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Month 7:6, Week 1:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year:Day 5940:183 AM
TESHUVAH 35/39, 2Exodus 1/40
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 29 September 2014
Teshuvah 35
Are You in the Isis Cult?
The Egyptian Origin of Jewish Kabbalism

    Continued from Part 34

    Samuel Bagster's Amazing Bible

    Back in 1964 Samuel Bagster published the very scholarly and useful Companion Bible: The Authorised Version of 1611 with Structures and Critical and Explanatory Notes with 198 Appendices, a copy of which I acquired from a theology student from Coleraine, Northern Ireland in 1979 while I was at Oxford. Being the kind of Protestant the very vocal and passionate Ulsterman minister and politician Ian Paisley would have endorsed, he crossed out large sections of the appendices he didn't like because they didn't accord with his dogmas...a reason I got the volume for a good price! Yet the work was quite brilliant and is one I dip into occasionally, as I know a brother of mine does here in Sweden who has likewise been using it a while.

    The Number of the Beast is ccc

    Perhaps most usefully to us here and now, as believers speculate (and largely get wrong) about end-time events (because they have been deceived into using wrong prophetic markers), is his identification of an aspect of the "beast" of Revelation 13:18 that I know will resonate with some of you who are serious in-depth students of the Scriptures. The "number...666", "the number of the beast", consists of 3 Greek chi's (ccc) which gematrically spells out the name ISIS and the secret symbol of the ancient occultic pagan mysteries.

    The Egyptian Demon-Goddess Revealed

    What does this mean? It does not mean that the US- and Israeli-created Muslim terrorist group styling itself 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' ('ISIS') is the end-time Beast because this isn't the final prophetic cycle but the penultimate (last-but-one) one. As such, then, with its lust for blood and craze in beheading its already traumatised (tortured and raped) victims, it is a foreshadowing of what we can expect when the final prophetic cycle comes along after this one - the whole world will be an ISIS-like nightmare unless you have made teshuvah (repented) and gathered into the Twelve Cities of Refuge. What the satanic fundamentalist Muslim ISIS organisation is doing is a foreshadowing of the final Beast system, and the man the Bible calls the 'Beast' at its head (Rev.13), whose controlling spirit is that of the ancient Egyptian demon-goddess, Isis, so beloved of New Agers, occultists and satanists today.

    Isis and the Ancient Israelites

    Not only will Isis be the chief demonic spirit-entity guiding and empowering the next ruling élite that will take the world into the Great Tribulation in the final prophetic cycle of the last generation but it is playing a rôle today (as we have seen) and has played a rôle anciently. The Jewish Encyclopedia notes:

      "ISIS: Egyptian deity, at whose instigation, it was alleged, the Jews (sic.) were forced to leave Egypt. Cheremon, the enemy of the Jews, asserted that the goddess Isis had appeared to the Egyptian king Amenophis, and had censured him because her sanctuary had been destroyed; whereupon the priest Phritibantes told the king that the terrible vision would not recur if he would purge Egypt of the 'foul people.' Then the departure of the Jews (sic.) from Egypt took place (Josephus, Contra Ap. i. 32). Tacitus has a different version, according to which the Jews (sic.) were natives of Egypt, and had emigrated during the reign of Isis (Hist. v. 2-5). In the Epistle of Jeremiah (30-40) either the cult of Isis or that of Cybele is described. The violation of the chaste Paulina in the Temple of Isis at Rome was one of the reasons for the expulsion of the Jews (sic.) from that city by Tiberius (Josephus, Antiquities xviii. 3, § 4; Hegisippus, De Excidio Hieros. ii. 4).

      "After the destruction of Jerusalem, Vespasian and Titus celebrated their triumph in the Temple of Isis at Rome (Josephus, "B. J." vii. 5, § 4). Tiberius Julius Alexander, a descendant of the apostate and procurator (of Judea) of the same name, erected a statue to Isis at Alexandria, in the 21st year of Antoninus Pius (Schürer, Gesch. 3d ed., i. 568, note 9). The Greeks that lived in Palestine worshiped, among other gods, the goddess Isis (ib. ii. 35). Hence it is not surprising that the Rabbis also speak of the worship of Isis; they do not mention her name, but refer to her as the 'suckling' ('menikah'; 'Ab. Zarah 43a; Tosef., 'Ab. Zarah, v. 1); she is often represented with the suckling Horus. This specific application of 'the suckling' has not been recognized in the Talmudic dictionaries of Levy, Kohut, and Jastrow." [1]

    Ancient Egyptian Belief About Isis and Today's Occultists

    The ancient Egyptians believed that the centre of the galaxy was symbolised by Isis, the 'great goddess', the 'mother of creation'. She was the prima materia and 'secret womb' of all that is. In modern Isis-worship, this demoness is regarded as the source of all cosmic rays, dust and other rare elements that make up the material believed to be spewing out of the centre of the Milky Way. In this pagan mystery religion, Isis is the 'Black' or 'Hidden Sun' that lies behind the visible sun, Helios (Sol), representing the 'eternal feminine' or Soror Mystica. Parodying and twisting the creation of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) in reverse, the Isis cult believes that this 'mother goddess' gave birth to the sun-god. In other words, this is what might be called 'cosmic feminism'

    The Egyptian and Catholic Trinities

    According to this satanic myth, Horus is the suckling child, the fruit of Isis and Osiris, and would be the modern New Age equivalent of 'the christ within', the counterfeit Messiah, the 'exalted or christ-self'. Together with Isis and Osiris, Horus comprised the ancient pagan trinity on which the Catholic Trinity was modelled (see diagram below). The Catholics extracted Isis from this Trinity, leaving an unnamed male shadowy deity in her place (the Spiritus Sanctus or Holy Ghost), changed Isis into the 'Virgin Mary' and made her the 'Mother of God', and effectively their supreme deity and co-Redemptrix with Messiah. This Isis, also known by a variety of other names (see Morena: The End-Time Antivirgin and Mother Goddess, Lilith and Hecate), was cleverly recast in Roman Cathoicism as a deified counterfeit 'Virgin Mary' and 'Black Madonna' so that paganism and the nascent Christrianity could be syncretised into the new Imperial Religion of Rome. Isis is the female consort of Satan, the 'Mother of Heaven', the counterfeit Ruach (Spirit) that 'births' Satan (Osiris) into the hearts of the unspecting (as the Ruach births Messiah into the hearts of believers), a counterfeit 'new birth' that we see everywhere happening, for example, in the charismatic movement. You find variations of this false trinity in all pagan religions.

    Prayer of Isis

    This 'rebirthing' of Satan in the heart of the acolyte by Isis is embedded in the kabbalistic tradition and lies at the heart of the spirit of modern Judaism, is to be found in Messianism, and drives the counterfeit state of Israel in the Middle East. In the ancient Egyptian religion, the following prayer [2] was recited:

    The Isisic Deification of New Agers, Jews and Muslims

    As the modern New Ager tried to become transformed into a 'christ', so the ancient Egyptian prayed to have Horus manifested in him, an open invitation to demon possession. In a roundabout sort of way, whilst yet believing in the advent of a literal Messiah, at the same time modern Judaism tries to apply the messianic scriptures in Isaiah to itself, claiming to collectively be the 'suffering servant' who never once sins and who redeems the world by his suffering at the hands of the goyim (gentiles) in a kind of Jewish version of the Catholic co-Redemptrix dogma. With such a belief in place it is not hard to see how the Talmudic racist doctrines of superiority over all our people finds its manifestation in Jewish attitudes towards the goy who are likened to cattle, created to be perpetual servants. Is this a lot different from the teachings of ISIS and radical Islam which maintains that kafirs or non-Muslims are inferior, worthy of either dhimmitude (servitude) or death? It is the same demonic Isis spirit that drives both, that is only held in check by secular laws. But once these are swept away, then you have perverse theocracies like that of the latest 'Caliphate', fifth in line after those of the Rashidun (632-661), Umayyad (661-750), Abbisad (750-1517) and Ottoman (1517-1924). Indeed, it is the same spirit behind all totalitarian impulses, be they religious or atheistic such as communism and fascism or the new 'liberal totalitarianism'.

    Kabbalism as Revamped Isis-Worship

    Jewish Kabbalism, which lies at the spiritual core of Judaism and, by inheritance or transfer, belongs to Messianic Judaism too, is revamped Isis-worship. The 'Star Chamber' of Isis was transferred to the hidden sefirah called Da'at (Knowledge) that lies in the central pillar of the kabbalistic 'Tree of Life' (nothing to do with the actual Tree of the same name in the Garden of Eden) which is also a revamped pagan Egyptian Ankh cross. Da'at becomes the receptacle for the combined Shakti/'Shekinah'/Kundalini stream coming from the first three sefirot, the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris-Horus-Isis.

    Isis, the Apis Bull and the Israelite Revolt at Sinai

    You will notice that Isis wears the symbol of the two horns of the pagan god Apis and sun disk between them, which was the idol the Israelites worshipped at the base of Mount Sinai as they reverted back to their Egyptian matriarchal paganism while Moses was on top of the mountain. In the first example of religious syncretism since leaving the land of slavery, these apostate Israelites (with the complicity of a weak Aaron) said they were doing this 'in honour of Yahweh'. This was the same idolatry the northern tribes succumbed too after the split with Judah and Benjamin to which Judah likewise succumbed during her exile in Babylon, albeit the deities were known under different names. It is the same idolatry that sycretatic Roman Catholicism represents (she who rides the Beast in the Book of Revelation and is eventually devoured) and the same idolatry which is Islam (which was created by Rome to destroy true believers in the Middle East and North Africa).

    The 'Shekinah' of Judaism is the Isis of the Egyptian Mystery Religion

    Judaism's 'shekinah' is, in truth, the demon Isis. Truly the female Isis has 'nested' (the root meaning of later Mishnaic Hebrew shikinah) in Judaism as a counterfeit 'Shekinah' (not to be confused with the true Ruach/Spirit) being the kabbalistic representative of the feminine attributes of their god or with the attribution by some Catholic and Protestant scholars of the 'Shekinah' with the New Testament parousia or 'Divine Presence'. The Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is not an 'attribute' of Elohim (God) but a Person, just as Yah'shua (Jesus) is a Person and not the new Age 'christ-self within'.

    The Tree of Knowledge Hidden in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

    The counterfeit kabbalistic 'Tree of Life' also has the 'Tree of Death' or the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' secretly nested in the invisible sefirah called 'Knowledge' or Da'at' because the Jewish kabbalistic tree is, in fact, a representational synthesis of the two main Trees in Gan Eden or the Garden of Eden, in a kind of early religious version of the Hegelian dialectic. The two pillars, described as 'male' and 'female', are merely the two concealed elemental principles of 'good' and 'evil' that are the components of the Tree of Death or Tree of Knowledge which has been propagated in all the Gnostic religions of the world.

    As a Former Kabbalist...

    As an repentant ex-kabbalist of the Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi School of many years ago, I cannot go into any great depth here today of what is a diabolically brilliant and sophisticated system that once held me in its thrall. The lure was the claim that this was Abraham's Faith and that he was the author of kabbalism's seminal book called Sefer Yitsirah of 'Book of Creation' or 'Formation'. The truth told is that it was authored, at the earliest, in the 3rd or 4th centuries, a compilation of Jewish gnostic thought.

    Mormon Kabbalism and Gnosticism

    Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was also strongly influenced, first by Free Masonry and then by kabbalism when a wandering Jew called 'Joshua' taught him during that church's Nauvoo period in the 1840's. Hence their teaching:

      "Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection. And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence abd obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come" (Doctrine & Covenants/D&C 130:18-19, 1843)

    Smith condensed this into the LDS epithet:

      "A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge, and consequently more power than many men who are on the earth" (History of the Church 1:442, 1833).

    Luciferian Kabbalism Amongst the Messianics

    This is pure gnosticism - the belief that you are only saved by knowledge. Hence the enormous Jewish reverence for scholars and the vastness of the Talmud. It was this Mormon infection that led me to view myself as 'Christian Kabbalist', long before I embraced Torah. The occultic disease that is kabbalism infects many Messianics today who defend it with a passion because it is 'Hebrew'. But it never seems to trouble either Christian, Messianic or Jewish Kabbalists that their 'Tree of Life' dove-tails so effortlessly into all and every kind of esoteric or occultic art, teaching and religion (like Hinduism), including Free Masonry and Satanism. In Free Masonry it occupies an exalted teaching rôle in promoting their synthetic triple god 'Jahbulon' (Jehovah-Bul-On), whom Albert Pike admitted was Lucifer. Yopu don't need kabbalah to be a committed Hebraic-roots believer. In short, not everything 'Jewish' is kosher - most of it since the time of the Exile is corrupt and spiritually dangerous. You cannot serve Elohim (God) and Isis.

    Ten Sefiroth, Ten Primal Egyptian Gods

    The ten spheres of the kabbalistic Tree of Life correspond to the ten original gods of the Heliopolitan (Sun-centric) cosmology of ancient Egypt - the original religion of Sun-worship. Horus, in their system, is both the son of Isis and Osiris as well as the Sun. With the birth of Horus, the original Ennead or nine gods of Egypt (Atum, Shu, Tefnit, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys) worshipped at Heliopolis became ten, the number of completion in their pagan system (remember, Satan has no originality - he just borrows and bends the original divine tavnith and transfers all the glory away from Yahweh and to himself). These ten eventually multiplied out of control to become the 1,400 or more deities that are known to us from written records. Atum, the chief deity, created the universe, declaring:

      "I created my own every being. My first became my spouse. I copulated with my hand" [2].

    The Phallic Religious Precursors of Kabbalism

    In other words, his male organ created all life, divine and mortal, through the act of 'sacred' masturbation. And whilst the Torah certainly guards the progenerative organ and regards it as qodesh (set-apart, holy), the religion of Israel was never phallic in the way the pagan religions established by Satan were, sex was something private belonging solely to the realm of marriage and never public or in the sacral religious domain. Though the majority of the kings of Israel and Judah indulged in sycretising the emunah (faith) of Israel with pagan male phalic or female yoni religion, Solomon was by far the most guilty, even introducing the hexagram (wrongly called the 'Mogen' or 'Star of David', correctly called the 'Seal of Solomon') which in paganism represents the eternal copulation of Satan the upward pointing triangle) with his consort (the downward pointing triangle) (Osiris and Isis in the Egyptian system) producing the Cosmos and maintaining it in order. Thus the Jewish hexagram, also known as the Star of Moloch and the Star of Remphan, is about as satanic and filthy as a symbol can get. Solomon doubtless picked it up from the religion of one or more of his pagan wives after he apostacised.

    A Eulogy to Isis

    Though Satanism is just as blatant as the ancients were about their phalic religion, 'soft-core' occultism such as Wicca tends to hide it in various ways. In this modern eulogy to Isis, the cosmic female reproductive organ is herein referred to:

      "When we enter the Star Chamber (Da'at), the veil is lifted [and] we encounter the Great Goddess Isis in all her splendor, waiting to bring us face to face with divine reality." [3]

    Satanic 'Enlightenment'

    Isis is often depicted holding the ankh cross with the loop at the top, which as we have seen is an earlier form of the kabbalistic 'Tree of Life' that represents 'universal spiritual light' in duality. It is through this double helix (flattened in the Jewish kaballah) that the luciferic kundalini energy passes, opening the 'Third Eye' located in the human body where the pineal gland resides and which corresponds to the invisible kabbalistic sphere or sefirah called Da'at (Knowledge). Satanists open this 'Third Eye' in their vile sexual ritualistic rapes by anally penetrating boys and girls, striking the base of their spines in the process, and causing a neuronal overload to occur that is experienced as a 'blinding flash' in the victims. This 'flash', is attributed to Isis or one of her many namesakes as a moment of 'opening' or 'enlightenment'. Stories of such horrendous experiences I have encountered in the course of doing deliverance ministry on behalf of the many victims of this devil-worshipping cult.

    The Harmony of the Occultic Systems

    You will not be surprised to learn that in all these gnostic religions that there is a harmony of systems that includes Hinduism and its teachings about chakras. The Tarot Card system, used for divination, was designed around kabbalah too. That is not to say that chakras do not exist, or that there isn't a divine tavnith (pattern) in the Cosmos, for there most certainly is. But what Satan has done is to mutate the Creation by falsely mapping it out in esoteric religions in such a way as to deny the true Creator and to give all the glory to man and and thus to himself.

    Why are They Deceived?

    Have you ever wondered how it is that so many believers are going to be sucked into the emerging One World Religion, and why so many already have? How have people like Baptist Billy Graham and charismatics Kenneth Copeland and Ulf Eckman been suckered into Catholicism? Is it just because they are antinomian as Messianics accuse? If so, why are Messianics under the Isis spell too?

    Seduced by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

    How is it that the whole world, save for a tiny remnant of believers, will embrace the goddess Isis and the Beast System as a whole? It is because they have been seduced by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen.2:9,17), as Eve was originally, attracted by the eye-catching fruit of gnosis, which Satan has represented as being most desirable as a way of being enlightened without the need of Elohim (God) - man can save himself, the serpent continues to insist, by discovering that 'God within' - that he is already 'God' because everyone and everything in the Cosmos is 'God' who manifests from some remote place through careful manipulation of forces (in fact, demons). This pantheistic doctrine with ithyphallic [5] roots appeals to vanity, pride and perversion, and it is these that continue to ruin man, and for which he is being punished now at the end of this prophetic cycle, and for which he will be punished again at the end of the next and final one. All the wickedness and evil in the world has come about because of one reason, and one reason only: man has rejected the Tree of Life (Yah'shua/Jesus) in favour of the kabbalistic Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Satan). He has turned away from the Persons of the Elohimhead (Godhead) and embraced, as he supposes, impersonal forces, not realising that these are also persons in the form of Satan and his demons. And that is why the world is so miserable and why this false amalgam of gnostic religions and atheistic philosophies, where man tries to save himself, brings nothing but destruction.

    The Shekinah is Not Biblical

    Please note that the noun Shekinah ('Presence') does not appear anywhere in the Tanakh (Old Testament). And whilst it appears in the Targums, it does not appear in any pre-rabbinic literature such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. IT IS AN INVENTION OF THE TALMUDISTS [4] for the purposes of incorporating Babylonian paganism which they acquired during the exile and brought it back with them to the Holy Land. When the "presence of Yahweh" is referenced in Scripture it always literally translates panim or THE FACE OF YAHWEH, because Yahweh is a Divine Person, not an impersonal hermaphoriditic force that manifests in two kabbalistic 'pillars' - He talks "face to face" with His elect like Jacob (Gen-32:30), Moses (Num.12:8; 14:14; Dt.5:4) just as one human being meets, and interacts, with another "face to face" (e.g. 2 Ki.14:8; Jer.32:4; 34:3; 2 Cor.10:1; 2 Jn.12; 3 Jn.14), and with those on whom He executes judgment (Ezek.20:35). And one day we shall see Him with our own eyes "face to face", doing so now only dimly (1 Cor.13:12). Never invoke the 'Shekinah' for there is no such thing in the Elohimhead (Godhead) and you may well get an ugly deposit in your soul. Rather, seek Yah's panim (face) like David of old:

      "Hear my voice when I call, O Yahweh; be merciful to me and answer me. My heart says of you, 'Seek His panim (face)!'" (Ps.27:7-8, NIV).

    Kabbalists Must Repent

    If you are a Messianic or Christian involved in kabbalism you need to make speedy teshuvah (repentance) NOW and renounce it completely...not just one 'form' of it. There is no such thing as kosher and unkosher versions of kabbalism anymore than there is a kosher and unkosher version of Satan. So much of the harshness, arrogance and pitylessness of many Messianics is on account of the fact that they have tried to marry Yahweh (Yahwah, Yahuwah, Yahuah, etc) to Isis, the Queen of Heaven, and are as guilty of the same kind of religious syncretism as the Catholics and Protestants they so gleefully condemn and take offence over. "Repent or perish" (Lk.13:3,5) for great judgments are imminent and the House of Elohim (God) will be judged first. Come before the Panim (Face) of Yahweh, confess your idolatry, put it away, and be renewed in true ahavah (love). Amen.

    Continued in Part 36


    [1] Jewish Encyclopedia (1906), Isis
    [2] Wikpedia, Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths and 99 Interesting Facts About Penises, Fact #59
    [3] Cited in Sacred Mysteries, Isis and the Tree of Life
    [4] See Alexander McCaul, The Old Paths, or the Talmud Tested by Scripture, Being a Comparison of the Principles of Doctrines of Modern Judaism With the Religion pf Moses and the Prophets (London Society's House, London: 1880, republished by Forgotten Books: 2012). Also see, Should We Study the Talmud? and Talmudic Judaism: The Dark Truth
    [5] Ithy = serpent

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "I accidentally stuck a children's kabbalism video on once. I had no idea what it was. I thought it was just a Torah teachins for kids... I think I watched it for less than a minute and the demonic spirit flowing from it was very overwhelming - I turned it off immediately. It is no doubt completely satanic" (SP, Ireland, 29 September 2014)

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