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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    to the Deutero-Canonical Scriptures
    of the Chavurat Bekorot (Holy Order)

    This ministry only recognises the Holy Bible (Protestant Canon), from Genesis to Revelation, as the infallible Word of Elohim (God) in the original Hebrew and Aramaic autographs, though we also place a very high value on the early Greek translations of both the Old (LXX) and New Testaments. We do not accept that there is one single, perfect, error-free translation (like the 1611 English KJV or Latin Vulgate). We therefore believe that any and every writing, whether purporting to be inspired or not, must agree with this canonical Standard in order to be accepted. This is our Standard of Measurement of All Truth.

    This does not mean that there aren't other Scriptures or Writings which can make a claim to be inspired and of Elohim (God), or that the Word of Elohim (God) is only to be found within the Protestant Canon of the Bible. It simply means, for the sake of unity, that we as a ministry limit ourselves to Evangelical Christianity's agreed Canon. Accordingly, we cautiously accept a secondary canon of scriptures which has no plenary authority for anyone save those who are within our Order. We are therefore solely responsible for the secondary canon of writings that we accept as inspired.

    We are not here to promote our secondary scriptures to Christendom or to the world generally, neither are we claiming an authority for them that is equal to the Bible. We believe the Bible stands alone as the Scriptures of all other scriptures. Therefore these secondary or deutero-canonical scriptures are solely for the use of those who are members of our community and for those seeking to understand us. This means we are not particularly interested in defending them against those who may feel disposed to not believe or attack them. If you do not like them, or do not believe they are inspired, that is fine with us.

    Please do not therefore bother to write in to us to 'expose' them - our purpose is not to convert you to them and we are not interested in getting into a pointless debate. It is up to you how you view these writings and to be satisfied in your own mind and heart about what you believe in. You don't have to believe them to be saved, go to heaven or become a citizen of the millennial Messianic Israel.

    We will, however, happily discuss and defend the Protestant Bible since this Book is common to all Christendom and is the book through which Yahweh has providentially chosen to reveal His plan of salvation for all mankind. The secondary canon, by contrast, has a different purpose, viz. to amplify those parts of the Bible which do not go into any great depth on certain subjects which are important to us, and is for the use of those who have already received Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as their Lord and Saviour and are walking in the holy life in faith. They absolutely do not replace or supersede the Bible revelation. Given a straight choice we will always choose the Bible and abandon our secondary canon.

    We are, of course, interested in answering the questions of those who are personally interested in these secondary writings and who have a desire to implement them within a patriarchal Christian/Messianic context.

    The Chavurat Bekorot (Holy Order) has many diverse secondary scriptures. However, we are only reproducing those which are connected with marriage and in particular with polygamy. These are as follows:

    If you are interested in the other practices of this Order, then we refer you to the Order's main home page.

    To know which English Bible versions we currently prefer, please see, In Search of a Bible: Which Translation Should I Use?

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