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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    9 Abraham
    The Book of Kannah

    Continued from 8 Abraham


    The Nineth Book of Abraham, or 9 Abraham, also known as Book of Kannah, was received in May 2000 in Kadesh-biyqah. It is largely concerned with the esoteric patterns lying behind plural marriage and what its purpose is in the eternities. The extract below concerns the relationship between the creation ordinances and polygamous families.

    Sunday, 10 June 2000

    Chapter 4

    12. Yahweh-Elohim created the world in six days and rested upon the seventh, but He hath not been still since this time.

    13. For the creative activity of the Neshamah haQodesh had Her beginning on the eighth day, but not of the physical world.

    14. Great and wondrous is the mystery of creation, which is plain to see if ye are a part of the patriarchal order of holy plural marriage, for ye are imitators of the divine work.

    16. Now the first day of creation is the creation of light, which is the marriage of Judith, even our lord's first marriage.

    17. Judith is the bride of our lord's youth that enabeleth the man to see the light of marriage and the joys thereof, for he partaketh of love for the first time.

    18. And the creation of this light is a great and wondrous thing, for by it the soul is enabled to begin to chart its journey back to unity and wholeness.

    19. But marriage bringeth its own challenges and sorrows, and thus the day is divided from the night, that the joy may not be swallowed in the sorrow, but have its own glory.

    20. And it is as our family groweth in grace that finally the night is extinguished.

    21. Therefore Judith is the First Day of our lord Abram's awakening.

    22. Now during the First Day the waters are not divided from themselves, the feelings being as one great sea of joy but not being productive as to the final purpose of marriage.

    23. And it is thus that those who have only one wife never have a vision of creation beyond that of the First Day.

    24. It is full of light and joy, and when the passion of the newness of the union hath calmed down, so entereth the sorrow, which is the sorrow of being aware that there is not a perfect unity;

    25. For though the heart is flooded with joy, which is as the undivided waters of the sea, the soul hath no land upon which to build a firm foundation.

    26. And so it came to pass that Kadar entered the family of our lord, and so the Second Day of creation was re-enacted in their little world or family.

    27. Yahweh-Elohim created a canopy of water above in the sky, separating it from the canopy of water which was the sea below.

    28. Therefore in the heart of Abram El Elyon created a canopy above out of the love which he hath hitherto given unto Judith from below which became his love for Kadar.

    29. Now many a sister-wife ignorantly thinketh that the love a husband feeleth for his wives must in every respect be the same, which thing cannot possibly be, since this is not the purpose of plural marriage.

    30. For patriarchal marriage is a creation ordinance that revealeth how El Elyon hath brought all things to pass.

    31. The love of Abram is a composite whole for all his wives;

    32. Even as the Elohimhead (Godhead) is Three and Nine, so also it is one.

    33. El Elyon loveth us, His children, as Three, Nine and One.

    34. So it is that in the beginning Abram loved Judith as One;

    33. But when Kadar came into the family, so that Unity was divided into Two;

    34. And the two parts of the Two were not one until they had been made One again.

    35. And this new Oneness is made through creative activity, through a reworking of love in nefesh, ruach and neshamah.

    36. Our lord can never love each of his wives in the same manner for we are all different, and all occupy different places in the Unity.

    37. And though he loveth us all as individualls differentlly, yet he loveth us individually with the love of the Whole, which is more than the sum of its parts, which is us sister-wives.

    38. Therefore let each sister-wife occupy her place in the nefesh - which is the body, in the ruach - which is the heart, and in the neshamah which is the mind or spirit or soul;

    39. For only in this way can she be loved by her lord for what she is, and it is only in this way that she can be loved by the Whole.

    40. Therefore when Kadar entered the marriage of Abram she occupied the canopy of water above, the meaning of which I shalll not explain here for this is a mystery unto itself.

    41. Each wife bringeth a new quality or essence into the family, which mergeth with the essences or qualities of the other wives through the ring ordinances and sacred dances, until they also become a collective family eseence on each of the three levels of unity - nefesh, ruach and neshamah.

    42. The unity of the nefesh is attained through four, of the ruach through seven, and of the neshamah through twelve.

    43. It is for this cause that a true patriarchal family is not complete until there are at least twelve sister-wives.

    44. Now with Judith and Kadar in the family the waters of Abram's heart became divided into two, being shared with two, and yet also being one.

    45. Whereas the waters were previously in one place, now they were in two, and yet they were not separated, but are two waters in one.

    46. Now on the Third Day Yahweh-Elohim gathered the waters of the sea and created land, and the same was accomplished in Abram when Rea entered the family.

    47. And upon this dry land vegetation, seed-bearing herbs, and fruit-bearing trees were created until the whole land was covered in their glory.

    48. And this was the glory of the marriage of our lord Abram when Rea entered the family, for by her presence Judith and Kadar could begin to fulfill their creative calling in the marriage in a great and glorious way.

    49. And Rea was not without Kadar, who brought forth the waters to allow the seed to grow and mutiply, and Kadar was not without Judith by whom her waters came into being and were continually replenished.

    50. Rua, the twin, followed immediately after Rea upon the Fourth Day, upon which day El Elyon divided the day from the night, making markers of seasons by creating the stars of the heavens, and the moon, and the sun.

    51. And by this creation Yahweh established the guiding principles or laws of the cosmos, ruling the earth by several lights...

    54. Now it was upon the Fifth Day that El Elyon filled the oceans with fishes, and the skies with birds of the wing, which is the fruit of grace.

    55. Therefore when Anavah entered into our family we became enriched in heart, mind and flesh, and it was at this time that great changes took place in Judith and Kadar.

    56. And the waters, which had hitherto provided only nourishment to the skies and land, now became filled with teaming life and energy as they entered into their callings as prophetesses of El Elyon.

    57. And without Anavah this would not have been possible for them.

    58. On the Sixth Day Haguth entered our family and she, being a great thinker and meditator on the Word, filled the dry land made bare by the arrival of Rea in our family.

    59. And as Yahweh-Elohim filled the land with beasts of every kind, so a new awareness came upon the family of Abram, for the breath of Haguth filled us all.

    60. And it is upon the Sixth Day that Yahweh-Tsav'aot created our first parents, even Adam and Eve, which was the crown of His creation.

    69. And it came to pass that after Yahweh- Elohim had created all things in six days, that He rested upon the Seventh Day.

    70. And when Kamar entered our family, behold, we came to rest...

    71. These are the Seven Days of Creation and Rest, and correspond to the Seven Spirits of El Elyon...

    Continued in 10 Abraham

    Author: LThE

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