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Month 12:22, Week 3:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5937:347 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 22 March 2014
The Deliverer & the Fields
Important Prophecies Unfolding


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua (Jesus) be with you all.


    The Tree, the Stone Table and the Menorah

    Two Sabbaths ago I spoke to you about the imminent Jugdment of Edom (the Israeli Republic) and shared an experience we had here of a tree falling alongside our garden Stone Table signifying the uprooting and prostration of those who have persecuted us over the years. Because of the huge prophetic significance of this sign to our ministry, we cleared away the moss and weeds from the stone slabs around the table, installed a permenant menorah on it, and are today dedicating it to Yahweh as the spiritual altar of the 'Outer Court' of Kadesh-biyqah and of this Central New Covenant Assembly of Yahweh, Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon. It then snowed heavily, the snow melted within 2 days, and though ferocious winds again struck this place, the menorah remained upright. We have decided to leave the fallen tree for a while as a witness - see picture above.

    The Continuing Ukrainian Crisis

    Three days afterwards I sent out a message on the Crimean and Unkrainian Crisis called Crimea and the End. Russia has since held a plebiscite on the history-soaked peninsular and the people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted to rejoin Russia, and Russia has since taken possession of it in spite of all the threats by NATO and the EU which are fomenting a fascist coup d'état in Kiyiv (Kiev) on behalf of the World Bank. What an irony of history that Russia, after nearly a century of being (as Ronald Reagen rightly described it) the communist 'Evil Empire', should now be the 'good guy' whilst the pretended representatives and defenders of democracy turn out to be the new totalitarians. The writing is on the wall for the West for its crimes. As usual, both Messianics and Evangelicals, blinded by anti-Germanism, are using the wrong prophetic markers and accusing Germany of being resurrected Assyria instead of embracing her as one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, East Manasseh.

    Russia is Not the 'Bad Guy'

    They are also failing to grasp the historical and prophetic significance of this transfer of territory and are so busy trying to demonise the 'terrible bear' that they have failed to realise that Yahweh has raised up this nation in defence of righteousness, not as its opponent! It is the only country of any significance openly promoting Christian and family values in a world dominated by the occult élite Illuminists who run the West hell-bent on destroying both. And whilst I am not saying that Russia or President Putin are angels, can anyone who has their eyes truly open deny that Russia (and China, in a different way) is the only nation standing in the way of the satanist banksters?

    Two Prophecies on Russia and China from This Ministry

    There are two prophecies we have had in connection with Russia and China that I would like to remind you of. The first, back in 1988 before the collapse of communism there, is significant. Let me share that one first of all:

      "Behold, the prayers of a multitude have prevailed and I have softened many of the governments in the lands of the East. It is impossible for men to abide ungodly laws for ever for they shall thirst for righteousness when they behold their desolation. The Light cannot be hidden in the darkness but must burst forth, and though the darkness comprehendeth it not, neither can it resist it always, but must flee. Therefore the giants of the East, even Russia and China and those who hold fellowship with their governments, shall know a period of greater Light and shall cease to persecute the children of Elohim (God) to the extent that they have been doing. And and as the righteousness of the eastern nations increaseth, so the righteousness of the western nations shall decrease until all nations are swallowed up in their (the Western nations') iniquities and blasphemies, from one end of the world to the other. And thus the Tribulation shall begin, and the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) shall be gathered out of the world, even those who hearken and are obedient. Therefore gather ye, gather ye, for I am working a sifting in all nations, and I am beginning in the West" (Olive Branch 55:12-18, 10 November 1988).

    Background to the Second Prophecy

    The Soviet Union had not fallen yet when this revelation was received though glasnost and perestroika had begun under Gorbachov. What is significant is the prophecy that the East would take over as the beacon of righteousness, increasing as the West decreased. Though communism still prevails in China and abuses abound, there has been considerably more freedom there for believers than before under the murderous Maoist tyranny. Indeed, Christianity has exploded there!

    The Russian Roar of Righteousness

    The second prophecy I want to share with you about Russia is from 1989 and describes a process which is still happening, as we are witnessing in our own day right now:

      "Thus saith Yahweh: I have constrained the Russian Leader (Mikail Gorbatchov) to release the Russian and East European people that the wheat might be divided from the tares. For the wicked shall rapidly ripen in iniquity and the righteous shall ripen in virtue, until there is a complete separation. There shall be a season of peace and righteousness, and the good that is in these nations shall grow and flourish, yea, as quick as the evil. And the good shall be in the ascendancy for a while, and be a light, until the beast from the bottomless pit ariseth and crusheth it. Yea, the gentile flame of righteousness shall roar for a while, and lighten everything, but shall be snuffed out as quickly as it riseth, as when a fire roareth under the blast of the billows and dieth down again" (Olive Branch 1581:5, 9 July 1989).

    Putin is Yahweh's Man to Give the Qodeshim a Respite

    After the fall of the Soviet Union came Boris Yeltsin, and with him followed the rise of the Illuminati Oligarchs, the corruption and the economic fleecing of the Russian people. Then ex-KGB strong-man Vladimir Putin came onto the scene with a roar, crushed the banksters, and established Christian values as the state norm. He makes the puppet leaders of the West like Obama look like puny, flabby, whining, immature, back-stabbing, antisocial, lying spoiled brats whose words are all gas. This is where we are today. Far from being the 'evil bear', as the West wishes to portray Russia today, it is here as a liberator. Enjoy Putin while you can because when he goes, this breathing space will be over.

    Russia is Our Respite

    This is our 'break' before the Great Tribulation, brethren, so don't squander it! This is what Yahweh told me 25 years ago and it is being fulfilled now, along with many other prophecies. Yet there are Messianics out there saying the opposite because they have been blinded by all the propaganda of the closet fascists who run our nations. Even brilliant apologist Ravi Zacharias, whom I enormously admire, is trapped in this propaganda, and is living in the idealised past when the West really was a haven for freedom. Pray for Putin and for Russia, for the longer they remain, the safer we shall all be and the longer we will have for the final witness. Pray that others like him will rise in Europe and America. Vladimir Putin, for all his imperfections and sins (and they are many), is nonetheless a deliverer sent by Yahweh. Is there anyone here who would rather not have him as their nation's leader to Obama, Cameron, Merckel, Hollande, Van Rumpoy, Barroso, and all the other wimpy, pink communist vultures who are destroying the West? When Putin has gone and Russia has fallen, all that will be left will be the Illuminist West and Communist China. You may shudder when that comes to pass.

    The Decadent West

    We in the West have become so liver-bellied and decadent that we have forgotten that Israel's deliverers were all strong-men. Recall Ehud, Deborah, Gideon and Samson. Such is Vladimir Putin. He alone has waged relentless (though brutal) war against the Islamists in Chechenya knowing full-well that not to do so would spell not only the end of the Russian Federation but of Christian Russia itself which would become another eroded and battered Western-type culture. Those ignorant of history fail to realise that it was Eastern Orthodox Byzantium that was the barrier against the first Islamic Jihadists, acting as a buffer against the West. And when Byzantium fell, it was Catholic South Europe (Spain and Hungary) that was the wall against the Islamic Ottoman hoardes pouring into Europe and shielding the Protestant north! It was the Eastern Orthodox Russians who were the buffer between Europe and the heathen hoardes from Asia who, like the Islamicists, laid Eurasia bare and wiped out Classical Civilization, plunging us into the Dark Ages.

    The Debt We Owe Russia

    We - you and I - owe ancient and 21st Century Russia an immeasurable debt, just as we do Sweden for protecting us against the Counter-Reformation when the Catholic South tried to wipe out the Protestant North. Russia has had to survive against all these invasions and brutal oppressions, it knows what living on the edge is like. It has been toughened up by them. We here in the pampered West, and particularly the USA which has never been invaded and occupied or had a bomb dropped on it, or Britain which has not been invaded and occupied since 1066, do not know what it is like to be subjected by real tyrants, real barbarians. Why, you ask, are our Western governments allowing hoardes of Islamic immigrants into our nations who have no respect for our values? I assure you it is not for love. It is not for compassion. There is a strategy involved. They will one day do what Russia did in Chechenya. They knew the Islamists would become violently unpopular and they knew the only way to win the support of their slaves - us - would be to one day pose as 'deliverers' from the Islamic menace themselves by driving back the very Islamists they brought in to destabilise our countries when these people try to take over, as they're already trying to do. Just look where Sharia Law is in place. These banksters already plan to wipe out millions of Muslim people, the guilty as well as the innocent, and know they will be received as heroes for doing so. They mean to have war on Western soil to increase the turmoil and justify a complete totalitarian takeover - 'Order out of Chaos'. They are cynically using Muslim people, both the innocent and the guilty, as cannon fodder for their own wars of conquest. They are playing a diry game. They did it with the Jews in the last century and they're doing it with the Jews again too in this one. They created Israel not because they loved the Jews but to foment war in the Middle East. And when they are finished with the Zionist State, and it has served its usefulness, they will bring it to an end.

    Dealing with Islamists

    Now compare this to Putin. Unlike the West he is not inviting Islamist 'refugees' in, but mercilessly containing Russia's own. He is protecting moderate Muslims in his Christian Russia - anyone who is law-abiding is welcome there, even those of different sexual orientation. But he doesn't promote reverse discrimination like the devils in the West do. Minorities are protected but not pampered, as they should be. That is why, comparitively speaking, Putin is righteous and Obama is evil. They have different agendas - Putin at least has morals - Obama has next to none. Putin wants the best for his people, Obama the hireling wants what his bankster overlords bent on world dominion tell him to do.


    Prophetic Dream #1: The Two Fields

    From the affairs of the world to the affairs of the Kingdom of Heaven, I wish today to instead turn to us and our calling so that those who are being drawn to us by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) can better understand what is happening in the messianic world especially. To do that I want to share a prophetic dream my wife had nearly three weeks ago on 3 March which I feel led to share with you today.

      "I had a dream last night and in this dream I saw dozens of small, square planters with different types of plants being planted. They were being planted in this very deep place, invisible to the eye or to sunshine for that matter.

      "I asked the one doing the planting why they would plant so deep and seemingly away from any source of sunshine, I got no response but suddenly realised that these plants were being planted inside of me. Just as I was about to ask about that I looked ahead of me and across the way I saw a field. It was ripe with harvest and people were coming and going and collecting and feasting on the freely offered goods. Some were travellers who had come great distances, some were poor and starving and wept tears of joy as they took in nourishment. Some stayed and some traveled on after being filled, but all were blessed and grateful.

      "As I was taking this all in, I heard in the distance beyond this field a great fanfare and I looked up to find the source of the noise and I saw a [second] beautifully landscaped field, it too was full of all kinds of harvest, it however was surrounded by trees and fountains and lovely arches and walkways, it was indeed quite lovely. There were thousands of people flocking to this place, and lined up to get in.

      "I noticed outside there were several men, some wearing fancy robes, some wearing a graduation cap, they appeared to be well educated scholars and they were dissecting a grain of wheat, debating back and forth, each man defending his own theory. Looking up for second I noticed people coming out from the massive, beautiful buildings, I was shocked to see how thin they were, they looked like skeletons with barely any meat on their bones. None of these 'great' teachers seemed to even notice that these poor people who went inside with great hopes were leaving starving and wasting away.

      "Some of these people made their way over to the first field, to the simple, unadorned field where there was no fanfare or experts but where the fruit and harvest spoke for itself and there they were fed and given water to drink."

    The Field of MLT and NCAY

    The first field is this work. We lack finances, buildings, and all the usual trappings associated with church or synagogue. There is no fanfare of any kind, everything is of the utmost simplicity. The fruit is the teachings given to us and those teachings in operation in those who have received them - doctrine and character development in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus).

    The Five Commissions

    The second field speaks for itself and needs little in the way of explanation from me. Unlike the ministries represented by that field, we are not easy to find, purposefully, it would seem, so that only those led by the Ruach (Spirit) may find their way home. All kinds of people come here, some to stay, the majority to move on to other destinations. That is because we are simultaneously in the business of regular congregation-building like most churches and messianic communities (Commissions 1 & 2) and sowing the seeds of emet (truth) generally (Commission #3) as part of our Five Commissions. As far as the latter is concerned, we are a bit like one of those Rest Stops off the Highway of Life where people can drop by for nourishment and go on their way. But we are also raising a prophetic warning voice (Commission #4), calling believers and unbelievers alike to repentance and to get righ with Elohim (God) before the Great and Dreadful Day of Yahweh which looms ever closer. So one way or another we are busy with our fivefold calling, though the 5th (gathering the scattered Tribes of Israel) belongs closer to the very end time.

    Vision of the Golden Ring

    Now a few days after my wife's dream, I was given the vision of the golden ring (6 March) which explains in prophetic symbology a little more of what integrative aspect of this ministerial work is direct from the Throne of Yahweh.

    Prophetic Dream #2: The Purpose of Persecution

    The second prophetic dream my wife had just a few days ago (on 17 March) and is more to do with our personal growth over the years of ministry:

      "I had a dream last night that my husband and I were walking down this path. This path was surrounded by forest, and the trees seemed to arch above us. It was dark, although we could see one another and where we were walking, we could not see what was on either side of us in the forest. We seemed to have purpose in our journey and while there was some apprehension, there was no fear, and there was almost an excitement.

      "As we neared the end of the path, which had been a long, long journey, we could see light ahead and slowly we were enveloped by this light, which felt incredible, like something we had long been waiting for, like one after a long winter. So the sun brought us life and warmth.

      "We looked to our left and then to our right and there we saw many faces, most of which were those who had hurt and betrayed us. They were all behind a fence, not a tall one, but a waist high fence, one which they could easily have jumped over, but they could not. I remember thinking, yes, yes, we are leaving behind all these people who have hurt us so, we are finally free of their stinging darts, but it dawned on me, oh wait, they are behind the fence, they are restrained, hmmm. So all this darkness we were leaving was not caused by them, but by our own selves, our fears and our own sins. It was not those people who held us back, but ourselves. Sobering yes, but wow, here we were walking into new freedom! New life! As we walked into full light we saw before us a huge meadow, full of flowers and a large pond that had around it lovely full trees to offer shade. We looked at each other and literally jumped for joy and ran toward the pond as if we were children. We had such joy and love in our hearts."


    Over the years many have come to us, attracted by what we are doing, asking to be directed to one of our congregations in their town or city. When I congratulated them and told them they were now pioneers, to evangelise and to start a house group up, they soon disappeared. You see, the true Community of Messiah comes with a heart to serve and build, not to be served and waited on. Those who wanted to do nothing were never really a part of us and soon went their way. We are all Royal Priesthood in the New Covenant Melchizedek Order, there is no Clergy-Laity divide - all are called and all must labour as the first talmidim (disciples) did. We are not a hôtel and we are not in the entertainment industry either. We're a work-detail for Yahweh-sebaoth! We are called to be a living body of many parts working cooperatively together to build the Kingdom, each according to our gifts, our emunah (faith) and our ahavah (love).

    An Invitation

    So we invite those of you who have been metaphorically 'tailing' us to try and discern who we are to step out of the shadows and be seen. Meet with us. The sacred New Year begins in nine days - come and join with us openly, grab a spade, and help us build this vibrant community in Messiah! Amen.

      "For I am not ashamed of the Good News: it is the power of Elohim (God) saving all who have emunah (faith) ... since this what reveals the justice of Elohim (God) to us: it shows how emunah (faith) leads to emunah (faith), or as scripture says, 'The upright man finds life through emunah (faith)' (Hab.2:4)" (Rom.1:16-17, JB).

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