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    The Message, Healing, the Remnant,
    the Battle of the Vistula and NCAY


    Continued from Part 1

    Q. Perhaps we could pick up where we left off from last time in which you covered your own personal struggle with the purpose of life and in particular understanding the character of Yahweh, our Heavenly Father. Before we got into a discussion of Job's dilemma and of a selection of difficult-to-understand Tanakh (Old Testament) passages, you seemed to be hinting that maybe your own ministry was drawing to a close. Could you elaborate?

    A. I frankly have no idea when my own work might end. I did, I admit, recently have a vision in which I was shown that about three-quarters - more or less - of my life was over and the way my health is plunging it certainly feels like more.

    Q. You don't seem very optimistic...

    Q. When the doctors tell you they can't do any more for you and your 'health quotient' keeps dropping faster and faster to the point you have become so immobile that can do so little, I think there are good grounds for a certain amount of pessimism. If I improve, or am even healed, I shall be the first to be grateful and throw myself vigorously back into the Kingdom work.

    Q. You were always a very optimistic person in the past. What changed?

    A. In a word, reality. I was very much an idealist, which of course there is nothing wrong with, but naïvely so. When you are chronically ill, you tend to want realism more than anything else. A few weeks ago, a ministry in Kenya, who were extremely interested in joining us at NCAY, hearing of my health problems, very kindly started a long fast and prayer session for me. They were very optimistic. After a few days, the leader of the group informed me that the 'Spirit' had informed him that I had been healed, and so he asked me to give the report of my health that he was expecting. When I told him I was worse, as was true, he refused to believe me. They valiantly prayed on and all the while my condition worsened little by little. After a few more enquiries failed to give them the positive answer they expected, they went silent and presumably lost interest in joining us any more.

    Q. You had no great expectations of healing?

    A. On the contrary, I was open to healing, of course, but not convinced that their relevation was from Yahweh. The influence of the 'health-and-wealth' or 'prosperity gospel' is all too pervasive in Africa, and that I am highly sceptical of and hostile to, as you know. I absolutely believe in the gift of healing because Scripture declares its reality and whilst I can report in my life having had minor healings through prayer, the healing has tended to take the form of temporary relief from levels of pain which even for me, acquainted with it as I am, was too much.

    I say all this only to say that I am cautious when it comes to miraculous healing if for no other reason that Yahweh, for reasons only known to Himself, does not heal the vast majority of sick believers who petition Him save in the regular course of events of natural healing over time. Since He's the Creator, that's Him healing too but by other means common to the whole human race. I have met those who have been supernaturally healed, sometimes instantaneously, whose cure cannot be attributed to mere natural processes. But that has so far not been my own personal experience.

    I certainly don't guilt-trip either myself or others when hoped-for healing does not come. I think the health-and-wealth charismatics are a menace to the mental and spiritual health of those whose expectations and hopes are sometimes cruelly raised. Indeed, I knew one Assemblies of God man who prophesied over a woman dying of cancer that she would recover. She died shortly afterwards. Instead of rebuking the man for issuing a false prophecy and unrealistically raising the hopes of the woman and her frightened family, the leadership comforted him as though this were, in reality, a hit-and-miss affair and he just happened to get 'unlucky'. I find that kind of religion hypocrictial and a bad witness for Messiah. The best we can do is pray over the sick, as commanded, and leave any healing in His hands, rejoicing when healing does take place, and consoling when it does not.

    Of course, it has to be underlined that healing, emunah (faith) and repentance go hand-in-hand:

      "Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the local assembly (church) to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Master. And the prayer offered in emunah (faith) will make the sick person well; the Master will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:14-16, NIV).

    Q. So the issue could be one of emunah (faith) and/or repentance?

    Absolutely and I would be dishonest were I to claim that I have shining emunah (faith) in healing after so many disappointments in the past, or that there were no sin issues in my life blocking healing. So either of those could be my problem. The Kenyans who prayed for me I am sure had emunah (faith) but I do doubt they heard Yahweh telling them of the result they expected.

    Q. Your view of world events seems, if I may say so, to have become increasingly pessimistic of late too. Do you think this might be tied into your health problems?

    A. I can't 100 per cent say that it is not, for I don't know, but no, my view of the world is based on simple observation and the visions Yahweh has given me over these recent years. Certainly the way the world is plunging into sin is disheartening. It should be obvious to most everyone whose eyes are open that society is in irreversible decline. When the majority is pathologically spiritually and mentally sick, then that society must collapse. And since I don't now believe that any permanent national revivals are about to take place, with perhaps a handful of exceptions that I have mentioned before, I consider my grounds for pessimism to be well founded.

    Q. Surely as a minister you have a duty to preach a positive message?

    A. To those who would be saved, of course. My message of the world to come is of course positive. But to the rest who will not be saved, who now represent the majority, then like the nevi'im (prophets) of old who received Mishpatim Yahweh or Judgments of Yahweh to relay to the nations, then I must do as I am bidden, however personally saddening and depressing. We are not psychiatrists called to get people to adjust themselves to a dysfunctional society - we're here to tell it as it really is. Anything else would be deceptive and counterproductive, disadvantaging those who do want to respond and make teshuvah (repent).

    Q. What would you say the response has been amongst believers to the warnings you have been giving?

    A. The same as in every generation in the past that has been judged and punished - pitiful.

    Q. But not the Remnant, of course...

    A. On no, on the contrary, the Remnant is still largely asleep. I had hoped otherwise but they are running in around in every direction like chickens with their heads chopped off.

    Q. You're kidding me, right?

    Not a bit. The Remnant's all over the place. It's awakening, yes, but still there are blinkers to be removed. And until they hear the music they will wander around like blind men not knowing which direction to walk in.

    Q. 'Hear the music'?

    A. Many, many years ago Yahweh showed me a vision - one of the earliest, in fact, of a particular denomination. That denomination was represented by a very large building, like a church or cathedral. A shoulder-high wall, separated one half of the building from the other. It was full of people, a cross-section of the world and all the sinning going in it. You would never have guessed they were 'believers' as they maintained they were. They were all nominal 'believers', unsaved, carnal, sensual, devilish, lost yet deluded into believing they were OK with Elohim (God). Yahweh spoke to me as I was looking at this chaotic scene and He told me that these people corresponded to the unbelievers of the second resurrection, the third category of souls who like the second remain unresurrected until the end of the Millenium.

    Q. 50 per cent is a lot...

    A. Yes, especially as I had been taught that all the members of this very legalistic denomination were saved through being members! But that's not where the vision ended. I was taken over the dividing wall into the other half - well, in reality, almost a half, as there was another very small section that I hadn't yet been shown. This looked like your typical Christian Church with rows of pews and well-dressed and disciplined worshippers - men, woman and children. I relaxed somewhat and said to myself, 'Ah, so this is the Master's assembly' or words to that effect. 'Not so, My son,' came the immediate reply from Yahweh, and He went on to tell me that these were the disobedient believers of the second resurrection, who would have to wait like the previous 50 per cent until the end of the Millennium until they got their immortal bodies. I then turned, to see who they were listening to, and up in the pulpit was the minister all dressed up in the robes of one of the older Protestant denominations like the Lutherans. I couldn't believe it as this was not a minister from the denomination I was then a member of and which this vision was representing.

    Q. So this was about 45 per cent of the whole membership?

    A. More, nearer 47 per cent, I would estimate. I realised that the minister was preaching false doctrines based on tradition. And though these people looked very respectable and decent, they were nevertheless deceived too, though they were not in such dire straits as the unsaved in the other portion of the building, of course.

    Q. What happened next?

    I was taken into a small room, completely sealed off from the remainder of the church. The flock there was small. The odd thing was they looked lost. They were wandering around the room but couldn't see one another. They were all trying to a sing a song of worship but because they could neither hear nor see one another, they were all singing different hymns and it was a babel of a sound. But then the miracle happened. There was the sound of a rushing wind in that little room. The blinkers fell off their eyes, they started seeing one another for the first time, and then quite spontaneously they all began singing the same worship song in harmony. The sound was divine. And then the vision ceased.

    That's what I meant when I said they would start to 'hear the music'.

    Q. If I remember righly from long ago when you first shared this experience, all the three groups were facing in different directions, weren't they?

    A. Yes, that's correct. And the little group - the Remnant - was facing East...or at least the room was because they were wandering around in it initially, and then they all faced east as a congregation. Then Yahweh spoke again, paraphrasing, 'These are My people. These are they who are washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.' You'd have to read the original account for the exact wording but that was the sense of it. It was a long time ago. These were the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) washed as white as snow, without blemish, to borrow Isaiah's analogy.

    Q. So the Remnant today is like those people in your vision all wandering around singing different tunes?

    A. That's about the sum of it.

    Q. I'm interpreting your pessimism, then, in terms of them not waking up yet as you had hoped? Or something like that?

    I guess I am impatient and the thought of having to wait until even 'older age' like Abraham to get the 'promised seed' isn't something I'm too happy about. I'll wait, of course, as long as I am alive. I have seen so many promising people wander away and take crazy paths, some of them intellectually brilliant but spiritually or emotionally disconnected. I know they're called but I had hoped - so hoped - that they'd see the light sooner and remain with the labourers.

    Q. It sounds to me like your problem is loneliness...

    A. Jeremiah had Baruch, his scribe, and that was pretty much it. We must be prepared to be a tiny few until the awakening... But, of course, it can be very lonely indeed.

    Q. When - or rather, under what circumstances - will that be, do you think...the awakening?

    A. Most people aren't going to change much until their circumstances have been radically altered - that's to say, those who are unwilling to voluntarily subject themselves to discipline will have to be shaken out of their complacency or whatever it is that is personally holding them back or distracting them. There are altogether too many cocky souls out there in the Remnant who have to be brought down a peg or two, and adversity will likely be the only way to bring that to pass. One day, some way down the line, they will come to view the Collapse as a blessing - their redemption - though they'll hate it at first.

    Speaking of, Yahweh gave me a revelation on the morning of 2 July, nine days ago. He said 'The Chorzelli Whiteboard'...

    Q. What's 'Chorzelli'?...

    A. It's a small town in Poland called Chorzele in Polish and Chorzellen in German just across the old German border in East Prussia. Unless you're Polish living in Masovia you'll probably never have heard of it...or a history buff like myself and even then I only knew that the place existed and nothing more other than it lay near the end of a long military front line that was Poland's last defence, and where the Miracle of the Vistula took place, when the Soviet Army, which invaded the new Polish Republic in 1919, had reached its farthest extent in 1920. The Soviets came to the very outskirts of Warsaw much as the nazis did of Moscow in 1941. Chorzellen was literally the 'end of the line', or at least one of the two ends, extending from West Prussia to Eastern Galicia. Had the communist Bolsheviks not been stopped, the Soviet Union would not only have taken over Poland but most of Europe too, their chief objective being Weimar Germany which was in disarray, embroiled in revolutionary civil war and weakened since the defeat in 1918. Britain and France had rated Poland's chance of success as zero because of the shere size of the Soviet Army of 5 million men. It was a war between Christianity and the barbarism of communist Atheism.

    Q. I had never heard of this war...

    A. It is underrated and spoken of little in our heavily propgandised history textbooks and yet it was a vitally important hinge of Europe and and world history. Chorzellen and the rest of Poland would fall under Soviet rule after 1944, replacing a short 5 year nazi rule with 40 more under Bolshevism. I believe a similar war is happening right now. Catholic Poland is standing up against the Islamic hoardes that the EU under the Illuminist (and communist) German Chancellor Merckel (masquerading as a Conservative) has let in and which is destroying our Christian civilisation. They are refusing immigrants, defending Europe at they once did at the Battle of Liegnitz against the Mongols and the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman hoardes.

    Q. So why the 'Whiteboard'?

    A. A whiteboard, like the older 'blackboard', is something you can wipe clean and write on afresh. We are again at a crossroads of history. The Illuminati are trying to destroy Christian civilisation everywhere and in Europe particularly by wiping out the indigenous cultures with mostly Moslems driven out of their homelands by ways they themselves have engineered both for this purpose as well as for other reasons. Just as the satanic élites (the 'Deep State' or 'New World Order') are being frustrated in America by the unexpected Trump victory, they are being frustrated in Europe by Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia, with Austria now closing its borders too. We don't know how it will pan out but Yahweh is beyond doubt using these conservative Catholic nations to stop the élite rollercoaster of destruction. Yahweh uses whomsoever He will. Finally, the Coat of Arms of Chorzellen (see above) is interesting, consisting as it does of a tree and a cornucopia, a curved goat's horn or rallying clarion. Notice the white background too, like a 'whiteboard'

    Q. So you think a major, historically-defining event is about to take place?

    A. Yes, one which is probabily in the process right now, and one which will defeat the élites for a while just as the Poles defeated the Soviets for a while. They'll be back for the 'final kill', as it were, before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns and totally subues them.

    Q. Which is what you've been saying for many years now...

    A. Yes. This doesn't mean there won't be an economic collapse - I don't know how that could possibly be stopped as the bubble gets bigger and bigger. It's collossal now, bigger than any other bubble in history. It just means the Enemy's plans are going to be rolled back for a while, giving the Remnant breathing space to get their act together and get the final gathering underway as the Last Exodus gains momentum.

    Q. So this doesn't necessarily mean peace and prosperity will return afterwards, then?

    A. Exactly. And this is only being done for the sake of the Remnant, not because no one else deserves this reprieve. The world deserves its full judgment now which is why so many Christians and Messianics are wrongly saying the Second Coming is any day now. They're a generation too early.

    Q. This would seem to be a good moment to ask you to continue reviewing what NCAY has been up to the last 13 years, as we didn't get very far into that last time, and how you see this ministry unfolding in the future.

    A. Like I said the other day, I don't propose to go through the last decade with a comb. There woulld be too much to cover. As you know we had a disasterous experience in Kenya inasmuch as we invested all we had into that mission economically which was quite large by the time we shut it down owing to local leadership misconduct. We also closed down the Myanmar Mission recently because of leadership problems there too.

    Q. Why do you think there have been so many problems with our international missions over the years?

    A. I don't think there's any great mystery here and I can pinpoint the reasons quite easily. Since I have already covered this thoroughly elsewhere, I won't go into any detail now other than to note that absent parents do not lead to properly disciplined and spiritually balanced children.

    Q. Explain...

    A. There is a reason Yahweh has set up a hierarchical system in the Bible, contrary to the claims of liberals, that requires apostolic authority to be actively in place. Of course, as liberals are quick to point out, any hierarchical system is open to abuse, a reason the Messianic Community (Church) is first and foremost a living organism and not merely an organisation. The family is the model in Scripture. As a child gets older, you give it progressively more and more responsibility so that in the end it can govern itself without the need for policing. It's clearly understood in the New Testament that there are essentially four tiers of messianic government:

    • 1. The apostles, who install, serve and father the pastors;
    • 2. The pastors, who install and serve:
      • a. The other elders; and
      • b. The deacons
    • 3. The elders, who father and serve the deacons; and
    • 4. The deacons, who father and serve the sub-deacons and unordained lay members.

    Our greatest problems were distance and finances. We never once visited any of our congregations in India, Pakistan, Myanmar or Africa because we simply didn't have the funds to travel and spend time with them. Human nature being what it is, pastors who are unsupervised will, in time, deviate from the Constitution and start doing things their own way and teaching their own doctrines. One of the responsibilities of the New Testament apostles was to ensure doctrinal harmony and to keep unruly elements in check (like Diotrephes, though this attempt was unsuccessful - 3 Jn.9).

    We were naïve and inexperienced in the beginning because we assumed that our pastors would act with integrity and honour. Some did, to be sure, but others did not. Aside from the scams - and you will remember how we were tricked in Benin, West Africa where our man actually joined three church organisations simultaneously, ours being one of them, without telling the other two, in order to rake in money - there were those who simply were lax. And so it was, after some years, we discovered one pastor in Kenya who, afraid to lose any members, retained all of them by compromsing with doctrine. Quite by chance an acquaintance dropped in on him unannounced, the pastor never expecting we would ever visit with proxies, and discovered that three different sabbaths were being observed - the Messianic Jewish Saturday, the Evangelical Sunday and our own Luni-solar Creation Sabbath!

    Q. And this was after the three year probationary period was up?

    A. Almost. They had been with us a while but we were assured that there was complete unformity of doctrine and practice. In truth they never stopped charismatic tongue-speaking either. So much lying had gone on that we were appalled. Indeed, money was being raised for equipment that they supposedly needed from independent donors when we had already raised the money and paid for said equipment. We were being scammed not only by a supposedly honest 'Christian' minister but by one holding a responsible government job too.

    Q. And all because there was no apostolic supervision...

    A. In part. It's never that simple. Yahweh started showing me visions of demonic issues connected with local animism that had not been fully expunged. Not only was some direct fatherly supervision required but discipline and deliverance too.

    Q. The need for which was denied, I presume?

    A. In this case, simply ignored, possibly because of offended pride. How can a pastor hold face in front of his elders who learn that he has a demonic issue?

    Q. Has this happened before?

    A. People offended by pride when they're told they have a demonic issue?

    Q. Yes.

    A. Very commonly, yes! We had a Nigerian lady from the UK visit us many years ago seeking help with deliverance. Once I identified the spirit at work and told her what needed to be done, she was greatly offended, left and broke off all contact. And that ended an earlier attempt at re-opening our UK Mission.

    You cannot come to the Besorah (Gospel) on your own terms which by extension includes the Messianic Community (Church). The Remnant has to be pure. You accept people where they are when they come to you, obviously, but if they do not mean to change or repent - essentially, die to self - then what are they doing amongst the Remnant in the first place?

    Q. Hitching a free ride?

    A. That's not possible. There are no camp followers in the Kingdom of our Elohim (God). NCAY is not, in any case, just another denomination. If people just want to hitch a ride with some church or messianic assembly, there are thousands out there they can choose from. But that's not what we're about. It's not our calling. We're on spiritual business, not social even if the social element is, of course, a by-product of pursuing the spiritual first. We're restoring the earthbound subdivision what Michael Heiser calls the 'Divine Council', or what we know as the Chavurat Bekorot or Assembly of the Firstborn, something virtually unknown to Christians and Messianics.

    Q. How does one 'restore' that?

    A. By each member of NCAY getting on his or face face daily, repenting, and dying to self and sin. That's how you begin.

    Q. So no 'angels' coming down conferring authority as in Mormonism?

    A. No. Divine toqef (authority) does not come in that way but when it does come you'd better not mess with it. I could tell you story after story of people who have tried to destroy this work only to be broken on the anvil of Yahweh's displeasure. And this not because we're anything special, because we aren't - we're sinners like anyone else - but because Yahweh has unilaterally marked it and pronounced a divine commission to me and my brethren, one that I have guarded jealously for 30 years. (You probably know this is our 30th anniversary even though the calling was given three years before). So this isn't just any old work of man. Man, with all his imperfections, may be in it, but it's Yahweh's by commission, all five of them.

    Q. Have you ever doubted your calling - your own commission?

    A. No, though I have sometimes wondered if we had been rejected.

    Q. Why?

    A. Because of the enormous turnover. Remember we were rejected once, in 1992, and had to start again. At our height we were about 3,000 people and at our lowest ebb a mere half dozen. It's easy to measure success or failure in terms of numbers but Yahweh has had to constantly remind me that it's quality that matters, not quantity, even if I am left alone again as I was when I was first called in 1984. So, no, I have not really doubted it - there have simply been too many evidences of the divine hand along the way.

    Q. Had you ever considered that you might have taken wrong turns - made serious mistakes, in terms of doctrine and practice?

    A. I think you know the answer to that one based on your knowledge of our history. More than once I have put everything aside, got my Bible out, and tried to read it with fresh eyes without the lenses of doctrinal presupposition. I don't doubt there are refinements to be made, new layers of emet (truth) to be discovered that will give new perspectives. We have gone over our teachings so many times now with a fine comb to be sure we haven't gone astray. That means challenging every assumption until you know the assumption is, in fact, emet (truth).

    Q. Do you ever wish you didn't believe in some of your teachings?

    A. [smiles] Oh yes, many, many times. Some of the doctrines are tough meat that many choke on. I have been more than aware of the fact that as a ministry we would probably be tens of thousands strong by now had we abandoned some of our 'hot potatoes' but that would be to betray our mission, and we could never do that. No one should be under any illusion that starting a new work is easy. It is hard.

    Q. I'd like to go back and pick up an earlier thread in our discussion. We were looking at the nature of divine authority as it pertains to NCAY. Many assume we are claiming some kind of external authority...

    A. Right. No, we are not at all like Mormonism, Catholicism, and others follow false legalistic systems like claimed 'apostolic succession'. And not just them. Messianics and others are regularly announcing self-proclaimed 'apostles' and 'prophets'. The kind of authority we're talking about is the kind that comes when people respond by submitting to the 'music' of heaven.

    Q. Maybe you could tell us more about this 'music' seeing as it's so important.

    A. There's nothing complicated about it. It is simplicity itself. You surrender to Yahweh, die to self, obey the mitzvot (commandments) of Torah and walk in divine tavnith (pattern). That tavnith has both inner and outer components - it's what you do with your mind and heart and how you apply that outwardly in works, including walking in the apostolic way.

    Q. What's to stop people faking it and deceiving others?

    A. Nothing. We are all free agents. We can choose to deceive and be deceived, and people do...all the time. And some of the movements that fake it are huge, boasting millions of members.

    Q. I still don't get it - so how can one know what's of the Remnant and what's not? And please don't say 'the Spirit'...that's becoming a worn cliché!

    A. [laughs]. I hear you. Everyone says they're following the Ruach (Spirit) because they have to believe that they are in order to legitimise themselves before others not to mention answering their own consciences. All authority is a function of trust ultimately. So really what you need to ask yourself (following your line of questioning) is, what generates trust? Because once the trust has gone, so does its authority amongst men.

    Q. I was rather hoping you'd tell me that.

    A. [laughs]. No, no, that would be spoon-feeding. You tell me. What inspires you to trust someone claiming, for instance, a revelation from Yahweh?

    Q. I wouldn't know where to start...

    A. Well, what caused people to trust Yah'shua (Jesus) when He was on earth?

    Q. His miracles - like casting out demons, healing the sick - His sublime wisdom, humility, teachings, His love, His resurrection and that sort of thing.

    A. Right. Good answer. What about the apostles after the Ascension?

    Q. Their testimonies, the love they had for one another, the miracles they did and above all the transformation of people's hearts when they accepted Messiah...

    A. But what was it that gripped the people, that made them want to know more and to stay with Yah'shua (Jesus)...or later the apostles? You see, this is the passage that sticks out for me and the key I am trying to draw your attention to. The point is emphasised twice:

      "Then He went down to Capernaum, a city of Galilee, and was teaching them on the Sabbaths. And they were astonished at His teaching, for His davar (word) was with toqef (authority). Now in the synagogue there was a man who had a spirit of an unclean demon. And he cried out with a loud voice, saying,

      'Let us alone! What have we to do with You, Yah'shua (Jesus) of Nazareth? Did You come to destroy us? I know who You are - the Qadosh (Holy, Set-Apart) One of Elohim (God)!' But Yah'shua (Jesus) rebuked him, saying, 'Be quiet, and come out of him!' And when the demon had thrown him in their midst, it came out of him and did not hurt him. Then they were all amazed and spoke among themselves, saying, 'What a davar (word) this is! For with toqef (authority) and power He commands the unclean spirits, and they come out.' And the report about Him went out into every place in the surrounding region" (Luke 4:31-37, NKJV).

    Q. Wow...yes...

    A. Now here's another question for you - what ministries are successful whether they are real or fake?

    Q. Those which seem to exhibit authority and power...conviction and zeal...and the supernatural.

    A. Yes, whether through miracles or preaching/teaching the Davar (Word). And that's why Satan goes to such great efforts to counterfeit them whenever he can because he knows what spellbinds the flesh and what the spirit longs for in the mudane world of physicality. It all boils down to authority and power because that's what hold people's hearts the most. Passion galvanises people to do good or evil.

    How do you distinguish between them? Aside from the obvious fact that the counterfeit teachings are unbiblical, the counterfeit tends to lack true ahavah (love)...though there's always a wishywashy counterfeit of that too...

    Q. So what's the clincher?

    A. Clincher, no - 'clinchers' are easy. It's the 'whole thing' that matters, the balance, the divine tavnith (pattern) in redemptive motion with all its elements in place. That's why Yah'shua (Jesus) said that every single letter and stroke of Torah matters (Mt.5:18; Lk.16:17). But were you to ask me what the chief things I would be looking for were, I would say, without hestiation, these:

      "...ahavah (love), simcha (joy), shalom (peace), patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control..." (Gal.5:22-23, NIV).

    Q. The fruit of the Ruach (Spirit)!

    A. Not forgetting its 'clincher':

      "Against such things there is no torah (law)" (Gal.5:23, NIV).

    No matter how contentious a person, they're going to find it hard to convict or condemn someone of ahavah (love), simcha (joy), shalom (peace), patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control because deep down everybody wants these, even the meanest people.

    Now it's true, that someone possessing these, the greatest of virtues, might not be too hot on doctrine or might not have any miracles like healing happening in their lives, but that's irrelevent, because not every believer is supposed to possess all the gifts. The gifts are distributed severally as Yahweh wishes (Heb.2:4). That's why you need congregations so that a full compliment of gifts can be present because Yahweh doesn't give them all to just one or two people. But ALL true believers MUST have the fruit of the Ruach (Spirit) to be authenticated. If these are absent then it doesn't matter what gifting of teaching, miracles, healing, preaching, prophesy or the like that you may have because if you rejected Messiah you would still possess these gifts and would be able to press them into service for your selfish carnal self or indeed for Satan if your passion becomes evil.

    Q. The gifts aren't lost if someone falls away?

    A. Not at all. Dented, blunted or constricted, maybe, but still there. Every gifting is from Yahweh and remains whether a person is saved or not - whether they fall away after being saved or not. I have witnessed it - seen, for example, those with the prophetic gift continue exercising it when they turned away from Messiah and became occultist or whatever - only they put the gift in the service of evil.

    Q. So someone exercising a gift like tongues or prophecy is not necessarily a true tonge-speaker or prophet?

    A. Absolutely. Which is why the gifts, not used in the service of Yahweh as a surrendered, flesh-crucified talmid (disciple), are very dangerous and can lead to all kinds of delusions and do tremendous harm to self and others. Just because supernatural things are happening in your life doesn't automatically mean you are operating in the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit).

    Q. I see. So the most important things are manifesting ahavah (love), simcha (joy), shalom (peace), patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

    A. Yes, which is the greatest authority in its most basic form. This is basic Christianity. People who manifest this fruit are saved - there is tiqveh (hope) for them even if they are doctrinally off-course in lots of things, blinded by tradition, 'lawless', or whatever. If you don't have this foundation, everything else is vain. But to have an apostolic ministry - to have a Remnant ministry - you must have all the gifts present, both those which come through dying to self (the fruit of the Ruach/Spirit) and those which we are born with - our 'giftedness'.

    Q. So many evangelicals and messianics make doctrine the test of faith...

    A. Yes, as though non-Trinitarians who manifest the fruit of the Ruach (Spirit) can't possibly be saved...or vice versa.

    Q. But at least some doctrines must be cardinal?

    A. Absolutely. The fruit of the Ruach (Spirit) will not manifest to those who, when presented with the emet (truth), such as the Deity of Messiah (Christ) or the physical resurrection. That's so evident amongst the Jehovah's Witnesses, for example - they really don't know Yah'shua (Jesus) because they're never met Him or they'd have His nature, which is the fruit of the Ruach (Spirit).

    Another thing I must mention about the gifts, while I remember it, is that though we are born with gifts, we must still work hard to develop them. Practice makes perfect, whether as a teacher or a pastor, for example. The gifts were designed to be used in a corporate setting, the local congregation. You can't do without the assembly (church), for a variety of other reasons too.

    Q. We've covered a lot of ground today though I sense there's more we need to talk about yet. Do I detect a lessening of your pessimism since we started?

    A. In what way?

    Q. You seem more hopeful than you were an hour ago?

    A. I don't think reality has changed. I remain under no illusions so I'm not about to paint you a picture of the world or the Body of Messiah (Christ) with Disneyland-type brush strokes. I know there are people out there who want Yah'shua (Jesus) to come back in a few months, who think we are about to go through Armageddon. They also want to see the Remnant arise phoenix-like out of nowhere, like the valley-of-dry-bones prophecy. It can't happen that fast. Human nature won't permit it. That which lasts has to be built up little by little over time. You can't speed up the natural course of maturation, even if catastrophe helps in some ways.

    Q. Even when Yahweh's starts supernaturally 'playing the music'?

    A. Our Heavenly Father does not circumvent repentance and obedience. For a work to have any kind of root system that won't be ripped by the slightest storm, there has to be arduous preparation. Right now the Courtyard of the Temple has been invaded it. I see visions of this all the time.

    Q. Can you give us a 'for instance'?

    A. This morning He showed me a vision of a road that was making a gentle 90 degree turn. Both sides of the road were lit by bright torches at regular intervals that were close enough as to leave no shadow on the road. He's about to change our direction, starting with me since I have to prophetically signpost this work.

    The Remnant still has to have the dross burned out of it, particularly the young ones who are new to the Besorah (Gospel). The whole Western mind-set has to be burned out, all our false culture has to go, all our dependencies on anything and anyone other than Yah'shua (Jesus). All the cop-out theology has to fall apart, like the mystical 'rapture' - that's such a destructive doctrine, it has made weaklings and self-entitled brats and snowflakes out of believers. The hippie spirit of the 60's and 70's - my generation - has to die off. The last generation has to be severely shaken up - that's about to happen.

    So, now, it's not enough that Yahweh supernaturally acts, as my vision showed - the soil has to be prepared to receive the Sukkot anointing and those who know anything about gardening will know that involves weeding, weeding, weeding, and backbreaking turning the soil over, with frosts in winter breaking it down more and killing off any remaining roots of weeds. All carnal thinking and feeling has to be exposed and killed off by a life submitted to the Ruach (Spirit). There's a lot of work to be done and we, in this work, have barely begun even if we have been in the prepartion for 30 long years now.

    Q. Darn...

    A. Listen to Ezekiel with prophetic ears:

      "Thus says Yahweh-Elohim: 'On the day that I cleanse you from all your iniquities, I will also enable you to dwell in the cities, and the ruins shall be rebuilt. The desolate land shall be tilled instead of lying desolate in the sight of all who pass by. So they will say, 'This land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden; and the wasted, desolate, and ruined cities are now fortified and inhabited.' Then the nations which are left all around you shall know that I, Yahweh, have rebuilt the ruined places and planted what was desolate. I, Yahweh, have spoken it, and I will do it" (Ezek.36:33-36, NKJV).

    This isn't just speaking of the restoration of Jerusalem and of Israel. Remember, that Israel is also a person - Jacob, the overcomer, regenerated, with a desolate inner wilderness transformed supernaturally into a Garden of Eden. That's why there is no time for distraction or frivolity:

      "He who tills his land (his own soul - mind and heart) will be satisfied with bread (spiritual nourishment), but he who follows frivolity (vanity, idolatry, humanistic self-empowerment, etc.) is devoid of understanding" (Prov.12:11, NKJV).

    It's everyone's choice, and most especially believers who have been deceived by the 'once saved, always saved' lie:

      "He who works his land (mind, heart) will have abundant [spiritual] food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of [spiritual] poverty" (Prov.28:19, NIV).

    And it is precisely because we have eaten forbidden fruit that we have been banished from Paradise and must labour hard in this world (Gen.3:23), turning over our corrupted hearts again and again, year after year, weeding out all those lies that Satan is continually planting in our minds when we give him permission to because of worldliness. You cannot be at ease and expect to have a fruitful garden plant itself. And gifts not used properly will be turned to evil ends, often without your knowing it.

    Q. So what is it that personally keeps you going?

    A. I see what spiritual entropy does because of idleness. You don't have to plant weeds in a garden, they will happily do that for you themselves through the winds if idleness. I see souls being lost and I know I have a responsibility to warn them even if they won't respond:

      "Son of man, I have appointed you as a watchman for Israel. Wherever you receive a message from Me, pass it on to the people immediately. If I warn the wicked, saying, 'You are under the penalty of death' but you fail top deliver the warning, they will die in their sins. And I will hold you responsible, demanding tyour blood for theirs. If you warn them and they keep on sinning and refuse to repent, they will die in their sins. But you will have saved your life because you did what you were told to do. If good people turn bad and don't listen to My warning, they will die. If you did not warn them of the consequences, then they will die in their sins. Their previous good deeds won't help them, and I will hold you responsible, demanding your blood for theirs. But if you warn them and they repent, they will live, and you will have saved your own life too" (Ezek.3:17-21, NLT).

    Q. It's like you keep on saying - it's how you finish that matters.

    A. Yes. And whilst we're not responsible for the actions of others, Yahweh has given us the responsibility to warn them of sin's consequences. If you know a good person who has become addicted to, and corrupted by, bad things (like rock music, drugs, alcohol, liberal theology, or promiscuous company, etc.), you have to warn that person of the consequences of their actions.

    Q. Why are we responsible?

    A. Because Yahweh has given His Davar (Word) to us, just as He gave it to Ezekiel, just as He gave it to the first talmidim (disciples); and that Davar Emet or Word of Truth empowers us, in conjunction with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), with special knowledge to plant in the minds and hearts of those who will listen and receive it. Those who walk in the light can see more clearly than those who walk in darkness. Yet those in darkness are heading for terrible consequences and if we care about others, we will tell the emet (truth) that we know. And that's really all I'm doing. It's all we're doing here at NCAY. If you are filled with the Ruach (Spirit), having the fruit of the Ruach (Spirit), you can't not witness.

    Q. So we're back to the fruit of the Ruach (Spirit) again.

    A. Yes because it's just as important to share the emet (truth) in the right spirit as it is to share the emet (truth) itself. The emet (truth) must be shared in a clean vessel, not on the edge of a threatening, rusty, dirty, bacteria-infected knife.

    For some of you reading this, this may be your Battle of the Vistula. If the Enemy is bearing down hard on you with superior strength, now is the time to relinquish all to Elohim (God) and let Him turn the tide. Poland did it in 1920. You can do it today too...in Yah'shua (Jesus).

    Continued in Part 3

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