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Month 5:06, Week 1:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year:Day 5939:124 AM
2Exodus 1/40, 34/40 Fast of the Firstborn, 34/70 Firstborn Mourning
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 1 August 2014
A Word on Prophecy
and the Latest from the Front


    The stream of commentaries about what is happening in the world right now has led to the majority of those who believe in a literal Second Coming to confidently proclaim that prophecy after prophecy in the Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes and that the 'Rapture', World War III, the Great Tribulation, Armageddon, the Reign of Antichrist, and the Second Coming are a matter or days, weeks or months or at most a handfull of years away. Anything and everything that seems to connect to biblical prophecy - from blood moons to the rise of the fascist corporate oligarchs in the USA and Europe - is being marshalled as evidence that the End is here as panic increases amongst Christians and Messianics everywhere because of the blood conflicts in the Middle East and the threat of war between NATO and Russia.

    A Shadow of the Final Judgment

    But all of this has happened before. It happened during the last Gulf War and the Gulf War before that. Indeed, since that pesky Zionist state was created in Palestine in 1948 believers have been getting the prophetic markers all wrong, and will continue to get them wrong, until they finally acknowledge the truth that modern Israel is not biblical Israel but the resurrection of Easu's Edom (see the important series, Jacob's Trouble). What you are witnessing in the world right now with all the chaos in the Middle East and the West is a preliminary judgment of the nations that is a shadow of the Final Judgment that will take place at the end of the next 40 year cycle. The reason why so many biblical prophecies appear to be being fulfilled is because they are being fulfilled during this penultimate prophetic cycle. In other words, what we are witnessing in the world is one of many judgment events that take place at the end of regular prophetic cycles that periodically hold man to account and for the sake of Yah's Justice and the zadokim (righteous).

    A Regular Pattern of Blessings and Judgments

    In the illustration you see a prophetic spiral of the annual festivals which represents the repeating sevenfold structure of the divine tavnith or pattern of heavenly activity of regular blessings and judgments on man and on the earth generally beased on the choices individuals, families and nations make. All blessings and judgments are a function of whether men and nations obey the mitzvot (commandments) or not which are cosmic law everywhere. At the end of each cycle, such as the current one, malakim (angels) unleash various forces and hold back other ones in the same pattern described in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere. Though perhaps this is not the best way to describe it, what we are experiencing right now is a dress rehearsal of the 'big event' which everyone in every age mistakes as happening in their own particular cycle. When the First World War broke out 100 years ago believers came to much the same kinds of conclusion as they are doing now, and as they did in the Napoleonic devastations the century before and in the Second World War. Believers jump to the wrong prophetic conclusions because they don't understand how this system of divine cycles works or have bought into various lies concerning prophetic markers.

    The Pop Prophets at Work

    A lot of those lies are going to be exposed in this particular cycle of judgment and one of the biggest is that the Israeli Republic is 'the apple of God's eye' because the Jews are 'God's chosen people'. With the world (and believers especially) deceived as to who or what Israel is and who the modern Jews are, biblical prophecy is going to be wrongly interpreted again and again. During both the Gulf Wars I had to prophetically correct Christians who were insisting that the 'end' had started. On both occasions the 'end' did not, of course, come. Typically, in order to justify themselves, the pop prophets then claim that it is part of an 'unfolding', which of course has been true since the beginning of time as we have always been in a prophetic streamline, so really they haven't said anything at all. Why do they do this? Because they make mathematical calculations in the flesh and not in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Why do they msis the authentic Ruach (Spirit)? Because they have been listening to false, lawless ones for so long. The men of the Kingdom have failed to properly walk in the prophetic.

    The End of the Zionist State

    One of the biggest lies - and false prophetic markers - used by scriptorians and theologians with which to "discern the times" (Mt.16:13; Lk.12:56) is soon to be exposed and in a way that cannot be mistaken by intelligent people: the end of the modern Rothschild Illuminist Edomite Zionist State - the nation founded by Ben Gurion and others will either wholly cease to exist or be changed into completely different and unrecognisable. How they will do this and what they will turn it into remains to be seen but it will be in such a way that only the more discerning of (formerly) Zionist Christians will finally see through. Those who are sucked into the One World Religion lie will, of course, continue to be deceived and accept any explanation that is given to them. 'Israel-worship' is one of the great golden calves of our times. But we are called to be honest, no matter the cost:

      "An honest speaker comes out with the emet (truth), but the false witness is full of deceit...Emet (Truth) spoken stands firm forever but lies live only for a moment" (Prov.12:17,19, NEB).

    A propghetic Picture at Shavu'ot

    Yahweh has been sharing a number of things with me about the current world situation that it is now time for me to share in part with you. We had a most unsual Shavu'ot (Weeks) Conference this year during which we were deluged by several extra unexpected guests who caused chaos and disrupted the spiritual flow of the moed. What I did not realise was that it was a prophetic picture of the whole Body of Messiah as it is today and that I was required to 'live it through' in order to more fully appreciate what must be done to get ready for the imminent chaos that will suddenly strike the world and plunge it into darkness. Essentially, one unsaved and highly demonised man pretending to be a minister turned up with his children and left them to fend for themselves. The result was chaos and destruction the likes of which we have never experienced at Mishpachah lev-Tsiyon before. Though the children were the agents of the destruction, chaos and stress they were totally unmonitored, unguided and undisciplined.

    A Failure of Leadership

    The father was here a prophetic picture not only of Christian leaders but also of government heads. The lawlessness, chaos and violence we see in the world is the direct result of failed leadership. Likewise, the failure on the part of the churches to stem the tide of immorality and lawlessness amongst believers is a direct function of the failure of parents and of church leaders to teach Yahweh's Torah (Law). When the men fail, as I pointed out in my last Sabbath sermon, the family and the nation fail too. Worse, when the leaders refuse to repent, then the nations and the churches are surely doomed save the remnant which comes out of them.

    The Trapped Bird

    During the Shavu'ot Conference a number of interesting things happened in addition to the lesson I was being shown. For one, I was shown that lawlessness brings with it spirits of uncleanness. I saw them in large numbers. And whilst I have seen demons many times in my life, I have never had quite a close up view of so many as at this time, in part, I suspect, because Yahweh wished to stress the importance of getting the message out and of the urgent need to get the problem of poor leadership fixed. During the night of Shavu'ot (Weeks) I was awakened in the middle of the night by a small bird which had got into my bedroom by crawling through the insect netting. Finding itself trapped, it circled around and around the room not knowing what to do. Even after the large window had been opened wide it remained trapped in the belief that there was no way out. Only after a considerable period of time did it finally realise the window was open and headed out into the twilight.

    Undisciplined Thoughts

    Birds represent thoughts. So often we get trapped by false thinking and don't realise that our problems and spiritual issues in life are often simply a matter of getting out of a wrong thinking pattern. If a leader fails to follow scriptural tavnith (pattern) he will settle in wrong thinking processes that will blind him to the solutions to the problems he faces and those of his wards. This will negatively impact his family or congregation in ways he will not forsee and make it very difficult for him to find solutions. Yahweh works in divine tavnith (pattern) and if we work outside it, we will miss the way and fail to hear or see His directions pointing us to safety and deliverance.

    Mass-Production of Ecclesiastical Offices

    Leadership in the Kingdom of Heaven follows a divine tavnith (pattern) when it comes to the interactive functioning of leaders in the Messianic Community. There is a clear hierarchy that is no longer respected because men and women are claiming leadership positions that they are not called to. I have previously mentioned the dirth of pretenders to the apostolic mantle in the Body of Messiah - they are too numerous to count and I have yet to meet one (including myself) who remotely approached the actual anointing and giftedness of the first apostles. They have been mass-produced and cheapened.

    The Korah's

    When you have a flood of men and women claiming positions in the Kingdom they have not been given, very soon there is a complete undermining of any kind of toqef of authority. If there are thousands of 'apostles', who will hear and follow the true apostles when they step forward, especially if these pretender-apostles are clearly operating in some kind of supernatural spirit, even if it is not the authentic, clean One [1]? Because these spirits are unclean, they will always accuse those with genuine callings operating in the authentic Ruach (Spirit), as Korah did when he stood against Moses:

      "You (Moses) have gone too far! The whole community is qodesh (holy, set-apart), every one of them, and Yahweh is with them. Why then do you set yourselves above Yahweh's assembly?" (Num.16:3, NIV).

    Lording it Over the Brethren

    There is for sure a problem (and always has been in every generation) when unrighteous men (and women) try to lord it over the brethren, and they truly bring an oppressive and suffocating spirit to their congregations. But the remedy to this problem is not the communistic one that Korah demanded - Yahweh has not given equal toqef (authority) to everyone just because the whole community is qodesh or set-apart. The remedy is false leaders being exposed and expelled (if they will not repent) and those who get too big for their boots being humbled until they are right with Yahweh and the people again (as Peter was in his bad treatment of the gentiles). The Kingdom of Heaven is not democratic or socialistic but neither is it a dictatorship in the sense that we understand it. It operates by the consent of the governed yet it is hierarchical too. There must be order in the Kingdom but it must be the right order and in the right spirit. This is no more important than in a crisis.

    The Drums of War

    You are all, no doubt, following the news, and not just the filtered and biased mainstream variety. I know many of you are wondering about the Mishpat Yahweh and what's going to happen now. It's under way but it hasn't reached its climax yet. Four days ago I was awakened early in the morning and I could hear literal drums of war beating - it was an errie experience and would have been frightening had I not known Yahweh was in control.

    Vision of the Room Filled With Wine

    Shortly after that experience of the bird I saw a vision of a room that was full of wine, from wall to wall, and in the room were myself and others of this Mishpachah. As we trod the grapes underfoot, so the level of the wine rose higher and higher until we were almost waiste deep in it. When I asked Yahweh what this meant he told me to turn to Ezekiel 33:30-33:

      "As for you, son of man, your countrymen are talking together about you by the walls and at the doors of the houses, saying to each other, 'Come and hear the message that has come from Yahweh.' My people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to listen to your devarim (words), but they do not put them into practice. With their mouths they express devotion, but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain. Indeed, to them you are nothing more than one who sings love songs with a beautiful voice and plays an instrument well, for they hear your devarim (words) but do not put them into practice. When all this comes true - and it surely will - then they will know that a navi (prophet) has been among them'" (Ezek.33:30-33, NIV).

    Prophets for Prophecy's Sake

    Yet that is not the point, is it? The point is not to have nevi'im (prophets) and prophecies being spoken so that people can be entertained or marvel at the gift. The point of having prophecy is to get people to respond in obedience. Does a navi (prophet) care whether he is recognised as a navi (prophet) or not? Of course not. A navi (prophect) does not care for notoriety or a good reputation or to be recongised as an inspired orator, but that Yahweh's Devarim (Words) are believed and implemented! So I ask those of you who hear and read the messages you get from me and others - are you doing anything about them? For I do not care a fig if you finally recongise that Yahweh has been speaking through me or others after the events prophesied take place - I care only that you save yourselves and your families by testing the Devarim (Words) and putting them into practice!

    A World in Crisis: ISIS and the Mahdi

    The world is in a crisis just as it was in 1939 and in 1914. What is happening is not a bagatelle. Just because Nigeria, Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are a long way from most of you doesn't mean that it isn't coming to your doorsteps too. The Muslims in Malmö in south Sweden led the police into a trap in their ghetto today and then attacked them savagely - these people really believe their time has come for world domination. They are drunk with the success of ISIS in Iraq and Syria - they truly believe they will get their global Caliphate any day and that they will be in Washington DC at any time. They believe their messianic figure, the Mahdi, will appear at any moment, born of a man and fully grown (that's why the men wear those baggy pants). Their flag was just raised in Benghazi, Libya, and their shocking deeds of violence and murder are being felt across Africa and the Middle East. Make no mistake, this is very serious indeed, and it's coming to our shores too, and is already here. And don't forget the élite is trying to start a conflict between Russia and NATO even if their false flags involving Malaysian airliners have been going wrong. We have seen two of them - expect a third - because they always have backup plans when things go wrong.

    Be on a War-Footing Now

    The Mishpat Yahweh is very much underway but 'you ain't seen nothin' yet'. So be prepared. Your food, water, medical and other prepping should almost be complete now as you tie loose ends and get ready whilst carrying on in emunah (faith) as before. Are you men ready to step up into your callings as leaders and assume the prophetic mantle for your families when the nevi'im (prophets) cannot get online to warn you any longer? Are you now tuned in to the Ruach (Spirit) ... for real, and not the counterfeit one of the lawless and lesgalist brigades? I jest not, as I hope you by now know.


    Yahweh's last davar (word) on the current situation was three days ago when He said:

      "The nations are going mad" (Jer.51:7b, NASB).


    But you don't need me to tell you that. I will be back at shabbat with more. Amen.


    [1] Filled with Spirits: Charismatic Deceptions vs. Filled with the Spirit (Part 2)

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