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    to the New Covenant Church of God in Norway

    Welcome to the Norwegian homepage of the New Covenant Church of God (B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh).

    Though the revelation to form the New Covenant Church of God (NCCG) was received in Oxford, England and the first small congregtion was started there in 1987, the real mission of NCCG can be traced back to two congregations planted in Oslo and Bergen in 1988 by Christopher C. Warren. In more ways than one, then, the roots of NCCG are very Norwegian.

    Amongst the first converts who would form the backbone of the work in Norway were Gunnar Mj°lsvik (Bergen) and Herman Rustad (Oslo) who subsequently became pastors and then the Second and Third Patriarchs, respectively, with special responsibility for the Elders and Deacons. Brother Mj°lsvik's wife, Aslaug Hagen Mj°lsvik (Bergen), was the presiding Matriarch of NCCG until her retirement in 2004. Until the death of Gunnar Mj°lsvik in 2006 and the total reorganisation of the ministry in 2005-6, of the six members of the Presiding Patriarchate (NCCG's international leadership), five were Norwegians.

    Pastors Gunnar & Aslaug Mj°lsvik established NCCG in Bergen (1988-1998)

    Herman Rustad, Oslo (Pastor) & Kari Enger, Sweden (Church Secretary)

    NCCG is an international fellowship, now headquartered in Arvika, Sweden (since 1997), of Hebraic-roots (but non-Judaic), Torah-observant evangelical Christians also known as Messianic Israelites (not to be confused with Messianic Jews) or simply New Covenant Christians. Doctrinally, we are similar in many ways to Evangelical Christians but are sabbatarian (meeting on Saturday rather than Sunday like Seventh Day Adventists and other Messianics) and observe the Seven Annual Feasts of Israel (instead of Christmas, Easter and other festivals with pagan roots). Our purpose is to complete the partly finished work of the Reformers.

    NCCG is both an independent association of congregations as well as a trans-denominational ministry. Our mission is summarised in the Five Commissions which are to:

    • 1. Make disciples of all for Yah'shua (Jesus);
    • 2. Gather those called into NCCG;
    • 3. Plant the keys of truth everywhere;
    • 4. Prophetically lift a warning voice against all falsehood;
    • 5. Gather the Ten Tribes of Israel into Cities of Refuge (Norwegians are one of these tribes);

    Whilst #2 & 5 are an exclusive calling to NCCG, we share #1,3 & 4 with all true Christians and Messianics. In these areas we work and cooperate with other believers and are available for talks and sermons to interested individuals, groups, assemblies and churches.

    Between 1988 and 1995 NCCG was mostly occupied with street evangelism and congregation-building in Norway. In 1996 emphasis was switched from congregation-building to Internet Ministries with the first Norwegian website established containing Norwegian and English materials which then expanded into the massive international website at NCCG.ORG which you see today. New Covenant Ministries (NCM - which includes NCCG) is now one the largest Christian/Messianic ministries on the wordwide web, reaching its present form in 2008. On 14 September 2005 NCCG was reorganised and the present webpage was completely overhauled and redesigned. With NCCG's online presence now firmly established, the ministry is once again turning to congregation-building.

    If you would like one of our ministers to come and talk with you or your group, please get in contact with the national office.

    Scandinavian and International Conferences, Serminars and Feasts are held in Arvika, Sweden, at the Church's headquarters, in English, Norwegian and Swedish. For more information on NCCG-organised events, please see Feast & Conference Announcements on the main page and the annual calendar

    All articles and sermons on this website, unless otherwise stated, are by the founder, Christopher C. Warren, who lived and preached in Norway for nine years between 1988 and 1997. Brother Warren still visits Norway to preach and teach from time to time.

    For comprehensive information in English, please go to the Main English Website.

    Go to the main English language webbsitee

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