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    Countdown to Disaster in Norway!
    Warning of an Imminent Economic Disaster/Earthquake!
    2 November 1998 with 7 November Update

    We have crossed from October into November and are in the month we believe that great changes are to occur in the land of Norway -- changes of a catastrophic nature.

    On the evening on Sunday 1 November, having returned to Norway from abroad, and somewhat apprehensive of what was going to occur, I enquired of the Lord what I should now do as an earthquake/economic disaster was expected at any time during the month. I did not wish to be in Norway whilst an earthquake was in progress. Though only in the country a few days I wished to have some idea as to when NOT to be there!

    Whilst in prayer I saw a vision of a calendar and saw FRIDAY/SATURDAY 6/7 NOVEMBER[1]. Whether there will be an earthquake on that day or whether some important event will take place then as part of the sequence of events that leads to the catastrophes I have described before, I am not sure. However, I believe this day will see something dramatic occur.

    One thing is for certain -- NORWAY IS COMPLETELY UNPREPARED FOR AN EARTHQUAKE. Norway has not, within living memory or even within recorded history, had any experience of a real earthquake such as was recently experienced in Kobe, Japan, for example. We are familiar with the destructive effects of such earthquakes in far off places but it is perhaps hard to imagine the impact an earthquake would have on a place like Oslo.

    Let's take Norway's new international airport at Gardemoen, for example, which has only been open for a month. It lies in the very area the earthquake is expected to hit the hardest. Symbol of Norwegian prestige and excellence, not to mention arrogance, over-spending and (in the opinion of some), incompetance, the destruction of Oslo's main airport would alone be devastating, the previous one (Fornebu) having recently been closed.

    What of the nuclear reactor on the north-east outskirts of Oslo? Can you imagine the effect of an earthquake in that area? It could, if it sprang a leak as a result of seismic activity, render not only the capital but also prime fertile farming land (of which Norway has precious little) virtually useless for centuries.

    Are Norwegians prepared for sites such as the ones shown in the pictures in this article (taken from Kobe, Japan)? What would happen to the Norwegian trading if the Børs (Stock Exchange), which lies in the centre of Oslo, was destroyed? Or the Central Railway Station, or the main motorways linking the country to Sweden and continental Europe to the south? What would happen if Norway's oil supply was cut off in the North sea?

    There are many possible scenarios, none of them particularly nice. Whether the earthquake causes the two successive economic disasters we have been shown, or whether their source is the world market is not clear. It may well be that the earthquake seen in vision symbolically represented in map-form (see below) is not literal at all. Time will tell.

    What I saw in vision was something like the map you see except it was a physical map and showed no towns, roads or rail. I saw a rectangle, semi-transparent, beginning in the area marked with a circle (A) which slowly moved southwards towards Oslo. As it did, there was a powerful grinding sound which I immediately associated with seismic activity. The only odd thing about that interpretation is that if A is the epicenter of an earthquake one would expect it to spread in all directions, unless it has something to do with a plate rift. There is a large overthrust fold which runs from Finnmark down along the Norwegian-Swedish border and then veers off, roughtly where the circle is shown on the map, towards Stavanger, as shown by the thick brown line on the map. This line forms the boundary between what is regarded as a Palæozoic and Pre-Cambrian Shield, the famous Baltic Shield lying to the east. The zone where the earthquake began in the vision lies exactly on this fault line. Thus friction between the Pre-Cambrian Shield and the Palæozoic area could be the cause of the catastrophe to come. In view of these geological facts a serious earthquake is a high probability.

    Whatever is going to happen, it is no joking matter. God has prepared me in the past by revealing the exact day on which small seismic tremous have taken place.

    We urge therefore all men and women of faith to get right with God and to make physical preparations for the worst. Get a good supply of food and water and other basic necessities. If an earthquake DOES strike eastern Norway, and especially the capital, there is going to be complete CHOAS. Disease, acccute shortages of basic life materials, and escalating crime will be the aftermath. Norway might take years to recover; indeed, she may never recover her former prosperity again and soon find herself swallowed up in the EU in her time of weakness. Pray for Norway and the Norwegian people! Pray for Norway's Christian prime Minister, Kjell-Magne
    Bondevik who will have the unthankful task of picking up the pieces of a shattered nation and economy and restoring the people's confidence. Pray especially that this will be a time of spiritual awakening so that people can understand how foolish it is to trust in wealth and things for their happiness. Though most will think this is a disaster for Norway it will secretly be its blessing, opening the door to REAL and EVERLASTING blessings that flow from humility and righteousness. Norway's REAL call in the world has yet to begin.....

    7 November Update

    As everybody knows, no literal earthquake took place on Friday 6 November; and whilst a literal earthquake is by no means excluded (we did state in the beginning that we weren't sure whether this was literal or symbolic) we are inclined now to think that there is better a symbolic interpretation.

    One of the things that baffled us about the vision of the physical map of Norway was the presence of a semi-transparent RECTANGLE that seemed to be the initiating factor in the "grinding" sound that accompanied its southern movement towards Oslo. We assumed that it represented a tectonic plate, and therefore a literal earthquake.

    This morning whilst eating breakfast I had a flash of inspiration: what if the rectangle represented something else? In my experience God often depicts things or events, especially if they are abstract, with objects that sound like the abstract concept? Two things immediately struck me with the rectangle (why that particular shape and not a square, for example?): (1) Rectangles are made up of RIGHT-angles (90 degrees); and (2) RECTangle sounds very much like the English word RECTitude, which is another word for RIGHTeousness.

    I then went to check my map of Scandinavia to see exactly where the area where this grinding effect started and saw that it was in the LILLEHAMMER area. For me, and for most of Norway and the world, Lillehammer represents the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. I remembered that the Opening Ceremony was completely pagan and how the olympics were dedicated to the gods of paganism.

    Now the vision began to make better sense. 1994 was a key year for Norway in which its Christian roots were being pulled up and substituted for PAGANISM. The ground shook -- there was a grinding sound -- and the rectangle of righteousness departed from the centre of this new pagan dedication and began moving south towards the capital, Oslo. Righteousness was leaving Norway!. It started in 1994 and has been symbolically moving towards the Oslo region. IT IS NOW HERE. Events, that will become clearer in the coming days and weeks, will reveal exatly what this November actually signifies for formerly Christian and neo-pagan Norway.

    There is, as everyone knows, a minority Christian régime in power. It is being beseiged on all sides, and now its coalition partners are beginning to disagree with one another, particularly over the European Union (EU) and new vetinary laws that the EU is trying to impose on Norway. This is also Budget Month in which the budget is being decided for 1999. And the opposition is trying to destroy the Christian coalitions Kontantstøtte, an economic package which gives mothers economic help if they wish to remain at home with their children rather than being forced into the work place and as a result being obliged to put their children in the care of kindergartens. Kontantstøtte has been a pillar of this current government which we fully support. The kindergarten and kibbutz are anti-Christian concepts that place tiny children in the care of the state. There they learn how to swear, hear bad music, and develop a mentality that erodes family cohesiveness. They were a principal weapon in the hands of the former communist countries in the indoctrination of toddlers. The social democrats, who are basically communists dressed up in democratic clothes, wish to have control over children from the moment they are born to the time they die. They are the chief architects of the anti- Christian society we find ourselves in. And sadly, they are supported by the right-wing also.

    It is possible that the centre coalition in Norway will be ousted soon and a more radical social democratic government be installed which will (as they have avowed) immediately dismantle kontantstøtte and continue their policy of destroying Christian family values. It may also be the time that Norway is eventually forced into full membership of the Whore of Babylon's economic, social and political organisation, the European Union.

    That the rectangle was semi-transparent means, I think, that this loss of righteousness caused by the rebirth of modern paganism, is partly visible and partly hidden. Evil always conceals its true objectives though it cannot conceal itself entirely.

    We are sorry if any of the people we have contacted about the November catastrophe(s) have assumed that there was definitely going to be a literal earthquake -- this we have never said, only that we believed there might be one or that the effects of an economic disaster would appear like the aftermath of an earthquake. We are still not entirely sure why 6/7 November was given though its significance will doubtless become apparent soon. We are still expecting a double financial catastrophe this month though in view of "November" being attached to the vision of the rectangle this may have something to do with the moral/pagan crisis. We must be careful not to run ahead of the Lord's prophecies and over-interpret.

    A footnote: I heard an interview on Thursday 5 November about the sudden rise in violence in Oslo. There are two violent robberies taking place in the city every day now and gangs of youths are riding the underground trains, like in Paris, intimidating and robbing passengers. Someone I know was attacked by an Iranian gang and cut up whilst riding on the underground. OSLO IS NO LONGER A SAFE PLACE TO BE IN EITHER BY DAY OR BY NIGHT.

    I remember when I first visited Norway over a decade ago remarking to someone that tens years hence Norway would be like Britain in its level of crime, immorality and violence, and that Britain was about ten years behind the USA. I was wrong. Norway has aready become like the USA in violence and crime. It has happened so quickly. I believe that Norway's decline into RAW PAGANISM has happened without us fully realising it. Everywhere the values and mores of the evolving Antichrist One World Religion (which is also political) are being put into place against the people's will -- people who have been brainwashed by the media completely.

    Because God loves this nation so much, and has such a special call for it, we in the New Covenant Church of God believe that He is going to intervene dramatically. In virtually every parallel case in history, God has had to intervene in ways that do not seem very pleasant -- He has had to administer shock therapy, such as war, financial crisis, earthquake, etc..

    Most pagan ideas thrive in one of two conditions: (1) Extreme wealth (as in Norway), and (b) Extreme poverty and anarachy (as is rapidly occuring in modern Russia). The Nazi and Communist revolutions were founded on the latter in 1932 and 1917, respectively. But the new One World Government and One World Religion (the "New World Order") will (at least in the rich West) by built on method (1) -- they will gradually evolve until it is too late for people to do anything about them. For a more detailed account of this process, see our article on the subject on our New Covenant Christian Ministries homepage.

    As is ever the case, the prophecies and revelations of God tend to be alot deeper and broader than we as humans, trying to interpret in our limited view of things, may at first realise. November is going to be a CRITICAL month for Norway. Whether or not there is going to be a literal earthquake, please continue building up your water and food storage programs and making all necessary physical and spiritual preparations. As Christians we are to expect the Lord's return any day. Keep watching, praying and witnessing, for the time is short!


    [1] On carefully checking my diary entry for this event I note that I recorded 6/7 November as BOTH days seem to have been indicated simultaneously. This somewhat confused me and I subsequently assumed it must have been 6 November only. Thus the first edition of this article only recorded this date.

    Laget: 2. november, 1998
    Oppdatert: 7. november, 1998

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