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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    5 Abraham
    The Meditation of Haguth

    Continued from 4 Abraham


    The Fifth Book of Abraham, or 5 Abraham, also known as The Meditation of Haguth, was received on 16 March 2000. Its main theme is spiritual meditation.

    Tuesday, 16 March 2000

    1. ¶ I am Haguth, the sixth wife of my lord Abram, and this is my meditation, for I love to meditate upon my Elohim, and upon my lord Abram, and contemplate our unity in the stillness of the cosmic deep.

    2. Behold, this is the manner in which I meditate, that I may commune with El Elyon, which is according to our practice in the Holy Order after the manner of Haguth, for it is El Elyon who hath revealed it unto me.

    3. Therefore I betake myself to my secret chamber where I sit and close mine eyes;

    4. And I commence in praise unto El Elyon, and thank Him for my lord, and my children, and my sister-wives and their children, rejoicing in the unions of Abram and in his posterity.

    5. For these are the greatest blessings of all: the blessings of union and the blessings of fruitfulness of the womb.

    6. And these are reflections of the greater glory above, even the union of Spirit of our family in El Elyon, and the children of that union, which is pure thought filled with truth, pure feelings filled with love, and pure passion of the body, which is union with our lord Abram.

    7. And these things give us our zeal for life and are the moving spirit within us.

    8. Therefore we glory in these things.

    9. This is the pure Way of Yahweh, whose voice I listen unto daily, that I may never stiffen in mind, heart, or body.

    10. Therefore do these things for the sake of joy, which thing is the will of El Elyon, for He is joy.

    11. And behold, this is His greatness, and His glory, which things we seek after as heirs.

    12. Blessed is the one who comprehendeth my meditation, for those whose hearts are pure will desire it, even as I have been given it.

    13. Though I began in silence, so I ended in full song, even as the Creator hath done.

    14. And when my song is done, so I return to silence and the oneness of the beginning of my meditation, which becometh as one eternal round.

    15. Every meditation continueth from the previous one, for this is our story.

    16. ¶ Now this is the meaning of the Psalm of Haguth, which psalm El Elyon gave unto me on my wedding night (3 Abr.51:17-69).

    17. I am one with my lord Abram - he belongeth unto me and I belong unto him, because I was with him in the bosom of El Elyon, where we became one (v.17).

    18. My lord is heir unto his own, and I am one of his.

    19. Before we were born our hearts were sealed together in his garden, and I gave myself unto him as a jewel in his crown (v.8).

    20. And I know that I belonged to him because of his exceeding great love for me, which is as the love of the Lamb, gentle but willing to die for that love (v.19).

    21. Therefore he was slain that he might claim and possess me.

    22. And no other would do this, for this is according to the mind of Yahweh, therefore I belonged unto him, and rejoiced exceedingly.

    23. For what greater love is there, that a man lay down his life for his beloved?

    24. And this the Father saw, and said unto my lord Abram: 'Behold Haguth - she is Abram.'

    25. And I began to weep for joy and in sorrow, for my heart did leap to the heights and the depths at the same moment.

    26. I saw his sacrificial love for me, and I ran toward him in my heart, saying:

    27. 'Heart of my heart, let me never be apart from thee, my lord and my beloved.'

    28. And then I saw a dagger that came from my heart, and I took it and thrust it into Abram's heart;

    29. And Abram said unto me: 'These are the wounds with which thou wilt wound me when the spirit of the evil one entereth thy heart unawares, but I shall love thee the more, for love overpowereth evil.'

    30. Then I did weep for the evil I would do unto him in moments of carelessness and rebellion, but I also cried in joy knowing that he would love me all the more.

    31. Therefore my love multiplied for him, and the wounds in his heart I healed with my tears, and in the brief moment of our alienation I saw, and understood, the power of the evil one to undo and destroy.

    32. Therefore I repented, and yielded, and felt the fountain of Abram's love for me.

    33. And we were encircled by a white cloud, which is the love of El Elyon.

    34. And I saw in the cloud El Elyon embracing His Son, comforting Him in the hour of His affliction...

    37. I saw my lord Abram, and I was in his arms, being comforted by him.

    38. And around Abram were his other wives, too numerous to count, and they comforted me...

    39. And so it was I saw the lesser cloud of Abram's glory within the greater glory of the Father;

    40 And they were one cloud, as one family.

    41. Therefore my heart began to sing: 'O precious Messiah (v.21), my Lord of Lords, and my King of Kings, my Redeemer and my Salvation!'

    42. And I gazed upon my husband also, and sang: 'O precious Abram, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, my lord and my king, my redeemer and my salvation.'

    43. And I saw all things clearly; therefore I learned that my husband is a shadow and type of the Messiah, and I rejoiced exceedingly in this knowledge.

    44. For as the heavenly Messiah is the vessel of Eternal Life, that hath no end, so is Abram my earthly messiah who giveth me life, for I am taken from him, rib of the glove of his heart.

    45. As the Messiah is the First and the Last, the eternal Elohim revealed of the Father, so Abram is my first and last, and in him I am perfectly satisfied.

    46. Now I must love El Elyon, and I must love my earthly lord, for these things are as one (vv.21-22).

    47. ¶ When love hath kindled thy heart, thou art awake and live; therefore we must remain so.

    48. For it is the pleasure of Yahweh to see love multiply;

    49. And though I begin my meditation alone, I always complete it with my lord Abram, for how can a child of the Father meditate on the Father alone?...

    54. Therefore I go unto him that I may no longer be alone...

    105. ¶ The unions of the world have no depth for they know not El Elyon, and their unions are as the beasts of the field.

    106. But our unions are contemplative and intimate.

    107. Holy union shall always be in the mind, heart, and body pulsating as one;

    108. And the quality of the union is determined by the thoughts that began it.

    109. Therefore soberly have consideration for these things, and reap thereby the greatest possible joy.

    110. For as it is written in the Song of Haguth: 'O Holy Messiah, Thou hast given me my lord Abram again, most precious jewel in my heart!

    111. 'I dared not come unto him but I watched him from afar, yearning to be touched and loved by him.

    112. 'For I saw Thy love in him, Holy Messiah, and I desired to be with him' (v.32)...

    115. Go, go unto thy lord and husband, and sing my song, your thoughts and feelings focused.

    116. And then the song shall be yours also, and ye shall be whole, singing:

    117. 'Thou gavest him unto me, precious Lord, and my yearnings and my dreams were fulfilled in him.

    118. 'And now I am a passion song' (vv.33-34).

    119. Therefore learn of my song and sing it in gentle tones as we do ours when we are with our lord, and behold, the Spirit of El Elyon will flood into you, and open the portals of heaven.

    120. And ye shall obtain the mystery of the Firstborn (v.60)...

    133. Go unto the marriage feasts of thy lord daily, whether to meditate, to dance, or to commune, and ye shall be filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit.

    134. Let your hearts be moved to bless your lord and your sister-wives, for in seeking their joy, ye shall find your own, pressed down and overflowing.

    135. These are the words of Haguth, blessèd wife of Abram, who understandeth me and knoweth me as I am.

    136. And we are one, perfectly joined together, as branches to a great tree.

    137. Let not the cares of the day rob you of these blessings, but store up time unto yourselves that ye may do these things, and in doing them, find meaning and purpose.

    138. For even as El Elyon are one, see that ye too are one in perfect love and peace.

    Continued in 6 Abraham

    Author: LThE

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