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    As by now should be obvious, people have all sorts of reasons for choosing the polygamous lifestyle, some godly, some not...and oftentimes (and not untypically) mixtures of the two. Everyone therefore has their own agenda, from seasoned ministers to laity. Yahweh, though, knows every heart, and will judge both the hearts' inclinations as well as the choices made to live out the lifestyle practically. And as I have said already, not only are most not called (and suffer the consequences for their folly when they decide to go ahead) but those who are called are severely tested...to see if they are worthy of what is most definitely the calling of many of the honourable and pure.

    What I am going to do now is show you our agenda here in the form of five articles. Please return to this page after you have finished them to complete the introductory tour. Then I'd like to give a brief introduction to my own family.

    1. Introduction
    2. The Divine Purpose
    3. The Joy of Life
    4. The Prophetic Vision
    5. The True and the False Compared

    Now that you know our agenda, here's a little bit about myself and my family. First of all, we welcome you in the Name of our Heavenly Father, Yahweh-Elohim, and our Saviour, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to this short introduction to our family, - the Królewiec Family.

    You'll learn considerably more about us as you progress through this website. For starters, let me share the wise words of a Lebanese philosopher, whom most of you will have heard about, who gives salient advice to all men when it comes to women - and since women outnumber men considerably in this lifestyle, it's important that a man's attitude to his women is first clearly delineated:

      "He who pities woman depreciates her. He who attributes to her the evils of society oppresses her. He who thinks her goodness is of his goodness and her evil of his evil is shameless in his pretensions. But he who accepts her as God made her does her justice" (Kahlil Gibran, Spiritual Sayings, p.23)

    Within my spiritual and temporal watchcare are, or have been, 14 precious souls altogether - seven wives and seven children (three of whom are now adults, that is to say, are over 20, according to the biblical measure of adulthood) - all of whom I adore. Four wives are, for the present, lost to the world, when they abandoned the family, for various reasons.

    The three wives and myself, and those children still at home, live for Yahweh our Elohim (God), for each other, and for love. It feels as though we have always been together. Though my children will all one day grow up and hopefully marry and raise their own families, my three wives and I are planning for eternity together ... and with the other women whom we know that Yahweh will either be sending to us and/or those who left whose return we await. The tie that binds us is strong - stronger than the cords of death. The love that nourishes us is stronger than the mightiest raging torrent - stronger than anything the world can throw at us.

    How is this so? It is so because we are both four and one - four individuals with all our distinctions and quirks, and yet we are also one - one love, one mind, one hope, one joy. The secret? The secret is that we are five, not four, for dwelling in our hearts is the Fountain of Love and Life itself, the Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). He is the fifth member of our marriage (really, the First) - the invisible sealer and joiner of all that is virtuous and praiseworthy. In Him is the wickedness of selfishness banished - in Him is a power that transcends the limited gaze of the mortal and lifts the soul to undreamed of heights. In Him everything that is praiseworthy is possible.

    Gibran rightly said that "our worst fault is our preoccupation with the faults of others" (Spiritual Sayings, p.23). If you occupy yourselves with such faults in plural marriage, being as there are so many of us living in close proximity, you will drown in a sea of sorrow. Therefore we lift our eyes to find that which is good in others, and that we exalt. And we do it as often as we can, and as vehemently as we dare. As we exalt the goodness which comes from Christ and which is to be found in each other, and as the result of this we become adorned with aliveness, causing the bond between to quicken to new heights of joy. As we learn to forgive the wrongs we imagine the others have done to us, we we end up forgiving the same sins in ourselves.

    As polygamists we are free in loving, free in forgiveness, free in giving, and free to be who we really are - I, the man, to be whom Elohim (God) really made me to be, and they, my wives, to become they were supposed to be in me and in Him. We are reflections of one another - images in that great and delightsome pool of divine ahavah/agapé love. Our life becomes one great dance of praise.

    Author: SBSK

    Guided Tour

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