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Month 1:1, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5938:001 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 31 March 2014
Rosh Chodesh I, Aviv 1
Vital Prophecies for the New Year


Chag Sameach Rosh Chodesh kol beit Yisra'el! May the blessings and favour of Yahweh our Father be upon all of you on this biblical New Year that begins today! We do not wish each other a 'Happy New Year' as the pagans do on the Day of Janus (1 January), nor do we wish each other Shanah Tov in the autumn (fall) as the Jews and Messianic Jews do at their false man-made Rosh haShanah that overshadows and conceals the Torah festival of Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets/Shouting) in the autumn/fall. Rather, it is my task today to prepare you for a new cycle of Yahweh's moedim. If Rosh Chodesh is, as Scripture attests, a day to honour our Heavenly Father as the Creator, to honour the fathers of families and of congregations, and to consult the nevi'im (prophets) each month, then this authentic non-Jewish Rosh haShanah or 'Head of the Year' at the proper spring season is surely a time for consulting the nevi'im (prophets) for the whole year that lies ahead. It is my task as the earthly shepherd of this flock to therefore bring before you what Yahweh has given to me for the year ahead

A Frightening Responsibility

This is for me the most frightening as well as one of the most blessed times of the year. It is blessed because today is the day that Yahweh reveals His will to Messianic Israel as a whole for the coming year. It is frightening because being Yahweh's mouthpiece is a sacred responsibility - whether as an apostle, pastor, or head of a family - and the navi (prophet) must measure his words carefully and exactly - today is not a day for the nevi'im (prophets) to preach on their favourite topics or to be casual in any way about any revelation that they have received on behalf of the assemblies of Israel. It is a frightening thing to be Yahweh's mouthpiece for the nation when a navi's (prophet's) own words must have no part of the message that is given in His Name. So what I am going to today is to, first, give you Yahweh's Davar (Word) directly as I received it (with coloured, shaded text), and then give you my own commentary as I have understood the interpretation through the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). That way you will know what is 100% from Him and what is my own personal commentary, though it is my prayer that the latter will be inspired and pleasing to Him.

Are We Moon-Worshippers?

Firstly, I want to answer those who accuse those of us who observe Rosh Chodesh and the Luni-Solar Calendar as 'moon-worshippers'. There are two things I want to say about this. Firstly, observing a mitzvah (commandment) of Yahweh is never idolatry, whether it be an external observance like baptism or an internal one like worshipping with a pure heart. To accuse a talmid (disciple) of being a moon-worshipper simply because he observes the moon to establish the Divine Calendar is like accusing someone who practices baptism of worshipping water because that is the medium we are commanded to use to symbolically immerse new believers in to represent the first b'rit or covenant of that believer, in the presence of witnesses, to follow Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) all of his or her days having been authentically born again of the Ruach (Spirit) into new life. The irony is that these same accusers use the sun to determine which days they shall observe and worship - does that make them sun-worshippers? I leave that question unanswered so that you can draw your own conclusion. The only clue I will leave you is that if Yahweh is not behind the ordinance, then it is the ordinance you are honouring and therefore worshipping, more so if that oridinance or day bears the name of a demon.

The Invisible Moon

The one interesting thing about the true Rosh Chodesh is that in any case the moon is invisible. What do you suppose is the symbolic significance of that? And why do those who observe it wrongly seek for the visible first crescent moon? It is, as Paul testifed, "for we walk by emunah (faith), not by sight" (2 Cor.5:7, NKJV) and the mitzvah (commandment) is given this way for the reason that Yah'shua (Jesus) said, "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24, KJV). We know it is Rosh Chodesh each month because of the absence of the moon to our sight, not because it is visible! Those who seek a crescent moon are symbolically testifying, like the Babylonians and Muslims, without realising it, that part of their emunah (faith) is reliant on sight. Have you noticed that nowhere does Scripture command us to "sight" the moon? That is why, like the five foolish virgins, they will always be a day or two late for the Marriage of the Lamb, not having obtained enough oil of the Ruach (Spirit), and therefore having failed to walk in obedience to Torah also.

Do We Need the Second Coming to Sort Out the Calendar?

Messianics tell me that Yah'shua (Jesus) will 'sort out' the calendar issues out when He returns and that we must simply 'do our best' and not seek to influence those who have been convinced by other calendar systems, but do they not realise that in saying this they are not only agreeing with Protestantism's claim that there cannot be proper unity in doctrine and practice until Christ returns? Do they not realise they are saying that Yahweh is incapable of giving His perfect Davar (Word) - His perfect lifestyle - to His people? Is it even conceivable that Yahweh would leace His people ignorant of the way to mark the divine calendar? Not so! The Davar (Word) is perfectly clear, which is why He has raised brethren to show what the Scriptures clearly say and to remove the veil of darkness caused by believers still trusting (often unknowingly) in the Synagogue of Satan.

Unity in Doctrine is Commanded for Now, Not After Yah'shua Returns

The Unity of the Faith is not only possible but it is commanded and prophesied to happen before Messiah returns. It is not a pipe-dream that can only be fixed when Yah'shua (Jesus) comes back. Did He prophesy that the Ruach (Spirit) would teach the talmidim (disciples) "all things"? (Jn.14:26) To claim otherwise, with all due respect, is a cop-out. It's the lazy-man's solution to not wanting to be corrected or to not want to keep on searching further or digging deeper. These basic truths are for all believers. The full emet (truth) is very much available. And this difference in attitude is the difference between the children of the first resurrection and the second. You may not like calendar issues - truthfully, I used to avoid them like the plague because I thought they were beyond my comprension, but Yahweh commanded me to get stuck in and find out. Fortunately, many others have too and between us we have found the emet (truth).

The Mitzvah To Find Unity in Truth

Here is the instruction given by the Ruach (Spirit):

    "He Himself gave some to be apostles, some nevi'im (prophets), some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Messiah, till we all come to the unity of the emunah (faith) and of the knowledge of the Son of Elohim (God), to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Messiah; that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting, but, speaking the emet (truth) in ahavah (love), may grow up in all things into Him who is the head -- Messiah" (Eph.4:11-15, NKJV).

The Way to Unity

Here, then, is the real issue: unity is not possible until all the offices of the Messianic Community are restored. This does not mean man deciding to suddenly ordain apostles and others in order to fulfil the mitzvah (commandment) because it is Yahweh who must choose them by revelation, for "no man takes this [priestly] honour to himself, but he who is called by Elohim (God), just as Aaron was" (Heb.5:4, NKJV). Claiming that you have some kind of legalistic authority to ordain ministers as Mormons, Catholics and Eastern Orthodox claim, is also false because the criterion for any calling is, first, Yahweh's own call, and second, the possession of "the emet (truth) in ahavah (love)". Apostles who do not have correct doctrine and who are not filled with divine ahavah (love) are by default imposters if they proclaim to be the bearers such such offices. So there are a number of criteria for unity, and though with man it may seem impossible to fulfil them, with Yahweh "nothing is impossible" (Mt.19:26; Mk.10:27). So those who tell you it is impossible to know the true calendar are not telling the emet (truth), any more than those who claim unity is impossible without diluting the Besorah (Gospel).

Not Legalistic Authority

So that is my second message today. Unity and pure doctrine are not only possible they are commanded, and if they are commanded it means unity and doctrinal purity, in ahavah (love - that's pretty critical too), must be possible now. Yes, the doctrine was originally scattered, but now it is being gathered up, and with it the people hungry for it. This is part of the end-time "restoration of all things" (Ac.3:21, NKJV) but not the pretended 'restoration' of Joseph Smith (Mormonism), Alexander Campbell (Churches of Christ), or any of the other 'restorations' claimed by modern Messianics or others:

    "Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of Yahweh, and that He may send Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), who was preached to you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which Elohim (God) has spoken by the mouth of all His qodesh nevi'im (holy, set-apart prophets) since the world began" (Acts 3:19-21, NKJV).

The Restoration of All Things

Those who are not fully submitted to Messiah, those who are not fully obedient to the Father's Torah, those who do not love the emet (truth) above their fleshy desires, those who do not love as Messiah loved, and those not of true emunah (faith), will not only miss this "restoration of all things" but will oppose it with all manner of excuses and even seek, at times, to extinguish it by violence in the spirit of Esau:

    "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force" (Matt.11:12, NKJV).

Mighty and Strong Ones

Now you may have come across others claiming to be 'restorers' and have been disappointed by them. I don't blame you. I have been similarly disillusioned. How many of you have come across leaders claiming to be "mighty and strong" ones (Isa 28:2, NKJV)? Protestantism has them and so does Messianism. They all fall in due course when their pretension is exposed, and Scripture prophesies that they speak out of hell (Ezek.32:21). I am sure you have heard their boastful words. That is not, in any case, the way the Kingdom is conducted but rather "'not by might nor by power, but by My Ruach (Spirit),' says Yahweh of armies" (Zech.4:6, NKJV). It was the anti-Messiah Nimrod who is described as "a mighty hunter (tsayid) before Yahweh" (Gen.10:9, NKJV), a hunter and catcher of souls leading people away from Yahweh by standing before or in Yahweh's place. How many of these 'great men', so-called, do you know who claim greatness because of an ordination or an appointing which, if a man challenges, he is cursed?

In Search of the Full Restoration

Those who belong to this restoration will know it and be attracted to those of like mind and heart until they truly are echad (one). Unfortunately - and inevitably - they will also be attracted to false groups not because they do not possess some or even much of this restoration emet (truth) but because these groups still cling onto false teachings and practices and will not relinquish them. These Yahweh will sweep aside if they do not repent, and will take His true talmidim (disciples) out of them as they continue their search for the full restoration.

The Final Gathering

Those who think they 'have it all' need not apply for the honour because they lack the humility fundamental to a work of Elohim (God), and those who claim to 'have it' because Yahweh has given them some sort of legalistic authority need to repent before they turn into a cult. Those who are of the firstborn - of the first resurrection - recognise one another and are not too proud to admit that they are still in the process of 'working it all out'. Where this Ruach (Spirit) is, Yahweh will be, and Yahweh will be working, until it is time for the Final Gathering. And that original commission to this body of believers, brethren and sisters, is still happening. It is here and it is not going away.

The East African Awakening

Indeed it has already begun in earnest after a long gestation of period of nearly a quarter of a century. It began in East Africa last winter according to prophecy. And yet it has still barely begun. All that is due to change this coming year.

The Wrong Prophetic Markers: Edom Instead of Israel

I wished to introduce this message to you in this manner before I get to other specific devarim (words) because as always there must be context within the whole. Those of you who have been listening to the messages Yahweh has been giving me over the years will know that I have said nearly all believers - Christians and Messianics alike - have been looking at all the wrong prophetic markers! They are so focussed on EDOM because they believe it to be ISRAEL when it is not. It is an imposter. It has led believers to wrongly conclude that Edom is "the chosen" (Lk.25:35) when in truth it is "the accursed" (Ps.119:21).

Yahweh's Word to Edom

I have given warning after warning about this deception, including another recently (Judgment of Edom: The Approaching Israeli Débâcle), but few are listening. The emet (truth) is that there is such a strong religious spirit (demon) behind this that people are heavily blinded. It is for this reason that yesterday morning Yahweh told me to share the following Davar (Word) with you today:

    "But on Mount Zion there will be some who have escaped - it shall become a qadosh (holy, set-apart) place - and the House of Jacob will despoil its own despoilers. The House of Jacob shall be a fire, the House of Joseph a flame, the House of Esau stubble. They will set it alight and burn it up, and no member of the House of Esau shall survive. Yahweh has spoken" (Obadiah 1:17-18, JB).

Prophetic Fulfilment Imminent

I want you to notice carefully who is exposing this lie and what he will be the instrument in doing. This is His Davar (Word) and its fulfilment is imminent: "The House of Jacob shall be a fire, the House of Joseph a flame, the House of Esau stubble". There will no longer be any debate when this happens. I'm just sorry that so many believers have wasted to much time, energy and resources propagating the lie that Edom is Israel restored. It never was even if some of the House of Judah is amongst Edom. The majority of the House of Judah, and its princes, are safely hidden up elsewhere, and will be revealed in due course.

The Stubble Set Fire

Yesterday, in token of this imminent event and as a representative of the Tribe of Joseph, I set fire to the stubble at Mishpachah Lev-Tsion (see picture below). This also represents the further purification of this work which is to be completed this today in a short while, for purification in the B'rit Chadashah (New Covenant) is both by water (baptism) and fire (Ruach haQodesh/Holy Spirit).

Yah'shua the the Talmidim are the Chosen, Not a Race

Only Yah'shua (Jesus) is "the chosen" (Lk.25:35) and the only way that you or I can likewise be "chosen" is by being IN the King and obeying His laws, the New Covenant Torah. There is no other way, there is no other Israel, there is no other nation. This nation will be revealed in power whilst the false one will be "set...alight and burn[ed] up" and "no member of [its] House ... shall survive". That burning will be done by the "House of Jacob", and specifically the "House of Joseph".

The Anointed Know

Those who are anointed will understand. The remainder must remain in darkness until they see with their physical eyes this burning take place, and that because they lacked spiritual sight, their emunah (faith) being deficient.

The Blood Red Moon Scam

These same people walking around in blindness are peddling the Devil's merchandise for all it's worth. I am talking of the Blood Read Moon Scam. Thinking they are warning Israel, they are in truth warning Edom who are to be burned up very soon unless they repent and become Israel by ingrafting. Please understand this - there is no future for Edom - it is an accursed land, an accursed people, the "Synagogue of Satan" (Rev.2:9; 3:9), the Tabernacle of Moloch, and those who associate with them are accursed. Rather, they should be urgently calling them to repentance. They have to lose their name and identity totally and find a new Name and Identity in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus). That is true for everyone, no matter their racial or religious background. There are no exceptions.

A Teaching to Deceive

The Blood Red Moon teaching is not Yahweh's teaching - it isn't Scriptural, it's Satan's teaching. The Enemy is going to use it in order to fool even more those caught up in the delusion of the latter-day Tabernacle of Moloch. Remember that Satan is able to fulfil his own prophecies if the persons concerned give him the legal grounds to do so. And the House of Edom, soaked in blood, perversion, iniquity, hatred and rebellion as it is, will give him more than adequate grounds. So those who insist on clinging onto this lie will, if they do not relinquish it, go ever deeper into darkness. Only the elect who continue in this delusion will escape by the skin of their teeth if they haven't already repudiated it.

No Blood Red Moon in Israel During Talmudic Passover

May I remind you exactly what these scam artists are predicting? They are saying that a blood red moon will be visible over Israel on 14/15 April, the date of the Talmudic Passover this year (it's on 13 April on the biblical Creation Calendar). It won't be visible AT ALL in Israel! (see diagram below):

Edom to Be Annihilated in Our Day

Remember the Davar Elohim (Word of God), which cannot return to Him empty (void) (Is.55:11): "No member of the House of Esau shall survive". Not one, not just the nation, but its secret cabals that are undermining other nations too. The tribe of Esau was not wiped out anciently - it was forcibly converted by the Hasmoneans and merged with the House of Judah! It's still here today and is scheduled for annihilation. All that is of Esau - both the literal descendants who reject Messiah and those who are not who imitate the ways of the Edomites and are grafted into it by demonic association, shall burn. This burning shall both be within - by "having their own conscience seared with a hot iron" (1 Tim.4:2, NKJV) - and without, as physically being burned to ashes along with all their works of wickedness. Those who murder the unborn for Moloch (even unknowingly), the pedophiles and government agencies who harm small children (Mk.9:42), and those who in general set about promoting immorality and the destruction of the family, are all a part of this evil Edomite scheme. Those who love the flesh and the lie, and are prepared to sell their eternal inheritance as the children of Elohim (God) for a mess of pottage or bowl of soup (a temporary carnal fix), are all inheritors in this destruction that will take place both suddenly this year, and gradually over the years to come, as the destroying malakim (angels) pass among the children of men executing the Judgment of El Elyon (God Most High).

The Terrible Year Ahead

I cannot begin to tell you the terrible thing that are going to happen over this new biblical year and what Yahweh feels about the nations! I do not even know where to begin!

    "Cry out, thus saith Yahweh-Sebaoth: I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion (Messianic Israel). And I am very angry with the nations that are at ease" (Zech.1:14b-15, RSV),

The Madeira Prophecies Remembered

The "watchmen ... on Mount Ephraim" (Jer.31:6, NKJV) are accutely aware of "the times and the seasons" (1 Thess.5.1, NKJV) - we follow world events carefully, political, geological and cosmic - and we see huge calamities just waiting to be unleashed. How many of you remember the Madeira prophecies?

The Waiting Disaster in the Canary Islands: the USA, Caribbean and Brazil

Did you know that, close by to Madeira, "on one of the Canary Islands lies a major global catastrophe in the making, a natural disaster so big that it could flatten the Atlantic coastlines of Britain, Europe, North Africa and the United States of America and cause enormous damage to London and other UK cities" [1]. If you think the destruction of the Pacific Ocean by Fukushima is disaster enough, or the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and are lying back care-free because you live on the Atlantic seaboard, think again!

    "Recently, scientists have realised that the next Mega Tsunami is likely to begin on one of the Canary Islands, off the coast of North Africa, where a wall of water will one day race across the entire Atlantic Ocean at the speed of a jet airliner to devastate the east coast of the United States, the Caribbean and Brazil." [2]

Europe and West Africa

Europe and West Africa need not think they will be unharmed:

    "If the volcano collapsed in one block of almost 20 cubic kilometres of rock, weighing 500 billion tonnes - twice the size of the Isle of Wight - it would fall into water almost 4 miles deep and create an undersea wave 2000 feet tall. Within five minutes of the landslide, a dome of water about a mile high would form and then collapse, before the Mega Tsunami fanned out in every direction, travelling at speeds of up to 500 mph. A 330ft wave would strike the western Sahara in less than an hour.

    "Europe would be protected from the fiercest force by the position of the other Canary Islands, but the tsunami would still bring 33ft waves to Lisbon and La Coruña within three hours.

    "After six hours it would reach Britain, where waves up to 40 ft high would hit southwest England at 500 miles per hour, travel a mile inland and obliterate almost everything in its path. Even Britain's more sheltered shores, in the North Sea and Irish Sea, will be struck by smaller but still significant swells, causing widespread flooding in major coastal cities." [3]

Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark

This is not mere scientific speculation, though. One of the sisters had prophetic dreams in which she was shown Ireland being hit by a tsunami and destroyed. Did I not make a warning recently about the grave danger posed by the lowlands of Belgium, Holland, north-west Germany and Denmark? [4]

Nibiru, Economic Collapse and Ukraine

This scenario I gave presented so far does not even consider the possible effects of Nibiru... And we must not forget the imminent economic collapse, from which there will probably be no recovery for decades, or the threat of a global conflagration in the Ukraine either. But let us return to this later. First, let us get away from global events, and talk about something that needs to be done closer to home to begin the movement of this ministry this year.

Some Open and Concealed Prophecy

There are some things that Yahweh has told me about this year that I would love to share with you in full but which I may only hint at so that only those who have the Ruach haShibi'i (Seventh Spirit) may know by the same Ruach (Spirit), so that those who are unbelievers or those who are unregenerated, pretended believers, or those who have not walked obediently in preparation for the Sukkot Anointing, may not know about these things. There are some things that I can speak of openly, which I shall continue with, and others that I may only speak of indirectly as a remez (hint). So I ask you to bless me in this difficult task I have today as I continue so that I may not dishonour the davar (word) that I have been given.

Ancient Prophets Interpreting Visions in Our Day - 1917 Jerusalem

One of the great problems the ancient nevi'im (prophets) had was in describing things that Yahweh showed them in vision of the future which made little or no sense to them but which we, had we been privy to their revelation, would have had no problem understanding. For one thing, our technology today, which in some instances they openly saw, was beyond their means to describe. They lacked both the knowledge and the vocabulary. Consequently, they were forced to translate the images into concepts and words which most closely approximated what they saw. Thus when Isaiah was shown a vision of armed British biplanes circling Jerusalem to defend it against the Muslim Turks during the First World War, who planned to plunder and ravish the city as they retreated in 1917, he wrote:

    "Like birds flying about, so will Yahweh of hosts defend Jerusalem" (Isa.31:5, NKJV).

Concealing Matters from the Carnal

You can read about this event in depth in the article, As Birds Flying: Jerusalem 1917, if this particular subject interests you. I share it with you today merely as an illustration of one of the difficulties the nevi'im (prophets) face when looking at future technology which makes no sense to them, both when they themselves cannot understand fully, and also when they do and are commanded to conceal what they have seen, as Isaiah was, whom Yah'shua (Jesus) quoted:

    "'Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you will see and not perceive; for the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them'" (Matt.13:14-15, NKJV).

Ancient Technology, UFO's and the Spaceships of Ezekiel

Equally we must be careful not to read in things which the prophets never saw. I think, for example, of J.F.Blumrich's, The Spaceships of Ezekiel (1974) which which he claims the weird things the prophet Ezekiel saw were a spaceship. The 'God-Was-An-Astronaut' theory is very popular with both atheists and New Agers, popularised by Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin. That's not so say high technology wasn't around anciently, because we absolutely know it was, but we must be careful to whom we attribute what. We know UFO's are real (I have seen many myself), but what is open to debate is whether the beings that pilot them are 'aliens' from other planets or the offspring of inter-dimensional fallen malakim (angels) known as Nephilim and their human allies. There can be no doubt in my mind that some of the prophecies concerning the great deceptions of the end-times are about these dark entities. I have written and preached extensively on this subject so I'll not go into that today other than to admonish you to be informed without getting sucked in by a spiritually unhealthy over-interest in what is a very dangerous area of reality. We are to remain in the Light and not get fascinated by the darkness.

Some Will Be Lost Forever, Whilst Some Apparently
Lost For Ever Will Be Plucked Out of the Fire

The message I have to share with you today is a double-edged sword that both grieves and delights me. It grieves me because I know that some souls I have had hope for will be lost permanently, and it delights me because I also know that other souls who have been lost and descended deep into darkness will be found again. The soul filled with the Ruach (Spirit) is also filled with Yahweh's ahavah (love) and desires to see no one perish, because that is the heart of our Heavenly Father:

    "Yahweh is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9, KJV).

Some hearing or reading this message who we think will make it will be lost forever, and others will be plucked out of the fire, both those who I know intimately, and those who I do not know at all. We must pray for all of them until the very end, lest some per chance come to repentance.

The Right Way to Deal With Enemies and Oppressors.

When our enemies do us evil, we are angry in our flesh, outraged by the spirit of injustice, devastated by the sense of betrayal and heartlessness, and yet under and above all of that is a regenerated spirit within us - the essence of who we really are - that does not cling to this negativity, that part of the regenerated self that loves our enemies and wishes to do good to those who despitefully use us. Yah'shua (Jesus) emphatically taught those who were willing to listen to this hard but core teaching of the B'rit Chadashah (New Covenant):

    "But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you" (Luke 6:27-28, NKJV).

We Can Only Carry People Up to a Certain Point

My wife had a dream about this quite recently, some of you will recall. So I will not pretend that I am not mourning in advance for some - my soul feels crushed for them even as I speak, yet I have no choice but to release them from my covering if they will not repent, both because Yahweh has commanded it and also because if I do not I will be crushed by the burden of it. We cannot obviously save or atone for others but neither can we carry them indefinitely if they insist on yielding progressively to more and more darkness, because we cannot possibly carry them and their demonic occupants beyond a certain point, even if we are in Yah'shua (Jesus) doing so in His strength. I don't have the time right now to explain all the mechanics of this today, I just know it is true from what the Ruach (Spirit) has been sharing with me. I have had many experiences of this over the years - some of you who have parents who refused to parent you but expected instead to be parented by you, their own childen - an impossibly crushing burden for children - will know what I am talking about. Everyone of you must do the same when Yahweh tells you to release such burdens to him so that everything is done in the proper order without false guilting.

Introduction to Covering

If I seem to be speaking in parables to you, I will now speak more plainly. What I share is principally what I received from Yahweh four days ago that had to be reserved for today. Forgive me if I fumble for words, for this is not easy. I can only do this as best I can as the Ruach (Spirit) gives utterance. For those of you who did not hear my address last year, especially on the theology of covering, you might like to do that afterwards as it containes some directives to be prepared for this year and is an imporant preface to what I am saying today.

The Protective Instinct

Every man is a spiritual covering for his wife (as a husband) and his children (as a father). This is not some abstract theological idea, it is a reality in the spiritual realm with manifestations in the physical. He is their shield against spiritual attack and guards those whom he covers through prayer and spiritual warfare. This anointing and equipping is not given to women, children or unmarried men by default, remembering that this power to cover can, and is, abused, by those who turn away from Yah'shua (Jesus) or never receive Him. The intinct is given to all men in the physical - it is built into them by the Creator - to be warriors and defenders of their families. The same instict is given to women who become mothers. Unless they have abandoned all goodness and cannibalistically turn on their young, they will properly defend their little ones like mother bears without thought for their own safety


Every one of us - men and women and children - can also ask Yahweh to give temporary covering through their petitions and prayer requests to heaven on behalf of others. That is one reason we are to pray continuously (1 Thess.1:17), especially for those not under special coverings by right. I hate to use the word 'right', because of its humanist associations and implications, but I think you know what I mean, for this is a legal Torah-right or promise given to those with godly fathers and husbands.

Coverings in the Messianic Community

There are also other coverings I wish to make mention of which are given to those called to be spiritual shepherds. I speak principally of those called to be pastors, evangelists, and elders in the local congregation, and apostles in the global Kehilah or Messianic Community in general. They too, if they are authentic, are called to cover large numbers of other people to whom they are not related by blood. There are also those called to be prayer intercessors from the individual all the way up to the national level. They are rightly termed 'patriarchs' or 'spiritual fathers' and those who come under their covering are blessed.

The Experience of Covering and Its Removal

Those who are being covered do not usually become aware of this covering until that covering is removed. While covered, they take it for granted and frequently abuse it. They may remain covered from calamity and total destruction long after they have rebelled and even abandoned the Besorah (Gospel). Nevertheless the Patriarchs who cover them must continue to carry them and cover them in Messiah until, if they persistently and adamantly refuse to repent, Yahweh orders the covering to cease because Heaven's grace has been exhausted and justice must have its way for the sake of both the one doing the covering (who will be exhausted by his ordeal) and the one being covered (so that he may have one last chance to repent once he sees the effect of having the covering removed from his life).

The Legalities of Vows

None of this is supposed to appear 'esoteric' in any way. It is practical Besorah (Gospel) and those of you involved in deliverance ministry will know exactly what I am talking about. You are familiar with spiritual legalities. For instance, as you know, the Torah teaches that a father may nullify the presumptuous or unwise vow a daughter or wife makes if he does so upon hearing of it (Num.30:3-15). If he delays, the vow remains in effect and the woman must take the consequences of such foolishness. No such privilege is extended to men as the foolish vow of Jephthah starkly reminds us (Judges 11). That is why we must be very, very careful not to make foolish promises, because our word is binding. A man who knows his Scriptures and fears Yahweh will be silent rather than make a rash promise because he knows Yahweh will hold him accountable. Wives and daughers are therefore given a privilege no man may claim. These privileges and others balance out the heavenly requirement that wives and unmarried daughters are to be submissive to their fathers (young men are released from this obligation when they turn 20, young women until they get married) or to their husbands. Those ignorant of Yahweh's Torah (Law) make all sorts of false and accusing judgments against divine tavnith (pattern) because they have been taught lies and have not bothered to check up Scripture for themselves. Yahweh is 100% fair and if you do not believe it now, life's experiences will teach you it if you keep on seeking Him diligently. The coverings of wives and children are damaged, giving the enemy an open door, when they rebel against Yahweh and against those Yahweh has given authority over them.

Vision of the Tent of Covering

Years ago my wife was shown either in a prophetic dream or in a vision (I don't now recall) in which she saw all of these people - hundreds of them - who were with me in this tent which belonged to me. Yahweh told her that the tent represented the spiritual covering that I gave to those people who are led by the Ruach (Spirit) to yield to my spiritual toqef (authority). At the time she was only aware of the authorities and coverings given to fathers and husbands for their wives and children but in this experience she saw that there were many who were not of my biological family, but rather the Family of Elohim (God), who were also covered by me.

The Nature of Priestly Covering

Every man who is called into spiritual service as a cohen or priest in this New Covenant Melchizedek Order which is received from above, is given the calling to cover somebody, even if he is unmarried and without children. If he is walking in the anointing of the shammeshim (deacons) or in the anointing of the zaqenim (elders) he will have such a calling even if he is not necessarily aware of it. Those who come under such covering consciously or unconsciously choose to come under it by inwardly yielding some part of themselves to that man (like spiritual mentorship), be they male or female. Women should, of course, by default, yield that to their fathers (if they are regenerated believers) and to their husbands (if they are regenerated believers, so as not to commit spiritual adultery) but those who do not have saved fathers and husbands must have covering from somewhere, and that is the responsibility of the ministry of their local assembly. Those of you who are called cohenim (priests) in the Melchizedek Order will know from the Ruach (Spirit) whom you are called to cover and intercede for. Do not presume to take any toqef (authority) you have not been given and remember always that those who are thus covered must come and yield of their own free will and without duress. Any other kind of 'covering' is, in truth, demonic and is how the dark side operates. You see, when you break covenant, you invite enemies within who then seek to 'cover' in a perverse way by oppressing you instead. What can then result is that the godly man is not only carrying and covering you but your demons pretending to be your covering also by pretenting to be your godly covering.

Withdrawal of Covering

I raise this matter today for a practical reason and because I have an announcement and public declaration to make. Those whom I have spiritually covered by their own choice and yielding, and by the will of Yahweh, who have remained in rebellion and often in violent opposition to me personally and to this work, yet who continue to take shelter in this covering, I am now commanded to release and withdraw my covering from, so that they may fully see their inward condition and make the final choice to remain in rebellion alone and uncovered, to or repent and return in the proper tavnith (pattern) and way. Now obviously I cannot - and would never - 'name names' for the truth is I have no idea who most of these persons are anyway. Only Yahweh does. Those whom this effects will know soon enough without me pointing any finger, and by this means will know Who is behind this, for it is not myself. Therefore I am declaring, before these witnesses, in Yah'shua's (Jesus') Name, that on this day of Aviv 1 and Rosh haShanah, that I am withdrawing my covering from all those who Yahweh wills be removed, that per chance they may repent and be saved, be they coverings based on election (because of family connections) or fellowship. This severing is effective from this moment. I cannot, and will not, carry and cover you until you have got right with Heaven. Amen.

Every Man is Responsible

Every man walking in the Priesthood of Messiah must be conscious must be prepared to do this in the sphere which Yahweh has appointed him. He cannot withdraw covering because he is annoyed with someone or for any other reason that is of the flesh. Therefore this must only be done in the sovereign will of Yahweh. What he does unto others will be done unto him, therefore he must walk circumspectly in obedience.

A Strange Revelation

This will seem very strange to those of you unfamiliar with Yahweh's Order. What I have to share now will seem stranger still which is why I must veil it in parabolic form for the sake of those who do not have the Ruach (Spirit). I guarantee the latter will misinterpret and fail to understand what is being said, just as those who were unregenerated though Yah'shua (Jesus) wanted His talmidim (disciples) to become cannibals and break Torah's ban on the consumption of blood (Gen.9:4; Lev.3:17):

    "'Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life. I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.' The Jews therefore quarreled among themselves, saying, 'How can this Man give us His flesh to eat?' Then Yah'shua (Jesus) said to them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him. As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me. This is the bread which came down from heaven -- not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever'" (John 6:47-58, NKJV).

No More Hiding Place

So those who have been covered in their open rebellion will now be totally exposed and given the biggest choice of their life to make. There will be no hiding place for them anymore. Do you believe this? Then believe the Davar Elohim (Word of God) which was also given to me to share with you today:

    "Behold, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule with justice. A man will be as a hiding place from the wind, and a cover from the tempest, as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. The eyes of those who see will not be dim, and the ears of those who hear will listen. Also the heart of the rash will understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers will be ready to speak plainly" (Isa.32:1-4, NKJV).

The Elect of Yahweh: Who are They?

I invite you to read the whole of Isaiah 32 afterwards. The "man" here is, of course, the Messiah, but he is also any other man who is IN Messiah - if this is new to you, please study my sermon, The Elect of Yahweh: Messiahs and Set-Apart Women because you need to urgently know this emet (truth), more so as this word descends rapidly into greater and greater evil. As a corollary to this, please be aware that all false hiding places and coverings will be swept away too:

    "Also I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the plummet; the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters will overflow the hiding place" (Isa.28:17, NKJV).

The Hiding Place

You will see both of these natural disasters striking the earth more and more in the immediate times ahead as a warning of judgment of the soul too. Do not despise prophesies that are from heaven (1 Thes.5:20) for they will impact you - they will impact everyone but only those whose foundation is rock will not be swept away (Mt.7:24-28). Therefore receive and promise:

    "For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You in a time when You may be found; surely in a flood of great waters they shall not come near him. You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance" (Ps.32:6-7, NKJV).

Get Right With Yahweh

Believe it, this is such a time. Do what you must do to get right with Yahweh:

    "You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your Davar (Word). Depart from me, you evildoers, for I will keep the mitzvot (commandments) of my Elohim (God)! Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope. Hold me up, and I shall be safe, and I shall observe Your statutes continually. You reject all those who stray from Your statutes, for their deceit is falsehood. You put away all the wicked of the earth like dross; therefore I love Your testimonies. My flesh trembles for fear of You, and I am afraid of Your judgments" (Ps.119:114-120, NKJV).

Warning Prophecy to the Coastlands

One of the brethren, Brother Gabriel, received a davar (word) from Yahweh three weeks ago (3 March) that tied in with what Yahweh is doing and is about to do so before I go further into what Yahweh has told me, let me share his word with you first:

    "'He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him; and His own righteousness, it sustained Him. For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation on His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak. According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies; the coastlands He will fully repay. So shall they fear the name of Yahweh from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun; when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Ruach (Spirit) of Yahweh will lift up a standard against him. The Redeemer will come to Zion, and to those who turn from transgression in Jacob,' says Yahweh. 'As for Me,' says Yahweh, 'this is My covenant with them: My Ruach (Spirit) who is upon you, and My devarim (words) which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants' descendants,' says Yahweh, 'from this time and forevermore'" (Isa.59:16-21, NKJV).

The Jugdment of the Nations

This is important because it is for this exact time too. This is a time of judgment, as I have been warning now for many, many months - a judgment of the nations but also a judgment of peoples, but not the judgment immediately before the Second Coming or the Final Judgment after it. This is the time to intercede - it is a time to be especially kitted with the armour of Elohim (God) (Eph.6:10-18). Please notice that this prophecy in Isaiah speaks of a warning to those living in the "COASTLANDS" - this confirms what I shared with you earlier. Do you remember the Indonesian tsunami? Get ready for more.

A Night of Personal Spiritual Wrestling

You have been warned to prepare yourselves. But now I must share a message given to me this morning. I retired to bed very disturbed and wrestled hartd throughout the night. I was disturbed about myself, my own failures, my own weaknesses, and my inability to put many things right in my life. I think you'll all be able to empathise. I woke finally with sunrise and the beginning of this Rosh Chodesh and quite frankly I was miserable. I had retired begging Yahweh to give me a davar (word) for myself, for renewed hope, for this has been a very, very tough year indeed with rapidly failing health amongst other things.

Dream: A Walk Through Life

I had had a dream but it made no sense to me. It was a long dream and it took place entirely inside an Anglican Church which was the basic faith I was raised in, which I came to reject, and then to later appreciate after returning to Yahweh and growing in His Davar (Word). I was walking up the aisle towards the altar which was afar off, reminding me of the time I covenanted as a student, in St.Mary's Anglican Church, Oxford, at the high altar, where I knelt down and covenanted with Yahweh that I would seek the emet (truth) with all my soul and not rest until I had found it. This is the Church where the Oxford Martyrs, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, were condemned by the Catholic Church to death for heresy and burned at the stake not far from the building in the Cornmarket. It was also the Church where, as a student, I had listened to a performance of one of my then favourite classical pieces, Verdi's Missa solemnis.

Journey to the Altar of my First Sacred Vow

Since my life was so much bound with the Anglican tradition in my early days, it was not unnatural or unsurprising that I should dream in this context. It was where I had made my first sacred vow to Elohim (God) and it was only natural that I should return to it to see its fulfillment. As I walked up the long aisle I saw people, hundreds of them, who had been part of my life socially, professionally and spiritually over the years. Most were sitting in the pews conversing, some standing in the aisle doing the same. They did not pay attention to me as I continued my advance toward the altar. There were several wide, shallow steps and each one seemed to be numbered - steps or choices that had to be made in life before I could return to the place I had started my spiritual walk with Yahweh. When I reached the altar, I awoke.

The Circle Completed

I felt depressed, not understanding at first what was being shown to me. 37 years had passed since my New Birth in Oxford, as it happens on this very day of 31 March, in 1977! That was the day I was born again and was regenerated by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) with praises! A circle had been completed. I had fulfilled my vow and striven this quarter of a century to find the emet (truth)! Yet I did not realise this when I at first awoke. I was downcast and went back to sleep. I had told Him last night before sleeping that if I awoke this morning feeling the same as I did then that I did not want to take another step forward. I needed a new spiritual infilling, a new hope.

The Awakening

So I sat up, exhausted, after a long night of pain, despondent. As I pondered the dream, I recalled Solomon's conclusion after all his vain striving:

    "Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear Elohim (God) and keep His mitzvot (commandments), for this is the whole duty of man. For Elohim (God) will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil" (Eccl.12:13-14, NIV).

Epistle of James: Focal Book of Scripture for This Year

Yes, I thought to myself, here is a simple, uncomplicated and unpretentious spirituality. And as I thought upon this, the Ruach (Spirit) led me further to the Epistle of James. I turned to it and as I read it, I felt the warm glow of the Ruach (Spirit) slowly fill me. And as I began to fill, so this incredible shalom (peace) fell over me, and the anxiety of the night was taken away in an instant. I read:

    "Let the lowly brother boast in his exultation, and the rich in his humiliation, because like the flower of the grass he will pass away" (Jas.1:9-10, RSV).

Learning True Religion

Yet more shalom (peace) and suddenly I was fully immersed in the Ruach (Spirit) that had filled the Apostle James as he wrote this epistle. True religion, he says, is the man who is "quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger"Davar (Word), which is able to save your souls" (vv.19-21, RSV). "BE DOERS OF THE DAVAR (WORD), AND NOT HEARERS ONLY, DECEIVING YOURSELF" (v.22. RSV).

The Simple Message of James

And so the apostle goes on with the religious life as it ought to be, binding the tongue, "visiting orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world" (v.27, RSV). Simple Tanakh (Old Testament) wisdom with Christian/Messianic presuppositions. This is "pure and undefiled religion" (v.27, NASB), the religion of heart-experienced divine ahavah (love). This pure religion is tested by trial and temptation in the faithful, testing the carnal and the selfish - true vs. false wisdom, true vs. false emunah (faith), fleshy vs. spiritual self, and true vs. false confidence.

The Concluding Message

It isn't any more complicated than that. This is Yahweh concluding message for the year that lies ahead of us, fresh from His Davar (Word), given by the Ruach (Spirit) in an unmistakable way. Now I am reassured, now I have shalom (peace) for the year ahead. And while I took my shower afterwards the Ruach (Spirit) continued speaking to me, giving me instructions for my family.


This has been a long address and I could have said more. There is a great deal to be done and a great deal to prepare for. This is an evil world and it is getting worse. Yes, a Prince of Edom will be deposed this year, but his legacy will remain until the nations repent. And if they don't, they will perish. Let us throw ourselves into the work once we have found Yahweh's shalom (peace) and not look back. As for those who are in rebellion and have had their covering withdrawn from them, pray for them, that per chance some may repent and come home. Amen.


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