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The 12 Books of Abraham

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    Over the past decade a number of novels have appeared on plural marriage but none quite like Bouquet of Roses which was not only the first of its kind (as well as the second novel ever on the subject) but, according to one evangelical Christian reviewer, has been "unequalled" ever since. Another reviewer described the book as "accelerated learning", another said she was "mesmerized", and another that "Bouquet of Roses makes you the primary authority on all matters relating to Biblical polygyny". For more detailed reviews, see Letters from Our Readers.

    Withdrawn from the internet for four years (2005-9), Bouquet of Roses is now back!

    What does this trilogy of three books have to offer you? Why is it important to the Body of Christ? It offers:

      A Crash Course in Plural Marriage the Relaxing and Enjoyable Way!
      60 Gripping Chapters of Revelation into the Workings of Polygyny

    Why have people interested in plural marriage been so favourable? Find out for yourself! And you don't even have to pay for it because we believe that God's truth should not be charged for. So dive in and enjoy yourself! Click the button below:

    Click here to read the complete Bouquet of Roses on line!

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