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    False Religion in Norway Today

    The following vision was seen by an unnamed Pentecostal lady from Kongsberg in eastern Norway. It illustrates the end-time religious delusion that is not only fooling Norwegian Christians but Christians world-wide. Read it carefully for it says much of what is happening in Norway at this special time.

    1. In a small prayer meeting in Kongsberg, my home, I all of a sudden saw a vision which I will now write down.

    2. I saw a woman, a really beautiful woman, who was kneeling in front of a large stone church.

    3. She was worshipping with outstretched hands to heaven, and had an expression that radiated joy.

    4. I noticed at the same time that she was filled with a super-abundance of spirit.

    5. I thought immediately in my heart that this woman was genuinely filled with the Holy Spirit.

    6. But at the same moment a voice spoke from heaven:

    7. This woman which you see is not exactly what you think - filled with My Spirit - but she has received that spirit which is being poured out over the whole world - where religious people are to be found.

    8. This is a religious spirit, but not My Spirit, saith the Lord.

    9. Here worship does not only include I, the Lord, but also all exisiting church congregations and religious organisations.

    10. This woman which you saw represents the assembly (congregation) of religious organisations over which the spirit is being poured, but it is not My Spirit, saith the Lord.

    11. She has received this spirit which shows love to all the religions, but she does not love My Word, because it speaks against her belief and way of being.

    12. She loves people more than she loves Me, saith the Lord.

    13. She is a prostitute in My eyes, saith the Lord, because she either perverts or rejects My Word.

    14. The whole of your country (Norway) has been permeated by this spirit!

    15. And now I will show you the approaching judgment over your country because those who WERE My people have thrown out My Word, and their hatred has turned itself against My Word.

    16. The vision changed and I stood up in the air and saw a map of Norway with a large section of Russia under me, and the land lay in darkness.

    17. Then a man stood up from the Russian part, and his head was likewise raised towards heaven.

    18. Great fear came over me when I saw him!

    19. The whole of his chest was covered in medals (lit. "ordinations and appointments"), and his face, which was enormous, was cruel and severe, like flint -- and he was looking at Norway.

    20. Then there was a change in the colour on the map of Norway.

    21. It began as a weak reddish colour, but the reddish colour became stronger and stronger until the country was as red as blood from north to south.

    22. I wept as I watched this happening.

    23. When the country was completely red, the man with the stone face smiled, and at the same moment there was something which I couldn't see clearly, which smashed his leg, and he fell down into the darkness of the Russian area.

    24. But Norway continued to remain blood red.

    Section 467 of the book of revelation and prophecy published by the New Covenant Church called The Olive Branch.

    If you want help understanding this vision, e-mail us. But it is perfectly clear for those who have eyes to see: Norway is nearly a communist nation...and without any revolution at all, just the complacent acceptance by the Norwegian people of liberal atheistic socialism! How could they be so blind? Have they forgotten that before the war the original Norwegian Social Democrats were members of the COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL?!

    And what of the woman at worship? Isn't she a type of the anti-Biblical spirit that is destroying the once great Lutheran Church and other 'Christian' denominations?


    Laget: 17. november, 1998
    Oppdatert: 17. november, 1998

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