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    You have just arrived at a site that is quite unlike any other on the web. It is Christian/Messianic - but unlike other Christian/Messianic sites. It is polygamous - but unlike other polygamous sites. We present to you New Covenant Holy Echad Plural Marriage - the way men and women were created to live and in which they may find the realisation of their highest potential as spiritual beings. We offer you nothing less than a completely new way of life

    There is nothing new about polygyny (one man married to two or more women). In fact, 80% of all the world's cultures practice it in one form or another. There is nothing actually very new about Christian/Messianic polygyny either (I exclude 19th century Mormon polygamy which is very different), although it only started receiving media attention in the 1990's when a number of men went 'public'. But there is something completely new about New Covenant Holy Echad Plural Marriage.

    Most Christian/Messianic polygamist sites regard themselves as bringing the Protestant Reformation to its completion. This polygamist site, whilst certainly holding to that view too, believes in much more than that: for us, we are about the business of restoring a lifestyle hearkening not only back to the early patriarchs, nor placing it in the spiritual vessel of the atonement of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), but in revealing the kind of marriage that will dominate the 1,000 years period of peace and prosperity that will characterise the world after the present world system has been destroyed and Christ has returned to rule on earth. But as if that is not enough, we also bring a message of the kind of marriage that will obtain in heaven.

    If you are a heterosexual man or woman then we have something very precious to share with you. If you are a bisexual woman then we have a lifestyle that will not only bring you peace and happiness but a solution to the problems that arise because of bisexuality, especially within a Christian/Messianic context. Polygyny allows the same-sex attraction in bisexual women to be TRANSFORMED quite naturally and relatively easily into something purely spiritual. We therefore have a real message of hope for bisexual Christian women.

    If you are not a Christian/Messianic then I hope that we will be able to give you a new and richer vision of Christianity/Messianism - one perhaps that you have never seen before. If you are already a Christian/Messianic, then our aim will be to show you the fullness of the way of Christ that leads to happiness.

    To be a polygamist does not necessarily mean you must have more than one wife or to share your husband with more than one woman. In many respects, the word polygamy is a misnomer. We use it on this website because it is part and parcel of the currency of modern English. But anciently there was no such thing as polygamy and no such thing as monogamy. Indeed, you will find neither of these words in the Bible. Surprised? The reason they are absent is because the word MARRIAGE is, taking all the scriptures on the subject together, defined as "one man married to one or more women". There has never been any other Bible definition.

    The idea of 'monogamy' is an old Greco-Roman, Indo-European pagan one. But they were not 'monogamists' in the sense that Roman Christians (and their Protestant offspring) have come to be regarded. Greco-Roman monogamy meant being 'officially' married to one woman whilst 'secretly' (though more often than not they were quite open about it) having heterosexual and/or homosexual affairs on the side. Christianity tried to adapt the 'Roman way' by removing the licence to unbridled sex as well as the right to marry 'polygamously'. And the result has been disasterous for society. In truly polygamous societies prostitution and homosexuality don't exist because there is no 'need' for them. Indeed, 'homosexuality and lesbianism' are fruits, in a general sense, of a combination of the destructive monogamy-only mindframe and the unwillingness of men to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their God-given calling. The sexual abberations in women follow closely on the heels of the bad examples of men and their perversions.

    There are a lot of materials on this website. If you'd like to sit down comfortably with it off-line, it is possible to purchase the whole site, plus parallel ministry sites, on one CD-ROM.

    Or, if you're the kind of person who likes to sit down with a book, we have written a three-volume Christian polygamy novel on CD-ROM called Bouquet of Roses which really examines this lifestyle in detail, from both the man's and woman's perspective, based on our own experiences. Together from these - the articles on this site and the Trilogy - you will get an in-depth understanding of New Covenant Plural Marriage.

    Again, we would like to bid you 'Welcome' and bon apetit!

    Author: SBSK

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