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    The Holy Echad Marriage (HEM) website is exclusively an online resource and archive. We no longer run our own email service or discussion groups which were permanently closed down in 2003 and will not be reopening in the future. We don't receive telephone calls or video calls, whether regular, Skype or any other online systems. So please don't ask us to talk. We won't.

    If you have any questions about the HEM vision of Christian/Messianic polygamy, please consult the hundreds of articles which are available free on this website. It is your responsibility to search out the materials, not ours to point them out to you. There are plenty of topical directories to help you.


    If, having carefully read the website, you cannot find any materials addressing your particular question, please email ([email protected]) the host website. Your letters will then be forward to me in due course. Address your emails with the following text in the Subject box:

      For the attention of Stanisław Królewiec, HEM Website

    If you do not add this, the email will not be forwarded to me. If your questions are already covered by articles, I will not reply. I don't have the time.

    Email the ministry

    If the material you need is not covered by the website, I will provide answers in the form of short articles in the appropriate sections. Check the Complete Index Page for markers for any responses or new materials. As this website is extremely comprehensive, it is unlikely that many, if any, will appear.

    As I am very busy and often abroad on missions, I may not get around to answering any enquiries for some weeks or months. Please be patient.

    Do not write to me asking me to help you find a wife or husband. Here's a typical example that was recently sent to the ministry:

      "How do I find another wife? If they're interested in a couple, they tend to be a swinger or just after a one-night stand/casual sex. If they're interested in a man, they tend to be monogamy focussed. If they're interested in a woman, they tend to be lesbian or already married. Where are all the single women seeiking marriage to couples?"

    The answer, were I to have answered such an enquiry, would have been:

      "Why would any single woman want to enter into a polygamous marriage? To think there are single women waiting around for a polygamous-minded man is absurd. Why would they? Would you, if the rôles were reversed? Of course not. I wouldn't be. You'd be looking for your own man irrespective of the odds that might be stacked against you in a Christian setting. That's human nature. The only woman who might be waiting would be so spiritual as to be repulsed by someone so carnal as yourself who simply wants 'another woman'. Such a woman would almost certainly not even be aware that polygamy was an option. She would be devoted to Yahweh and trusting Him to lead her to her chosen husband. In 99.999% of cases she will be surprised to find out, once she's been led to him, he's a polygamist! So the last place she will be looking is in polygamy chat rooms and dating sites. The only men and women you'll find there are the unspiritual with all kinds of twisted, carnal agendas."

    So my default answer to such an email would be to repent, serve Yahweh with all your might, mind and strength and leave Him to arrange such things, get on with your life and building the Kingdom. So if this is the kind of email you have in mind to send me, don't bother, because you won't get a reply and you have your answer already.

    Do not use the host website's discussion groups to pose questions of polygamy as it is their policy not to answer questions on this topic.

    Neither I nor my family do interviews for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet or other media, let alone curious individuals, at any time so please do not bother to make requests. There is at least one Christian polygamy organisation, with a high public profile located in the USA, that would be more than happy to accommodate you for that purpose. Whoever you are, don't ask to meet up with me or my family to 'see how it's done'. We're not a zoo and we're not interested.

    If you are an old friend and/or supporter of the former FICP ministry, I should, of course, be happy to hear from you to get your news.

    If you are hostile to polygamy and just want to rant, your email will automatically be deleted by the host website administration and never reach me. So please don't waste your time. Take a cold bath instead.

    Thank you for your interest in the HEM website. May you, if you are a sincere seeker, be blessed by Yahweh in your investigation of this biblical principle.

    Stanisław Królewiec
    Lublin, Poland, 20 August 2016

    Author: SBSK

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    First created on 20 August 2016
    Updated on 6 July 2017

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