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    HEM Terms Other Forms Explanations
    Ashkenazi Jews   Eastern Jews of principally Turkic origin (Japheth) having little or no connection with Judah, Israel or Abraham (see Khazars & Sephardic Jews)
    Assembly a (local) church A local congregation
    Bisexual Polygyny    A deviant form of true polygamy which permits a lesbian relationship between sister-wives in a polygamous marriage (see Echad Sexuality) 
    Betrothal Aras (Aram.)  Binding marriage covenant without sexual contact - cannot be broken (see Dedication & Full Marriage)
    Bigamy    A man married illegally to two wives in a monogamy-only state, or a man married to two women in relationship not sanctioned by the state 
    B'rit Chadashah New Covenant The revelation of the New Testament
    Chavurat Bekorot Assembly of the Firstborn, Holy Order The Order, Assembly or Church to which the writer of HEM materials belongs
    Concubine, Lechenah (Pilegesh) Wife Concubine A 'secondary' wife under the Mosaic Covenant and also under some modern Christian polygamy systems; in HEM, a trainee/ apprentice polygamous wife
    Dedication Engagement, Aráb (Aram.) A covenent of fraternal friendship having as its goal formal Betrothal; can be broken by mutual agreement (see Betrothal & Full Marriage)
    Ebionite anti-Paul An heretical Christian or Messianic Jew who rejects the apostle Paul and his scriptural writings
    Echad one, oneness, unity Used in the context of uniplurality, as of the persons of the Godhead or the unity of the believers (Church/Messianic Community) (see Yachid)
    Echad Polygamy Oneness Polygamy, New Covenant Christian Polygamy The specialised term used to distinguish HEM's vision of Christian polygamy from other forms in existence today
    Echad Sexuality   The lawful (non-lesbian) sexual bonding in an echad polygamous marriage between husband and sister-wives
    El, Eloah, Elah God the Father The singular of Elohim and designating Yahweh the Father
    Elohim God A uniplural word indicating but one and many, the Elohimhead or Godhead
    El Elyon  The Most High God  A term commonly used by the Patriarchs before Moses but also subsequently 
    Fornication / Adultery Swinging Multiple casual sexual liasons without matrimonial commitment
    Full Marriage Marriage Binding marriage with sexual contact - cannot be broken (see Dedication & Betrothal)
    Israel, Republic of Israel (since 1947) Used to distinguish the modern state of Israel (Israelis) from biblical Israel (Israelites) (see New Covenant Israel)
    Jew Talmudic Jew A person claiming to be descended from Judah but most likely a Turk descended from Khazar converts to Judaism in the Middle Ages. Most Eastern or Ashkenazi Jews are of this origin (see Talmudic Jew)
    Judahite Biblical Jew A true descendant of the tribe of Judah
    Judean Jew or non-Jew from ancient Judea An inhabitant of the Kingdom of Judah or the Roman Province of Judea and should be used in place of 'Jew' in the New Testament
    Khazars   A powerful pagan Turkic tribe that once conrolled the Russian steppes in Mediaeval times which converted to Judaism and dispersed to form the Ashkenazi Jewish communities of Eastern Europe.
    Lechenah Wife    A new polygamous wife under a one year-long apprenticeship of an experienced polygamous wife (see Shegal Wife) 
    Marriage (Biblical) 'Marriage' & polygamy The life-long covenent union of a man to one (monogamy) or more (polygyny) wives
    Mashiach Messiah Hebrew for Christ or Messiah
    Messiah Christ Literally, 'Anointed One', Son of Elohim (God), Saviour and Redeemer of the world
    Messianic Community the Church, the Body All those truly saved in Christ - born again, spriritually regenerated - past and present
    Messianic Evangelical  New Covenant Christian  A member of the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) and (if ordained) to the Chavurat Bekorot 
    Messianic Israelite (Two Houses Israel) A Torah-observant 'Jew' or 'Gentile' who does not accept the division between Jewish and Gentile Christianity, or the Jewish claim to be the dominant or leading tribe in Messianism. HEM is Messianic Israelite
    Messianic Jew Jewish Christian A person from the Talmudic Jewish community who converts to the Messiah/Christ and who usually observes Torah. HEM is not Messianic Jewish but related (see Messianic Israelite)
    Multiple Monogamous Marriage   A man married to several women with multiple marriage contracts (see Echad Polygamous Marriage)
    NCAY  New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh  Congregations served by the Priesthood Order of the Chavurat Bekorot 
    New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh  NCAY  Congregations served and administered by the Chavurat Bekorot 
    New Covenant Christian Messianic Evangelical  A lay member of NCAY or a priesthood officer in the Chavurat Bekorot
    New Covenant Israel The Church, Body, Body of Christ, Messianic Community All true born-again, spiritually regenerated and Torah-observant believers are the nation of Israel; there is no distinction or separation between 'Church' and 'Israel' as taught by the false 'Replacement Theology'
    New Covenant Torah The New Covenant Law The Old Covenant Law divested of its ceremonial statutes and Levitical Priesthood brought to completion by Christ
    Odalisque, Odalisk  female slave  Used of Muslim female slaves or concubines in oriental harems, from the Turkisk ódalik 
    Patriarchal Marriage Polygamy, polygyny Polygamy but with the emphasis on patriarchy or male headship in marriage, a term originated by the now discredited leader of a former Christian polygamy ministry
    Plural Marriage Polygamy, polygyny A term for polygamy originating with the Mormons
    Polyandry Polyandry The sinful practice of a woman married to two or more men simultaneously
    Polyamory Polyamory Polyfidelity embracing polygyny, polyandry and sexual communism (various combinations of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual partners)
    Polygyny Polygamy A man married to two or more women simultaneously; 'polygamy' strictly speaking embraces both polygyny and polyandry but is used almost exclusively of the former today
    Rabbinical Jew Non-Christian Jew A Talmudic Jew
    Ruach Elohim Spirit of God The power or spirit of the whole Godhead
    Ruach haMashiach Spirit of Christ The power or spirit of the Messiah/Christ
    Ruach haQodesh Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost Third member of the Godhead, female, consisting of seven Persons
    Sephardic Jews   Western Jews of Judahite origin but racially mixed with gentile blood. Of the international Jewish community, about 8% are true Judahites and are of Sephardic origin (see Ashkenazi Jews)
    Shegal Wife   A full or Queen Wife in the HEM system
    Talmud   The so-called 'Oral law' of Judaism, extra-biblical writings possessing an authority equal to, or greater than, the Torah to Jews but not Christians or true Messianic Israelites
    Talmudic Jew Non-Christian Jew A Jew who accepts the Talmud and rejects Yah'shua (Jesus) as the Messiah (Christ) (see Jew)
    Torah the Law The commandments and statutes revealed by Yahweh to Israel on Mt.Sinai (see New Covenant Torah)
    Ultramessianic  Extremist, intolerant Messianic  Messianic who condemns all Christians who do not observe Torah or who fail to use the Divine Names 
    Yachid one, single As distinct from Echad (many in one), a singularity like 'one person' (see Echad)
    Yah Cult   An extreme form of Messianic Judaism and often Ebionite (see Ebionite), rejects the Deity of Christ, and believes no-one can be saved who does not use the correct Names of Deity
    Yah'shua Jesus Meaning 'Yah Saves' or 'The Salvation of Yahweh'; Yeshua or Y'shua in Aramaic
    Yahweh the LORD, 'Jehovah' (KJV) The One Name (haShem) of Almighty God, the Father, also abbreviated to Yah
    YHWH (YHVH) the LORD, 'Jehovah' (KJV) The Tetragrammaton, or vowelless written representation of God the Father, Yahweh, in Torah

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