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    A lot of na´ve people - mostly inexperienced, immature and stupid men (not to mention some very gullible, silly and wholly unprepared women) - come exploring polygamy thinking it will 'legitimise', or somehow make 'respectable', their unredeemed promiscuous nature. This is especially true of lawless, undisciplined macho Christian men who are looking for an excuse to indulge themselves, as they suppose. Polygamy will chew them up and spit them out. And if they already have (monogamous) families, the chances are they will destroy them and they will end up as divorcees. They will be held accountable for that and their judgment will be severe.

    Rule #1 in the Gospel - we are commanded to be satisfied with what we have. If you have one wife - be satisfied, "be content with what you have" (Hebrews 13:5, NIV), and make that marriage work by getting yourself and your family right with Christ. If you refuse to do that, the devil will put a hook in your nose and drag you into oblivion, especially when he presents polygamy as a 'solution' to your discontentedness.

    I'll be up front - polygamy can either be heaven or hell ... and it's usually hell. Hell for the wives, hell for the children, hell for the husbands. And I am not speaking about Moslem or secular polygamy but Christian or Messianic polygamy. If you're a Western Christian man trying to live polygamy in a Western nation, then you need to know the brutal truth: you have a 9:1 chance of ruining your life and destroying your family.

    There is a lot of propaganda out there by irresponsible, and often inexperienced, poly-positive ministries that are mostly fuelled by inflated idealism and hype. Just because polygamy is biblical doesn't mean you have been called into it. Simply because it's biblically available doesn't mean you are capable of living it, let alone that you should live it. It's the same with pastors. There is no scripture saying you cannot be a pastor but the chances you are called to be a pastor are far greater than 100 to 1 against. There isn't a need for tens of thousands of pastors which is why Elohim (God) only calls a few. It's a specialist ministry and most just don't qualify because they don't have the gifting and what it has to have the job. They're simply called to something else.

    It takes a very special kind of man and a very special kind of woman to live this lifestyle: they have to be called by Yahweh. If testosterone or a vivid imagination does the calling, hell, and quite likely ruination, is guaranteed. I've seen it. I have seen so many families destroyed and almost nobody took my advice. Most of them are wishing they had.

    In polygamy you don't only have to face the carnal nature (you absolutely have to be an overcomer). You also have the whole culture against you, unless you happen to be blessed to have been born and live in a country like Kenya where polygamy has not only been a part of the culture for millennia but which became legal in 2015. There is a huge advantage to having a polygamy-positive environment around you. In the West a polygamist is hated, marginalised and persecuted and many polygamy-hopeful men and women soon discover how lonely it can be to live such a life with few, if any, to support you. It's like I said - it takes a very special kind of person to live this way.

    What if you are called? What if you are a devoted believer and Yahweh has unmistakably put this calling on your life? Then you're still going to go through fire - lots of it - because you have got to overcome the carnal nature. I have seen polygamy destroy many who were called not because polygamy was wrong for them or because they weren't called but because in their stubborn pride and rebellious hearts they refused to overcome. Why then do so many called polygamists fail? Because "many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14, NKJV). There is a high casualty rate amongst the called too, not as bad as the uncalled, but enough to stretch your heart to breaking-point. And I know what I am talking about from considerable experience, as one who has had this calling on my life with unmistakable signs accompanying. You'll learn about my story in this website, what to emulate and what not to emulate if you are called. And if you are not called, RUN A MILE, preferable several thousand miles, run like hell, and never look back. Take care of your monogamous family.

    That said, a warning to those who are against polygamy and persecute it. It will not go well with them because it is an ordained lifestyle of Heaven for those called to it. You may not be called into it, and that is absolutely fine, but woe unto you if you oppose it, because it has the mark of Elohim (God) on it. As you will learn from this website it is absolutely, beyond any shadow of a doubt, biblically sanctioned. And you cannot be a part of the end-time Remnant if you oppose it, or any other truth in the Bible. If you do, the hounds of hell will arise and snap at your feet until you cease fighting Elohim (God) and simply allow the truth to stand. You'll meet people on this website who did just that and were consumed. Just because those not called into it are living a life of hell does not mean that the lifestyle is cursed, any more than someone falsely prophesying who is not called by Yahweh to be prophet means that the idea of prophecy is false. Be wise, especially in such a dangerous time as the one we now live in.

    Polygamy is here to stay but it is only for a few. It is the duty of every Bible-believing Christian and Messianic to defend the principle even if they are not called to live it. So this website is for them too. And if Yahweh has not ordained you to live it, do not take that to be a bad thing - it is a loving and wise thing that you have been prevented. It simply means that your calling is elsewhere and to other things. Not all are called to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers either. Not all have the same gifts because Yahweh has distributed them around the Body severally, as He wills, according to what is best for both individual believers as well as congregations.

    Learning to be submissive to Elohim's (God's) will is the key to happiness and spiritual prosperity. If you have been called to live the polygamous lifetyle, go for it, but don't act like a bull in a china shop. Spend plenty of time investigating it, carefully weighing up the options, knowing the risks, and making sure your spouse is with you and not against you. You'll need quality time together - lots of it - studying and praying about this subject. Don't rush. Many who are called often have to wait many years because they are actually called to implement polygamy. You'll discover why in this website.

    Author: SBSK

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