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Month 12:24, Week 4:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5937:349 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 24 March 2014
The Tribe of Dan
Denmark's Legacy & End-Time Rôle

      "Dan shall be a serpent by the way, a viper by the path, that bites the horse's heels so that its rider shall fall backward" (Gen.49:17, NKJV).

    The End of Western Christian Civilisation

    Not many realise that we are living witnesses to the death of a civilisation. Western civilisation and the Christianity that has undergirded it is right now, as I speak, going through its death throes. When you consider all the good that it has produced over 2,000 years, this is not a small thing. We are all modern-day Jeremiah's witnessing the end of something, though always corrupt to differing degrees, that was a light to the world.

    Denmark is an Israelite Tribe

    You're probably wondering why I have chosen a prophecy about the tribe of Dan and what this has to do with the theme of the West's end. The reason is because of a dream I had yesterday, a dream about Denmark. Though the tribe of Dan settled in many places during his wanderings north over the Caucasus and west across Europe, naming rivers that figure prominently in the current Ukrainian crisis (the Danieper and Daniestr), naming a city at the mouth of the Vistula which was the spark that set off the Second World War (Danzig) and which set alight the revolt against communism in Poland (Gdansk), and though this tribe settled as far afield as Ireland (many places are prefixed by Dun-) and thereafter the USA and elsewhere, the place where his chiefs settled was the Mark of Dan, or Danmark, which we call Denmark (Dänemark in German). Denmark is Dan.

    Geography and History of Denmark

    Denmark's flat, sandy lowlands with over 400 islands make it open to the wind and vulnerable to flooding. Though ranked as the happiest country in the world, it has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. It is now 3% Muslim and only 28% of the population believe in a personal God, with 25% claiming an identity with Christianity, principally Lutheranism.

    Denmark as Colonial Power

    It colonised German Schleswig-Holstein and Norway (ending after the Napoleonic wars), Swedish Skåneland, Iceland (independent in 1944), the Faroes and Greenland (which are self-governing territories of the Danish realm today), it sent colonists to Normandy and from there invaded England in 1066. It once owned Estonia and parts of Pomerania. Denmark was on the wrong side in the Napoleonic Wars, choosing to appease the tyrant rather than fight him. During the Nazi occupation, Denmark offered the least resistance to the invader in exchange for nominal political independence. It supplied a volunteer Freikorps unit to the Waffen SS fighting in the Soviet Union, with the permission of its Parliament.

    The Danes of America

    Dan has left an indellible mark on both Europe and the world even if it might not at first seem very obvious. A large number of Danes emmigrated to the United States, mostly converts to the Mormon Church whose decendents are well represented in Utah and surrounding LDS territories, though many Lutheran Danes also emmigrated in search of a better future from war-torn Europe. They make up about 0.1% of the US population, about 1½ million in all. At one time, the population of what would become New York was 50% Danish. They are the most numerous in California (207,030), Utah (144,713), Minnesota (88,924), Wisconsin (72,160) and Washington (72,098). One of the most famous of the Danish Americans was the explorer Vitus Jonassen Bering (1681–1741) whose name is given the Strait that separates Russia from Alaska.

    The Danish Americans

    Dan was the first of the Israelite tribes to apostacise and turn to raw heathenism after it abandoned the territory assigned to it between Ephraim, Benjamin and Judah (Josh.19:40 ff.) and migrated northwards near to the source of the Jordan River (Josh.19:47; Judg.1:34; 18:1 ff.). A few remained behind and from these Judge Samson came to fame (Judg.13:1 ff.) though he was not known for his sexual purity. His preference for non-covenant Philistine women was his undoing. The southern remnant was ultimately absorbed into Judah, the northern majority eventually being deported by Tiglath-pileser III in 732 BC (2 Ki.15:29), thereafter to head north with the rest of the 10 northern tribes into Europe. They are traditionally celebrated for their aggressiveness, as we saw in their father's Patriarchal Blessing, and elsewhere where he is described as a "lion's whelp" (Deut.33:22, NKJV). He would gain fame after his settlement in Scandinavia as one of the branches of the Viking tribes who were known for their brutality and barbarism. The French, whose northern lands he conquered, would contemptuously look down on Danite social behaviour by describing it as "à la Danoise" - 'the Danish way'.

    The 12 Tribes of Israel

    A Danite Antichrist?

    Many, following after Irenaeus, believe it is from the tribe of Dan that the Antichrist will emerge because he is omitted from the list of tribes in Revelation 7:5-8, though personally I think this is a scribal error. There is no scriptural evidence that the final end-time Anti-Messiah will be a Danite. But by reputation generally, Dan, or the territory from which he came, was not always regarded highly:

      "We looked for shalom (peace), but no good came; and for a time of health, and there was trouble! The snorting of His horses was heard from Dan. The whole land trembled at the sound of the neighing of His strong ones; for they have come and devoured the land and all that is in it, the city and those who dwell in it" (Jer.8:15-16, NKJV).

    Denmark the First to Legalise Human and Animal Pornography

    Sadly Denmark has played a leading rôle in the destruction of Christian European family values and morals by being the first nation, in 1967, to lift the ban on human pornography. Not only has the nation become progressively more and more morally degraded, having the dubious honour of being the capital of the world's animal pornography (bestiality) industry, but its legalisation of pornography set off a dominoes effect throughout the West. It has nothing to be proud of for its supposedly 'enlightened' liberal policies. As Dan set the precendent for apostacy in ancient Israel, so he has done the same in morality in his European home in exile.

    Denmark was also one of the first European counties (after Italy, Poland and briefly Germany, 1929-33) to decriminalise acts of male homosexuality in 1933 (lesbianism was never illegal, as in Britain), followed by its colonly in Iceland in 1940, then Switzerland in 1942 and Sweden in 1944.

    A Dream About Denmark

    In my dream two nights ago I was in Denmark, in a town, and the place was packed with cars. My own car was parked amongst the others. I remember a little old lady and that there were all sorts of ridiculous laws. All the cars were empty, all were parked. And then, slowly, they started to move of their own accord because suddenly, all at once, their parking breaks failed and there was nothing to restrain them any longer. They were rolling all over the place and crashing into one another. So concerned was I that one would crash into mine that I got in it and drove away.

    The Hellish Consequences of Abandoning Self-Restraint

    When I woke up the Ruach (Spirit) told me that what I had witnessed was the folly of nations throwing off moral self-restraint, as Denmark did by legalising pornography in the 1960's, along with nudity on beaches and in public swimming pools in 2008. This depraved porn industry now dominates the Internet, accounting for over two thirds of its traffic and is netting billions for its owners. Nowadays it's almost impossible to shield children from it in spite of online 'family filters'. And it gets more and more depraved, having in many cases linked up with the murderous and unabashedly satanic snuff-movie industry. From apparently 'innocent' nudity has sprung sprung all this vileness. It only took one choice to throw off restraint as far as one of Yahweh's mitzvot (commandments) was concerned to be covered modestly in public to lead to an eventual avalanche in immorality. My dream indicates that the last brakes of moral self-restraint may soon go. Pray that the country never legalises pedophilia or drops the age of consent below its present 15 years of age. Once one country does it, the others will follow until there is no morality left and society ripens fully in inquity. Then comes the end for it.

    Lawlessness Begets a Deluge of Man-made Laws and Consequent Corruption

    Yahweh's laws are few and simple yet whenever a nation throws out the Bible's moral mitzvot (commandments) the result is that it invents more and more human laws to cope with all the negative consequences that result from this lack of self-restraint. There is intelligence and love behind every statute in the Torah. Indeed, the more corrupt a nation, the more laws it creates, along with a vast, expensive and corrupt bureaucracy to administer them with an industry of expensive lawyers rising up to interpret them for the bewildered citizenry. Just look how fat our national law books are! No one man or woman can ever possibly know the tinest fraction of them, let alone all the case law that follows in their wake. EU legislation fills shelves and shelves.

    Judgment is Rapidly Coming

    As the Roman orator, lawyer, and senator Tacitus observed, "the more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government". The sexual licentiousness that overspilled into public view in Denmark and was imitated throughout the West, has cursed that nation and others like it, as Europe and the West generally slide into debauchery and cultural oblivion like the Roman Empire of old. Thus Denmark is a symbol of the cultural degeneration of atheistic liberalism that has spread like a cancer everywhere. It is not a legacy to be proud of. Sadly, judgment is coming, and it is coming faster and faster now to those lowland nations, as it did to the cities in the Jordan valley in Abraham's time.

    The Positive Side of Denmark

    Denmark's history is not all negative, of course. It became Protestant (Evangelical Lutheran) in 1536 and there were great revivals in the 1800's. Unlike Sweden and Norway which have disestablished the Church, it still remains officially the Church of the Nation which has lent it stability:

      "Christianity’s unique history in Denmark explains why the mutual interdependence of the people, the state, and the church has remained in place longer and more strongly in Denmark than in any other country. There has, quite simply, never been a break in this interdependence, as has occurred as a result of revolution, civil war, military occupation, cultural struggle, religious revival, and immigration in virtually all other European countries." [1]

    Good News for Denmark and Scattered Dan

    There is, of course, an equal place for Denmark and for Danes in the Kingdom of Yahweh as a remnant of that tribe repents of its hedonism and returns to the Derech (Way) of the Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus). One of the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem yet bears its name so it most definitely has a chance to redeem itself. It is not, as some theologians and scriptorians erroneously claim, doomed to extinction. One of the 12 end-time Cities of Refuge will certainly be strongly represented by Denmark in the Final Gathering that is not far distant.

    The Messianic Evangelical Link to Denmark

    I myself am of Norman ancestry which means I have links to Scandinavia myself since these Vikings came from Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. These Vikings intermarried with the native population of mostly Germano-Frankish and Gallo-Roman stock and of course later conquered England to change our whole history. This ministry arose in Oxford, England before its relocation to Norway and then Sweden, and has had a mission in Århus in the past. It was in Denmark, in the port of Frederikshavn in 1988, that I was led by the Ruach (Spirit) to dedicate this work in continental Europe to Yahweh, and I returned to Jutland several times afterwards, once to hold a General Conference in Hirtshals in 1991 and for mission trips to Germany (Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg).


    May the remnant in Denmark be blessed and prepare! Amen.


    [1] Hans Raun Iversen, Religion in Denmark

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