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    A Sign for Today?
    17 November & 18 November 1998 Update

    As most people by now know, we are due for a spectacular meteorite shower this evening at about 8 p.m. here in Norway as they strike the earth's atmosphere at about 160,000 m.p.h.

    Although the Leonids are a regular feature of our sector of the cosmos, it must be remembered that the Creator, who ordained all things from the beginning, uses such astronomical phenomena as signs for the human race. Is it therefore any accident that one of the most dramatic meteor showers for a very long time has been "sheduled" in this prophetic month of November? Though atheists may smile condescendingly, we must remember that the Lord has used cosmological events as signs of important times, and even the beginning of an epoch. Let us not forget the mysterious appearance of the Bethlehem 'star' at the birth of Christ.

    It is, moreover, possible, that some of these meteorites will be sufficiently large enough as to actually penetrate our atmosphere and impact on the ground. Large extra-terrestrial objects have certainly done so in the past and have been responsible for major climactic changes. At the turn of the century huge meteorites bombarded Russian Siberia and levelled vast swathes of forest. Whether there are going to be impacts or not, we at least ought to be prepared.

    Our message of warning to Norway (and doubtless to other lands too) remains in force. The month of November isn't over yet!

    The Prophetic Meaning of the Leonid Shower
    18 November 1998 Update

    By far the most spectacular display of the Leonid meteor shower was in Asia where those living in Japan got quite a performance. The displays in eastern Norway on 16 November were much better than the expected ones the day after, which were disappointing.

    To our knowledge, most of the material that entered our atmosphere was of microscopic size with no immediate reports of ground impacts. What then is the prophetic significance of this latest show from outer space?

    As everyone knows, the meteorite shower was caused by the earth passing through a comet's tail, and as most people know, from an earth-based perspective, the shooting stars appeared to come from the constellation of Leo the lion (hence their designation, 'Leonids').

    According to New Covenant Christian belief, the constellations were arranged by God to reveal to man a prophetic timetable. The constellation of Leo symbolises the Lion of Judah, Yahshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ), which is contrasted with His other symbol, the Lamb of God. Jesus came as a meek and humble lamb two thousand years ago to effect an attonement for sin and the resurrection of the dead, but will return as the conquering Lion of Judah to end this present world and inaugurate 1,000 years of peace. (For a detail study of divine cosmology, see Footnote 461 in our book, The Olive Branch -- the footnotes are not available on our homepage, only in the hardcopy version. You may order a copy from Site I).

    This meteorite shower is thus a sign of the end times, and especially the Second Coming of Christ. That it was most visible in Asia indicates dramatic changes about to take place on that continent which will affect the whole world, possibility initiating the two tornadoes which will have such dire consequences for Norway economically.

    We have already seen the collapse of the Asian stock markets and the anarchy which is now gripping Indonesia. Japan has been in recession for a while now and thee Chinese economy is showing signs of melt-down. Watch out for what is happening in Asia -- what happens there will have major consequences of Europe and North America. The story continues to unfold.

    Return to this site for an update on prophetic events!

    Laget: 17. november, 1998
    Oppdatert: 18. november, 1998

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