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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    4 Abraham
    The Second Book of Judith

    Continued from 3 Abraham


    The Fourth Book of Abraham, or 4 Abraham, was received by by the Presiding Patriarch of the Chavurat Bekorot, Lev-Tsiyon haEfrayim, very rapidly over one week in May 1999 and is a sequel to the Third Book of Abraham and the Letter to Biyqah received some years ago. Its main theme is Spiritual Dance though it contains interesting theological material on other subjects. The Holy Order has released some extracts from the book for the enjoyment and spiritual blessing of the public.

    Tuesday, 7 March 2000

    Chapter 9

    22. And Abram replied: “El Elyon hath no beginning not ending, but always was, and is, and shall be.

    23. “Therefore hath He no beginning in the eternities.

    24. “But El Elyon hath a beginning in time, for He is the creator of time through the Messiah.

    25. “He entereth not time but is above it.

    26. “Nevertheless, His angels enter time to converse with men as His ambassadors.

    27. “But the angels are not of time and cannot remain here, but must return unto their own sphere.

    28. “Were they to remain in it they would be imprisoned by it, never to leave again.

    29. “But the Messiah shall enter time in its meridian, and shall be imprisoned by it in order to restore the world of time into the heavenlies.

    30. “And He shall break the bands of time, restoring it unto El Elyon at the end of the dispensation.

    31. “In the meridian He shall break the bands and return unto El Elyon, but He shall return again to complete His work.”

    32. Kadar continued saying: “What of the Watchers, my lord?”

    33. Abram said: “The Watchers were angels who kept not their first estate, being angels of El Elyon set apart to watch over mankind until the coming of Messiah,

    34. “But they lusted after women, being jealous of our Order, for they wished to know our mystery before their time.

    35. “Therefore they entered time and became imprisoned by it, supposing that they could depart at will.

    36. “Therefore they became mortal like men in the flesh, and died like flesh.

    37. “Not being born like unto natural man, they had no veil of forgetfulness, and therefore they possessed great power even unto prolonging their lives above that of mortals, which time they used to work great corruption in the earthly order, defiling all living things.”

    38. Kadar said: “My lord, are not angels immortal? How, then, did they die like unto mortal men?”

    39. And Abram replied: “Angels are only immortal in the presence of El Elyon, for He alone is immortal.

    40. “All life cometh from Yahweh-Elohim.

    41. “At His command life beginneth, and at His command it endeth.

    42. “But the Watchers knew this not, and supposed they were gods, having eternal life.

    43. “Therefore when they grew old and weak they became angry, and their hearts became the more corrupt, for they were filled with all manner of evil inclinations.

    44. “Therefore they attempted to steal life that they might prolong their own, like unto those who fell from the beginning.

    45. “....the Watchers and their posterity were destroyed from off the face of the earth in the days of father Noah....

    46. “They shall return again to work their evilness towards the end times, even they that escaped, to be destroyed from off the face of the earth for ever.”

    47. We were silent after he said these things, and then he continued:

    48. “The Watchers attempted to imitate our Holy Order, but built it upon the principles of false light.

    49. “Though such may succeed for a short time, the end of it is destruction, for it cannot be sustained without the spilling of blood and sexual perversion.

    50. “Therefore the spirits of the destroyed Watchers are confined in the dark realms of the heavenlies, prisoners awaiting their final judgment from El Elyon.

    51. “And we know not what He shall do unto them at the last day.”

    Chapter 12

    17. And we knelt in silence a short while, gazing before us and, as it were, into eternity, for our souls were for a brief time not in the temple space but in some other world which hath no ending or beginning.

    18. Now after a short time Abram, holding our hands, and still kneeling before the altar, began to pray, saying:

    19. “Blessed art thou, Yahweh, Elohim of my fathers and of all the faithful, and blessed is Thy Son Yah'shua who shall come and redeem all men from sin.

    20. “May Thy Name be exalted in this place, O Father-Elohim, King of Creation, and may we, thy servants, dance in joy unto the fulfilling of the holy mandate to be one, that we may have fellowship with Thee, according to Thy grace and loving kindness.

    21. “May Thy Light shine upon us, and within us, that we dance and play music according to the moving waters of the Spirit.

    22. “Thou art our Elohim, and we are Thine forever.

    23. “Our hearts tremble before Thee, O Holy One of my fathers, and we rejoice in the promises.

    24. “How we love Thy precepts and glory in Thy salvation.

    25. “What great peace Thou givest us who love Thy holiness.

    26. “Thou art righteous and just, O Father.

    27. “May Thy Light now shine forth and fill us with the delight of Thy presence! Amen.

    Continued in 5 Abraham

    Author: LThE

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