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    Vision of the Communist Resurgence

    On the morning of Tuesday 10 March 2009 at about 7 a.m. in the morning, I awoke to see a vision. I am watching an athletics race from inside a large olympic-like stadium. All the runners, with the exception of one who is a little behind the others, are coming into the last 100 meters to the finish line. When they are about 50 meters from the line, the runner left behind makes a sudden dash and crosses the line several strides ahead of all the others As she crosses the line I notice that she is wearing a bright red tracksuit and carying an old red Soviet flag with golden hammer and sickle. Everyone is amazed!

    Then, like a film being stopped and rewound, the vision takes me back a little before the time the first vision started. The athletes are coming around the last bend and then, quite suddenly, are stopped in their tracks. Some are standing, some sitting, as if dazed or caught in some time warp. A little behind the main bunch is the solo girl in the red track suit. She is sitting on the lane nearest to the inside of the track, holding her legs and her head burried in her knees. Two assistants rush up to her crying out, "Nadia! Nadia!" fearing that she might have seriously injured herself. And then, as suddenly as they had stopped, all the athletes resumed the race but this time I saw the girl making her final sprint to the finish line, overtaking the others, exactly as in the first vision, and winning.

    When the visions closed I was puzzled as to its meaning though I somehow knew the athletes stopping in the middle of the track had something to do with the present financial crash and the stadium represented the world. I went back to sleep and when I got up an hour later I meditated on the visions. Whilst meditating I was given the interpretation.

    The stadium is indeed the world, and each of the runners represents one of the world systems, both political and religious. The girl in the red tracksuit represents Soviet Communism which was a success in terms of control, oppression and murder but a failure economically. All the other systems were economically superior to it and were ahead in the race, which is one reason why the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were eventually dissolved.

    The system of runners in the stadium is all organised by the dark side and they compete against one another to get ahead, the 'winner' being the final antichrist system that will rule the world before Yah'shua returns. Communism is the devil's best tool in terms of control and oppression against believers but it is an economic failure which is why it was necessary to engineer the financial crisis we are in now and crash the West, bringing all the 'runners' to a halt. Satan's antichrist brainchild is communism but it must be helped across the finishing line. Notice, though, that the flag is not procured until the girl is crossing the line - until then it has been hidden. Those watching don't know she is communist until right at the end.

    Why is the gil called "Nadia"? In Russian, the name means 'hopeful' - communism, the worship of man (666), is Satan's greatet hope to defeat Yahweh. All the other systems have degrees of God-worship and religious-morality mixed up in satanic philosophy but communism, in its true and ultimate form, is pure satanism, being the outward exoteric non-religious guise of devil-worship. It is a system of total control, total atheism and total subservience to the state. From it have arisen four of the most brutal dictatorships in history: the Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist North Korea and Maoist Kampuchea (Cambodia). Each of these states had, as their supreme embodiment, cultic leaders who were worshipped as demi-gods: Josef Stalin, Mao-Tse Tung, Kim il-Sung and Pol Pot, all of whom were militantly and murderously anti-Christian.

    Josef Stalin (62 million deaths)

    Mao Tse-Tung (80 million deaths)

    Kim Il Sung & Son

    Pol Pot (2 million deaths)

    It is my belief that the "fall" of communism in Russia was temporary and that this end-time beast system will not simply be resurrected but revealed to be hiding within the very Western system that is supposedly against it. See especially the Kongsberg Vision which shows how communism has been hiding in Norwegian Social Democracy and how it will eventually be revealed and take over.

    Communism is far from dead - it's simply hiding and will reveal itself once again to be the major antichrist system of the end-times.

    Important Movies!

    Please also see The Soviet Story: The Bloody History of Communism. Be informed, know your history, because it's going to repeat itself again.

    Laget: 10. mars, 2009
    Oppdatert: 13. april, 2009

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