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Month 11:11, Week 2:3 (Shleshi/Bikkurim), Year:Day 5939:307 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Gregorian Calendar Wednesday 20 January 2016
The Daniel Code I
The Mystery of Lamed Revealed

    Preparing for Our New Mission

    Since the end of the last series I have been in much prayer to Yahweh as to our next moves and what it is He is preparing us for as a mission. The collapse hasn't occurred yet but it's pretty obvious that it's on the way and now unstoppable. I have been warning people about it for years and am glad that that phase of our mission is over. All along I knew that few would listen and that a great many of the 'yea-sayers' were, whilst in mental agreement, still unprepared to do anything by way of physical preparation, lazily - and in not a little unbelief - hoping against hope that Yahweh would either roll back the threat or do for them what they refused to do for themselves. Their heads agreeed but their hearts did not. I want to thank all of you who put the word out as far and wide as you were able. Many will thank you for it in the days to come, both those who have been listening for a long time and those latecomers who received the message, repented, and started doing everything they were capable of in the short time left to them.

    Taking Charge of New Spiritual Territories

    Our attention now must fully turn to the mission of this Mishpachah (MLT) and the work of the Remnant. Each of you is already being led by the Ruach (Spirit) to make intercession both for individuals, nations and groups of people. As the waters of the flood metaphorically receed further back over the coming months, you will see more clearly what the spiritual landscape looks like and discover your relationship to it. As new players enter the world scene and new people into your lives, so you will likewise experience major shifts in the composition and activity of territorial spiritual clans and their hierarchies as one set of demons moves out, to be allocated different work, and a new set moves in. You will sense these in your spirit and be directed by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) how and when to get into action to take charge of those territories that Yahweh has assigned to you - both your 'home territory' or fortress and specific areas (such as neighbourhoods) which Yahweh wants incorporated into His Kingdom sphere for the safety of his people as the iron and clay move about.

    Re-establishing Control Over the Outer Court

    This will also include, once the invasion and pillaging is over, selectively retaking the Outer Court of the Temple, the invasion of which is only a temporary dress-rehearsal for the 'big one' that occurs several years down the line. But since it is Yahweh who has assigned toqef (authority) to the Enemy in these areas for this season, which will likely last for many months and yet and possibly upwards of a year or two, it is only Yahweh who can declare that the Enemy's tenure is over and give permission to His qodeshim (saints) to reassume spiritual possession of it on behalf of the King.

    The Council and Aggressive Spiritual Warfare

    Getting instructions from the Council of Yah's Elohim, with whom you should start getting acquainted, will in due course become both more familiar and habitual to you. I think most of us are now sensing that we are ourselves shifting from a defensive posture and into a permenantly offensive one. This will be done in stages. And the necessary equipping to do so is most definitely on the way. It has, in fact, already started trickling down to give us time to become familiar with this aspect of the Sukkot Anointing, each 'trickling' being a preparation for more. Consider this to be an extended period of spiritual acclimatisation to what we in the past have called 'The Third Way'. We're now through the Messianic-Evangelical pass and entering new spiritual terrain.

    Spiritual Meiosis

    What I am saying is going to be meaningless to those not of the Remnant, as is intended, no doubt, but those of you who are surrendering more and more will know exactly what I am talking about because of the shared Ruach (Spirit) we are walking in. This is how the process of 'separation' takes place and how the rebirthing of the Kingdom goes through its spiritual meiosis. A recombination of spiritual chromosomes is underway, in a manner of speaking. There is a huge reshuffling going on as Yahweh rearranges our invidivual worlds within and fine tunes us to new dimensions of His Realm.

    From a Jeremiah to a Daniel Ministry

    For the last few years we have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been primarily a Jeremiah-type ministry. And whilst that will continue, as the chaos in the world spreads and reaches a climax in the current Judgment, we are now making a new, preparatory shift into a Daniel-type ministry. I will explain in a moment.

    Vision of Crossing the Boundary

    This I did not know until the early hours of yesterday morning and previous to that I honestly had no idea where we were heading. I still only know the barest details and I'm not even sure 'details' is the right word. A better description would be coming out of a fog. For myself it came in the form of being aware of what I can only describe as 'spiritual shifts'. It's very hard to label or describe something that you have never experienced before but two nights ago in particular I was aware of both a different spiritual 'atmosphere' as well as a different perception of it. I could 'see' and 'feel' it as moving shapes and colours and knew that it was something good. I saw it in vision even though I had no clue what I was looking at. My spirit knew that it was tov (good) and that it was kindling tiqveh (hope) once more.

    Vision of the Cave and Rider

    I was forewarned of what was coming. I was in a small cave though not a typical terrestrial one. The rock inside was smooth, as though eroded by water. It was a greyish colour peppered with tiny white chunks of rock. The entrance was ablaze with light and standing motionless and facing me in the mouth of the cave was a man on a horse without a saddle or reins. The light was so bright that I could see neither clearly. I knew it portended to some big change though exactly what it was I did not know. Leaving the cave will represent leaving the old Jeremiah-type ministry, just as Jeremiah was lifted out of the well into which he had been cast, to complete his mission in Jerusalem. Each member of the Remnant will doubtless have some kind of similar, imminent change in his or her life as he moves from one calling to another and is given the authority and empowerment to do so. I did understand that the smoothness of the roack was the result of powerful water erosion, in practical life the pain of the trials and vicissitutes that mould, shape and polish us. Our suffering is always consecrated to our benefit when it has been for righteousness' sake and not as a punishment for disobedience, even though undoubtedly we learn and profit (though at great cost) from the latter too. We are to move from an area of comparitive dimness into one of great brightness.

    Vision of the Word DanieL

    I did not know exactly what that might mean until yesterday morning when, in the early hours, I was awakened freezing cold (as we are currently in the midst of a very harsh winter in Sweden) and saw in front of me an intense vision of the word DANIEL spelled out in bright white letters. However, there was something deliberately 'odd' about it inasmuch as the last letter - 'l' - was superimposed on a black rectangular background so as to make it particularly stand out and draw ones attention. Following as it did on the earlier visions of that 'shift' I mentioned, and being as the spirit was the same, I paid very careful attention indeed. I knew that this was important. There was something very necessary to understand about the Hebrew letter LAMED (l) at this time but that it would be incomprehensibe without understanding its context which was the word and the person of Daniel the navi (prophet).

    So Much Jam-Packed Revelation

    I am constantly amazed by how much Yahweh packs into something as small as a letter, l (lamed), and a word, laynd (daniel). As I plunged into my researches layer after layer of meaning and personal associations just popped out in a constant flood of revelation that filled up pages of a notebook in the space of a couple of hours. I was astonished and awe-struck, as I always am, at the genius of our Elohim (God). He comes through when we least expect it, usually at the last minute, and then treats us to a flood of light. I have never much liked having my emunah (faith) stretched in this way, and if I am completely honest, I still can't say I am enthusiastic about it, but I can say that as I become more familiar with His ways the less liable to stress I am when my patience shows signs of starting to crack under the intense pressure of desiring Him to break through sooner rather than later. Oh, and when He does, He always leaves a lot of work to be done in coming to understand. We don't get it all served on a plate.

    The Cryptic Way

    With me, at any rate, because I have the gift of seership, Yahweh is frequently cryptic and visual, no doubt tailored to my personality, knowing as He does both what I enjoy and am gifted in. For you it may well be entirely different, and that's good too. It's part of your - and my - personal relationship with Him. And it's unique to everyone because we are all different and special to Him. When He is in us, and we in Him, operating according to what is unique in us, we soar high and rejoice greatly. He triggers heart-songs which He and I (or you and I) alone can understand as allegorical Brides. We cannot force ourselves into one another's worlds though we may certainly rejoice in each other's simcha (joy).

    Unpacking the Revelation

    I am not going to share much in terms of the personal things that were shown to me, but I am - and must - share what is general to the Remnant because it's important for them. So let us get into the nitty-gritty of this revelation and start to unpack it.

    Lamed and the Number 30

    We'll start with the lamed (l) since that was what was highlighted. The letter has a gematric number of 30 which in the Bible represents dedication to a particular task or calling. Aaronic cohenim (priests) were dedicated to service at the age of 30 because that is the age a person reaches physical and mental maturity and can handle major responsibilities. This is the minimum age at which we ordain zaqenim or elders in this ministry. A person less than 30 is too young or immature. You will recall that John the Baptist began his ministry aged 30 as did Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) Himself when He started publicly preaching the Besorah (Gospel) (Lk.2:23). The number 30 also represents the sacrificial blood of Messiah. He was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver by Judas, itself a fulfilment of prophecy (Zech.11:12-13). Finally, the patriarchs Salah (grandson of Shem/Melchizedek), Peleg (who witnessed the division of the earth) and Serug (great-grandfather of Abraham) had their first sons at age 30. The navi (prophet) Ezekiel began his ministry at 30 (Ezek.1:1) and was the occasion on which he received the incredible 'wheel-within-a-wheel' vision. Joseph, who is a type of Yah'shua (Jesus), was appointed Prime Minister of Egypt aged 30, as was David when he began to rule over all Israel.

    A Number of Transition and Appointment

    The number 30, then, is the age at which a man is matured enough to serve his mission, be it elder, pastor, navi (prophet), king or saviour. But it is also the prescribed number of days of mourning, both Aaron and Moses being mourned by the children of Israel for 30 days (Num.20:29; Dt.34:8), a different kind of transition, from one world to another. 30, then, is the number of transition and appointment. And that is practically where we are today for this ministry began in 1987, almost 30 years ago. It has taken that long to mature us. By the time this Sh'mittah (Sabbatical) year is over, we will be 30 years old. Something to think about...

    Ordaining NCAY's Elders Postponed

    You will also recall that in our last General Conference in 2014 we were planning to ordain our first elders in the newly constituted New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) when the Ruach (Spirit) prevented me from going ahead after the interviews had been completed. Not only that, but I preached a sermon entitled, The White Funeral and the Echad Bride about the call to die to the fleshy nature. Perhaps we did not realise that the 'body' of this ministry needed to be in the metaphorical 'grave' for three days (three years) before the time to be raised would come. Yom haBikkurim (Day of Firstfruits) or Resurrection Day was that day in 2014. We have, relative to what is coming, been in the grave since then, awaiting the call to come forth. Now we know that Yah'shua (Jesus) was not in the grave for 72 hours or 3 whole days but rather arose on the third day, so the exact time we are brought forth is not necessarily Yom haBikkurim 2017 but but it could be at any time in that third year which could be this year (2016) or next (2017), and either way, it will be during the year of Yovel (Jubilee). We shall have to wait and see (see 3 Days and 3 Nights: Was Yah'shua in the Tomb for 72 Hours?) just as the talmidim (disciples) were commanded to wait in Jerusalem until the Shavu'ot (Weeks, 'Pentecost') was sent to them (Lk.24:49). We, too, then, must continue about our business, not jumping the gun, but waiting for the lamed (l) time to be completed in us. It isn't quite up yet, there is still surrendering and repenting to be finished.

    Lamed as Authority

    The original meaning of lamed was probably to 'prick', 'sting', 'incide' or 'goad' as a shepherd might prod cattle into action. It's ancient paleo-Hebrew pictograph was that of a staff or a goad, representing toqef or authority. It looks a bit like an upturned crook or the letter 'J' leaning slightly to the right (see right).

    Lamed as Learning and Teaching

    The root of the word lamed is lamad which means to 'learn' or 'teach':

      "So now, Israel, give heed to the chukim (statutes) and mishpatim (ordinances, judgments) that I am teaching (lamad) you to observe..." (Dt.4:1, NRSV).

    A Heart That Understands Knowledge

    The first business of learning is mishnei Torah, that is to say, the repetition or inculcation of Torah. Lamed may also be seen as an acronym for the phrase lev meivim da'at (dml), "a heart that understands knowledge". The goal or end of learning (the last letter of Daniel, lamed - l) is HEART KNOWLEDGE (as opposed to intellectual or brain knowledge) which is the love of Yahweh and His Salvation, Yah'shua (Jesus):

      "You (Pharisees) search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal chayim (life); and (but) it is they that testify on My behalf (bear witness of Me)" (Jn.5:39, NRSV).

    The Purpose of Studying and Learning Torah

    In other words, studying and learning Torah is meant to ultimately reveal that ahavah (love) and chesed (grace) of the Messiah, the true Teacher and King of kings. And you can only do that by understanding and living out, as part of your Christian/Messianic lifestyle, the nitty-gritty of the mitzvot (commandments):

      "If you love Me (Yah'shua/Jesus), keep My mitzvot (commandments)" (Jn.14:15-16, NKJV).

    Meaning of the Word 'Daniel'

    Now that we have got some insights into the letter lamed (l) that was highlighted in the vision, let us now turn to the word of which is formed a part, DANIEL or laynd, which is a composite of two words, DIN (nyd), meaning to 'contend', 'plea' or 'govern', i.e. a 'judge', and EL (la), meaning 'El' or 'God'. 'Daniel' therefore means 'El/God is my Judge' or 'Judge of El/God'. The man Daniel was a 'Judge of God' because he lived out a life that exemplied that El (God) was his Judge in all areas of his life. Daniel would, as we shall see later, act in the capacity of a Judge of Elohim (God) by pronouncing sentence on Belshazzar, the last King of Babylon.

    The Eight Modern Daniel-Like Judgments of Elohim

    We have seen this aspect of a Daniel-type ministry exemplified in our calling to issue the eight Mishpatim Yahweh or Judgments of Yahweh concerning the Nations (I) (April 2014), Ukraine and Moldova (April 2014), Believers (Christians) (June 2014), the Potentates (World Leaders) (September 2014), the New Battle of Carchemish (September 2014), the Messianic Movement (January 2015), the United States (June 2015) and finally the final word on the Nations (II) (January 2016). And I have already spoken much about the two chief world contenders, Obama (Belshazzar) and Putin (Cyrus). (For a detailed account see the Judgment on the United States and Last Countdown: The Prophetic Perspective).

    The Paleo-Hebrew Hieroglyphs

    To properly understand the meaning of the word 'Daniel' we have to go beyond the Pharisee-invented (and occult-influenced) modern block-Hebrew script that most are familar with and go to the original paleo-Hebrew, which is pictographic, meaning each letter is a picture with its own special meaning. The Hebrew language, to be fully understood, has to be both 'listened' to and 'seen'. Here are the letters of the paleo-Hebrew alphabet:

    Daniel in Paleo-Hebrew

    Each of these, as I said, has a meaning in addition to a sound. Arranged pictographically, Daniel's name appears thus:

    L - E - I - N - D
    D a N - I - E - L

    Here are the component parts of each letter/glyph:

    Pictogram Meaning
      Tent door, pathway
      Seed, fish, activity, life
      Arm and hand, work, deed
      Ox, strength, leader
      Staff, goad, control, 'toward'

    A Revelation of the Messiah

    Let's take a look at the two components, nd (Dan) and la (El) which are linked by y (yod). Represented in the original paleo-pictographs, and reading from left to right:

    + +

    we get:

    [The] Judge (nd) (Yah'shua/Jesus, the Derech Chayim/Way of Life)

    will bring to account (y) people's works and act (y) on it,

    [the] Strong/Mighty Leader/One = El = God (la)

    Daniel, Magicians and Prophetic Timelines

    Daniels come onto the scene to act as Yahweh's prophetic mouthpiece at times of momentous change. Daniel himself lived during the Hebrew captivity in Babylon, serving in the court of the king as an important counselor, and rose to prominence because of his ability, like Joseph, to interpret the key dreams and visions of monarchs by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). His contemporaries, who had their faith in the occult arts, were unable to access the secrets of Yahweh's revelation. For this ability or giftedness, he was pomoted to a high position at court (Dan.2:48; 5:29). He revealed four important visions pertaining to the end times that have resulted in exegetes over the centuries proposing numerous different prophetic timelines for the end of the world. Most been in error because of a failure to accept and understand Yahweh's lunisolar Creation Calendar. You cannot accurately map out prophetic timelines using the corrupted pagan calendars of the Romans, Popes and Jews.

    Nature of the Daniel Anointing

    One of the characteristics of the 'Daniel Anointing', if I can call it that, is that just as Moses and Aaron displayed more power to work wonders than the Egyptian magicians, and as Daniel exhibited more power to reveal things than all of the Babylonian "magicians, conjurers, sorcerers and Chaldeans" (Dan.2,4-5), so those with this anointing in these end times will be able to demonstrate a greater ability to discern and prophesy than either the New Age/occultic wizzards of our own time or their corrupted Christian and Messianic counterparts who have imbibed deep drafts of dark charismata into their spiritual life. The end-time Daniels will not only be able to interpet the dreams and visions given to pagans like Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar but will be given their own visions (Dan.7-12). As Daniel's visions predicted the end of the Selucid kingdom, the coming of Elohim's Kingdom (Dan.7), the resurrection of the dead and the Final Judgment (Dan.12), so the end-time Daniels in the Remnant will be bringing forth revelations and predictions pertaining to the fate of modern kingdoms, alliances and confederations, the guidance needed by those in the Second Exodus, at its every stage, and vital truths needed to combat the Enemy as he manifests greater and more terrible demonic powers granted by the deepening depravity of humankind in its rebellion against the Creator.

    The Prophet Never Called a Prophet

    Though it is patently obvious that Daniel was a navi (prophet) - and a great one at that - it is more than curious that he is never spoken of as one. He is mentioned only twice in the New Testament in connection with the "abomination of desolation" (Mt.24:15; Mk.13:14), something that the last generation will witness and more than a mere 'idol' in a 21st century Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

    My Own Historical Relationship to the Book of Daniel

    On a personal note, the Book of Daniel is probably one of the least known books to me because every time in the past I have decided to study it, I have never been able to make more than a cursory inspection. I had, as I supposed, good cause to be interested, because of all the claims made by, and the encounters I have had with, different teachers and denominations claiming to have 'cracked' the code of Daniel's four end-time visions. The Ruach (Spirit) consistently led me away from it...until now. I have never been so hungry for this book as I am today, since seeing the vision. Now I am accutely aware that this is the time to study and expound on this important work. This article will doubtless be the first of many.

    Characteristics and Positions of Influence

    The young Daniel was carried off with three noble youths and was given the Babylonian name 'Belteshazzar' (meaning 'prince of [the pagan god] Bel') in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar. Trained, like Moses, in schools of wise men (Dan.1:4), he became distinguished for his piety and strict observance of Torah (Dan.1:8-16), and in consequence gained the confidence and esteem of those over him. Like Joseph in Egypt, he first became elevated to the Third Ruler (under Nebuchadnezzar) and finally to Second Ruler (under his fated grandson Belshazzar). It was Daniel who interpreted the proverbial "writing on the wall" that signalled the end of the mighty but blasphemous Belshazzar, who was slain the very night of the incident.

    The Writing is On the Wall Today

    Without a doubt, and as I and others have testified, the writing is on the wall for the evil rulers of our day too, and in particular, for our modern 'Belshazzar' in the New World.

    Seeing the Twelve Tribes Off on Their Journey

    Cyrus, the conqueror of Babylon and slayer of Belshazzar, placed Median Prince Darius (aged ~62) on the Babylonian throne (Dan.5:31) who then appointed Daniel as the first of three presidents. And here is the interesting connection with our own time: for Daniel, though he did not return with them, witnessed many Judahites restored to the the Land of Israel. Our generation - my generation - will not witness the completion of the Second Exodus but we shall 'see the twelve tribes off', as it were, sending them on their amazing and exciting journey of which it will be said in generations to come that this was the most extraordinary exodus of all, revealing the mighty Hand of El Elyon in ways never before witnessed in the history of mankind. It is my privilege, and that of many of you, to be called to see our 'children' off to fulfil the prophecies of Daniel and many others and to witness that great and triumphal return of our Messiah. We will return, Yah willing, when Messiah returns with His qodeshim (saints) to His, and our, inheritance.

    Who Will Be Our 'Darius'?

    Daniel's fidelity to Yahweh exposed this man of Elohim (God) to persecution. He was cast into a den of lions (we have a picture of this in our meeting room), and after his deliverance, Darius issued a decree commanding reverance for Yahweh (Dan.6:26). Will we see an appointee (a new 'Darius') of Putin, today's 'Cyrus', after the destruction of today's 'Belshazzar', do something similar? We will have to wait and see because I know no more than I have already shared with you, and too much speculation is not a healthy thing. We must live day by day with what we know in emunah (faith).

    Daniel's Covenant of Miracles and Ours

    So we can say, summarising important parts of his life, that Daniel played a major rôle in putting an end to the Captivity (BC 536). Daniel died at Susa, aged around 85 years old. He was a contemporary with the navi (prophet) Ezekiel, who mentions him as a pattern of righteousness (Ezek.14:14,20) and wisdom (Ezek.28:3), along with Noah and Job, whom we should emulate. Given the deliverance not only of Daniel (Belteshazzar) from the den of lions, but also the deliverance of the three youths - Hananiah (Shadrach), Mishael (Meshach) and Azariah (Abednego) - from the fiery furnace, it is plainly evident that this navi (prophet) and his three companions operated within the COVENANT OF MIRACLES which must characterise the Third Exodus as it gathers steam.

    Your Challenge

    So my question is to you, my brethren and sisters, of the Remnant and of the Second Exodus, is this: are you willing to exercise the emunah (faith) of a Daniel (who stood alone with only Yah'shua/Jesus in the lion's den), a Hananiah, a Mishael and an Azariah (who stood alone with Yah'shua/Jesus in the fiery furnace), in the trials that you will encounter? Will you refuse to bow down to the idols of our age in any and every form? Will you refuse not to worship Yahweh in the manner that He has appointed, in obedience to His mitzvot (commandments), thereby demonstrating your love of Him, or will you compromise and make excuses? I've said before that the Remnant does not consist of camp-followers and stragglers who will not commit, who make excuses for their lack of emunah (faith), and I will say it again and again. Those who thumped on the hull of the ark as the flood waters rose did not - and cannot - ever get on board...you're either of that eight or you are not. And it still isn't too late to repent and surrender.

    Daniel and the Number 95

    The name 'Daniel' (laynd) has the numeric value of 95. We have already looked in some depth at the number of the letter lamed (l), which was 30, but to understand that better we must learn more about the full name itself. It was the lamed (l) that Yahweh wanted us to look particularly at, and we shall not lose our focus of it, but without a context, it will be meaningless. That context is both the word daniel and our own situation today.

    Holland, Flanders and South Africa

    There are about 50 words in the Tanakh (Old Testament) that have the same numeric value as daniel [1]. I had thought to review these with you today but will leave you to study them for yourself for now. I do feel, though, that I should point out the connection to the Tribe of Zebulon (Holland, Flanders/Vlaamland and most of the Afrikaans-speaking people of South Africa) who will start playing an important rôle in the Final Gathering as their repentance accelerates. If I am led to, I will speak more of the other '95' words in a follow-up article.

    The Zebulon Territories

    The Meaning of Lamed

    So why did Yahweh highlight the 'L' or lamed (l) in the vision at this time of national and world Judgment? What is the overall message?

    NCAY, Joseph-Ephraim and the Ox

    First, we have up until now, largely been a lamed (l - 30) or TEACHING MINISTRY and have been sowing Yahweh's Davar (Word) and Revelation for the last 30 years. That will continue as we move into new areas represented by the word daniel (laynd), begining with alef (a) symbolising LEADERSHIP. As a point of historical interest it should be noted that this work began in OXford, England, the alef pictograph being an ox's head (see above right). Furthermore the ox is the symbol of the Tribe of JOSEPH-EPHRAIM who is the head tribe of Messianic Israel (Dt.33:13-17):

      "About Joseph he said:
      'May Yahweh bless his land
      with the precious dew from heaven above
      and with the deep waters that lie below;
      with the best the sun brings forth
      and the finest the moon can yield;
      with the choicest gifts of the ancient mountains
      and the fruitfulness of the everlasting hills;
      with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness
      and the favor of him who dwelt in the burning bush.
      Let all these rest on the head of Joseph,
      on the brow of the prince among his brothers.
      In majesty he is like a firstborn bull;
      his horns are the horns of a wild ox.
      With them he will gore the nations,
      even those at the ends of the earth.
      Such are the ten thousands of Ephraim;
      such are the thousands of Manasseh'"

      (Deut 33:13-17, NIV).

    Our History in 'Daniel'

    In 1984 Yahweh opened a door (d) in the form of revelation commanding the beginning of this work, in 1987 when we organised in Oxford, He planted a seed (n) and through our labours in His Ruach (Spirit) (y) in Norway and Sweden gave us the strength (a) to bring forth this massive library of teaching for the Remnant (l). That is the lamed (l) we are now looking at, a complete letter.

    The Immediate Task

    As we regain our strength (a) so we will be given revelation for new works/labours (y), and all that has been harvested from the first labour will be seeded again (n) and new doors opened (d). My immediate task is to take this great library of materials produced over a 30 (l) year span on the nccg.org website and rerrange it - also restoring large sections that were removed over ten years ago because then was not the time for its sharing - by making a completely new website, updated and polished. That work began about a week ago though it had originally been scheduled much earlier but was delayed on account of all the mistpatim (judgments) Yahweh was issuing and because of the time needed to warn people. This is why I have largely withdrawn my time and efforts from other activities online to accomplish this task.


    I will have more to say about these matters in the next article as obviously a lot more could be said than has been. There is more to 'Daniel' than meets the eye. We will see how this great end-time revelation is to be applied in the latter-day 'world of Daniel' that that will replace the existing one. We are on the very cusp ending Belshazzar's (Obama's) world and starting Cyrus' (Putin's).

    Continued in Part 2


    [1] Words with a gematric value of 95:

    God is judge (daniel) Water (mayim) Plant (nato')
    Mouth (peh) Fair (yafeh) South (negev)
    King (melek) Lord/Master (adonai) Beget (yalad)
    Zebulon Mules (yem) Forsake ('azab)
    Basket (cal) Know/intercourse (yada') Bowl (gebiya')
    Leave (yanach) Fat (cheleb) Redeem (padah)
    Go (halak) Number (manah) Inheritance (nachalah)
    Host (tsaba') Thrust (hadaf) Border (gebuwl)
    Teach (lamad) Inherit (nachal) Hinnom
    Escape (malat) Fly ('iyt) Moab
    Praise (halal) Every, all (kol) Bare (natal)
    Temple (hekal) Smite (nakah) Fight (lacham)
    Uncover (galah) Contain (kuwl) Chaldean (Kacday)
    Consume (kalah) Cover (kacah) Become ('alach)
    Sorrows (chebel) Selah (celah) Separation (niddah)
    Foundation (yasad) - -

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