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    Królewiec Wives 3

    13 Vital Reasons to
    Declare the Truth
    about Polygamy
    by Israel C.S.Lim

    In a rural society, the relationship of men and women is abused in one way, and in modern society, it is abused in another way. It is being abused everywhere in the world, whichever form it adopts. In the rural society, polygamy is often abused. In this modern society, polygamy is forbidden, so I will address this side of the coin. Where there is abuse, there the truth will be declared. As a minister of the Gospel, this issue is not so much a personal belief or preference but a deeper truth to stand upon and be responsible for. The list is by no means exhaustive and it is impossible for any responsible man, after knowing it to keep quiet.

    1. The truth has to be taught

    Our fundamental values and understanding of the marriage institution are not according to the Word, and they have affected the way we live life and judge others. Simply, the truth has to be taught.

    2. The innocent are wrongfully mocked and ostracized in our society.

    Modern society has wrongly despised, mocked and ostracized countless true polygamists (who might have done well and have been justified) before Elohim (God). They have been deprived of their rightful place in society. Their offspring are being discriminated as bastards and children of shame. Shouldn't the truth be declared to defend the wrongly persecuted?

    3. The innocent are wrongfully shamed at the pulpit and deprived of salvation and their place in the Messianic Community/Church.

    Many a polygamist has been deprived of salvation. They are publicly shamed, preached against and wrongly imputed with the sin of adultery and fornication and condemned into hell fire by the modern Messianic Community/Church. They have to cruelly give up the other wives and children before they can be 'saved' or given membership in the church. What about this? How much do we care for the souls and their rightful place in Yahweh's Kingdom? (See East African Polygamy: From Tradition to Yah's Kingdom.

    4. The Messianic Community/Church is deceived.

    Historically, it is clear that the Romantic should-be monogamy is a theology that has its root, not from our patriarchal forefathers but from the heathen Roman and Babylonian religions. Emperor Nero killed the first wife to marry a second wife and banished the second to get a third, who influenced him to inflict unimaginable cruelty on the early believers. Do we not expose the works of the devil?

    5. The credibility of our founding fathers is being questioned.

    The foundation of Yahweh's Kingdom is questioned and renounced, because by today's Christianity, our founding fathers like Abraham, Jacob, Moses and David are in effect considered as backward if not barbaric to have indulged in the 'permissive sin' of polygamous adultery. If they are alive today, the Church would be erroneously ashamed of them before the world. They would be deprived of church membership, not mentioning their place as founding fathers, yet Elohim (God) said in Deut 10:15 that He loves the fathers. Thus, we see the righteousness, holiness and the credibility of our founding fathers undermined. The heathen now set the standard of holiness for our forefathers, whose ignorant children (the church) are now judging them using the laws of the heathen. This must be rectified.

    6. Anointed ministers have been wrongfully destroyed.

    Nowhere in the Bible is mentioned that ministers cannot be polygamous. In fact, there are implications that polygamous ministers are acceptable. But in today's Christianity, many ministers have been floored, and forcefully thrown out of ministry by opportunists, while in truth, they not only should have been spared but justified, and lifted up as patriarchs. I am not justifying those who take another man's wife, and those who commit adultery by scriptural definition . I am advocating for those would-be polygamous faithful ministers who have been grounded as fallen stars, robbed and destroyed by ambitious men who took occasion to rise. These have no excuse for not knowing the truth, for if they were led by the Spirit, they would not have destroyed the commanders of Elohim (God) in this manner. The Kingdom is losing many mighty warriors because of untruth.

    7. From bondage to freedom and fulfillment.

    Many, because of the anti-polygamy sentiment, stay in secrecy, fear, deprivation and loneliness instead of being set free into the liberty of the Word and be fulfilled. Such, if not for the fear of what others might think or say, may on their own be willing to commit to a responsible polygamous life, but now shy away from doing what is responsible and rightful in their life. Do we not care for our fearful and deprived brothers and sisters? Someone will have to speak up for them.

    8. It's an instruction from Yah'shua/Jesus.

    Yah'shua/Jesus said, if you love Me, keep My commandments. He also said that when we have the light, we should not keep it under the bed, but place it on the hilltop for all to see. There are those who see this truth but for fear of men and of discrimination and persecution, keep quiet. Do we not obey Christ? How much do we love Him?

    9. It teaches relationship with Elohim (God) and depth in Christ.

    Yah'shua/Jesus said that the deep relationship of Christ and the Messianic Community/His Church, of Elohim (God) and worthy men, is like a marriage, like that of groom and bride. So, if the forms and principles of the marriage relationship are not properly understood in the right light, the relationship with Elohim (God) will never be properly comprehended, and those whom we are ministering to will never be set free. Yah'shua/Jesus told Nicodemus, "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" (John 3:12). Thus, if one does not have the correct understanding of the natural marriage, he will never be free enough to understand the deeper things of Elohim (God), especially his relationship with Him, and he will never be able to bring others beyond where he is. We need to help others into the depths of God if we truly love Him. It's an urgent answer for the world and the Messianic Community/Church.

    10. Anti-patriarchy means anti-submission to Elohim (God) and spiritual leadership.

    Anti-polygamy means anti-sharing and exclusiveness. Both are the real causes of broken marriages. Both are anti-Elohim (-God) and need to be changed. The teaching of patriarchal polygamy will bring about the restoration of Elohim's (God's) truth and the right disposition of hearts in Elohim's (God's) Kingdom. The hypocritical holiness of should-be monogamy is not answering the world's need and the frustrated world is turning to homosexuality and lesbianism that are quickly being legalized and infiltrating the Messianic Community/Church. The monogamy idol will soon have to be abandoned for the new 'homogamy' god if patriarchal polygamy is not quickly put in its right place. If we don't live in the truth, the Messianic Community/Church will be plagued and destroyed by untruth and sins.

    11. It's the restoration work of the spirit of Elijah.

    The Word of Elohim (God) says that Elijah will come and turn the hearts of the children to the fathers whom Elohim (God) said, He take delight only in them (Deut 10:15). How about doing the Father's work in the last days?

    12. The Messianic Community/Church is losing her spiritual women to the world.

    Not only is it not wrong, but also in some cases scripturally right and noble for patriarchal men to look after more spiritual women, to take care of them so that they can continue to be committed to the Kingdom of Elohim (God), and not have to resort to marrying and subjecting themselves to unbelievers in order for this Yahweh-given need to be met. Painfully, we see innumerous spiritual women losing their call and contribution to the Kingdom and many times even their salvation because of marriage. This need not happen at all! How can we not take a hard look at this if we truly care for the Kingdom? And know that what is true will provide a solution to this problem. By this we will know that a truth is indeed TRUTH. The Messianic Community/Church is fighting a losing battle because of the lack of knowledge of the truth.

    13. The truths regarding Biblical polygamy sets you free

    The blindness and darkness over many areas of life are shrouded in the anti-polygamy sentiment and in the misconceptions of Biblical Polygamy. Thus, the truths regarding Biblical Polygamy becomes the key to unlock the door to many other truths and freedom of life. It is but the key to true liberty and dynamism.

    I have listed at least 13 not just good, but important reasons for patriarchal polygamy to be preached and taught. As I said, How can anybody understand these and still keep quiet? The truth will have to be restored, but not without a price! Who will stand for Yahweh?

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    Author: ICSL

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