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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    7 Abraham
    The Testament of Kehah

    Continued from 6 Abraham


    The Seventh Book of Abraham, or 7 Abraham, also known as Testament of Kehah, was received in May 2000. It is a development of the theme of twin sister-wives found in the Sixth Book of Abraham and explains the differece between the greater Shegal Order and lesser Lechenah Order of sister-wives.

    Sunday, 28 May 2000

    Chapter 1

    1. The testament of Kehah the Perizzite, wife of Abram, twin sister-wife of Darash, and sister-wife of Judith and her spiritual daughters:

    2. I am Kehah who giveth thanks unto El Elyon, my Father above, for every good thing, blessed be His Holy Name.

    3. I am as the dew, a gift of Yahweh, that formeth in the night upon the soft face of my lord, and which vanisheth in the morning before the sun of El Elyon in sacrificial praise, only to return again by night according to His grace;

    4. I was formed to bring Him glory, and to be a light unto those in darkness.

    5. He is the balm of my soul, anointing me with gladness, reproving me when my feet wander from the path, and bringeth me home unto the camp fires of my beloved family.

    6. Bless ye El Elyon out of the house of Abram, O servants of Yahweh, for His Name is goodness, and mercy, and loving kindness.

    7. In the courts of the Ancient of Days there is no merit in woman or in man, for we are but His breath, shaped into the vessels that we are.

    8. The love He hath given me cannot be quenched, for it is an everlasting flame of passionate love;

    9. Neither adversity nor death can snatch it from me because it hath been made in the House of Elohim, and it possesseth His seal.

    10. No flood can drown it, nor sword consume, for the love of El Elyon liveth forever.

    11. I am Kehah, a small wild flower by the roadside, claimed by fate, but known by El Elyon.

    12. O reader, seeker after light, come thou with me, and let us walk in the radiance of Yahweh!

    13. Call unto Him and He will answer thee, and show unto thee great and mighty things which thou hast never before known.

    14. And whereas before thou wast lost, in Him thou wilt be found and established.

    15. He will cleanse thee of all thine iniquity through the Messiah, and be the cure of every sorrow of thy heart.

    16. He will pardon the transgressor of idleness and the sin of carelesness, and make thy name worthy of praise.

    17. And He will graft thee onto a righteous branch wherein thou wilt obtain thy spiritual nourishment, even as He hath cut the stem of Abram to open him that I might once again return.

    18. O blessed redemption, how sweet thou art, which findeth refuge for my soul!

    19. Yahweh hath opened the side of Abram and usshered me back to nestle by his heart, even as He shall cause a sword to pierce and open up the Messiah that we, an unworthy race, may be readmitted once more to our Father's sacred heart.

    20. O Lord Yahweh, Thou mighty One, Thou hast performed this good thing unto thine handmaiden, and placed me within the tender embrace of my beloved...

    Chapter 2

    1. Behold, the music of our love, which none can snatch away.

    2. The divine musician hath filled our hearts with the Holy Spirit, and we play as the angels...

    Chapter 3

    1. Now Darash had been in our camp but a short time after I had shown her these things and had not as yet instructed her maidservants...

    2. And she was not a little afraid, since these sister-wives, though dearly beloved and cherished, understood not all the ways of the Firstborn, and could not be taught them until they were willing to fully renounce their carnal natures by a holy and acceptable offering and sacrifice.

    3. And ye need not suppose that these women were unspiritual, for they were not, for all were partakers of the Holy Order, and all loved El Elyon with all their hearts.

    4. Some of those who are in the greater Order of the Twelve [Shegal wives] began their spiritual walk amongst the wives of the lesser Order [Lechenah wives], and from there grew in grace and in the love of Yahweh.

    5. Therefore we do not look down upon them, but we love them with all our hearts; yet they cannot know...

    6. Now it came to pass that I had received a servant of the tribe of the Perizzites whose name is Oloah, who was a believer in El Elyon and who desired to walk with us.

    7. And because of her righteousness and the purity of her heart she sought the hand of our lord Abram.

    8. And therefore she came unto me to seek my permission, that I might interceed on her behalf. [fn. Permission is required only of those who are officially servants to a wife. Those who are not servants to members of the Greater Order pursue their courtship directly to the Patriarch.]

    9. Therefore being satisfied that her heart was right in this matter, and being ever desirous to expand the ring of our love, I spake with my husband and conversed with him about her.

    10. After he had summonsed her to speak with her, which thing he did in my presence, and had obtained the permission of El Elyon, Oloah was dedicated, betrothed and married according to the customs and practices of this most Holy Order.

    11. Now at the time that Darash had made her request, Oloah was betrothed unto our lord, and it devolved upon me to instruct her...

    12. Now when Darash became my twin our houses became one, and we occupied a pair of tents in the inner ring with a door connecting, and a pair of tents beyond this ring wherein I had my children.

    13. And we shared our servants more often because of our twinship and had a special responsibiluty for one another's children - mine in the early days, and both of ours when later she was of child.

    14. Therefore the handmaidens who were our servants, some of whom were married unto our lord, and some not, grew accustomed to serving us as twins...

    16. And so it came to pass that one evening Darash and I called Oloah into our tent and we spake unto her for many hours, discoursing on the laws [of Abram], and her rights and privileges of time and place.

    17. Now Oloah was short and possessed a great lock of black hair which flowed as a waterfall down her back...

    19. And therefore we had already begun to search amongst the servant-wives of Abram for a twin, and found one in the tent of Kadar called Ahith who was of the same proportions as Oloah.

    20. And we made enquiry of Kadar about her, and conversed upon her, and spake with her until we were satisfied that Ahith was in all likelihood the twin of Oloah, or one who could serve as an adoptive sister-wife until such a time as her real twin was found.

    43. And after we had obtained such keys as we felt might serve us to further their instruction, we brought them together - Ahith and Oloah - and explained that it was our belief that they were twin sister-wives, which thing greatly pleased them because there was a close friendship between the two.

    44. And our lord Abram explained to us also that those who are twins often form spontaneous and deep friendships;

    45. And when they are young such twins will keep all others way, and share the intimate secrets of their hearts with one another but with none else.

    46. For it is the disposition of twin sister-wives to do these things, and to develop special bonds, which behaviour they exhibit also with exclusive friends when they are young.

    47. These things are built within the nature of women that they who are humble and pure may know the end to which they have been called.

    48. And so it came to pass that we brought Ahith and Oloah before our lord Abram who discoursed more on twinship with them, and re-arranged our households that the two might dwell together under the same tent.

    49. In this matter they were overjoyed, for it had long been their wish to dwell together.

    50. And when they had moved together into my tent, there was greater peace therein, for Oloah found rest in the presence of her twin.

    51. And she became a better servant also, having a greater love for me in her heart, which thing was verily pleasing unto me also.

    52. And thus our lord rearrangeth households so that maidservants may be more compatible and greater harmony prevail amongst us.

    53. Now Darash was exceedingly interested in these things, marvelling at the simple explanations of problems that had vexed her thoughts for some time.

    54. And I explained unto her that in the Holy Order of Yahweh there are answers to all questions, which may be received according to the proper season and as we are spiritually prepared to receive them.

    Chapter 4

    1. Now Ahith had been married unto our lord for one year when she was brought into the tents of Kehah and Darash, and therefore it fell upon her to instruct Oloah in those things that she knew.

    2. There is always a teacher and pupil relationship in twins at the beginning as the younger ariseth into the understanding and experience of the elder - therefore Ahith was the teacher of Oloah.

    3. And it came to pass that Ahith taught Oloah all that she knew, and we spake unto Oloah again, rehearsing all the comandments of Yahweh...

    36. Now having been with Abram for seven days the flesh of Oloah had come to desire to possess him for her own, and a spirit of selfishness had thus crept in, which thing is not uncommon in such cases.

    37. Therefore it was requisite that she be reminded of her true place as one of many;

    38. And though this sudden awareness stung her heart deeply, and though she conversed with her twin sister-wife Ahith for several days afterwards, sometimes in tears, the ministry of the word which we gave unto her softened her heart, and she began to see her wickedness and selfishness, and repented before her twin sister-wife Ahith, and was reconciled.

    39. Those of the lesser Order must often struggle with these things for a long time, until they have overcome their selfish dispositions and have learned to submit themselves in obedience and love.

    40. And it is our responsibility as their mistresses to ensure that they learn these things, for they know that our lord Abram will not come into them whilst they are possessed of a jealous or selfish spirit.

    41. Therefore they must wrestle and learn to surrender.

    42. Having been witnesses of these things, and especially of the struggles of the lower Order, Darash and I often rejoiced that we had none of these problems, because we had entered into the fullness where nothing is hidden.

    43. And though it taketh much faith to enter into the greater Order of the Twelve, our faith is never returned to us unrewarded.

    44. And there is a countenance in the faces of the Twelve that is absent from the others which is discernable unto all, and is a testimony unto them that we have obtained the special blessings of holiness that come because of our faith in the true principles revealed unto us by our lord Abram and by the Holy Spirit.

    45. And they know that their faith is lacking, and are therefore checked in their murmuring unto us, and remain as servants of the Twelve, learning to find contentment therein.

    46. Our husband Abram will tolerate no pride and punisheth swiftly those who are filled with its spirit, banishing them from his presence until they have made their peace with El Elyon, and have learned to yield in faith to their sister-wives as equals.

    47. These things are painful for us to see but are necessary for those whose lack of faith meaneth that they must walk a longer, lower road unto peace and wholeness in El Elyon.

    48. Yet we of the greater Order are not aroused ourselves by them, for we have peace and harmony within, knowing that nothing is hidden from one another and that the greatest love is the love that is shared amongst us.

    49. And it came to pass that Oloah, like Ahish and many others of the outer Order, found her peace as she realised that our lord would not love her more than any other, and behold, she matured into a fine sister-wife.

    50. The young and the new must all struggle to some degree, but the length of the spiritual separation and suffering will depend on their faith and love.

    51. Those who have little faith have little love, and those who have little love have little inclination to share of themselves, and can never come up unto our Order.

    52. Behold, ours is a hope, and a faith, and a love born of walking in the presence of the Shekinah, which is the glory of El Elyon, which cometh to pass through the mystical union of eternal, plural marriage.

    53. Let she who hath an eye to see, see, and pluck of the Tree of Love which growth in the garden paradise of our family.

    Chapter 5

    1. And now I, Kehah, conclude my testimony with words of soberness and words of hope for those who shall come after me...

    3. The love of the Firstborn beginneth in the spirit, which endowment is of the Holy Spirit, and worketh its way to the mind and heart of woman in their turn.

    4. The soul whose spirit is touched by the Ruach haQodesh is moved within by a mystical process that few understand and to which the attachment of words is not easy,

    5. When the Holy Spirit hath worked upon the spirit of a woman, confirming that something is true, which thing she often perceiveth by an intuition that she cannot clearly explain, her own spirit worketh upon her mind, calling upon it to enter into a covenant, or an agreement, to pursue the testimony of that intuition.

    6. And behold, when the mind hath made this agreement in the Name of El Elyon, it bindeth the whole soul - which is the whole woman - by covenant;

    7. And if the soul is obedient unto the covenant, the Holy Spirit will justify her;

    8. If the soul is not obedient unto the covenant, the Holy Spirit will depart from her, and she will be left to toss and turn in her mind as clouds of doubt descend upon her and cause her to to be pushed here and there.

    9. When a woman is obedient unto the covenant, then the heart will be brought into alignment;

    10. A covenant made with El Elyon after the spirit hath been moved by the Holy Spirit causeth sweet and beautiful feelings to burst forth in confirmation of that covenant;

    11. But the heart may also draw back in fear, for the heart is not pure in woman, neither the man, and thus wild and untamed thoughts and feelings race around the soul, working upon it their destruction.

    12. And when this happens, the soul must call upon El Elyon to restore unto her the spirit of belief [faith] and to thereby enable her to acquire the spirit of knowledge and wisdom by which she will acquire the means to plant her feet firmly in the foundational earth of Yahweh.

    13. Now when the heart hath received these sweet and caressing feelings from the Holy Spirit, so it is that the flesh must be brought into order.

    14. The soul of man is corrupt, yea, even every part - the mind, the heart, and the flesh - because the fallen Adam nature permeateth the whole.

    15. Therefore I say unto you: live in the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Wisdom of El Elyon, and She will bring peace unto your souls and teach you to be obedient to your covenants, and bring order and sweetness to your troubled feelings, and establish the flesh in its proper place as a servant of the rest.

    16. To be a member of our Order, wives must learn order, subjecting the flesh to the heart, the heart to the mind, the mind to the spirit, and the spirit unto El Elyon.

    17. Many are called into our Order but few are chosen because they will not obey, listening to the carnal woman which pulleth her first here, and then there.

    18. And when she hath been tossed about a while, she giveth up the fight, and slippeth down into a lesser Order where she may make a troublesome peace with her carnal nature.

    19. And she remaineth troubled all the days of her life, more so when she is confronted by those who have not slipped down, and may withdraw all the more.

    20. It is for this reason that the Greater Order is veiled from the Lesser, and why the Twelve are not as close to the lesser wives as they are with one another;

    21. For were they to draw too near to them, they would injure their fragile consciences and cause them to sin, which thing is not pleasing unto El Elyon.

    22. For this reason El Elyon is veiled from the world by [spiritual] curtains, the heavenly world consisting of three rings;

    23. And the inner ring is the Father, Yahweh-Elohim, the middle ring is the Son, Yah'shua the Messiah, and the outer ring is the Holy Spirit.

    24. No woman cometh unto the Father save through the Son; and no woman cometh unto the Son save through the Holy Spirit.

    25. Understand these things and be wise, beloved daughters of the Covenant of Abram, and ye shall be the means of being a great blessing unto your sister-wives.

    26. For as Yahweh is hidden from the unredeemed, so also are the inner mysteries of the greater Order hidden from the Lesser Order, that the lesser may not be hurt...

    32. Therefore be merciful unto the weak, provoking them not to wrath or pain by your carelessness, and hold your peace.

    33. Rejoice in the gifts that ye have received, forcing no gift upon anyone who will not receive it.

    34. Doth your Heavenly Father force you into His love? Nay.

    35. They who are endowed from on High must wear a seal upon their hearts and upon their mouths, understanding the true calling of motherhood which is the Matriarch...

    59. Never hath my soul experienced such a transformation, for I was in hell and in chains to unbelief, and next I was in the seventh heaven with my husband and my two sister-wives.

    60. And this, beloved, is the nature of the transformations that may take place in our Order where there is true faith, as we move from one level of perfection unto the next...

    67. For even as the Messiah shall come down to the earth and live as an ordinary man, so shall He ascend back into Heaven and sit at the right hand of glory of El Elyon, completing the full circle of His work.

    68. This is the pattern which is in all things, beloved, and if ye will seek after it, ye will find it, confirming your testimony at every turn.

    69. For the Word of Yahweh is whole, and needeth no man or woman to complete it, having no flaw.

    70. It is revealed in part to the woman who will obey it in part, and in whole unto she who will embrace it all.

    71. Do not despise the greater works of the Father because they are at first strange unto you, but observe their fruits in the lives of those who live them.

    72. Love bringeth forth love, hate bringeth forth hate, purity bringeth forth purity, and uncleannness bringeth forth uncleanness.

    73. In all these things I have been cleansed, and the bonds of love have so deepned within me that to turn back would be to descend into the fiery pits of hell.

    74. I have found the fullness and I rejoice in it, desiring with all my heart that others might come unto our unity, and know of this exceeding great love that consumeth our hearts.

    75. I have found paradise upon earth and I have seen the Paradise of our Elohim in heaven, for I have been in that Great Ring and entered into the divine mystery.

    76. I need none to teach me of these things because I have been taught by the Almighty One by His own Spirit, and therefore I am blessed amongst all women.

    77. I have found the eternal family: My Heavenly Father, my Messiah, my Holy Spirit, my husband, my twin sister-wife, my sister-wives, and the children of Elohim. And we are one.

    78. I am in the bliss of the Garden of Paradise, my family united to all the other 144,000 families of the Firstborn through the Messiah, and through them all the Redeemed of Yahweh.

    79. Come, beloved, and join our blissful throng, doubting not.

    80. Resist the devil and he will depart from you and trouble you no more.

    81. Come, unite within the circle of your beloved, submitting unto your lord and husband in truth, and if he is a son of Yahweh, he will speak of, and do, all these things.

    82. Submit unto your twin sister-wife, and all your sister-wives in their turn, uniting with them in the dance of Abram, and be filled.

    83. Take hold of the blessing of the Holy Spirit and reach out into all the world, letting your love be a soothing balsam to the sick, and a comfort to the sad and lonely.

    84. Let your tongue speak under the power of the Holy Spirit and bring words of eternal life to this dying world, telling the inhabitants thereof of El Elyon, and of His Messiah who is to come and save them.

    85. I am Kehah, daughter of Yahweh El Elyon, through His Son Yah'shua, wife of Abram, twin sister-wife of Darasah, and sister-wife of a mighty throng of sister-wives, united in spirit, mind, heart, and flesh.

    86. And I have hope in the resurrection wherein we may be united in a body that is perfect and without any sin, wherein I may perfectly worship El Elyon, and sink into blissful union with my beloved Abram and his wives.

    87. Blessed be the Name of Yahweh Tsa'vaot, the one and only true Elohim, who is without beginning of end, the eternal ring of fire that bindeth the redeemed into one. Hallelujah! Amen.


    [fn] = footnote commentary by the revelator - this is not an organic part of the original text

    Continued in 8 Abraham

    Author: LThE

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