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    Well, as all our readers know, November has passed and the two major anticipated economic catastrophes have not occurred, at least not as we expected, and there were no earthquakes. This article is being written to apologise to all those who have read this homepage and received the flyer, Economic Catastrophe is Coming to Norway and especially those who left the cities for the countryside or otherwise stayed at home on the days we wrongly thought a big shake would take place.

    Misunderstanding the Visions

    There were two principal visions associated with our predictions of catastrophe in November which were separated by over a two year period and which it seems we erroneously combined. We still stand by the visions (for in our experience they have always been fulfilled) but confess to have interpreted them wrongly.

    The Two Tornadoes. This vision took place over two years ago. In it, the tornadoes came from the east and were moving westwards. No time was given as to when they would take place.

    The Moving Rectangle. This prophetic dream is of more recent provenance and it was this one that included the footnote, "November" (no year was given though 1998 was assumed to be the more likely). This involved a semi-transparent rectangle moving from Lillehammer in the direction of Oslo over a physical map of eastern Norway. As it did so, the ground seemed to shake. We assumed initially (though we were never entirely sure, and made a disclaimer from the beginning that only maybe an earthquake would take place) that this meant an earthquake. It didn't, and we later understood that the dream was to do with the departure of righteousness from Norway, the Lillehammer Winter Olympics being, as it were, a ceremonial starting point for the final departure, with its pagan ceremony.

    What Actually Happpened in November?

    The month of November was certainly characterised by an appalling rise of crime in the city of Oslo. A quick look over the newspapers for November 1998 reveals gangs of (for the most part) immigrant youths terrorising and even murdering people in cold blood, sometimes in broad daylight. A taxi strike took place in protest over the murder of taxi drivers. Oridinary citizens began to fear going into the capital.

    When I first arrived in Norway in 1988 there were about 4 murders a year. Today, ten years on, there seems to be at least one a week. Though the government has reacted by recruiting more police the real problem has not been tackled: the seemingly exponential decline in moral standards.

    We watched how the price of oil began to fall, a serious matter for an oil-producing country like Norway, with a meeting of OPEC ministers in Vienna designed to halt the slide.

    We watched how the Christian coalition government seemed threatened and how they were rescued by the right-wing parties in a deal cut over the 1999 Budget.

    We watched anxiously as war in the Middle East reared its ugly head as once again dictator Saddam Hussain expelled UN representatives investigating his nuclear, chemical and biological weapon stocks, and how threats from the Allies, including a large military build-up, caused Saddam to stand down. You will also remember my own prophetic dream about an attack on one of Hussein's palaces.

    We watched as the media gleefully mocked sacred things and misrespresented us, and were reminded of how in the future how little we can expect from them in terms of impartial and unbiased reporting. We have grown a little wiser. For the moment they are probably thinking they are fully justified in marking us down as yet another group of Christian crackpots - we may, in our enthusisam, have got our timing wrong but you may be quite sure it IS going to happen!

    Finally, we watched the Leonid Meteor Shower and wondered if this might not be a prophetic sign for what is about to come. We still believe it is.

    Important Preparations

    For ourselves, and we hope also for many of you, our warnings have at least caused you to take steps for survival in the form of storing up food, water and other supplies. If you have done this, keep those supplies maintained and expand them. Why? Because of troubles which are almost certain to happen next year, and which the governments of the world are certainly taking VERY SERIOUSLY.

    The Millennium Bug - Year 2000 (Y2K)

    Towards the end of 1999, likely in November/December, the world's computers are going to start breaking down owing to a software fault which has been causing programmers a headache for the last few years as they try to rectify it. There are already a number of newspaper and internet articles about this problem and especially (now) how the MILITARY in many nations is PREPARING FOR CHAOS. We have an article on the steps the Canadian military are taking for Y2K - I recently read an article on the British military and how they are preparing.

    This is not so much a matter of prophecy but of hard fact. Though nobody knows eactly what the scanario will be, most Western governments are preparing for the worst. Doubtless there are also going to be some religious nutcases and terrorists who will try to committ mass suicide, set off nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, etc., to personally mark the millennium shift with apocalyptic-like actions.

    So our counsel is still the same: use the next twelve months to get really prepared. As I think about it, I think we needed alot more time to get ready than our recent predictions allowed. Whilst my own family was able to get food, water and fuel in we need to do alot more especially if we are deprived of basic necessities over a longish period of time. I shall be using the next year to increase stocks and become self-sufficient in other areas -- we are already planning to get livestock in place by the spring and hope to fly in an expert to help us get this in place.

    Please check out the preparedness sites given below and get started:

    ...And Now the Spiritual Side

    This November has been especially profitable for us spiritually as, in our attempts to be prepared, we have evaluated our faithfulness (or lack of it) before God. More importantly, we have been shown in a prophetic dream received by Herman Rustad that we are on the edge of TRUE REVIVAL and NOT the demonic counterfeit that is presently sweeping the charismatic churches in the forms of Toronto, Pensacola, etc. See the Amazing Kongsberg Vision for the Lord's perspective of the so-called "charismatic revival", a spare yourself from one the worst end-time delusions ever!

    In the meantime, get stuck into your Bibles, take your prayer life into a higher gear, and get involved in a proper Bible-believing Church. If you're not sure how to discern the churches, then we recommend you investigate some of our web sites. The main ones are listed below:

    If you are a Norwegian, Danish or Swedish speaker, visit this site regularly because we will be expanding the materials considerably. If you live in Oslo or Bergen, return to the main page and enroll in our Bible Classes due to restart in January 1999.

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