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    to NCAY in Sweden

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    Welcome to the official homepage of the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh in Sweden and to our international office.

    NCAY was first established in Oxford, England in 1987 and in Norway in 1988 with headquarters in Oslo and Bergen. In the summer of 1997 NCAY relocated its international headquarters to Sweden under extraordinary circumstances.

    How We Came to Sweden

    One of the central doctrines of NCAY has always been the belief of the necessity for Christians/Messianics to gather out of the world system and into self-sufficient or semi-self-sufficient communities with the long term aim of providing refuge during the seven year-long Great Tribulation period prophesied in the Bible. When, because of the failure of the work in Norway, we were told that it would not build a proper Firstborn Community in the first generation, we sought to establish preparatory communities instead. All the revelations had pointed to Kadesh - the name given to each of these communities - being in Scandinavia and it was automatically assumed that Norway would be the first gathering place and continue to host the new anticipated headquarters since that is where we had been originally sent. We were wrong.

    On 28 May 1997 the founder was shown in a prophetic dream what the new headquarters and gathering place would look like and recorded this in his diary (see sketch to the right). What was odd about the vision was that the building was covered in dozens of Swedish flags. The dream was dismissed as uninspired at the time because it did not meet expectations. The month before NCAY had searched for a new headquarters in Norway and believed it had found the place just outside Bergen on a small island called Lepsøy. We were wrong again. The moment we cast eyes on the place in April 1997 the Ruach (Spirit) said a definite "No!".

    The day before we were to leave our temporary accommodation in Norway we still had no idea where we were going. One of the brethren, who had come to visit us to help us move, picked up the single item in our mail box which was an estate agent's advertisement. When he brought it into me and I saw the picture, I saw that it exactly matched the building in the prophetic dream I had had and which I had so emphatically rejected. It was identical! (See picture below) Yahweh had covered the building with Swedish flags in the dream to emphasise that we were to move to Sweden and to overcome our wrong thinking.

    This is how NCAY came to Sweden - by revelation. The day after receiving the estate agent's brochure, the place was visited and an offer was made on it with money we did not have, so convinced were we that this was in Yahweh's will. He took care of all of that in due course and NCAY relocated its headquarters from Norway to Värmland in Sweden, closing down most of its operations in Norway and starting anew in Sweden.

    Why We are Here

    All moves of Elohim (God) require that we act in emunah (faith) and we were not to fully understand our moving to Sweden until seven years later. In a vision Yahweh told us that most of the older Christendom would be burned away and that a new planting would take place in Sweden that would spread back to Norway and thence out to the whole world. In the dream of the headquarters building we were also told that after the establishment in Sweden NCAY would have a major door opened to it in Texas, USA.

    Who We Are

    NCAY is an international fellowship, now headquartered in Arvika, Sweden (since 1997), of Hebraic-roots (but non-Judaic), Torah-observant evangelical Christians also known as Messianic Israelites (not to be confused with Messianic Jews), New Covenant Christians (or earlier designation) and now Messianic Evangelicals. Doctrinally, we are similar in many ways to Evangelical Christians but are Creation Calendar sabbatarians and observe the Seven Annual Feasts of Israel (instead of Christmas, Easter and other festivals with pagan roots). Our purpose is to complete the partly finished work of the Reformers.

    NCAY is both an independent association of congregations as well as a trans-denominational ministry. Our mission is summarised in the Five Commissions which are to:

    • 1. Make talmidim (disciples) of all for Yah'shua (Jesus);
    • 2. Gather those called into NCAY;
    • 3. Plant the keys of emet (truth) everywhere;
    • 4. Prophetically lift a warning voice against all falsehood; and
    • 5. Gather the Ten Tribes of Israel into Cities of Refuge (Swedes are one of these tribes);

    Whilst #2 & 5 are an exclusive calling to NCAY, we share #1,3 & 4 with all true Christians and Messianics. In these areas we work and cooperate with other believers and are available for talks and sermons to interested individuals, groups, assemblies and churches.

    Between 1988 and 1995 NCAY was mostly occupied with street evangelism and congregation-building in Norway. In 1996 emphasis was switched from congregation-building to Internet Ministries with the first Norwegian website established containing Norwegian and English materials which then expanded into the massive international website at NCCG.ORG which you see today. New Covenant Ministries (NCM - which includes NCAY) is now one the largest Christian/Messianic ministries on the wordwide web. On 14 September 2005 NCAY was reorganised and the present webpage was completely overhauled and redesigned. With NCAY's online presence now firmly established, the ministry is once again turning to congregation-building.

    If you would like one of our ministers to come and talk with you or your group, please get in contact with headquarters.

    Scandinavian and International Conferences, Serminars and Feasts are held in Arvika, Sweden, at NCAY's headquarters, in English, Norwegian and Swedish. For more information on NCAY-organised events, please see please see Feast & Conference Announcements on the main page and the annual calendar

    All articles and sermons on this website, unless otherwise stated, are by the founder, Christopher C. Warren, who lives and preaches in Sweden.

    For comprehensive information in English, please go to the Main English Website. To visit the Swedish website, please click the flag below:

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