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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The HEM ministry does not solicit for funds. Furthermore, we do not accept tithes or donations any longer, and indeed have not done so since 2003. There is no immediate need as we are not producing any more materials, or at least, very few. My family and I are currently devoted to missions almost full-time.

    The economic burden for maintaining this website, which is now fully integrated, is fully shouldered by the parent body at NCCG.ORG.

    There are, however, many ways you can thank us. Firstly, we covet your prayers - always. Secondly, 'spread the word' to those who you believe may be receptive or in need of hearing it by referring them to this website (http://www.nccg.org/fecpp/) and/or purchase an inexpensive DVD copy of this website and share it with someone - we may not be online forever and off-line copies will become valuable, particularly in days of persecution and survellance. Be an evangelist for the truth!

    Another way you can help is by donating articles and testimonies to this website. We are happy to receive them. There is a Guest Authors section and also one for your letters. Feedback is always welcome. You can contact the parent body and anything that concerns the HEM website will be forwarded to us. Please accept any apologies in advance if there are delays in replying as we are not available much these days.

    If you still absolutely want to make a freewill offering after this, please go to the Donations to the Ministry page where you will find instructions. You can specify what you want the money used for (website maintenance, missions, publications, etc.).

    In these times of financial recession and economic collapse, and the coming unreliability of banks, you might perhaps best use what resources you have for helping the homeless and needy. They are all around. You can most definitely thank us by helping them knowing that Yahweh will reward you greatly!

    Thank you for your past and current patronage.

    Author: SBSK

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