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Month 11:24, Week 4:2 (Shanee/Bikkurim), Year:Day 5939:318 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 2 February 2016
The Daniel Code II
Understanding Our New Mission

    Continued from Part 1


    The revelation of Yahweh's will for the Remnant and our particular calling continues to unfold and today I am to share the next phase with you. Some I must share in outline or parabolically only so that only those who have the Sukkot Anointing can understand it. Since last sharing with you, about two weeks ago, I have spent every day almost exclusively in the Book of Daniel reading it over and over again because this is a key Scripture for the rising and preparation of the end-time Remnant.

    Vision of Opposition and Demonic Attack on Health

    The Enemy has, at the same time, suddenly 'upped' the pressure and opposition. A few days ago a brother evangelist from Rwanda shared a vision he had had of me. In the vision he was shown that I was under intense demonic attack with the express purpose of trying to destroy my health but that Yahweh's malakim (angels) were fighting them in protection. The whole of my family has been under massive health attack and we have felt it keenly and a couple of days ago I went into hospital to get some treatment. The pressure has not relented but I feel Yahweh's presence now.

    The UFOs Around Us

    Another parallel and related happening occurred three days ago. Over the years I have shared with you our experience of UFO's and what Yahweh has shown me they are. They are around practically every night here, sometimes in large numbers, usually at a great distance, sometimes moving around doing all kinds of 'impossible' manoeuvres (as far as human-built aircraft are concerned), sometimes a little closer, sometimes much farther out, but with a minimum of two or three always visible on a clear night. I have photographed them extensively over the years and even made some video clips which I have sent to experts for verification.

    The UFO at Ground Level Next to Our Home

    Three nights ago we experienced something quite new - with one high above us at tree-top level at the usual distance - on walking up our driveway that evening we saw one a few feet above ground level no more than 100 yards away in a clump of trees just beyond our land (see picture below). We studied it for over a couple of hours to make sure it wasn't a lamppost (there are none in that direction) or someone walking their dog with a torch/flashlight (it remained completely stationary most of the time and it was twice as bright as any houselight or streetlamp). I had a very uneasy sense about it and knew it was not of human origin from the beginning. When I boldly moved toward it it suddenly disappeared. When I retired to the house to get a strong torch/flashlight it had returned. When I shone the torch/flashlight on it, it moved slightly to one side, and then returned to its former position. It did this twice. Remaining in our territory, which is spiritually dedicated to Yahweh and guarded, I retired to the house to observe it further. It remained absolutely stationary as though observing us. (We live in the country wsahere are few people about).

    Our unwelcome visitor - about 100 yards distant and
    about 7-10 feet off the ground - hand-held camera

    Visions Concerning the UFO

    When I went into prayer Yahweh showed me three visions. In the first, He showed me a giant and elabourately pattered hook and I knew from that immediately that one goal of this object was to 'hook' me by playing on my curiosity. I have been around these objects for many years now and, admittedly, whilst these were at a distance and there were, one supposes, greater risks in having one so close, I have grown accustomed to them and do not fear them even if I know who their occupants sometimes are (though they were different this time). I had actually planned to leave our territory (marking the boundary between territorial spirits anc cleansed land) and walk the few yards beyond to the object to get a closer look at it (scientific curiosity) but the Ruach (Spirit) held me back and I did not. He was warning me not to let 'curiosity kill that cat'. It is wise to treat the enemy with respect even if you do not fear him.

    Vision of the Four Humanoid Entities

    As I was lying down contemplating this I suddenly saw four heads, one after the other, approach me one by one and then withdraw. They were humanoid but not fully human, their complexion a browny-green colour, their eyes without love or anything one might call human (not the huge eyes of 'greys'), their spirit beyond a shadow of a doubt demonic, and I know that these were the occupants or controllers of the source of the bright light that was still there at the top of our drive. I could tell they were observing me but they could not remain for more than a second each. This was not a 'conventional' vision from Yahweh but was a psychic manifestation - they were actually 'there' before me albeit in a parallel dimension.

    Vision of the Spooky Hand

    As soon as they had gone a third manifestation occurred like the second and I saw advancing towards me a spooky-looking white hand with very narrow fingers that were practically only skin and bone. As it approached the 'fingers' extended and tried to arch above and over me like some sort of web and I knew that this was some kind of probe. In both instances I resorted to prayer and on this occasion, upon doing so, the 'psychic/demonic probe' withdrew quickly and the phenomenon was gone. Later duing the night I got up to check if the craft was still there but it had gone and all I could see was the snowy landscape lit up by a bright moon. I felt quite nauseous and ill and knew that I had been under attack. I believe it has been various prayer interventions on my behalf, plus a visit to the hospital to restore depleted biochemicals, that has enabled me to regain my strength.

    Testing Our Defences

    I share this because it is an important preface to my second message on the Book of Daniel. There have been many 'happenings' like this which have been a signal that the Enemy is 'on the move' against Yahweh's people preparatoty to a big 'move' in the world. Our defences are being tested - these are but probing actions to test the mettle of the qodeshim (set-apart ones, saints). Though you should not have been lax up until now, you very definitely need to be on alert now, remembering His promise through Daniel:

      "Ah, Yahweh, great and awesome Elohim (God), keeping covenant and steadfast love with those who love You and keep Your mitzvot (commandments)" (Dan.9:4, NRSV).

    Yahweh's Steadfast Love Toward His Own

    Don't forget that as things get worse and climb to a violent crescendo - El Elyon (the Most High) keeps covenant and His ahavah (love) toward us is steadfast. Our part is simple: love Him with all our hearts through Yah'shua (Jesus) His Son and obey the mitzvot (commandments) - all of them, both as a testimony of our ahavah (love) but also to give the Enemy no legal grounds to injure or destroy us. Remember he is in the Courtyard!


    Before I share the revelation I had this morning I want to share a number of important items or themes in the Book of Daniel with you. The first area concerns our permissions as we continue to live in a neo-pagan society which is become more pagan by the day. As I read Daniel 1:1-21 last night I was struck at what the navi (prophet) was permitted to do and what he was not. What he was permitted to do might shock some of the ultra-messianics who are so concerned about pagan contamination that they live in fear. These are the four things that Yahweh permitted Daniel to do as a captive of the Babylonians:

    • 1. He was allowed to study and learn the Babylonian language;
    • 2. He was allowed to study and learn Babylonian literature (including its religious writings);
    • 3. He was allowed to receive positions of importance in the Babylonian Civil Service; and
    • 4. He was allowed to receive new pagan names that even included the names of Babylonian deities (demons).

    Sample of Akkadian writing in cuneiform script

    Retaining Pagan Names Not Necessarily a Sin

    None of these things were a danger to his holiness or purity. It often shocks the Hebrew-supremacists, who think that anything pagan will contaminate them, that all the named converts from pagan society in the New Testament retained their pagan names, which were often derived from pagan Greek gods (like Apollos), some of them even being Judahites living in Diaspora! There is therefore nothing wrong for one who is strong in Yahweh to receive a pagan education or to serve in the gentile Civil Service. Moses and Joseph are two who spring to mind in support of this.

    The Things Daniel Refused to Do

    These things are not nearly as dangerous as the one thing Daniel was forbidden from doing:

    • 5. He was not allowed to eat any pagan food that violated Kashrut

    and later when his enemies tried to compell him to inclusively worship an idol along with Yahweh.

    'In' Not 'Of' and Conforming to Messiah

    In other words, there are some practices which allow us to 'fit in' to the pagan society we live in and there are some things which do not. We are to be "in" but not "of" that which presently and temporarily Satan rules in the Cosmos (Jn.12:31; 16:11; 1 Jn.5:19). Being "in", with Yahweh's permission, does not mean we are to be sympathetic nor enamoured by that world system which is of sin and therefore satanic principles (Tree of Death). Furthermore, if Yahweh comes and tells us not to partake of those four 'permissions' granted to Daniel, we must be obedient to that revelation too, some mitzvot (commandments) undoubtedly being local and therefore circumstantial. But for someone like Daniel - and doubtless many, if not most of the, the Remnant leaders of this penultimate generation - we must go and do what Yahweh commands us. In either situation, we are to be physically present, to whatever degree Yahweh wants us to be, but not a part of the Babylonian System's values or its spirit and behaviour (Jn.17:14-15). We are to conform ourselves to Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) at all times (Rom.12:1-2) on a daily basis.

    Concerning State-Sanctioned Names

    Not everyone is a Daniel and not everyone is compelled to have a pagan name. During the communist period Bulgarians of Turkish descent were compelled to adopt Bulgarian names. In Norway, and doubtless in many other countries too, parents are limited to choosing names from a state-approved list. One of our former members refused and chose a biblical name and was briefly put into prison because of it. Here we need to be wise. For one thing, state-registered names are the names that the state issues to you - the state gives you 'permission' to use them. Many of our people use names that are not state-registered. Indeed I use a baptised name my mother wanted me to have (Morris) which my father didn't like which he then omitted when he registered my birth...plus I have a name Yahweh gave me (Lev-Tsiyon). So if the state wants to call you something, as Daniel was called 'Belteshazzar' by his captors, let it. It's irrelevent. What Yahweh calls you, and what you personally acknowledge, matters more. Let the system have the pretense of power. It isn't worth suffering needlessly for.


    Concern yourself more about what Yahweh demands absolutely of His talmidim (disciples), foremost of which are justice (judgment), mercy and emunah (faith) (Mt.23:23). If you're in a state-run concentration camp and can't observe the sabbath, festivals and numerous other mitzvot (commandments) because you are forcibly prevented from doing so outwardly, observe them inwardly, remembering that justice, chesed (mercy, which includes ahavah/agapé-love) and emunah (faith, trusting) cannot be controlled by the Enemy - there you are sovereign and solely responsible...you cannot blame anyone but yourself for failure or prevention in these areas, no matter what your circumstances. Daniel was a slave and didn't have a lot of choice but he did insist on worshipping his Elohim (God) and eating kosher.

    Daniel at prayer contrary to the Law of the Land


    The second important area is to be found in Daniel 3:1-20 concerns a simple, but hard, choice between two parts of discipleship:

    • 1. LOW ROAD GOSPEL: Compromise which allows you to survive, giving you only a partial anointing, which allows you to continue serving Yahweh; or
    • 2. HIGH ROAD GOSPEL: Service to Yahweh with uncompromising obedience leading to full anointing.

    The Book of Daniel, beyond a shadow of a doubt, and on two or more occasions, demonstrates the second or high road with it came to Daniel himself and his three friends when their emunah (faith) was tested in the fiery furnace and the lion's den. The difference between the High and Low Road approaches is the difference between the Remnant and all the rest, and the First Resurrection and the Second. All believers - Christians and Messianics - are facing, or are about to face, that choice. All believers have an appointment with such a choice, all will face major temptation to compromise to survive or to uncompormisingly be obedient. And you'll be surprised what compromises people will make, often over the most ridiculous things. Truly kingdoms have been lost for want of a horse-shoe nail.

    The testing of Daniel's faith in the lions' den

    I have been personally wrestling with such matters and having to make choices. I have been looking for a human father-figure all my life because I had an absent father and I have noticed how Satan has used this perceived 'need' by tempting me in dreams where I have yielded to ungodly leadership because I did not think I could manage without it. Part of the revelation I received this morning, which I will share in a minute, relates to these needs because no one can come up to the Remnant and the Assembly of the Firstborn who is not prepared to become an orphan as pertaining to this world. We have a Heavenly Father who supplies all our needs, including parenting.


    The third area concerns leadership and the first part of any gathering is first the gathering of leaders. This is also a part of today's revelation. ALL WHO ARE COMING UP TO THIS WORK AT THIS TIME FROM THE PENULTIMATE GENERATION ARE LEADERS-IN-TRAINING, MEN AND WOMEN. There are no camp-followers in this gathering - none. You're either coming up to train as a leader with initiative, stamina and clear-cut goals or you're coming up for all the wrong reasons. The only others who are coming to this work are the first of the FINAL GENERATION who are as orphans and must be raised in holiness and purity in all emet (truth) who themselves will become the future leaders of the Remnant. Nobody loving or clinging onto the old Babylonian system with no intention of letting it go immediately, however much they may struggle, is called to this work. Those who are not refusing to struggle and overcome, or seeking to do the same are called. Those making a pretense of it will fall away - indeed, they will run away when they see what is demanded of them.

    The Remnant Must Be Separated

    Know this too. Those who choose to cling onto the Babylonian system in any degree are not helpless victims. The only reason they cling to it is because they choose to and in so doing demonstrate that they are not of the Remnant even if they angrily protest otherwise. They will seek, with all their craft and power, to deceive you and guilt you into embracing them. DO NOT DO IT. Embrace them as fellow human beings and as those who acknowledge Messiah but do not obey Him as fellow believers but not as fellow travellers in the Remnant. There has to be a proper separation and it's happening now. It is not unkind or cruel to do this: it is absolutely necessary so that the covenent is not corrupted and destroyed.

    Lures of the Remnant

    Had Noah taken on board the many souls pleading and begging him to enter the ark the Messianic Line would have been destroyed. So beware of misguided compassion. That is why absolute obedience to Yahweh is uncompromisingly necessary. And if you are familiar with John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress you will recall how in his allegory of the Christian journey through life Satan appeared as a fellow traveler and ensnared Christian and his companion for a while. I suspect we have all fallen into this trap at one time or another but the Remnant leadership MUST NOT. Even now some of our people are falling into such traps because they would not take the counsel of the maturer and wiser. There are many false nevi'im (prophets) and wolves out there who are trying to lure the Remnant. KEEP THEM AWAY! They will try to hook you.

    An Anointing and Authority for the Faithful

    Yahweh appoints leaders to join in partnership with Him in accomplishing His purpose as we see in Daniel 4:25. They must, like Daniel and his three companions, be humble and obedient. And to those whom He calls, He gives an anointing and toqef (authority) but we can start losing that if we start following our own agenda and thinking too highly of ourselves (Jas.4:6). Many of the prospective Leadership in the Remnant are going to have major struggles with this and go off on giddy but dangerous tangents, losing sight of the mission and goals, until they humble themselves and repent. We have to have people on track and on target. The firstborn mark (target) is not negociable.


    I nearly walked up to a UFO and its four occupants the other day. It could have cost me my life if I had not drawn back in obedience to the Ruach (Spirit). In these dangerous times (make no mistake about that) - and they will get much worse - with dark undercurrents of betrayal, conspiracy and revolution, walking this very, very narrow walk makes life hard! This is no time for the vaccationing, holidaying or partying mentality for such things must be dead in the remnant. We were not born for entertainment. You can choose it if you want and imitate Babylon's ways but don't expect to retain or obtain any Remnant anointing if you do. Have fun, relax when you need to, get adequate rest, yes, but always within the context of seeking the Kingdom first (Mt.6:33; Lk.12:31). We cannot live two parallel lives without being counted as double-minded hypocrites.

    Integrity and Loyalty Hold Primacy

    Daniel served for 60 years under such limitations and in this atmosphere without complaining because he did not own himself. He survived four kings and all the while his godly reputation increased. The fear of Yahweh (as opposed to slavish fear) and godly wisdom held for Daniel - and hold for the Remnant - the promise of prolonged life (Prov.3:2,7-8; 9:10-12). Though Daniel served a previous evil administration (under Belshazzar), none in it could speak evil of him because of his integrity and loyalty to Yahweh. We must never allow the fear of other people and what they may think of us or do to us to control you. This is standard fare of the Remnant. It has to be or its not the real article.


    We are not going to survive the terrors that are coming - and have already come to some places - without constantly having the perspective of our Heavenly Father - the Throneroom Perspective. To do that, we have to be stripped of all worldly desire and obtain a heavenly mind (submission to Torah) and heart (loyalty and love of Yahweh). Daniel came from a wealthy and influential family but was stripped of everything except his emunah (faith) in Yahweh. He did not develop a 'victim mentality' when he, his family and his nation of Judah was taken into slavery in Babylon for its apostacy. Rather, he chose to believe Yahweh was in control, just as Joseph had done when he was sold into slavery by his wicked brethren.

    Access to the Throneroom by Means of Visions and Revelation

    How did Daniel obtain a 'throneroom perspective'? Through the visions that Yahweh gave him. By focussing on Yah'shua (Jesus) and His power and not on the kind of outward perspectives of uninspired, disobedient Christians and Messianics, and the socially engineered tunnel vision of the Babylonian-controlled media and educational system, we may walk from the perspective of the Sanctuary and not the invaded Outer Court or beyond. Once you start seeing things from Yahweh's perspective, you will discover that nothing can thwart His purposes. Then, and only then will you know that He is in control.

    Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream

    Our Marching Orders

    There is a great deal more that we must study in the Book of Daniel but this is for another time. As I share the visions of this morning with you, I hope you will see how closely they tie into what I have been discussing from Daniel. We are getting - and shall likely receive - our marching orders piecemeal both so that we are not tempted to bite off more than we can currently chew and so as not to give the Enemy too much information. So to the visions...


    Whilst lying quietly on my bed after waking this morning I saw a group of around 30 or more KOREAN ORPHANS standing together in a rectangle in an orderly yet relaxed manner on a gently sloping smooth slope. The rectangle reminded me of an army unit. It was a very beautiful scene in the countryside calling to mind a little of the Austrian Alps (you will know what I mean if you have watched The Sound of Music or visited the South European Alps) as there were mountains surrounding this serene meadow. All the children wore traditional Korean dress called the hanbok (or Joseaon-no in North Korea). This company consisted of both boys and girls, though with girls in the majority, and all seemed to be around 5-12 years old. Quite suddenly they started growing up and maturing into young men and women, still wearing the tradional Korean dress, and I could see that they were healthy and strong. As I looked at them I knew that this was the up-and-coming leadership of the Remnant in Korea and that, as orphans, they had no attachments to the world that would distract them from their calling.

    Korea as a Metaphor of the Elect

    Our calling is to minister to these and to others of the Remnant arising in all nations. Why did Yahweh show me Koreans? Because of the Three Waves revelation given to me in 1995 following the aftermath of the giant third wave which left major destruction in its wake. There is also a prophetic meaning in the word 'Korea' which in old Korean is Chosen, a word meaning 'the dreamer' (like Joseph of Egypt). Here it is a play on words referring to the 'elect' or 'chosen' and therefore the firstborn qodeshim (set-apart ones, saints) or Remnant. 'Korea/Chosen' is therefore a metaphor for the elect. They therefore also represent all the various national elements of the Remnant whom Yahweh is soon to start gathering. Nevertheless Korea has an important rôle in the Remnant.


    The second and last vision was by way of contrast to the first one. I saw another child, alone, also on a grassy meadow-like area, though it was a bit darker and he also appeared to be an adult too. The impression was that he wanted to be seen or at least treated as a helpless child. The scene was extraordinary. This shrivveled but excitable 'child' had a face that was glowing red that grew brighter and more luminous by the minute as it furiously blew on a small trumpet staring intently at me as though to get my attention. The more this unusual and unnatural being stared at me, the louder it blew on its small trumpet, but I could not hear a single sound. Though the 'child' was obviously making a tremendous din, I could not hear a thing. The longer it did this, and the longer I did nothing, the more furious it became, its face becoming redder and redder until it looked at though it would burst with rage. When the 'child' realised that I was not going to repond at all, it turned around suddenly, still blowing its little trumped loudly, and set off across at a tremendous pace on a similar meadow to the one the Koreans had been on, until by the by it was completely lost to sight.

    Like Schmiegel the Hobbit

    I knew the full interpretation of both visions as I was receiving them. I will only speak more of the second. This is a false orphan, a false contender for a place in the Remnant, who is, in fact, an adult pretending to be a helpless and 'needy' child in order not accept responsibility for his/her failure to make choices, getting more and more angry when he does not get his way. In the end he departs in search of someone else who will give him what he wants. Though he does not realise it, he is crippling himself, like the stunted and disfigured dwarf or hobbit, Schmiegel (Sméagol or Gollum), in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, who pretends to be a friend but who in real life is seduced by the 'dark side' (represented by a ring) and was driven by lust and greed for power and control over others and who is more than willing to betray his companions and friends to get his evil way. Why could I not hear the trumpet this fake orphan was blowing? Because it was not the Ruach (Spirit) but the psyche that was being blown (see The Twin Silver Trumpets Revelation).

    The character Schmiegel from 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings'

    Do Not Admit the Psychic Counterfeit

    This is a warning which I spoke of recently in Your Three Choices for this fake orphan is, in fact, leading a life of pretense and hypocrisy. This kind of person, if he/she does not repent, will turn against Yahweh's people when they refuse to treat him as a baby any longer, and expect him to be a responsible adult, and persecute the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones). They will try to worm their way into the fellowship and end up hamstringing it as they seek to conform the assembly to their own psyche-based agenda of self-entitlement. It is the spirit that is destroying the churches everywhere.


    I want to conclude by sharing a prophetic dream my wife had on the same night I saw the visions of the orphans. It illustrates very much the spirit of the journey we are on, what is happening and what has to be done to be fully a part of the Remnant:

      I had a dream last night that we, our family, were traveling through a forest, not a deep, deep forest, for we were on a path of sorts, it was not a path that had been well traveled so we were sometimes unsure of exactly which direction to go, but the way was always made clear to us.

      We were not in fear, even though we had no idea where each new turn might take us or what we might encounter, nor did we know our final destination. We could have at any point gone back the way we had come, but we knew there was nothing to go back to, so we continued.

      We eventually came upon a clearing and there we found some benches, a pond and a huge table, all surrounded by beautiful flowers. We were so excited and thought for sure that this must be where we would stop and build our new home. However that was not the case.

      As we were drinking and resting we heard a voice, whether it was Yahweh or Yah'shua (Jesus) I cannot say, but we knew it was our Heavenly Elohim. He instructed us to go to the huge stone table and so we did, He then told us that He wanted us to place ourselves on the table, and so we all sat upon it, but He told us that we must do it one at a time. We asked why, and He told us that this is where we would die, upon this altar, we would offer our very lives to Him. It took us by surprise at first, thinking surely we didn't struggle and journey for so long to finally come to this beautiful place only to die! This is a place where we could plant ourselves and build, however we obeyed, and while it was scary we one by one placed ourselves upon the altar to lay down our lives, and in doing so, in that act of trust and obedience, we each discovered that this death had to happen so that we could truly find life in Him.

      And when it was over we were very happy, and crying and rejoicing. All the weight that had before held us down, all the guilt, the regrets, the sins, fears and habits were all lifted and we were made brand new and free. We were different people inside.

      You know how it is when your heart is filled with His love, your first instinct is to share that love with others, especially those you love and are concerned for. So feeling such love we wanted to go and find some people that we all loved dearly but had lost fellowship with, we all wanted to bring them into this wonderful love and fellowship with Yahweh, however He firmly said, 'No!' that each person had their own path and journey and that they too would have to find their way to this altar and choose whether to lay down their lives or to turn back. And so with heavy heart we released them to Yahweh's care, knowing that we could not choose for them."

    Our Calling

    Dying to self, totally surrendering to Yahweh - this is the message of the Firstborn Remnant, as depicted as a metaphor in the dream. We cannot enter into its anointing without first dying to self-will. Such a person was Daniel, along with his three companions, and such must we be too...and all those called into this work.

    The Future of NCAY and MLT

    I do not yet know what is to become of the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY) and we will have to wait until the first of Aviv (8 April 2016) this year to find out. Several have been asking me. Aviv 1 simultaneously marks the end of the Sh'mittah (Sabbatical Year) and the beginning of the Yovel (Jubilee Year). NCAY's final destiny will be announced at Pesach (Passover) on 21 April 2016.

    The New Work at Headquarters in Sweden

    One thing that is becoming very clear, though, is that this is probably not something I will be involved in, nor will I be organising another NCAY congregation at headquarters as this will almost certainly be devoted to leadership training of the Remnant in the future. In short, Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT), assuming Yahweh wishes it to continue in its present form, will become exclusively a ministry for the training of the Melchizedek Priesthood. So it is unlikely that we will continue hosting moedim (appointments like sabbaths, new months and annual festivals) for any but those willing to give their all for the Kingdom.

    Relocating Abroad

    We will not be organising another NCAY congregation. The business of organising regular congregations will be organised conducted by others elsewhere and may even have its headquarters outside of Sweden. Indeed, we as a family are prepared to relocate, if Yahweh wills it. Given the visions Yahweh has shown me, we will probably be doing a lot of travelling in the future, making the running of a local assembly of NCAY impractical.

    A Provisional Assessment

    This assessment may not, of course, be fully accurate but I am letting my current thoughts and assessments be made known so that people wondering about the coming new year can make their plans. One thing that is 100 percent certain is that we will not be returning to what we were doing in 2014/15 and before. Everything has changed and will continue to change as we walk on the new spiritual wave that Yahweh is sending.


    May Yahweh bless you all as you examine yourselves and surrender your all to Yah'shua (Jesus) and His Kingdom is my prayer in His Name. Amen.

    Continued in Part 3

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