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    Echad Polygamy Apologetics

    Originally called, Hélène Holtz's Christian Polygamy Notebook, this collection of essays (#1-9) has been merged with the former Królewiec Wives Messianic Polygamy Apologetics section (#10) and renamed the Królewiec Wives' Notebook: Echad Polygamy Apologetics for Women.

    The following page was designed to help my wives in their ministry and consists of a collection of writings and interactions principally from internat chat rooms in which they have been very active in the past. They have been written under a collective pseudonym and persona, 'Hélène Holtz', who is also a leading character in my semi-fictional book, Bouquet of Roses, which was itself born out of such experiences and interactions.

    The 20 Commonest Questions People Ask Us

    1. Are you are Mormon? No, I am a Bible-believing Christian/Messianic.
    2. What is polygamy? One man married to two or more women, also called polygyny.
    3. Is polygamy the same as polyamory? No, polyamory is many men and women all "married" together.
    4. What Christian creed to you believe in? The Apostles' Creed.
    5. Would you like more than one husband? No, it's unnatural and unbiblical.
    6. Are you living polygamously? Yes.
    7. How many wives do you share your husband with? 3.
    8. Do you have problems with jealosy? Not now.
    9. Is polygamy legal where you live? No.
    10. Aren't Christians supposed to obey the law of the land? Yes, but they must obey God's will first.
    11. Do you believe all Christians should be polygamists? No, only those called by God.
    12. Isn't having more than one wife a sin in the Bible? No.
    13. Where in the New Testament does it support polygamy? See www.nccg.org/fecpp/CPM012-NT.html
    14. One flesh with more than one woman? See www.nccg.org/fecpp/CPMFAQ005-1Wife.html
    15. Aren't Adam and Eve the model marriage? No. See www.nccg.org/fecpp/CPM026-AdamEve.html
    16. Doesn't 1 Cor.7:2 say only 1 man to 1 wife? No. See www.nccg.org/fecpp/CPM047-MIA.html
    17. Aren't church leaders limited to having 1 wife? No. See www.nccg.org/fecpp/CPM016-Mia.html
    18. Doesn't polygamy bring great unhappiness? Only to carnally-minded selfish people.
    19. What is the key to being happy polygamously? Loving Christ, forgetting self, and giving.
    20. Does one need to be married to be saved? No.

    1. Letters to a Seventh Day Adventist Friend
    2. Why Polygamy Should Be Legal - a Secular Viewpoint
    3. 13 Vital Reasons to Declare the Truth About Polygamy
    4. Polygamy is not Adultery: Answering a Critic
    5. Are Polygamists Perverts? Answering Pastor Hud et al
    6. I am an Oppressed Polygamist Woman
    7. The Lady who Behaved Like a Tramp
    8. Letter to a Surprised Monogamist
    9. Monogamaniac Art Gallery
    10. Defending Echad Polygamy in Chat Rooms

    • 10.1. Using This Page as an Apologetics Resource
    • 10.2. Chatroom Rules
    • 10.3. The Purpose of Our Witness
    • 10.4. A Lack of Education vs. Willful Ignorance
      • 10.4.1. Prove All Things
      • 10.4.2. Good Exegesis
      • 10.4.3. Slander
    • 10.5. One Bible, Not Two: The Law Stands
      • 10.5.1. Attacking the Old Testament
      • 10.5.2. The Law is Eternal
      • 10.5.3. Setting Paul Against Christ
    • 10.6. What Is Biblical Marriage? (A Summary)
      • 10.6.1. Defining Marriage
      • 10.6.2. The Myth of Monogamy and Polygamy
      • 10.6.3. Fornication
      • 10.6.4. Adultery
      • 10.6.5. Double-Mindedness
      • 10.6.6. False Accusation

      Author: SBSK

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