised and embraced paganism. Kabbalism is essentially a gnostic religion which teaches that one is saved by gaining esoteric knowledge.

    The True Doctrine is that we are not saved by obtaining knowledge but by trusting in the resurrected Messiah and then, as a salvation response, obeying His commandments (mitzvot). The kabbalistic religion is another example of legalism (qv) of man trying to save himself. It was invented by Jews who, like Solomon, either rejected or syncretised Torah and turned to pagan occultism, or by anti-messianic Jews in exile who, rejected by Yahweh for rejecting Yah'shua, and unable to offer the Mosiac blood sacrifices to atone for their sins because of their expulsion from Jerusalem (and because that system was in any case replaced by the final blood sacrifice of the Messiah, who they rejected), instead sought to save themselves by good deeds and mystical experiences like all other false religions.

    XII. Hell

    In common with Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, Christadelphians, Herbert W. Armstrong supporters of the Churches of God and others, many messianics reject a literal hell {2} and believe that the wicked will be annihilated after they have been awakened from their soul-sleep (qv) for the Final Judgment.

    The True Doctrine is that hell is a literal place to which the unsaved are sent after death. Only a few, like this ministry, believe, though, that hell is not 'eternal', but rather aeon- or age-long, that salvation is graded and that the prisoners in hell will be released at the end of the Cosmic Jubilee. Whether you believe in hell or not is, at any rate (for this life), academic though knowing the true doctrine tends to motivate the believer to positively be a more zealous witness for Messiah.

    XIII. Circumcision

    (a) Circumcision to be Saved {1}. Some messianics believe that all believers must be circumcised to be saved and expect all believers to be baptised and circumcised before they will accept them as members of their synagogues or congregations.

    (b) Circumcised to be an Israelite {1/2}. Other messianics believe that circumcision is not needed for salvation but is required to become members of the Commonwealth of Messianic Israel. Therefore they expect them to be circumcised at some point after their conversion.

    (c) Only for Messianic Jews {1/2}. The remainder, who believe in two gospels (qv), believe that only those who are Jewish must be circumcised but that this ordinance is not required of 'Gentile' Christians.

    The True Doctrine is that circumcision is useless in the New Covenant of Messiah, having no spiritual value whatsoever. The original apostolic doctrine is that converts from Judaism should remain circumcised (and not go through the uncircumcision operation to appear like Gentiles, as had happened for over a century) and that converts from paganism should remain uncircumcised (and not go through the Jewish ritual) - see especially 1 Cor.7:18. In the New Covenant the 'circumcision' are not those who go through ritual mutilation but those who worship Yahweh in the Ruach (Spirit), rejoice in Messiah Yah'shua, and have no confidence in the flesh (literal physical circumcision) (Phil.3:2ff).

    XIV. True Names

    (a) Fundamentalist True-Namers {1} teach that believers who do not use the true names of the Godhead - Yahweh, Yahveh, Yahuweh, Yahuwah and other variants for the Father - and Yah'shua, Yahshua, Yahushua, Yeshua, Y'shua and other variants for the Son - are not properly saved. Thus they teach those whose who have received, for example, the salvation of 'Jesus', are not real believers at all but are going to hell (qv). They may even expect them to be rebapised using the 'True Names' because they fear that 'Jesus' is the pagan 'Ye-Zeus' and that using it is to be baptised into a demon;

    (b) Conservative True-Namers {1/2} are a little more liberal than the extremists, teaching that those who use the names 'God', 'Lord' or 'Jesus' can still be saved for using the false names in ignorance but must, upon discovering the truth, use the True Names or lose their souls. Some may require rebaptism in the 'True Names';

    (c) Liberals {1/2} teach that it does not matter what you use, that it depends on your culture. Most Messianic Jews would fall within this category.

    The True Doctrine is that Yahweh, first of all, sees the heart and its intentions and does not make judgments based on the articulation of words. We should, however, upon learning the true names (Yahweh, Yah'shua), use them out of respect, because of what they teach as about the character and nature of Deity and because we are commanded to use the proper Names of the Elohim. Using them therefore matters. We should not intimate that any man is going to hell because of a word. Millions have been saved using the name 'Jesus' and continue to be. It is important to reach the unsaved (evangelism) using the local vernacular until such a time as they can become acquainted with, and grow accustomed to, using the true names. Our position is therefore somewhere between (b) and (c).

    XV. Renewed Covenant

    Many messianics erroneously believe that the New Covenant is the Old Covenant 'renewed', 'refreshed' or 'revitalised' {1/2}. They believe that the Old Covenant is therefore still valid but with Yah'shua 'added on' as a renewing or refreshing agent. Part of the problem concerns the Hebrew word chadash which means 'totally new' or 'new' (as in getting a new name - Is.62:2 - or singing a new song - Ps.96:1) which is the sense of the New Covenant spoken of by Jeremiah (Jer.31:31), but which they insist has a different meaning. Part of the problem with the Greek version of the New Testament is that kainos, which renders the Hebrew chadash, can mean 'fresh', 'recent' or 'newly made' and since so many messianics are unwilling to let go of the Old for the New, they are keen to use the Greek nuance which suits them. The matter is complicated by a second Greek word, neos, which means exclusively 'new' and which is not used for New Testament passages speaking of the New Covenant. However, the reason the Greek translators used kainos is because they wished to convey the double sense of 'new' and 'fresh', so the best translation of B'rit Chadashah would be the 'Totally New and Fresh Covenant' - in other words, 'New and Renewed'.

    The True Doctrine is that the Covenant established by Messiah has entirely replaced the old one with its Levitical priesthood system and form of ritualistic worship: the Old has passed away and an entirely New one is in force, as is clearly explained in the Epistle to the Hebrews. This means that we must first come to the Messiah to receive our salvation and then obey the commandments (mitzvot) but not the other way round. Yah'shua is the Living Torah and it is to the Way, the Truth, and the Life that we must go to first.

    XVI. Yah'shua Not Human Flesh

    A number of messianics subscribe to the doctrine that Yah'shua was not made of human flesh from Mary but received 'flesh' especially prepared in heaven (sometimes called the 'wetsuit' doctrine) that was not capable of being tempted in any real sense that might have led to actual sinning {1}. Far from being a 'virgin birth', it was a 100% supernatural birth directly from heaven, they claim, with Mary being little more than a 'testtube'). These messianics do not, therefore, view Yah'shua as the 'Elohim-man' (God-man) and do not believe that He had any connection to Adam whatsoever, but was 100% heavenly in origin - His body was therefore, as the critics of this doctrine put it, no more than a "wetsuit in a testtube". In some circles this teaching is known as the 'Whole Wheat Doctrine'.

    The True Doctrine, as always correctly understood by evangelicals and orthodox Christians in general over the centuries, is that Yah'shua was part man (obtained from Miryam/Mary), part Elohim (obtained from the Father through the Ruach), and was tempted in every way (e.g. Heb.2:18), as we are, and had the possibility of sinning and falling. He was, therefore, literally, the "last Adam" (1 Cor.15:47). If He did not experience temptation as we do, then He could never have fully identified with us, nor have paid for the Final Sacrifice of Atonement.

    XVII. Ebionites and Paul

    A number of messianics are rightly considered as belonging to the modern-day equivalent of the ancient sect of the Ebionites {1/2} who then, as today, reject all the writings of Sha'ul/Paul, believing him to be a fallen apostle because of his anti-circumcision (qv) stance, amongst other things. The Ebionites also rejected the Divinity of Yah'shua the Messiah (qv) though not all modern ones necessarily do. It is possible that they were early messianics who adhered to the Talmudic (qv) traditions of the Pharisees.

    One modern messianic sect, though accepting the known writings of Paul, rejects the Epistle to the Hebrews (believed by many to have been written by Paul) precisely because it clearly teaches we belong to a New Covenant, and not to a 'Renewed' Old Covenant (qv).

    The True Doctrine is that Paul was a true apostle who taught true doctrines, was faithful from his conversion until his martyrdom. He understood clearly that we are now part of a New Covenant (qv) and that the Old was completely done away and for this reason is either rejected or twisted by many modern messianics. Those who reject the Pauline writings are usually missing essential understandings of the Besorah/Gospel and join the band of messianics who either subtract from, or add to, the traditional Protestant Canon.

    XVIII. Books of Yahshar/Jasher, Enoch, Apocrypha, etc.

    Many Messianics use apocryphal or pseudeipgraphical Hebrew writings as primary canon {1/2}, though some only use them in a seconary sense. Some of these, like the Book of Enoch, are known to contain heretical teachings, quite apart from being internally inconsistent and disjunctive. Others, like the apocryphal Books of the Maccabees, are not only historically inaccurate but are known to be political tractates composed by the Pharisees to bolster their own political power base and support the teachings of militant, Zionistic (qv) Judaism and its false spirit and festivals (like Hanukkah and Purim) which Yah'shua implicitly condemned.

    The True Doctrine espoused by this ministry is that for the sake of unity in the Body of Messiah believers should limit themselves to the Protestant Canon of Scripture. However, we accept that inspired scripture is to be found outside the Protestant Canon both in hisorical texts and in modern revelation, but that these must always stand in a subordinate or secondary relationship to the Protestant Canon. Without this ruling, unity will be impossible.

    XIX. Roman/Talmudic Calendars

    Most Messianics follow a combination of the Roman Calendar and the Biblical one which leads to the incorrect calculation of the annual festivals and sabbaths {1/2}. They also calculate the New Moon and therefore the beginning of months using the Babylonian method and so are usually a day or two late in calculating the festivals. Because of the clash between the false Roman Saturday sabbath and the biblical lunar-based calendar, extra man-made rules have been invented to avoid apparent scriptural contradictions. There are therefore a number of different Talmudic variants so that even using this false system there is not agreement.

    The True Doctrine adhered to by this ministry is the original biblical Creation Calendar in which all Yahweh's moedim (appointments) are calculated from the Moon and Rosh Chodesh is reckoned from the conjunction, not the first visible crescent. Sabbaths are on different days of the Roman month, most of the extra 'High Sabbaths' invented by Talmudic Judaism are dispensed with, and the New Moon is always a separate - and important - moed of its own.

    XX. Divorce

    There is a new pernicious heresy {1}, advanced chiefly by aspiring carnal polygamists (but equally dangerous to monogamous unions too if applied there) that states a man may divorce his wife if she is no longer in complete or perfect unity, agreement or oneness (echadness) with him (for whatever reason, but principally in his desire to become polygamous or to remarry), or otherwise force her to accept a second wife and to break any monogamy-only covenants they may have made. They also sometimes argue that if they are not echad (one) then Elohim (God) never joined them together in the first place. Were such an absurd and dangerous doctrine true it would imply that unless the believer, who is in an allegorical marriage relationship with the Messiah that is supposed to be mirrored by his own human marriage, fails to be in 100% agreement with Yah'shua (Jesus) that she is in danger of instant spiritual divorce and the loss of her salvation, thus robbing her of any kind of security or possibility of repentance thanks to the long-suffering and grace of her Husband.

    The True Doctrine, adhered to by most messianics who follow the New Covenant Scriptural teaching, is that divorce is only permissable where adultery (as opposed to fornication, which is sex before marriage) has been committed (Mt.19:4-9), separation being the alternative response for other sins within the marriage covenant, where reconciliation has thus far not been possible, with appropriate ongoing reconciling ministry to attempt to repair the marriage. Many of them rightly go the 'extra mile', as Yah'shua (Jesus) taught, by forgiving even adultery where repentance is forthcoming and adultery ceases permanently, thereby fulfilling the high and noble mandate to invest the greatest possible effort in seeking to preserve the marriage union. The more stricter messianics argue that divorce is only permissible if adultery is committed during betrothal, during which time the marriage remains unconsummated. Furthermore, a man is never allowed to unilaterally break a monogamy-only marriage covenant with his wife, unless it was a forced marriage or deceitfully engineered (in which case Torah legislates for the appropriate action), nor is he permitted to pressure, coerce or force her to break that sacred vow simply because he wants to take a second wife or to get rid of a protesting first wife who is justly clinging to her monogamy-only vow, because the foundation and security of biblical marriage is covenant to which we are held accountable. Such a vow may only be annulled by mutual, non-compulsive agreement but never on the basis of any claimed failure to be completelty echad or one. A man and woman should be satisfied with what he have and take no steps to alter the nature of their monogamy-only vow and relationship unless both obtain a witness of the Ruach (Spirit), and preferably also after spiritual counsel.


    The following doctrines are only held by a tiny minority in the Messianic Movement but are sufficiently pernicious as to require brief mentioning.

    I. Yah'shua the Leper

    A small minority of messianics believe that Yah'shua was a Leper {1/2}, transferring the disease of leprosy from lepers (and so healing them) to Himself (contracting the disease Himself).

    The True Doctrine is that Yah'shua was never a leper and when He healed, He destroyed the sickness, expelling the demonic powers. Had he retained the sickness after transferal He would have retained the causative demons too, making Him demonised, which is blasphemy.

    II. Male Concubinage

    A small minority of messianics also believe that male concubinage {1} was ordained by Yahweh for the wives of polygamous men like Solomon who had enormous harems whose job was to 'service' those wives the king was not able to. Though to our knowledge this doctrine is not, mercifully, being practiced, it is sufficiently alarming to merit noting here, though I have heard a report that the group who created this doctrine has since disbanded it.

    The True Doctrine is that male concubinage ('secondary' husbands) never existed under the Old Covenant and is a doctrine of adultery. Polyandry is nowhere sanctioned in Scripture and is a damnable heresy, and large royal harems were in any case forbidden by Torah (Dt.17:17).

    III. Promiscuous Female Concubinage

    Under the Old Covenent, female concubines or pilegesh were life-long covenant mates differing only from the rights and privileges of full wives in terms of inheritance rights. All the righteous patriarchs who took secondary wives of this kind elevated them to full wives, as when Jacob elevated Bilhah (Rachel's servant) and Zilpah (Leah's servant). In one Messianic group, a new and pernicious heresy (following in the wake of other heresies) has arisen in which a man who is already married may enter into a long- or short-term oral 'service contract' in which a woman agrees to give sexual favours in exchange for doing odd-jobs around her house {1/2}. She is not required to be a believer and the arrangement can be terminated whenever desired even though 'ideally' she should be a believer and 'ideally' the relationship may be upgraded into full-wife status. Whilst the Bible certainly permits polygyny it nowhere countenances such a loose arrangement which, without a proper life-long covenant, this doctrine is little more than an adaption of modern promiscuity and fornication. The Bible expressly forbids believers to be unequally yoked to unbelievers, pronouncing such unions to be Torahless or lawless (2 Cor.6:14).

    The True Doctrine is that Yahweh requires all marriages to be lifelong contracts to be made by fellow believers in the presence of two or three witnesses. Everything else is lawlessness. Under the New Covenant, moreover, using the higher model of the Mystical Marriage of Yah'shua to the Messianic Community, there is only one salvation, not two, which concubinage implies. There is only one baptism (Eph.4:5), not two (a superior and inferior 'concubine' option). Spiritually-speaking, a 'concubine' in the New Covenant is a lawless believer who inherits the second resurrection, not the first which belongs to Torah-obedient believers. Therefore concubinage under the New Covenant is not an 'alternative' option.


    I. De Novo Conception, No Pre-existence

    (a) No Pre-existence of Yah'shua {1}. Messianics who reject the pre-existence of Yah'shua usually reject His Deity too (qv).

    (b) No Pre-existence of Humans {2}. Most messianics, in common with evangelicals, believe that humans had no spiritual existence before their conception in the wombs of their mothers.

    The True Doctrine, which is a minority position amongst both messianics and evangelicals, is that humans did have a pre-existence before incarnating into flesh upon conception taking place in their mothers. This is not, however, a salvational issue, and does not imply that humans are in some way deity.

    First edition - 9 September 2008


    1 "And you, being dead in your tresspasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He (Yah'shua) has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having blotted out the certificate of debt against us - by the dogmas - which stood against us. And He has taken it out of the way, nailing it to the stake (cross)" (Col.2:13-14, ISRV). Orthodox evangelical Christians have twisted this scripture to imply that the Torah/Law/Commandments have been nailed to the cross when in fact it is our debt note because of sin which has been nailed thereto.

    Recommended Reading

    [1] Rodney D. Ready, When Will the Madness End? The Dead Intellectualism of Many Messianic Groups

    Comments from Readers

    "I just read through this post on Messianic Heresies Exposed and wanted to just say that this is a wonderful document. How we of Spirit and Truth already know these things by our great teacher.

    "I wonder what it would be like in these times, as newly born again person, with all of these things going on out in the 'churches', the 'Torah Keepers', the Hebraic Roots movements. It seems that old Serpent that eats the Dust is raging because he knows his time is so short.

    "That warning we see in Daniel 11 of those redeemed who give up their 'continual blood flow' of the Holy Spirit as a Living Temple is rampant today. A sad thing to see those needing to have that Spiritual cleansing now chasing after all kinds of doctrines, even of the Torah without that Life of our Messiah to show them the great things he has done for us all. So many bound again into bondage have left the bondage of 'church' private interpretations of scriptures for a 'beast' interpretation of scriptures of even those anti-Messiah's who deny our savior and esteem lightly that Living Torah of Spirit and Truth, thinking that to be in obedience to him is to esteem more highly the written words given to us as a witness of Messiah.

    "I was recently involved in a discussion where circumcision was the topic and none in that discussion esteemed highly the circumcision of Heart by which we have salvation and are made as one with our savior. Few truly know that circumciser our Yahushua who does baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. Thinking they know all about him but are no different than students of any of man's divisions of knowledge such as English or Mathematics.

    "That redemption and remission of sin and that cleansing that we all so desperately need is an experience as we know and cannot be found in mere learning for we know even the shadim have knowledge but can never experience those things of Life. Blessings, Emet & Ahava, in our Yahushua our Yahuweh and all he is Being for us." (RDR, USA, 9 July 2009)

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