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Month 9:19, Week 3:4 (Revee/Shavu'ot), Year:Day 5941:255 AM
2Exodus 4/40
Gregorian Calendar: Thursday 7 December 2017
Prophetic Anniversaries
Unrest Stirred Again and Again

    Anniversaries Gallore

    A few days ago I shared with you the story of our 30th anniversary as a ministry. 2017 has also been the 20th anniversary of this ministry's relocation from Norway to Sweden and is the 40th anniversary of the year I was born again in England. But there are lots of other 'anniversaries' being celebrated by divers people this year too.

    Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution and of Communism

    2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the 68th anniversary of the victory of communism in China. This brutal, godless and evil ideology has not brought untold misery to large areas of the world where it was imposed, claiming the lives of over 150 million people but, astonishingly, perhaps, it is an ideology which is rising in both Western Europe and the United States, even as it receeds in Russia and Eastern European countries like Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Jerusalem Recognised as Israel's Capital

    And as you probably heard in the news yesterday, this year is the 70th anniversary since American recognition of the Israeli Republic and President Trump's declaration of the USA's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of that country.

    The First World War Might Have Ended Earlier

    Not only that, but this year might have been the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War had it not been for a secret bargain struck to bring the United States into that war if Britain would recognise Palestine as the Jewish homeland once Ottoman Turkey, the occupying power, was defeated.

    Beware of Prophetic Marker- and Date-Setting

    I am sure you all have your opinions about these and doubtless other anniversaries I have not mentioned. I have read enough books, watched enough videos and heard enough speakers and preachers over the last 40 years to have learned to tread warily when it comes to 'prophetic dates' and 'anniversaries'. It should not be forgotten that numbers and dates things are the bread-and-butter of occultists and satanists trying to predict or influence the future. And it's also, sadly, the bread-and-butter of sensationalist writers and preachers in Christianity and the Messianic Movement. So I am not only wary of such 'observations' and 'predictions' I am also weary of them. Most of them turn out not to be true or to have any prophetic relevance at all.

    So Many Prophetic Processes Underway

    There is no doubt that a lot has happened - and is still happening - in 2017. Obviously prophetic processes are underway, about which I have had occasion to comment much over recent years. But believers who ought to know better are 'seeing' biblical prophetic markers unfold before their eyes which simply aren't there that owes their source not to the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) but to either a fertile imagination or to deceiving spirits. I won't even look at the record of false predictions over my own lifespan as I have done so before. Frankly it is terribe but its tendency shows no sign of abating.

    Complex and Hidden for a Reason

    The big picture is, in any case, far more complex than any of us dreamed and Yahweh has deliberately kept much of it hidden, especially from the self-proclaimed 'prophets'. And it is actually very much in our best interests that they be kept hidden because it is important that Satan be kept in the dark. Believers in particular are far too hasty in claiming that this or that unfolding event today is recorded in the Bible. Not that this is the first generatiion to have made such presumptuous claims because every generation has done so before. It seems to be a trait of human nature, an unresolvable weakness. So do you want a prophecy? Then you shall have one, and it is this: human beings are prone to make false prophecies, interpretations and judgments. And you can quote me on that any time.

    Freedom of Religion Banned in Russia

    We are at least all agreed that the world is in a mess, that our goverments are corrupt and the 'swamp' as vast as an ocean, and that Christianity is retreating ('overwhelmed' would be a better word) in the West. It has been said that Christianity has, conversely, been awakening in Russia. And I would agree, that is, until last year, it was. It would be more accurate to say that Russia is becoming more Eastern Orthodox for last year - 2016 - Vladimir Putin banned all other Christian religions (and quite a few non-Christian ones). On 19 July 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin re-activated an old Soviet era law from 1929 banning the freedom of religion [1]. For the last almost 1½ years it has been illegal to share the Besorah (Gospel) of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)...outside of the State Church, that is. It is now illegal for Evangelical Christians to evangelise or hold public meetings and this has all been done in the name of ... wait for it ... 'fighting terrorism'. 2016 - marked a major turning point in religious freedom in Russia. Once again Yahweh's people are having to go underground.

    A 1988 Prophecy About Russia and China

    None of this is unexpected...to Messianic Evangelicals, that is, because we were told about this a long time ago. I need to remind you of some things Yahweh told me many years ago, the first back in 1988 three years before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991:

      "...the giants of the East, even Russia and China and those who hold fellowship with their governments, shall know a period of greater Light and shall cease to persecute the children of Elohim (God) to the extent they have been doing so. And as the righteousness of the eastern nations increases, so the righteousness of the western nations shall decrease, until all nations are swallowed up in their {the western nations'} iniquity and blasphemies, from one end of the world to another. And thus the Tribulation shall begin, and the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) shall be gathered out of the world, [even] those who hearken and are obedient. Therefore gather ye, gather ye, for I am working a sifting in all nations, and I am beginning in the West. So no more for now. Amen" (Oliove Branch 55:15-17, 10 November 1988)

    A 1989 Prophecy on Russia and Eastern Europe

    A second prophecy, received almost a year later, warned that the emergent light of truth arising in Russia would not last long:

      "For the wicked shall rapidly ripen in inquity and the righteous shall ripen in virtue, until there is a complete separation. There shall be a season of peace and righteousness, and the good that is in these nations (Russia and Eastern Europe, from Poland to Bulgaria) shall grow and flourish, yea, as quickly as the evil. And the good shall be in the ascendancy for a while, and be a light, until the beast from the bottomless pit ariseth and crusheth it. Yea, the gentile flame of righteousness shall roar for a while, and lighten everything, but shall be snuffed out as quickly as it riseth, as when a fire roareth under the blast of the billows and dieth down again" (OB 158:2-5, 9 July 1989).

    Two Roman Empires of Old

    Russia has done much good in Syria and Putin has been, up until now, a latter-day Cyrus of sorts. In spite of his persecution of believers, he has been a champion of family values. But things are changing. What has to be recognised, but is generally not realised by contemporary Christian and Messianic exegetes, it is that we are witnessing the rise of one but two Roman Empires! Just as there were ancient two Roman Empires - a western one centred on Rome, and an eastern one centred on Byzantium or Constantinople (modern Istanbul), which separated in 395 AD, so the restoration of the end-time Roman Empire has, it seems to me, to be accomplished in reverse.

    Restoration of the Two Roman Empires

    Today's 'Western Roman Empire' has three capitals (not one), namely, Rome (the Vatican - religious), Washington DC (USA - military) and the City of London (UK - economic). Today's restored 'Eastern' Empire is for now centred on Moscow. Whether it too has, or will have, two other capitals (like the Western part) remains to be seen, but if it does, then I would hazzard a guess they would be Beijing (China) and modern Istanbul (Turkey). According to the prophecies I received, it looks as though that eventually the western part will prevail (remembering that the Eastern Roman Empire is what originally broke off), but just as the Eastern (Byzantine) part was in the ascendency for a while anciently, so we are about to see history repeat itself again.

    Where the Line Will Divide West and East

    Look at the map (above) and you will see how things are playing out. I have extended the old imperial border north and south (purple line) to show roughly where I believe West and East will eventually divide. Libya fell to the Western cabal (under Obama and Clinton) but Syria has (to all intents and purposes) fallen to the Eastern cabal (under Putin) - the Western élites have been defeated. Already we're seeing in the news Turkey moving away from NATO and embracing Russia. Russia is also actively courting Iraq, Egypt and the entire Middle East. And if the European Union collapses or fragments, then I would wager that the eastern Orthodox nations of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece will move into the Russian camp, with Serbia and Monte Negro following suit. The Catholic nations (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia) will say with the West.

    The Cold War Roman Empires

    It may not pan out exactly this way, of course, but the tendency to a division into 'West' and 'East' has been there since the end of the Second Word War, and of course earlier there was the First Reich of the Holy Roman Empire, the German-led continuation of the Roman Empire, the revival of which was attempted in the Axis coalition of Hitler (Germany/Berlin) and Mussolini (Italy(Rome) during the Second World War. The rivalry between Western and Eastern Roman Empires was seen no more clearly than during the Cold War between the Western capitalist nations and the Easter communist ones (see map below), with corresponding divisions in Asia as the 'Empire' started going global:

    The Red and Pink Communists

    The last missing people in the puzzle is the ideology of communism itself. Some of you will recall a revelation I received on 10 March 2009 in which I was shown that communism would arise once again and this time dominate the whole world. I have long known that a 'softer', liberal version Soviet Communism (what I call 'pink communism') basically 'transferred' to the European Union after the USSR's collapse in 1991 but I was never entirely satisfied that the old 'hard' version (or 'red communism') was entirely removed from Yeltsin's and Putin's Russia. It simply mutated in China.

    The Two Emperors Ascend

    The restoration of the melody of the old national anthem of the Soviet Union in the Russian Confederation and the evident nostaligia for the old days of Bolshevism with the abundance of red banners and hammers-and-sickets at the annual military parade in Moscow every year since almost left me wondering if perhaps Putin was playing a double game and using the eastern Orthodox Church in much the same way as Stalin did during the 'Great Patriotic War' for as long as it was useful. I believe that is part of it. What we see in West and East are essentially two rival Illuminati groupings jockeying for power in typical Darwinian fashion. The methods are similar too - Bush Sr. had his '9/11' false flag event to cement the power of his faction of the Illuminati Deep State by launching a 'war on terrior' (Patriot Act, Homeland Security, suveillance state, etc.) just as Putin had his in the apartment building bombings to provide the justification for a 'war on terror' against Chechenya in order to cement his power base. The similarities are just too obvious.

    The Imperial Dialectic

    It is these inter-Illuminati wars that are actually providing us with the respite that the Remnant so badly needs. The renewed 'cold war' between 'West' and 'East' is similarly the old Hegelian dialectic at work as usual, with a 'good cop' and a 'bad cop' (depending which side you take...assuming you have been duped into doing so), so that eventually a 'synthesis' will occur, resulting in the unification of the two Roman Empires and, simultaneously, the unification of the whole world. Personally I don't think it will be such a 'unified' system but consist, for the most part, of mostly cooperating units - the two iron-clay 'feet' of the giant prophetic statue.

    Things Went Wrong When Hillary Lost

    Only things have gone a little awry for now for it is so obvious that Hillary Clinton was the intended heir to the Obama throne and that, once in power, it was understood that she would initiate a Third World War with Russia and China and so bring to pass the New World Order of a One World Government. And both Empires are maintaining the illusion of democracy...for now.

    The Trump Wildcard

    Trump has been the 'wild card' in all of this, and though himself is a man of the 'establishment', and therefore controlled by it to a certain degree, he has a third agenda. His strength, like that or the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, lies in his unpredictableness. How much he is controlled is hard to ascertain but according to the visions shown me, he is not at all his own master, and he may actually be even more controlled than we would like to believe.

    Putin as Islam's Friend and Why Obama Failed

    One other vitally important thing you need to notice about Putin's Eastern Roman Empire - it includes the modern Islamic nations of the Middle East and the Israeli Republic/Palestine. More on the latter in a moment. Putin is a master strategist. Not only must he maintain control over a Russia with an exceedingly large Moslem population (which so far he has done masterfully), and one that is growing fast, but it is clear he has established himself as Islam's friend. Obama (himself a nominal Illuminist/Communist 'Moslem' pretending, when convenient, to be a 'Christian') tried to court Islam but failed, for a variety of reasons, not least of which was, and is, America's continuing Conservative Christianity (itself under enormous siege). The main reason Obama failed is, in my view, because of what the Moslems believe about the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Roman Church.

    Moslem Prophecy and the Eastern Orthodox Church

    Put simply, Moslems view the Western Catholic Church of Rome (and their Protestant offshoots) as the 'bad Christians' and the Eastern Orthodox Church as the 'good Christians'. Why? Because of a prophecy in the Quran:

      "And you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, 'We are Christians.' That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant" (Sura 5:82)

    Putin the Shrewd Operator

    On account of this and some positive historical interactions with Orthodox Christians in the past, Moslems have always been disposed more favourably towards the Eastern Orthodox Church [2]. This may well heavily factor both into Putin's policy-making and into his sense of history since this ex-KGB man is undoubtedly a very intelligent and shrewd man with an incredibly broad knowledge-base. For now, Russia is welcomed by most of the Moslem nations, most especially the Shi'ite ones like Iran but increasingly Sunni ones too.

    Factoring in China

    How China factors into all of this is difficult to ascertain. The alliance between China and Russia may be more strategic and self-serving (on China's part) than out of any affection, though the People's Republic does owe its existence to the support of the Soviet Union and there is a pro-Russia attitude there because of this historical connection. What is perhaps no so clear is why the Chinese treated Obama like dirt and in a recent state visit, Trump like a hero. The lines of division between the supposedly 'opposing' groups are not always clear and whilst political analysts will have their explanations these almost never take into account the 'deep state' factor. How much rivalry between nations and groups of nations today is because of genuine rivalry, how much is internecine warfare between deep state factions, and how much is all a giant game? It would seem reasonable to me that, like most nations historically, alliances are almost solely made for political convenience and economic advantage, and not out of any love. The drive for world dominion drives all political processes in the world system and there can be no doubt that Communist China aspires to the top job. The invisible demonic powers that steer these activities, and what Yahweh permits or does not permit, will determine the outcomes.

    Reactions to Trump's Move

    The announcement that Jerusalem is now to be recognised by the Trump Administration as the Israeli Republic's capital does, of course, have all the pro-Zionist evangelical and messianic prophecy watchers highly excited. But it is not what it seems to be. This is quite possibly the build-up to a new Middle Eastern War (just as the Syrian Civil War comes to an end) which will finally witness the destruction of the counterfeit biblical Israel - the Rothschild Israeli state - and the crushing of Zionist dreams. Of course, Zionist believers will see it otherwise and will be convinced that this is the next step in the inevitable - and because it ushers in the Second coming, as they hope, highly desirable - Battle of Armageddon, convinced, as they are, that the Israeli Republic is Biblical Israel restored and is fulfilling biblical end-time prophecy.

    Who Gains?

    The world has, predicably, and almost with one voice, denounced Trump's recognition of the Israeli Republic's capital. (To me, personally, it is entirely irrelevant). Hamas is already calling for a Third Intifada. His statements that this move would signal a much needed development in the Palestinian peace process is naïve at best and absurd at worst. Of course, he is simply articulating a fact, namely, that the Israeli Republic's capital has been Jerusalem since 1967. After all, it's parliament is there. However, this is politics, politics is an irrational, amoral tinder-box. As a declaration of reality, Trump's announcement was just a stating of the obvious - the de facto reality on the ground. As a diplomatic move, the announcement was insane and almost guaranteed to cause trouble. Whether this was deliberate or not remains to be seen. I personally see nothing to be gained from the move by anybody, except by the élitists wanting to provoke a Global Jihad and World War.

    Israeli Politics in the Middle East

    If my analysis of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires is correct, then the Western-controlled Israeli State (or the Israeli-controlled West, depending on your perspective) is currently the Eastern Emperor's greatest thorn in the side, given that the Israelis have threatened to nuke Russia's ally, Iran, and have interfered in the Syrian civil war on numerous occasions, backing ISIS. Like I said, the big picture is extremely complicated and we cannot possibly grasp it all. What Yahweh permits or does not permit remains to be seen but for sure there are moves afoot to get the Antichrist placed as the counterfeit satanic messiah in order to deceive the majority of believers. (See the important series, Jacob's Trouble for essential background information on this topic). Even Putin may not see this coming.

    A Connection to the 567 BC Vision?

    My recent 567 BC Vision may also have something to do with all of this as there is definitely a connection between the original destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and the threat to the now American-recognised Israeli capital. (You can be sure that the combination of the mighty Jewish lobby, family connections and his Christian team of advisors, many of whom are Zionists, have influenced Trump to make this move in recognising the de facto Israeli capital). Israeli diplomacy between the USA and Russia must be intense at present.

    A Surge of Jewish Nationalism and Zionistic Hysteria

    One thing you can be sure of is that the 12 tribes have not yet returned to the Promised Land, not even Judah. Yes, there is a sprinkling of Judahites and others there but they are a small minority and only a miniscule number of them have converted to Messiah, but they are in the midst of the overwhelming Illuminati-controlled Synagogue of Satan (Rev.2:9; 3:9). In the meantime, most Israelis and their Zionist Christian and Messianic allies are celebrating but I suspect that Trump has been engineered into a trap by the Deep State, unless he is part of the conspiracy. This move is bound to trigger self-confidence, Zionistic hysteria and rabid Jewsish nationalism because the Zionists will now believe that America has their back completely. I couldn't help but notice the appearance online today of provocative captions demanding that the Dome of the Rock be bulldozed so the Orthodox Jews can build their Third Temple and usher in their false messiah:

    Fuelling Apocalyptic and False Messianic Fervour

    If this happens, you can be absolutely sure that the whole Middle East will errupt into a gigantic war that will make the ISIS conquest of Iraq and Syria look like the proverbial British vicar's tea party. If Israeli zealots try to remove the Moslem mosques from the alleged 'Temple Mount' it will spark a massive Jihad everywhere and bring down the Israeli state and possibly even the EU - even Israel's nuclear weapons will not save it. But then maybe that's what a number of parties - from the élites to the jihadists and Jewish messianists - want to do...provoke a Third World War to usher in their version, as they suppose, of Utopia. I see no good outcome in this - quite likely it will fuel apocalyptic and false messianic fervour across the religious board. We shall see.


    From many points-of-view, I would say Trump has made a very dangerous move indeed but it may well be what triggers the end of the Rothschild state in the Middle East that has so destabilised the world for 70 years and fooled so many believers into thinking it is the apple of Yahweh's eye restored to the earth. The imminent financial collapse may render the whole business null-and-void anyway because it will change the entuire global political landscape. History changes on small hinges and we're about to witness that again very soon. So who knows what next year will bring. Meanwhile 2017 remains very unstable indeed.


    [1] Russian President Vladimir Putin Bans Freedom of Religion and Makes It Illegal to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Outside of State Church
    [2] Dr. Mohammad Nauman Shad MD, Muslims & Orthodox Christians- A Truce in the Making. Also see Matthew Cooper, The Orthodox-Shia Alliance

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