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Month 10:17, Week 3:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5939:284 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Global Judgment - Day #T-15
Gregorian Calendar Monday 28 December 2015
Last Countdown
The Prophetic Perspective

      "Hear you mountains (kingdoms, nations, principalities), the indictment of Yahweh, and you enduring foundations of the earth" (Micah 6:2, ESV).

    Introduction to the Indictment

    The word "indictment" in this passage translates the Hebrew word rib which literally means a legal procedure (Mic.7:9; Is.41:21; 50:8; Jer.2:9ff.) in which the navi (prophet) Micah (in this case) invited Yahweh to set forth His case before the Council of Yah's Elohim.

    The 166- and 107-Day Countdowns

    We are drawing to the close of a 166-day countdown that began nearly half a year ago. This countdown ran in parallel with a shorter 107-day countdown concerning the indictment and judgment of the United States as a nation and as the dominant global power, ended on 10 October 2015, with 87 days of the current global countdown left to run.

    National American Repentance is Over

    What this means is that there is now no longer any repentance for the nation as a whole. Insufficient numbers of people have repented to stay the judgment. That judgment is being unleashed against the country as a process of unfolding calamities that will eventually result in its humiliation and subservience to the new replacing powers. Many of these calamities are running in parallel, some are sequential. The economic collapse, yet to come (though it has been in the process since 2008), will be one of the big markers whose repercussions will leave both the nation and the world in the sure knowledge that the age of US hegemony is over.

    Judgment of the Western Corporate Élites

    The current countdown is a little different because it points to the indictment and judgment of the global corporate, satanic and dynastic élites who are the real power behind the corrupt and subservient governments of the nations. Though the United States was singled out in the now ended 87-day countdown, it also stood representationally for all the other governments - principally Western - that lay under its hegemony. All these governments and nations (the United Kingdom, France and Germany, to name the three leading ones in Europe) were endicted, found guilty, and are coming under judgment simultaneously. The governments of Canada, the European nations (principally, though not exclusively, the European Union, NATO, Australia, New Zealand and all their client states internationally) are to become the recipients of Yahweh's wrath.

    The Sh'mittah and Yovel Judgments

    Though it is the Western Zionist cabal that is principally coming under judgment, all cabals are coming under judgment too, each according to their wickedness and rebellion against Yahweh's Order. The worst of the judgment will be taking place - and already is taking place - during the current Sh'mittah or Sabbatical Year (spring 2015 - spring 2016) and the coming Yovel or Jubilee Year (spring 2016 - spring 2017). By Aviv 1 in 2017 is should largely be over.

    Preparing the Remnant

    The countdowns, as I have explained before, lead to final and irrevocable jurisdictional decisions reached in the Heavenly Courts. The dates for the execution of the various punishments have not been given to me personally other than within the timeframe I have related. My principle concern and warning has been for the Remnant to be prepared physically, spiritually and locationally, according to the personal revelation of Yahweh to each family and individual. Your job - and my job - has been to seek the face of Yahweh in repentance to ask for enabling in terms of being quit of habitual sins, getting in survival items (food, water, medicine, etc.) in sufficient quantity to last a minimum of one year (two would be best), learning the skills needed to live off the grid and without dependency on the state for anything (like welfare, medical aid, etc.), and locating to places of safety in your home country - or abroad, if Yahweh calls you to relocate to another nations. He will open all doors for the faithful.

    Between Two Groups of Cabals

    This is the time of the judgment of the current élites and if you have been following the news and have not been blinded by all the media propaganda, having hopefully done lots of research into the emet (truth) as to the real state of the world and who governs who and how, you will have observed different groups vying for power, the most obvious being between the Western Zionist Maffia and the Eastern Russian-Chinese axis and their allies. I talked a little about this in my last sabbath sermon on the coming new 30 years war.

    Understanding the Emerging Sino-Russian Power

    No one should suppose - and I have never claimed it to be so - that the new big powers, Russia and China, who are going to replace the USA and Europe, are angelic. The fact that I have stated that Vladimir Putin is a modern-day Cyrus does not mean that he is sqeakey clean. He isn't [1]. And the reputation of the Chinese Communist Party is well-known [2] even if has become moderated somewhat since Mao. The redeeming force behind modern China is its exploding Christian population because its Christianity is currently purer than that of the West. And the redeeming force behind modern Russia is the imposition of moral values by its current leader who is endorsed by over 80% of the population. The Heavenly Judgment is being made on the basis of the relative states of righteoueness between the two globalist groupings and not on the basis of any absolute righteousness of the nations who are replacing the USA and the NATO faction.

    No Global Peace on the Horizon

    It is also important to understand that we are not about to enter an era of global peace. The judgments that are being made are being carried out for two reasons:

    • 1. Because Yahweh is bound by His own Torah to make judgments on nations and people based on the timing of prophetic cycles of history; and
    • 2. Because Yahweh is purchasing breathing space for the Remnant to accomplish the Final Gathering and to effect the final witness to the world before the Second Coming and Last Judgment.

    The Remnant is Still a Young Reed

    The Enemy is not to be allowed to crush the Remnant while it is still a young reed. Time is needed for maturing to take place. So, no, there will not be no end to war - it will simply take on a different face and complexity [3]

    Many Years to Go in the Kingdom of Two Feet

    As I have also mentioned before several times, we are in the final phase of history which may well be as long as 40 years long, in which we have started experiencing what it is like to live in the Kingdom of the Two Feet as represented by the vision of the statue of Nebuchadnazzar. The two feet are made of a mixture of iron and clay, a combination of both strength and weakness, making the system vulnerable as well as safe for those who know, by revelation, which parts of the world or countries are 'clay' (less dangerous) and which are 'iron' (more dangerous) at any one particular time. More than at any time in history past, the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) have got to really learn now to be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matt.10:16, NKJV) because the naïve and gullible are probably not going to make it in the new order of things.

    Facing the Ripened End-Time Canaanites

    Another thing you have got to get used to if you want to live and be productive for Yahweh: though the weapons of our warfare remain the same (Zech.4:6) the conditions are not. In our midst is an end-time generation of satanist 'Canaanites' who visibly will grow in numbers and murderous intent. Our warfare is of the Ruach (Spirit) and those who are walking in the end-time Sukkot Anointing - the Anointing of the Remnant - operate in the Seven Ruachot (Spirits) of which the Ruach Gevurah or Spirit of Power is an essential part.

    The Death Sentence

    Therefore those who are ripened fully in iniquity, who come against the Remnant with unrepentant murderous designs, shall themselves be slain by the Ruach Gevurah when that judgment is spoken over them by the nevi'im (prophets). The Remnant must operate in the Ruach Eliyah or Spirit of Elijah which has, as its dual purpose, not only to "turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" (Mal.4:6, NIV), but also the exercising of divine power to execute the adversaries. Therefore those who come against my own can expect to depart to the spirit realm, as has happened numerous times before in my ministry. Such must be the mind of the true nevi'im (prophets) throughout the Remnant for that is part of what a true spiritual covering by fathers and husbands is supposed to be. I fully intend to walk in that manner so I am once again serving notice in advance to their watchers. If you are beyond repentance and your intent is to kill, expect to die by the mightly Hand of Elohim (God).

    Vision of the Suit of Protection

    There is much that the Remnant has to learn, as I earlier intimated. This is a time of great change for all of us. Indeed I had quite a surprise two nights ago when Yahweh opened up a vision to me and showed me the nature of my own spiritual covering. At first I misunderstood it, thinking it was something negative, but then it began to dawn on me that this was actually a kind of armour represented symbolically by something both natural and very tough. My entire body, from head to foot, was covered in a suit made of white, fused, ridged, conical barnacle shells, so that there was not a crack anywhere to be seen. I was astonished because I had never seen anything like it before. I could see it was incredibly tough and I understood that this was the result of patient (and sometimes impatient) suffering for the sake of the Kingdom of our Messiah.

    Preparing the New NCAY

    In the remaining 15 days of this final countdown it is my task to continue to warn and prepare the Remnant and anyone who will listen. There's a long journey ahead and when this count is over a new journey begins. In the spring of 2016 we are commanded to reorganise. Exactly what form this will take, I still do not yet know, and knowing Yahweh at least, we probably won't know until the very last minute. One thing I do know is that the new NCAY will not be like the old one. The new NCAY will not be for camp-followers, those just tagging along for company, because all who are a part of this end-time Remnant work must be passionately convicted and and eagerly serving as one Team in their respective giftings. We will never be a drop-by church or assembly again, we will not be in the entertainment or hotel business. We are only for, and of, the Remnant. If you're not sure whether you are called to be a part of us, then you are not a part of us...at least not yet. For when you are called, having received the revelation of Yahweh, you will throw your whole being into the work. Those who are lukewarm will never even get through the door. For those not called to be a part of this work, there will be other people willing - at least for a while - to cater to the spirits of self-entitement and willfull spiritual infancy.


    I hope, having read this, you know what what all the counts have been about and where this last one is leading. This is a spiritual army being equipped for spiritual warfare. All are being trained in all Seven Ruachot - the Spirits of Yahweh's Name or Identity, Wisdom, Understanding, Counselling, Strength/Power, Knowledge and the fear of Yahweh. These are an echad or oneness and not divisible. I will be sharing much more about this equipping in the months ahead.


    [1] See, for example, Karin Dawisha, Putin's Kleptocracy (Simon & Schuster, New York: 2014)
    [2] See, for example, Jung Chang & John Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2007)
    [3] See, for example, Benjamin Baruch & J.R.Nyquyist, The new Tactics of Global War (Scribe Publications, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: 2015)

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    This page was created on 28 December 2015
    Last updated on 28 December 2015

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