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Month 12:15, Week 2:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5937:340 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 15 March 2014
Judgment of Edom
The Approaching Israeli Débâcle

    Continued from Part 1


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) be with you. I must apologise in advance for there being no sermon last week but as many of you know I have been struggling with protracted illness and have fallen far behind in my several committments. The good news is that in spite of the occasional protesting winter blast, spring is well and truly on its way with the snowdrops and miniature daffodils in flower! And I think you are as keen as I am for the anointing and fellowship that attends the spring festivals that are only a month away with the biblical New Year a little over two weeks distant.

    The Expectation of a Great Blessing

    Though I don't want to pre-empt my New Year address to you I feel I do have to say a couple of things in anticipation. Firstly, that the people of Elohim (God) who love Him with all their hearts and who are loyally guarding His Torah can expect an exceedingly great blessing this coming year. We have been expecting it a long time, Yahweh has told us about it often, and we know that His Davar (Word) cannot return to Him unfulfilled (Is.55:1).

    The Economic Collapse

    Secondly, and in parallel, I have to soberly remind everyone that the total economic collapse is on schedule, it's coming pretty quickly, and it will preceeded by an initial sudden (as opposed to the ongoing gradual) currency devaluation (probably around 20-30%) that will be devastating enough for people living on the poverty line. When it happens, it will be the final warning before total collapse. Once the final collapse happens, and if you have not prepared, you will be economically wiped out with a future as a globalist serf.

    Stop Pretending Everything is Normal

    Please do not delude yourself into believing that this crisis will suddenly go away or never come to fruition, remembering that there is always calm before the storm when everything seems to be going on as 'normal'. Remember the people in Noah's day before the Deluge. All was normal one day and the next everything suddenly and violently changed. So if you are asleep, deliberately or not so, now is the time to wake up. Now is practically the last hour for making preparations for your family ark.

    The Unfolding War

    As should be pretty evident from the appalling suffering still going on in Syria, the sabre rattling between the Illuminati West and Russia over the Ukraine, and the side-shows designed to keep us distracted like the disappeared Malaysian airliner, the world is far from any sort of 'sabbath rest'. So whilst the children of Elohim are promised great movement and blessings this coming year, they must also ride the mounting storms like the rest of the world, which means they have to be properly prepared in mind, heart, spirit and body, and be doing what they are called to do in the place they are supposed to be, so that they are not left exposed and unprotected when disaster strikes as it will this coming biblical year. Therefore remain in prayer and supplication, or engage in it as you have never done before.

    The Four Crimes of Modern Edom

    Whilst convalescing I have not been idle and in addition to preparing the odd article which have since been published, I have been jotting down notes to share with you as the Ruach (Spirit) has laid various things on my heart. It should be more than obvious, I think, as we look at the spiritual state of unsaved mankind around us, that not only are conditions generally worsening, but man himself is rapidly going downhill spiritually. Signs of this malaise, prophesied long ago through the prophet Amos, are readily identifiable:

      "Yahweh says this: for the three crimes, the four crimes of Edom I have made My decree and will not relent: because he has persecuted his brother with the sword, stifling his pity, persistently nursing his fury and ever cherishing his rage" (Amos 1:11, JB).

    History of Edom

    Edom, you will remember, was the national territory of the children of Esau, formerly known as Seir before Jabob's brother conquered and settled the Horite lands (Gen.36:1-17). You will recall that by the time of the Exodus, the Edomites were already well settled and had established a small kingdom (Gen.32:3; 36:6-8; etc.) and refused Israel passage through their land. In spite of this discourtesy, Israel was forbidden to abhor his Edomite brother (Dt.23:7-8), a point I would like you to remember later on as we get deeper into this subject.

    The Spirit of Edom

    In Amos' prophecy the Edomites are identified with four despicable character traits:

    • 1. They persecute their family brethren;
    • 2. They suppress all natural pity;
    • 3. They deliberately cultivate fury; and
    • 4. They actually love or cherish their rage!

    The Davidic Conquest of Edom

    The Edomite territories remained separate from those conquered by Israel under Joshua (Josh.15:1,12) but under Saul, a war with Edom was fought (1 Sam.14:47). Edom was finally conquered by David (2 Sam.8:13-14) resulting in a terrible slaughter (2 Sam.18:13). It took six months for Joab to wipe out the male population (1 Ki.11:15-16) though we know some escaped like Prince Hadad who fled to Egypt and would later cause trouble for Solomon (1 Ki.11:14-22). The result of the Edomite conquest was that Solomon was able to build the important trading port at Ezion-Geber in the south and exploit the copper mines there (1 Ki.9:26-28).

    Jehoshophat, Joram, Amaziah, Uzziah and Ahaz

    Judah would pay dearly for failing to remove Hadad and we are still paying today. The Edomites would ally themselves with the Ammonites and Moabites against Jehoshaphat (2 Chr.20:1), quarreled and ended up fighting amongst themselves vv.22-23) and later joined the Judah-Israel coalition against King Mesha of Moab (2 Ki.3:4-27). Edom rebelled again in the reign of Joram (Jehoram) but although the Judahite king defeated them in battle, he failed to bring them under subjugation (2 Ki.8:20-22; 2 Chr.11:8-10), giving Edom a respite for 40 years. Amaziah resumed the war, slew 10,000 in the Valley of Salt, and sent a further 10,000 to the deaths by throwing them off Mt.Sela (2 Ki.14:7; 2 Chr.25:11-12). His successor, Uzziah, restored the port of Elath (2 Ki.14:22) but under Ahaz, when Judah was being attacked by Pekah and Rezin, the Edomites invaded Judah and carried off captives (2 Chr.18:17), and Elath was lost again. Thereafter Judah never recovered Edom which would become a vassal state of Assyria after 730 BC.

    The Final Fate of Esau's Descendants

    The fall of Judah was occasion for Edomite rejoicing (Ps.137:7). The prophets had foretold judgment on Edom for her bitter hatred (Jer.49:7-22; Lam.4:21-22; Ezek.25:12-14; 35:15; Joel 3:19; Amos 9:12; Ob.10.ff). Some Edomites pressed into southern Judah and settled south of Hebron and called the land Idumea. Edom fell to the Arabs in the 5th century BC, and in the 3rd century was overrun by the Nabateans. Throughout these centuries yet other Edomites fled to Judah, were conquered by John Hyrcanus (1 Macc.5:65) who brutally forced them to be circumcised against their will or die. As a result the Edomites became incorporated into the Jewish people where they remain to this day. The Herods were of Edomite (Idumean) stock.

    The Merging of Edom and Judah

    Thereafter Edomite and Jewish history are one and the same, something that needs to constantly be born in mind when examining modern Judaism. Edom as a country became extinct but Edom as a people did not. Over the course of the centuries, as more and more proselytes were won to Judaism, so the original Judahite stock became progressively diluted, especially with the mass conversion of the Japhethite Khazars to Judaism. All latter-day prophecies about Edom, along with their curses, therefore point to the people with whom they were forcibly merged, namely, the Jews, where they have undoubted influence as the "Synagogue of Satan" (Rev.2:9; 3:9). Only through accepting Yah'shua (Jesus) as their Messiah and becoming spiritually regenerated can these Edomite curses be broken off their backs and the backs of their descendants.

    Unmasking the Zionist Deception

    I bring this subject up now as part of my commission to break break down the walls of ignorance and deception that have led Christians and Messianics to ally themselves to this Edomite element through the cause of Zionism and in so doing bringing down curses upon themselves. One of the greatest deceptions foisted on the Body of Messiah over the last century has been the claim that this hybrid Khazar-Edomite brood are authentic Israelites and that their new (1948) mis-named nation in the Middle East is not the restoration of biblical Israel, but a Rothschild counterfeit! Please, in this connection, see my article, Who is Edom Today? Dispelling Modern Racial Myths and carefully study the important series, Jacob's Trouble (also available in Swedish) for a true history of Israel.

    American Decline and the End of the Israeli Republic

    As American power wanes and is transferred to China, and as the economies of the world are deliberately imploded by the banksters, so the Republic of Israel's vital financial and military artery to the United States will be severed, resulting in both economic collapse and physical take-over by another child of Abraham, Ishmael, who (save those of his house who have come to Messiah) is every bit as pitiless, blood-thirsty and furious as Edom himself thanks to his false Islamic religion. It is only the true House of Judah amongst those styling themselves as the 'Jews' - about 6-10% of the total - that has caused the judgment of Yahweh to be stayed. However, that judgment must come, as the prophecies against Edom can not be rescinded, for Yahweh's Davar (Word) cannot return to Him void.

    For the Sake of Righteous Israelis...

    I guess what I am saying is that righteous Israelis living in the Khazar-Edomite State need to prepare themselves to get out. The rich and powerful in Israeli society already have carefully laid exit plans because they have known for a long time that the Republic of Israel would be coming to an end. It was created only to further the globalist agenda in inciting wars and creating instability as well as to deceive believers into thinking that 1948 was the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Many of those who have studied my message carefully over the years now know the emet (truth) and have understood that biblical Israel is not a worldly political entity but all born-again Torah-obedient believers, that Israel is still in diaspora and ungathered, and that the gathering will not take place to the Holy Land until the Twelve Tribes are first independently and separately gathered into Cities of Refuge. They will return to the Promised Land immediately prior to the Second Coming with signs of such great power that the original Exodus will pale by comparison. The return has not happened yet!

    The Clash Between Esau and Ishmael

    It will be a hard thing for Christians and Messianics, who have given their support to the Republic of Israel in the belief that it is "the apple of God's eye" (Dt.32:10) and that those who touch it, speak ill against it, or attack it, are cursed (Zech.2:8). But that realisation must come before the Body can be properly purified. I fear that many, who have not received this prophetic message, will lose faith when they see their idol crushed. So please spread this message far and wide for the sake not only for precious believers around the world who have been seduced by Zionism but also for precious Jewish believers in the Israeli Republic who will be in great danger when their country collapses. The clash between Esau and Ishmael will not be one anyone wants to experience. And if you want to know what it will be like, just look at what is happening in Syria now. For after Syria comes not Iran (Persia) but the Israeli Republic.


    Millions of Muslims are converting to Messiah in the Arab lands but not so with Jews in the Israeli Republic. Whereas there is a happy ending for the redeemed of Ishmael, I'm afraid no comparible promises are made to Edom. The spiritual conflict is entirely different to the physical one we see in the news. The Edomite Jews will probably not receive the Besorah (Gospel) in any great number but many of the Khazar, Judahite and other Israelis will. We must pray for them as we pray for the salvation of Ishmael. Amen.


    This sermon was not delivered at NCAY headquarters but another, delayed because of the author's illness. The sermon above was written immediately after the main meeting at 11 a.m.

    A Tree is Blown Down During a Sermon

    During the meeting a tree on our neighbour's property came crashing down in the strong winds outside half crossing our property next to our stone garden table (see picture below). This circular stone table is supported by four-sides, each side composed of eight slabs of stone, making a total of 32 stones. 32 is the gematric number for the heart (lev), honour (kavad), glory (kavod), pure (zak), Judah (Yehudah), oak (elah), world (tevel), smite (nakah), exalt (gabah), praise (yadah), wash (duwach), vision (Aram. chezev) and of Yahweh Himself (YHWH). I was, upon examining this, led back to the following passage:

      "Then Noah built an altar to Yahweh (32), and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird, and offered burnt offerings on the altar. And Yahweh (32) smelled a soothing aroma. Then Yahweh (32) said in His heart (lev = 32), 'I will never again curse the ground for man's sake, although the imagination of man's heart (lev = 32) is evil from his youth; nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done'" (Gen.8:20-21, NKJV).

    The number 8 represent grace (undeserved loving-kindness, unmerited favour) and is represented by the Hebrew 'az (beginning), ahav (love), 'bow (come), shuwb (return), dowd (beloved) and 'ab (father).

    The number 4 is the creation and is also represented by 'bow (come).

    In prophetic imagery, trees symbolise people. The falling of the tree therefore symbolises a person (on one level) and a nation (on another). The tree fell next to a table that represents an altar to Yahweh and all that the stones symbolise. This table lies on consecrated land.

    The Spoken Sermon

    The sermon being delivered was about the 4th beatitude - the blessedness of those who hunger and thirst for righteousness that was supposed to have been given on 21 February 2014. All attempts to write it were blocked by the Ruach (Spirit) until the day before this sabbath (14 March 2014) when it was given most liberally, the clear meaning that it was to be delivered on the sabbath of 15 March 2014 at which time Yahweh intended to cause a tree to be blown down in the middle of the assembly meeting, in plain view of some of the members, because it was a prophetic marker. He also knew that I would be inspired to write another sermon for today that would not be delivered in the pulpit but vi the Internet.

    The Prophetic Meanings

    At the end of the delivered sermon, I paused and Yahweh told me (before I wrote the sermon above) that the fallen tree represented an opponent of this work who had been metaphorically felled and that that person would 'fall onto the land' next to the altar representing the work and so be saved. Only after having written the sermon above did I realise that the event had a dual symbolic meaning and that it also represented both the fall of the counterfeit Israel (Israeli Republic) and those of it who belong to Yahweh would 'fall' onto qodesh (holy, set-apart) 'land' and be saved in His Kingdom as they are forced to bow before the Altar of El Elyon (the Most High). The fall of the individual and the nation would be the means of their salvation.

    All those who attempt to destroy the Work of Elohim (God) are blown down by His Ruach (Spirit) - also see David Minor's, Prophecy of the Wind of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    There may be other levels of meaning and as these are discerned they will be shared here. It is possible that a third prophetic meaning concerns the nation of Sweden and of Scandinavia in general and it's rle in the Final Gathering.

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    This page was created on 15 March 2014
    Last updated on 15 March 2014

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