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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    6 Abraham
    The Book of Darash

    Continued from 5 Abraham


    The Sixth Book of Abraham, or 6 Abraham, also known as The Book of Darash, was received in May 2000. The principle theme of this book is 'twin sister-wives'. Just as women generally tend to have special friends in whom they confide everything, so too in the Chavurat Bekorot (Holy Order) and in the Patriarchal Covenant of Plural Marriage sister-wives have twins or special companions who reflect their own natures.

    Sunday, 28 May 2000

    Chapter 1

    El Elyon speaks to Darash in a revelation. The glory of Elohim is love. A commandment to love sister-wives as much as a husband. A warning against the spirit of Cain, pride and jealosy. Promises to the faithful sister-wife.

    1. The revelation of Darash, wife of Abram, blessed of El Elyon, Yahweh-Tsa'vuot, multiplied in seed and favoured in Zion.

    2. Now the Word of Yahweh came unto me, saying: 'Darash, if thou wilt hide My commandments within thy breast and do righteously unto thy sister-wives all the days of thy life, behold, I will lift thee up unto the high place and show unto thee the Paradise of the faithful.

    3. 'For the Garden of El Elyon is the reward of those who walk in My commandments , which commandments are the branches of the Tree of Love.

    4. 'It is love that shall exalt thee, and a lack thereof that shall empty thee of all that is precious and everlasting.

    5. 'When love hath dominion over thy heart and hath supplanted every unrighteous inclination, behold, thou shalt see Me and know that I AM.

    6. 'Therefore, beloved, thou shalt love thy sister-wives even as thou lovest thy husband, for ye are one flesh, born of [created from] Abram, and shall return unto him in the day that all arise into immortality.

    7. 'Walk in the ways of Judith, who loveth thee, for she dwelleth in the land of the just, for her heart is pure.

    8. 'Trust in the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and strength, and yield theyself not unto the dominion of Cain, which is in thy flesh and in the flesh of the children of Adam;

    9. 'For the spirit of Cain is the spirit of pride, jealosy, mistrust, envy, greed, fear and all that is of the evil one.

    10. 'But rather renounce that spirit and call upon Me, El Elyon, and pray for a greater abundance of love.

    11. 'And when thou hast received of this love, go straight way unto thy sister-wives and withhold no goodness from them.

    12. 'Embrace them affectionately and with real sincerity of heart, for all are in debt to one another;

    13. 'And the greater the debt the greater the blessing.

    14. 'For ye are all in debt to one another, and unto El Elyon who hath given you unto one another as sister-wives, and as wives of Abram.

    15. 'Therefore when ye go unto thy sister- wives, say unto them; 'Let us worship El Elyon!'

    16. 'And so give ye thanks for one another, for your children, and your grandchildren, and for your husband Abram.

    17. 'Be ye filled with mercy and truth, finding favour with all, speaking good of all, and acknowledging that every good gift is of El Elyon.

    18. 'Exalt thy sister-wife but not thyself; give, and thou shalt receive back in abundance seven-fold, for this is the Law of El Elyon.

    19. 'Be obedient unto thy husband in all things, exalting not thyself, and be thou not weary of his correction, for he is the friend of El Elyon, in whom I am well pleased.

    20. 'Happy is the husband who hath a loving and obedient wife, for his love will multiply and be as a fountain, bathing his wives in the joy of his heart and in thankfulness unto El Elyon.

    21. 'And when adversity cometh to test thee, behold, thou wilt be strong and immovable.

    22. 'Mercy and truth will garnish thy thoughts and feelings at all times, and thou wilt find repose in thy soul.

    23. 'Pride and haughtiness will flee from thee, and also a multitude of sins, and thou wilt be free indeed.

    24. 'Remember the seven pillars of wisdom always, and thou wilt not go astray.

    25. 'She who trusteth in these things shall become unto her husband a crown of glory.

    26. 'Therefore consider, and be wise, for a blemished stone hath no place in a crown but is fit only to be cut down in size and to occupy a place of lesser glory.

    27. 'Be thou therefore a Tree of Life whose fruits are delicious and without blemish;

    28. 'For the reward of such a woman is health unto her soul instead of piercings of the heart.

    29. 'Behold, thou art called 'wife', and thou art called 'sister-wife', and the one is not less than the other.

    31. 'For she who is not a sister-wife is not a wife either; and she who is a wife must also be a sister-wife.

    32. 'These, then, are thy good names, beloved, and the crown of the two is Daughter of El Elyon. Even so. Amen.'

    Chapter 2

    Darash recounts her history as a slave and her freedom. The marriage of sister-wives to one another. Her special relationship with Kehah. The writing in the stars revealed. The mystery of oneness in flesh and spirit. Of sister-wives and sons.

    1. Behold, I am Darash, the slave of Abram, made free in love, in bonds to a son of righteousness.

    2. And I am exceedingly blessed of El Elyon.

    3. I am purchased in the love of Abram, and though I was a slave, he freed me, and I returned unto him to be a slave of his goodness.

    4. And because of my lord's righteousness I have drawn close unto his Elohim, who is my Elohim, and the Elohim of our whole house.

    5. And what greater gift is there than to know El Elyon?

    6. My lord purchased me for fifty head of cattle and gold, and released me for nothing.

    7. He purchased me again with his love and I became his heart-slave; therefore I am filled to overflowing!

    8. I am a new creation in the life of El Elyon.

    9. I was destroyed and without hope, but now I live to the full.

    10. I have a new beginning without end, for I walk by the River of Life, praise be unto El Elyon, Yahweh-Tsa'vaot!

    11. Blessed is my sister-wife Kehah who found me in the caravan of my oppressors, and more blessed is she because she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    12. For when she saw me she knew me, beloved sister-wife of the mountain of my joy, though I knew not this at the beginning.

    13. And though the house of Abram murmured at the exceedingly great price my lord paid for me, Kehah did not: for she understood that we were twins of the Spirit.

    14. For even as a woman is drawn unto her husband to be one with him, so also are sister-wives drawn to one another as twins, like unto Rea and Rua, who are also twins of the flesh.

    15. And there are many groupings of sister-wives, according to their natures and dispositions, there being twelve orders.

    16. For it must needs be that when Abram hath a wife on his right hand that there must be one on his left also;

    17. And only then can a firstborn song be sung.

    18. Therefore when I was wed unto my lord Abram I was also wed unto my sister-wife Kehah;

    19. And when I was wed unto my sister-wife Kehah, we were wed unto all my lord's other sister-wives, each according to the Order of the Ancient of Days [Yahweh], that we might perfectly reflect the harmony of the Creation.

    20. For the Patriarchal Order of Marriage is in all things, in the heavens above and in the world below.

    21. For as the stars dance above in perfect harmony, so also do we dance according to the rhythms of El Elyon.

    22. Therefore I am Kehah's, and she is mine, and we are Abram's, his right and left shadows in the Dance of the Three. [fn. Three is the first perfect number, representing wholeness. Though sister-wives are formed and reformed in pairs, they are not complete without their husband, who forms the completing number of the marriage triad.]

    23. All these things Kehah explained unto me as she obtained them from the mouth of our lord.

    24. And it was from these sacred principles that we have obtained the spiritual mystery of Patriarchal Marriage.

    25. We are all a part of Abram, and each of us hath a special place which only that sister-wife can occupy.

    26. And Abram is a part of the Great Assembly of the Firstborn [fn. the 144,000], and hath his place as a ruler [fn. Firstborn patriarchs are all kings under the King of Kings, Yah'shua, and shall form the 144,000 governors of the Millennial Kingdom] in the Kingdom of El Elyon.

    27. One day after Abram had taken me as his wife he called for us - Kehah and I - and took us out onto the plain after the sun had set.

    28. And he gazed silently into the night sky and pointed out the stars.

    29. He said unto us: 'Behold, beloved, the wonder of the Firmament of El Elyon.'

    30. And we beheld the shining lights of the heavens.

    31. And he took my hand, and, pointing unto a star, said unto me: 'Behold the star, Darash'.

    32. And I beheld a star, one of many, in a great cluster, and I replied: 'I see it, my lord.'

    33. My lord paused, and said unto me: 'All that Yahweh-Elohim hath created He hath created for a purpose.

    34. 'Every star that hath been made representeth one of the souls that El Elyon hath birthed.

    35. 'The star thou beholdest is called Zemuah, and was created as a testimony of thine own creation, beloved.

    36. 'For Zemuah is Darash; and the star that lieth closest unto Zemuah is Deramu, and is Kehah.

    37. 'All the other stars that thou beholdest in this cluster are thy sister-wives, and the one that lieth at the centre is thy lord Abram.'

    38. And I was astonished, not at first believing that El Elyon would create such a heavenly body for so small a one as myself.

    39. My lord said: 'Whenever a soul [fn. pre-existent spirit] is created in the heavens, a star is made by the angels as a witness of the love of El Elyon for His children.

    40. 'When a soul departeth from El Elyon and is lost for ever unto the evil ones, his star is blotted out of the heavens.

    41. 'Thus the stars above are a record of all that Yahweh hath made, and shall make.

    42. 'Verily, Darash, thy name is within the heavenly lights.

    43. 'And there are many heavenly lights, all of different glories, according to the several works of the children of El Elyon.

    44. 'And behold, when the Messiah cometh, a great star shall appear in the heavens, that the children of men may know that their Redeemer hath come.'

    45. My soul was full of wonder at the things which my husband taught me.

    46. Kehah said unto me: 'My sweet sister-wife, Darash, all stars that are made to represent women are birthed in pairs.

    47. 'Thou wast made...at the same moment that I was made, for we were created as a pair of ribs in our lord Abram.

    48. 'Therefore we are twins.'

    49. Now I, Darash, was much perplexed by these sayings, not comprehending the depth of them.

    50. And yet I know by the Holy Spirit of the special bond that we already shared, which bond hath grown over the years.

    51. Therefore I am truly blessed of El Elyon.

    52. Kehah continued: 'El Elyon hath written a testimony of all his children in the heavens, to whom they belong by marriage.

    53. 'He hath written the story our husbands and our sister-wives, our parents and our children, and all the generations thereof.

    54. 'He hath written in the stars the course of our lives, which by His all-seeing eye He hath known from the beginning, even before we were created.

    55. 'He hath written in the stars our place in the eternities, which things are sealed until our mortal probation is completed.

    56. 'And He hath written in our bodies the principle of twinship.'

    57. And I said unto Kehah: 'How so my sister-wife, hath El Elyon written of our twinship in our bodies?'

    58. And she said unto me: 'All that is made is made as twins, beloved Darash.

    59. 'For El Elyon hath given unto thee two eyes, and two ears, and two nostrils, two arms, two breasts, two buttocks, and two legs.

    60. 'And even though some parts are single, such as the heart, it hath twin chambers, two to the left and two to the right.

    61. 'Some are single with double functions, such as the temple chamber of joy.

    62. 'The body possesseth a unity such as the tongue, and the brain, and the great organs of the bowels;

    63. 'The body posssesseth a a twinship, and the body possesseth the Principle of Five, which is the fingers and the toes.

    64. 'All of these things are reflections of the Patriarchal Order of Marriage, sister-wife, that we might understand this holy principle which is made in all things.'

    65. Now I, Darash, was astonished at the knowledge of my sister-wife Kehah, and of all the wives of my lord Abram, for they possessed a knowledge and understanding that made the kings and potentates of the world seem as babes.

    66. And I said unto her: 'Beloved sister-wife, doth this mean that Yahweh-Tsa'vaot hath written of thee in my flesh, and of I in thine?'

    67. And Kehah said unto me: 'Yea, He hath so done, that we might understand that none may walk alone and obtain the fullness.

    68. 'For we are all compounds in one, being joined together by invisible threads of love that together make up a cosmic tapestry of great beauty.

    70. 'Every part of our bodies is possessed by three and by many.'

    71. I said unto her: 'How so, sister-wife? Who possesseth my body?'

    72. And Kehah replied: 'Thy body is possessed by the Creator, to be a temple of the Ruach Elohim, to manifest His holiness, purity and glory.

    73. 'And thy body belongeth unto our lord Abram, from which it was made, from thy head unto thy feet and all that is therein.

    74. 'And one half of thy body also belongeth, through Abram, unto thy twin sister-wife, to be taken care of, and nourished, and loved.

    75. 'Therefore as all thy body belongeth unto our lord Abram, so one half belongeth unto thy twin.'

    76. And behold, I was exceedingly astonished at these words, and looked into my lord's eyes that I might obtain a confirmation of these things.

    77. And Abram said unto me: 'Thy sister-wife hath spoken the truth, my love, though thou hast not yet understood the full import of her words.

    78. 'And from time to time Yahweh, El Elyon One, createth twins in the flesh such as Rea and Ruah, to remind us of these things.

    79. 'Some twins are as one, even as they are, being inseparable in the bonds if the Messiah, and others are born as enemies.

    80. 'For sometimes El Elyon symbolically separateth the spiritual from the carnal by means of twin births as a witness of the separation that must take place between the just and the unjust.'

    81. And I said unto him: 'What then, my lord, of male twins?'

    82. And he said unto me: 'Behold, men have that which is equivalent to sister-wife twins also, but they are not brother-husbands, for such is contrary to the created order.

    83. 'For men are not made as women, neither do they fulfil the same callings.

    84. 'But Yahweh hath a Son, the very Messiah whom we await, who is made in His very likeness, even His Firstborn.'

    85. And Kehah said unto me: 'The firstborn of a man is his reflection, the firstfruits of his loins.

    86. 'And the firstfruits of our lord Abram's loins is his son Isaac, the son of Sarai.'

    87. And so it came to pass that I began to understand this great mystery, yet I had much to learn.

    88. But my heart was aflame with joy with the knowledge I had obtained from my lord and from my sister-wife, in whose love and tender care toward me I rejoiced.

    89. And I said into Abram: 'My lord, thou saidst that a sister-wife belongeth not only unto her twin but unto many also. Who, then, are the many?'

    90. And he said unto me: 'The many are thine other sister-wives, but the joining thereto is according to different principles that shall hereafter be revealed unto thee.

    91. 'Thou wilt find the answer to thy question in thy hands, the fingers thereof, and the bones thereof, which things I shall tell thee another time as thou art ready to receive them.'

    92. Therefore I thanked my lord and my sister-wife and became silent, in order that I might receive that which they would give unto me according to the Word of the Holy Spirit.

    93. For the curiosity of the children of men is great, which curiosity may do him both good and evil - good if fulfilled at the right time, and evil if taken or received out of season.

    94. Therefore I held my peace, already having much to meditate upon, and knowing that I would need much time for the greater revelation of the Elohim to distill upon my spirit in order that I might be enabled to receive it with gladness.

    Chapter 3

    The difference between the carnal and the spiritual is explained. The meaning of Yah'sharun. The spiritual forces that bind sister-wives and husband together.

    1. Now it came to pass that from the moment that the Holy Spirit testified unto us that we were twin ribs of our lord Abram that a desire was kindled within our hearts to be united by covenant;

    2. Which covenant is a covenant of marriage of sister-wives unlike anything that I had before seen or heard.

    3. And those who are thus united are known as Yah'sharun [fn. Similar to 'Jesherun' (Y'sherun), meaning 'the darling' or 'beloved', a firstborn name given to King David, with Messianic undertones (cp. Yah'shua)], which by interpretation meaneth, 'beloved ones of Yah(weh)'.

    4. Behold, there are many in our family who are Yah'sharun, for not all find their twins immediately and must often wait for their twins to come into the family at a later time, according to the unfathomable wisdom of El Elyon [fn. Whilst waiting for their literal twins, sister-wives are given proxy or adopted sister-wive twins].

    5. Such covenants are highly prized amongst us because they are the means of becoming more deeply united with our husband Abram and of drawing closer to the assembly of El Elyon in the heavens.

    6. And our lord Abram taught us that these unions were as stars closely placed to one another in the heavens which, though separate, are one on account of the powerful influences of the one upon the other.

    7. Verily, so great is that power or influence that they turn around a common, invisible centre [fn. Called in mordern astronomy an epicentre. Stars that revolve around this centre are called binary stars], and it is this centre which turneth [rotateth] around the chief of the stars, which is their husband.

    8. And our lord showed us many stars in the heavens, the handiwork of Yahweh-Tsa'vaot, which He placed in the heavens that the elect might search and understand these things.

    9. Many of our sacred dances are reflections of these heavenly movements which we seek to imitate, thereby making spiritual connections with our Heavenly Family, comprehending by our own unions their closeness and joy.

    10. By these things we have come to understand and participate in the Great Dance of Heaven, comprehending the greater mystery of our Heavenly Parents, which things are concealed from the world and from those who know not of our love.

    11. Therefore we guard them as an armed man sitteth watch over a sacred treasure, knowing that the abuse of these things leadeth to great iniquity.

    12. Therefore the servants of Nimrod seek to obtain these things but cannot, because only the love of Yahweh revealeth them, which thing they do not possess.

    13. Therefore are the secrets of the heavens also veiled from them, for they comprehend not the stars, inventing all manner of foolish doctrine with which to beguile the unsound of mind and heart.

    14. For they worship the stars supposing that they are gods, not knowing in the darkness of their unredeemed minds that the stars are [symbols of] the children of El Elyon.

    15. Yet in this foolishness they shall fulfill prophecy not of their own making, for the day cometh when the children of Belial [Satan] shall verily bow down to the children of El Elyon, doing them abeissence.

    16. For the lower, carnal self must also bow down to the higher, spiritual self as a slave unto righteousness.

    17. Therefore we learn somewhat of the divine pattern in all things.

    18. The lesser must bow down to the greater until all is one [fn. Meaning righteousness only. Though the sinful nature is by definition 'lesser' is can never become one with the righteous, but is separated from it and eventually destroyed].

    19. And verily it is through these things that our lord Abram hath showed us the path which leadeth to the conquest of pride, even the heart of hatred and the spirit of murder which is abroad in the world.

    20. Now our lord took us to his tent and explained these things unto us by ordinance.

    21. And behold, he explained all the mysteries of Elohim-liness through ordinance that we might pass these things on to our children, having a clear picture of the truth always, that we might not be deceived by the craftiness of words.

    22. Therefore he instructed us to remove our sandals and lie down upon our backs as images in a mirror, foot to foot, our toes and the soles of our feet touching.

    23. And he said unto us, 'Every soul born into the world is two opposites, the one spiritual and the other carnal.

    24. 'The spiritual is the complete opposite of the carnal.

    25. 'When a child is born it knoweth not of the carnal, for the carnal is invisible unto it, even as ye cannot now behold (see) one another.

    26. But as the child groweth, so the carnal becometh visible.

    27. Abram said: 'Lift up your heads and behold (look at) one another.'

    28. Therefore we sat upright, according to our lord's command.

    29. 'Beloved, the carnal nature seeketh by its very nature to conquer the spiritual.

    30. 'But the spiritual is innocent and knoweth not the wiles (deceptive ways) of the carnal.

    31. 'Therefore when the carnal speaketh she (the spiritual) believeth.

    32. 'And if the spiritual is not full of faith and obedient to the truth she will, by the by, be overcome.'

    33. Abram said unto Kehah: 'Beloved, I desire that thou shouldst play the part of the carnal for a moment.

    34. 'Come hither and stand above thy sister-wife, Darash.'

    35. Therefore Kehah came and stood behind me.

    36. 'The carnal is now in the first stage of dominion over the spiritual, yet the spiritual is still on the floor and cannot be of service.

    37. 'Kehah, lay thy hands upon thy sister-wife's head.'

    38. Therefore Kehah laid her hands upon my head, standing behind me.

    39. 'Behold, the carnal now hath dominion of thy thoughts, and when she doeth this, she hath complete control of the spiritual.

    40. 'Now the carnal is without reason, and seeketh only to dominate.

    41. 'Therefore when she hath obtained dominion of the mind of the spiritual nature, her one impulse is complete subjugation, even unto destruction, for the narnal nature is the devil in man, seeking only to destroy.'

    42. Therefore our lord commanded us to lie down again;

    43. And Kehah placed her feet on my shoulders in token of the dominion of the carnal.

    44. 'Beloved, ye are now in a symbolic posture where the carnal is in complete control of the spiritual.

    45. 'Now ye shall behold the burden of such bondage.'

    46. Abram said: 'Darash, arise, and carry Kehah upon thy back!'

    47. And as Kehah climbed upon my back, behold, we began to giggle, for we felt as little children again.

    48. Abram said: 'The dominion of the carnal is always perceived as amusing in the beginning as the tyrant playeth with the slave.

    49. But behold, the pleasure of this moment passeth quickly.'

    50. As Kehah grew heavier upon my back, the pleasure of it began to flee according to the word of my lord, and I became exceedingly burdened by her weight.

    51. And though Kehah continued to be amused, I did not.

    52. Abram saith: 'The pleasure of sin is but for a moment, beloved Darash, and soon changeth into sorrow.

    53. 'And sorrow becometh weighed down by death.

    54. 'For riding upon the back of the carnal is Satan and his legions.

    55. 'Therefore the only end (result) is death, for the spiritual cannot cheerfully bear such bondage for very long, but must sink into despair.

    56. 'The more stubborn soul may ride out her suffering longer, but the end is the same.

    57. 'Kehah, come down'. Therefore I released Kehah with great relief and we sat upon the ground again.

    58. Abram said: 'Understand, beloved, the the moment the spiritual treateth the carnal as an equal, she becometh a slave, even unto death.'

    59. I said unto Abram: 'Shall the carnal, then, become a slave unto the spiritual?'

    60. He replied: 'Kehah, take Darash upon thy back even as Darash bore thee.'

    61. But I prevented her, saying to Abram: 'I understand, my lord!

    62. 'This one thing is plain: that the spirit [of man] may also destroy the flesh if it is not wise.'

    63. Now Abram was pleased with my answer and smiled to me, saying: 'That is so, my love: thou hast understood.'

    64. I said unto our lord: 'How, then, shall the spiritual have dominion over the carnal?'

    65. Abram saith: 'Even as it was in the beginning when thy feet touched Kehah's feet.

    66. 'For, behold, the feet were made that ye might walk upon the earth.

    67. 'The carnal is of the earth and shall return unto the earth at death, and thus thy feet will be free.

    68. 'The carnal woman is of the earth and belongeth unto the earth, which perisheth;

    69. 'The spiritual woman is of the heavens and in mortality walketh upon the earth.

    70. 'The carnal woman is in the world of thine own physical existence;

    71. 'Therefore are the feet touching when all is done according to the true order of heaven.'

    72. And our lord continued, saying: 'When the carnal hath dominion over the spiritual, and the spiritual rebelleth against that dominion, behold, they must struggle for dominion.

    73. 'Therefore, Kehah, return unto the former position;

    74. 'Lie ye both upon the ground but let Darash face the ground and Kehah sit upon her back, taking hold of her arms.'

    75. Therefore we did as our lord bade us.

    76. Now Kehah gripped me firmly by the arms and sat upon my back so that I could not move, and I was her prisoner.

    77. And Abram said unto me: 'Darash, resist the carnal, and break loose.'

    78. And though I struggled with all my might I could not break loose, though at times it seemed as if I might succeed.

    79. Therefore I surrendered for a while, lying helpless upon the ground, until I had regained a little strength, and behold, I tried again.

    80. But I was overpowered each time and became weaker and weaker.

    81. Abram therefore said unto me: 'Call upon the Name of El Elyon for deliverance!'

    82. So I called upon El Elyon, crying: 'Yahweh, deliver me from my bondage!'

    83. Therefore Abram seized hold of Kehah and pulled her off my back that I might again be free.

    84. And we laughed, and yet were sober, for we understood now the awfulness of the slavery and dominion of sin that the carnal exerteth on the spiritual.

    85. I said unto my lord: 'What shall be done next? How shall a soul always be free?'

    86. Abram said: 'Thou shalt love the Lord Yahweh, El Elyon, with all thy soul and obey all His commandments.

    87. 'And thou shalt do likewise unto thy husband who also doeth these things.

    88. 'And thou shalt love and obey thy sister-wives, and they shall love and obey thee.'

    89. I replied unto Abram: 'How shall we love and obey one another, since we are not heads of one another?'

    90. My lord was pleased with my question and smiled again.

    91. And Kehah smiled also, for she understood these things, knowing the thoughts and intents of our husband's heart.

    92. Therefore I remained at peace.

    Chapter 4

    Abram discourses upon the stars and shows through ordinances the difference between single and multiple wives.

    1. Abram commanded us to arise again and said unto us: 'Arise, my loves, for that which was concealed shall now be revealed.'

    2. Therefore we did as our lord bade us.

    3. And Kehah took my hand, as is our custom when we are together, and we stood facing our lord.

    4. He said unto us: 'When a woman is alive in the flesh, the feet of her spiritual nature rest upon the feet of her carnal nature.

    5. 'When she dieth, the flesh returneth unto the ground and she hath no place for her feet to stand.

    6. 'Where, then, shall she stand?'

    7. And we were perplexed, as we so often are when our lord beginneth to unfold a mystery, and we waited keenly for him to continue.

    8. But he would not continue, and asked the question to us again.

    9. 'We know not, my lord,' we replied, for even this had not been revealed unto Kehah, who was as perplexed as I.

    10. 'A spirit without a body hath no ground and is incomplete,' our lord continued,.

    11. Kehah said: 'What of the resurrection to come? Is not the resurrected body the ground on which the spirit will stand?'

    12. Abram replied: 'There is no distinction between a spirit and the flesh in the resurrection, my love, for they are one, inseparably connected, being one body and not two.

    13. 'Therefore the spiritual nature cannot stand upon the feet of the resurrected physical body.

    14. 'Thou hast confused the literal with the symbolic.

    15. 'The spirit of a woman is within her physical body, there being a complete match.

    16. 'The carnal nature is not the physical body itself, else there would be no resurrection. [fn. But is contained within it. The Adam-nature (original sin) is inherited through the flesh and negatively leavens the spirit by direct association. When the physical body dies, the Adam-nature within it also perishes, along with that which is good. The body is not itself evil, as the gnostic heretics and their modern descendent continue to teach. Unless the Adam-nature that has leavened the spirit is not blotted out of the spirit by the atonement of Yah'shua, the spirit remains corrupt and cannot enter into the presence of Yahweh. The spirit may also corrupt itself without the fleshy Adam-nature by rebelling against Yahweh.]

    17. 'For would Yahweh create of a sin-nature an immortal perpetuation? Nay.

    18. 'The carnal nature is within both the physical flesh and the spirit, and is as the leaven (yeast) that spreadeth throughout the lump (dough).

    19. 'Were the sinful nature only in the physical flesh, then that which is spirit would always be pure.

    20. This cannot be, because the evil spirits or demons, who are carnal, being fallen in darkness, are spirits without flesh, save they which are the offspring of the Watchers.

    21. 'It is the Son of Yahweh who will purify all who will receive His cleansing power, and he shall apportion it to those who repent of the carnal, and desire that which is pure and spiritual.

    22. 'He shall cleanse all physical matter by command but shall only cleanse the spirits of those who wish to be cleansed through repentance and faith in His Name.

    23. 'When the resurrection cometh, there shall be a resurrection of the pure and of the impure.

    24. 'The pure shall enter the Paradise of El Elyon; but the impure shall not.'

    25. Our lord continued: 'In the resurrection of the pure there is no carnal nature, and the world of the resurrected is not as this world upon which we rest our feet.

    26. 'The world of matter hath four parts: length, breadth, height, and time.

    27. 'The world is built upon the number four.

    28. 'Our homes of brick and of tent skins are built with four walls or possess four corners.

    29. 'It is the disposition of the earthly man to build in this way.

    30. 'But it is not the disposition of nature.

    31. 'That which beareth the divine imprint is cicular.

    32. 'Behold the flower which hath a circular centre.

    33. 'The petals are arranged around this circle, which they touch, and upon which they unite.

    34. 'The petals are the circle, for there is no circle without the petals.

    35. 'The world of the resurrection hath not four parts;

    36. 'And behold, there are many resurrection worlds, the greatest having twelve parts.

    37. 'Yahweh-Elohim is one eternal round, having neither beginning nor ending;

    38. 'Therefore he standeth not as men and women stand.

    39. 'For He is both within His creation and outside it;

    40. 'A Patriatchal Marriage is a representation on our mortal plane of that which obtains in the Heavenlies.

    41. 'The stars have no feet and yet they move in their appointed places.

    42. 'Like the fish in the sea, a star resteth in the dark heavenly waters (space), being held up by them. [fn. Space has an invisible structure through which the stars move, propelled by kinetic energy and forced on their course by complex interactions of gravitational forces]

    43. 'And now, beloved, I will show you a mystery of Patriarchal Marriage, even a key that will unlock your understanding.'

    44. Our lord spake unto me, saying: 'Darash, run around the edge of the tent in a circle.'

    45. Therefore I began to run around the inside of the tent.

    46. And he said: 'Run faster!'

    47. Therefore I ran faster until I was out of breath.

    48. And he said unto me again: 'Run even faster!'

    49. Therefore I ran even faster until I fell against the side of the tent, feeling not a little displeased, for Kehah was laughing.

    50. 'Why dost thou ask me to do this?' I replied with impatience.

    51. And Abram said: 'What happened as thou ran faster, my love?'

    52. And I said: 'I became weary, my lord.'

    53. And both Abram and Kehah laughed again.

    54. But I knew they were not mocking me, and that I had not understood his question.

    55. And he said again: 'What happened in thy motion as thou ran faster, Darash?'

    56. And I answered: 'I moved further and further away from thee, my lord, until I ran into the tent skin and fell.'

    57. Abram said: 'That is correct, for a power [fn. Centrifugal force] threw thee away from the centre which became stronger as thou ran faster.

    58. 'In the end thou lost control and flew away into the tent wall.

    59. 'She who moveth alone in imitation of the heavenlies, which is circular, shall be thrown out by her own motion, for she is not subject unto an opposite power that holdeth her within the circle. [fn. The sun prevents the planets from flying off into outer space by virtue of its strong gravitational pull, in the same way that the earth holds the moon in orbit]

    60. 'To keep within the circle thou must have a twin which is opposite thee;

    61. 'Thou must obey the twin and the twin must obey thee - therefore ye must be subject to one another in order to have balance and harmony in thy movement'. [fn. Another way to prevent a body from flying off into outer space if the central gravitational force is removed is to have two objects of identical mass, which exert an identical gravitational pull, rotating around a central point, as obtains between binbary stars. Both principles are combined in the atom. Not only does the Helium atom have a central nucleus but possessed two electrons rotating in the same orbit opposite one another (see the Cosmic Principle). The power generated by this arrangement of fast moving electrons is so great that the they effectively merge together to form a single electron cloud. They also cease to be just particles but possess both the properties of particles and waves simultaneously. The mystery of patriarchal marriage explains these physical manifestations perfectly]

    62. And when he had said these things, he gave unto me a rope and held on to the other end, and said:

    63. 'Run again, my love, holding on tightly to the rope, keeping the rope taut.'

    64. Therefore I ran in a circle again around my lord, who followed me with the rope which became tauter the faster I ran. [fn. A monogamous relationship represented by a star and a single planet, or by a planet and a single satellite (such as the earth and the moon). The Hydrogen atom is the equivalent on the atomic level, consisting of only one proton and one electron. It is the simplest element and the main building block of the universe. Because it is unstable is is highly combustible, forming the basic fuel of the sun and all the stars in the universe]

    65. And it came to pass that I understood, for the rope is the covenant of marriage and the love therein. [fn. The covenant of marriage is like the gravitational force between heavenly bodies. Break it, and planets fly away from stars, and satellites from planets]

    66. And as our love groweth, so the covenant becometh all the more firm the harder we run in the Holy Spirit.

    67. But we may run only so fast.

    68. And behold, my lord had to hold onto the rope as tightly as I did.

    69. And at the end of the ordinance he was as tired as I was.

    70. Abram said: 'Beloved Darash and Kehah, hearken unto me further, for I have but begun to explain the mystery.

    71. 'What would happen, beloved Darash, if Kehah had cut the rope as thou wast running?'

    72. And I replied: 'We would both fall down, my lord, with great force, and possibly injure ourselves, the more so the deeper our love and thus the greater our movement.'

    73. And my lord answered: 'It is so. When a marriage covenant is broken, great is the destruction.

    74. 'But there is more that thou hast not understood yet.

    75. 'Though the force we applied was equal, the control lay at the centre. [fn. It is the sun which binds the orbiting planets to itself, and not the other way around. Similarly, it is the larger earth which holds the moon in place, and the heavier nucleus of the atom which holds the electrons in orbit. The covenant of marriage lies with the husband for it is he who is the head and who by divine right manages the marriage - whether monogamous (hydrogen) or polygamous (all the other atoms). Similarly, it is Yahweh, who is Almighty, who holds men and women in His spiritual orbit by virtue of our agreement to allow Him to do so. We may break loose from Him is we wish and so perish]

    76. 'There is much power in the marriage of one woman to one man but it is not stable.'

    77. Now it came to pass that our lord took hold of an old ox cart wheel and removed the spokes and the hub.

    78. And he showed it unto us, saying: 'Remember, that which is of the heavenlies is circular and hath neither beginning nor end.'

    79. And he lay the wheel down upon the ground in the very centre of the tent.

    80. Thereafter he bade us to lie down opposite one another - Kehah and I - with our feet resting upon the wheel.

    81. And our lord stood in the centre of the circle.

    82. Abram said unto us: 'Ye are now perfectly balanced, one against the other, with your feet resting upon the ring of eternity, which encompasseth thy husband.

    83. 'She who entereth the Patriarchal Order of marriage and taketh unto herself a sister-wife twin in covenant putteth to death the carnal nature through faith in Yahweh, El Elyon.

    84. 'She resteth her feet upon the same ring of eternity which hath neither beginning nor end.

    85. 'The Messiah, who is to come, shall enter our world and subdue all carnality, conquering death and sin.

    86. 'She who maketh the Messiah her ground shall be saved;

    87. But she who maketh not the Messiah her gound shall perish.'

    88. Our lord paused in his speech as if in great contemplation, for the solemnities of eternity pressed keenly upon his bosom.

    89. 'Beloved, the ground of Patriarchal Marriage is the Messiah who hath neither beginning nor end.

    90. 'The husband or patriarch in such a marriage must surround himself with the love and eternal life of the Messiah, which is as a ring of protective fire around him - the ring is his authority to govern;

    91. 'And this ring he inviteth his wives to make the ground of their being, upon which they shall walk their lives in all eternity.

    92. 'Our connection as one Body and one Family is through the Messiah only, and without Him our marriage would simply fall apart even as thou, Darash, would have been flung against the tent wall had Kehah cut the rope.

    93. 'The ring of eternity that surroundeth a Patriarch and which giveth the ground of being to his wives is as large as there are wives in his family.

    94. 'The wider the ring, the greater the power released through the Messiah.

    95. 'The love of the Messiah hath no end and is as an eternal fountain of life unto those who partake of it.

    96. 'The ring of Eternal Patriarchal Marriage becometh stronger and stronger as the sister-wives love their husband, and the husband loveth his wives, and the sister-wives love one another.

    97. 'The love of Messiah, received and shared abundantly within the circle, multiplieth like the flocks of Abram;

    98. 'At first there are but a few sheep, but with each new offspring, the flocks multiply, doubling every lambing season.

    99. 'When there are two sister-wives in the ring, twins of the Holy Spirit, their glory is two.

    100. 'When two more sister-wives enter the ring, their glory is four.

    101. 'What, then, is the glory of yet two more sister-wives, making six sister-wives or three pairs in total?

    102. And I replied: 'the glory is six, my lord.'

    103. And Abram said: 'In the world it is six, my love, but in the Messiah the glory is eight.'

    104. But I did not comprehend him.

    105. 'If two more sister-wives enter the ring, making a total of eight sister-wives, or four pairs, their glory is sixteen.

    106. 'And if yet two more sister-wives enter, making ten sister-wives, or five pairs, the glory is thirty-two.

    107. 'And if yet two more sister-wives enter, making twelve sister-wives, or six pairs, then what is their glory?'

    108. And I answered him, saying: 'Sixty-four.'

    109. Kehah said unto me: 'Beloved sister-wife Darash, the glory of Patriarchal Marriage is a multiplication of the love of the Messiah that exceedeth the number of souls who are in the ring.

    110. 'Patriarchal Marriage is a channel for the multiplication of divine love, through covenant and by sacrifice.

    111. 'At first I also did not understand this until my lord Abram took more wives unto himself;

    112. 'As more entered our mystical union, so did the love of Abram grow for me, and in me, and mine for him and for all my sister-wives.

    113. 'Remember the night sky and the glory of the starry firmament, for every star is a glory of Elohim El Elyon, and every union a multiplication of this love; and some stars which appear only as one are in truth many.

    114. 'It is the purpose of Yahweh-Tsa'vaot to fill the universe with love from end to end, for this is His glory.

    115. 'The glory of Yahweh is love, and the vessels of that love are His patriarchs and matriarchs in the holy covenant of Eternal Marriage, through the Messiah Yah'shua.

    116. 'Therefore our lord Abram is trying to teach you the means by which this love is multiplied, and by which we are all blessed and enriched.'

    117. And behold, I, Darash, was full of wonder in my soul, and my heart very felt as though it wished to burst into song.

    118. For suddenly I was consumed with a holy wish to pour out my love upon my lord Abram, and upon my sister-wife Kehah, and upon Judith and upon all my sister-wives, and upon their children and grandchildren, yea verily upon all.

    119. For my heart had become as a bursting fountain that the Holy Spirit had opened, like unto an artesian well freshly sprung and reaching into the heavens, that it gusheth forth and sendeth a spray in every direction;

    120. And the spray made a rainbow in my heart, such that I began to cry out with a loud voice, saying:

    121. 'O Abram, O Kehah, I love thee with an everlasting love that I cannot contain, what shall I do?

    122. 'For I cannot lie here a moment longer but must give expression to the sea of love that is churning within my bosom!'

    123. And my lord said: 'Then arise, and do whatsoever thy heart desireth.'

    124. Therefore I leapt to my feet and rushed over to my lord Abram and flung my arms around him.

    125. And I called unto my sister-wife, saying: 'O Kehah, Kehah, my beloved, I cannot do this alone, for I am thee, and thou art me!'

    126. And Kehah rushed up unto us and likewise flung her arms around Abram and I, and we began to sob great tears of joy, as we kissed our lord and each other.

    127. And behold, even my lord Abram began to groan with the joy of our closeness and the inrushing of the Holy Spirit.

    128. So we stood in passionate embrace, we three, with a ring of love around us, our chests heaving with the intensity of the emotions which we felt for one another and for our Elohim.

    129. And we opened our mouths in praise to the Messiah, and our Father-Elohim, and we told one another that we loved one another again and again, and expressed thankfulness to the Heavens for the love and grace so richly bestowed upon us.

    130. I kissed my lord, and Kehah also, for the depth of love that I felt was as an ocean of eternity.

    131. And behold, my heart was so full to bursting that I had all but ceased to think, and could think of mothing else but smothering my husband and sister-wife with kisses.

    132. And we stood in ane another's embrace for what seemed an eternity as the night wore on.

    133. And at length our lord said unto us: 'My sweetest loves, we have been blessed by El Elyon by this outpouring of His love, which He hath given unto us to show us what lieth before us if we will walk in His will.

    134. 'And this is but the tiniest of morsels of love from the table of light. Wilt thou receive more, Darash?'

    135. And I looked up into his eyes with disbelief, for I could imagine that there could be more.

    136. But he smiled a smile that melted my heart even more, and I could see that behind those warm eyes lay a great lake of love waiting to pour out upon us.

    137. Behold, it was as a night vision, save I could see this blue sparkling lake in the depths of his soul, and I could not take my eyes of his.

    138. And I said unto him: 'How can this be possible, lord of my soul, that there is so much more love within thee?'

    139. And he answered me, saying: 'I shall tell thee, my dove, if thou wilt release me for a while and still the passion in thy body.'

    140. For...he desired to give us even more of that which he had received.

    141. He said unto us: 'Release me, my doves, and I shall tell thee more'.......

    Chapter 7

    9. 'O my lord,' I said unto him, 'never did I before realise the great and matchless love of our Father in Heaven!

    10. 'And never did I feel the sacrificial love of the Messiah as I did in our comunions in the rings.

    11. 'Truly the the unpolluted and unfallen parts of the universe which Satan hath not spoiled are a never-ending garden of love.'

    12. And Abram looked into my eyes in agreement, and kissed me upon the lips.

    13. 'Beloved wife Darash, the Lord Yahweh hath truly blessed thee this evening because thou wast so open and trusting....

    Chapter 9

    Darash's concluding remarks and testimony of Patriarchal Marriage and the mystical twin sister-wife union.

    1. And so I, Darash, wife of Abram and twin sister-wife of Kehah, make an end of my writing, in the blessed hope of the resurrection and in life eternal with my husband and sister-wives in the Paradise of El Elyon, where I may serve with all my soul for the sake of love.

    2. Fear not the carnal nature, beloved sisters in Yahweh, but place it under your feet where it may come under your dominion in Yah'shua the Messiah.

    3. And when ye have done this in faith, nothing doubting, place your feet, and your head, upon the ring of Divine Union, which is the Messiah, and draw nigh unto one another and unto El Elyon in the ecstasy of holy love.

    4. Delay not for ye shall otherwise miss your prize, never knowing the fullness of the love of El Elyon, which waiteth patiently to endow you.

    5. I am Darash, blessed and sealed in holy union, indivisible in love, favoured of El Elyon.

    6. Let no burden distract you, whether it be age, or children, or weariness, or the concerns of life, for in these things ye will be strengthened and refreshed.

    7. Blessed be El Elyon Yahweh-Tsa'vaot, and blessed is His Son Yah'shua the Messiah, and blessed be the Holy Spirit, one and indivisible, for ever more. Hallelujah! Amen.


    [fn] = footnote commentary by the revelator - this is not an organic part of the original text

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