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    Financial Collapse, Home Education,
    Evolution, Philosophy & Fleeing Babylon


    Continued from Part 2

    Q. We're going to conclude this three-part series on a Question of Purpose, in which we have been very broadly looking at the last 13 years in terms of where we have come since 2004, by now looking at where we're going. What is, practically speaking, our goal and purpose? Where do we go now? Perhaps you could elucidate...

    A. I mentioned last time the vision Yahweh showed me of the 90 degree right-turn in a well-lit road. If you're fishing for details I can't give them to you. One of the things about times of collapse and chaos is that everything changes. Europe has already changed, and is continuing to change, and it won't stop there. The same is true of North America and elsewhere. We're watching one nation - Venezuela - currently disintegrate before our eyes, a sober reminder of what to expect farther afield. I can't say what's going to happen in Sweden, the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Rwanda or wherever you happen to be living - there are occasional prophecies here and there, and unless your life happens be encompassed by one of those, such as the one about Eastern Brazil or the Cape in South Africa, or London or a number of other places that Yahweh has shown me - I can't really say what things will be like.

    I do know that generally speaking you don't want to be in the cities and that you do need to have the ability to be self-sufficient. It's going to get increasingly difficult to operate in the system which is becoming more and more cashless, where microchipping is being required in various professions and where the pressure to conform to the dictates of the oligarchs is becoming more and more suffocating. Staying in the cities and hoping that others will take care of you except in the very shortest term is a recipe for suicide.

    Two things are certain - one, our whole way of life is about to change permanently; and two, we will be doing evangelism very differently from today. Where there was previously indifference, there will either be hunger for the emet (truth) or ever more violent hostility - and little in the middle. A whole new type of Christianity is going to emerge, much as it did in China during the worst days of communist oppression and persecution. Before long, China will be the most Christian nation in the world, a complete reversal of religious demography even within the last century. I can't predict what the emergent Christianity will look like, save in the very broadest terms, anymore than someone in 1917 could have told you what Chinese Christianity (which was then virtually non-existant) would look like a hundred years down the road. I recommend people read Pastor Yun's books to see what it was like in Maoist times.

    Q. You've said before that denominational boundaries will fall.

    A. They always do in times of persecution and adversity generally as believers discover they need one another and can't manage alone. In communist Eastern Europe, at the height of persecution, you would typically find Eastern Orthodox, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists - and, yes, even Jehovah's Witnesses - thrown together and united by fervent prayer for deliverance. That's one way denominational boundaries will fall and with positive results. The other way will be politically engineered by the élites to bring together not just Christians but all believers - the One World Religion drive. And the two will be totally different and be led by totally different spirits. The latter will be an eternal death sentence for those who fall for it.

    Q. Do you think the dissolution of denominational boundaries will be permanent in the first category?

    A. Yes and no. Adversity has a way of bringing disparate groups together into spontaneous coalitions whether it is to unite 'for' or unite 'against'. People of all different kinds will come together just to survive physically - to grow food, for protection, and so on. Once things settle and the situation becomes more secure, they will split up as they always have done historically. With the easing of persecution in China denominationalism has arisen and caused divisions. Prosperity is a different kind of enemy to persecution but an enemy nonetheless. But in the midst of all this the Remnant will find itself and be found.

    Q. Do you think this will be in the cities or in the countryside?

    A. Everywhere. In places where there is greater anarchy and strife, people of every stripe will be thrown together for survival. In the countryside, if people have prepared as they have been told to, they will be able to be more picky and form groupings with those who are more like-minded. And whilst tribulation is a good, though painful and often costly, way (in terms of life, health, well-being, etc.) of bringing people together, it's far better if the Ruach (Spirit) is the directing force. You may remember how the Zinzendorf Movement was brought together and how this seeded so many later groups, revivals and denominations. In part this is how the Remnant will emerge.

    Q. It will be interesting to see how messianics fit into the mix this time...

    A. Very, since they're the 'new kids on the block' historically-speaking. Tribulation will kill off much of messianic legalism for sure (along with the prosperity-type movements of evangelicals). It just won't survive. There will be an intense two-way leavening between messianics and evangelicals as they're thrown together and have to work things out as a fellowship of necessity, forced as they will be together by circumstances. Discussions and sharing that would never have taken place in peaceful times will be had for the first time...well, almost the first time.

    Q. And you think this is how this Messianic Evangelical work will fit into the picture?

    A. Where we are known or where our teachings or people are to be found, we will be able to 'oil the machinery' and catalyse the processes underwway. We will have paved the way to a greater or lesser extent depending on the circumstances of the groups. We have to get that 'satellite' into orbit and functioning. One thing is for sure: there won't be a complete Sukkot Anointing until the vessel is cleansed and the true teachings are in place - the correct tavnith (pattern) must be sought, learned and lived.

    Q. Do you think this time will see the formation of the first kernels of the cities of refuge?

    A. Who can say. We will become established in a way that proved inpossible in times of peace and stability, that much is certain. Adversity - especially when death and tragedy factor into the equation - forges strong bonds, creates deep ties because of shared experience, especially of Yahweh. And the need for order and discipline will be appreciated and sought after earnestly. Those with liberal ideas will not fare so well because they will lack the self-discipline and the cohesion that such discipline brings. We were talking about this last time.

    Q. Do you think many of the 'hot potato' doctrines will be learned in the middle of this adversity?

    A. Without a doubt - Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf was shown that the Elohimhead (Godhead) was a Family and that the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) was a Mother. Like us, the Zinzendorf community ordained Deaconesses and Eldresses over the women. We have much in common with him and his people. He was far ahead both of the Protestants of his day and the Evangelicals and Messianics of our own. Above all, his was an intense ministry of prayer.

    Q. What are some of the other disadvantages to remaining in the cities, do you think?

    A. We live in a communistic age of mental chaos - of anti-intellectualism - where might, not emet (truth), is right. The system, wherever it holds sway - and that's expecially true in the cities (invented by the first Anti-Messiah, Nimrod) - has been set up to dumb down the population, so that critical skills are lost because criticism is the last thing they want. They want a high tech, feudalistic society. It's where we're headed, beyond any doubt. That means that state education is not something that is going to do believers any good at all. It's propaganda and it's pushing a single way of thinking which isn't thinking at all.

    Q. You're talking about the need for home schooling?

    A. Not just home education but home education with curriculums that allow pupils to think and reason for themselves. Simply following a state curriculum isn't good enough. There are plenty out there - Ron Paul has a good one, for those in the USA.

    Q. But home education is illegal in most parts of the world and highly restricted in nearly all the rest.

    A. Yes, the USA and UK are the last bastions of home education in that regard. And as you know I have been highly active politically in the past here in Sweden where it was made illegal a few years ago. Hardly anyone homeschools here now and half the homeschooling community has fled the country to avoid fines, prosecution and state child abduction by a highly corrupt social services organisation. And the few of us who do homeschool legally are very controlled.

    Q. How do you manage then?

    A. By teaching my children to think for themselves and presenting them with all the facts and not just those that the states maniuplates to fit into its engineered philosophy.

    Q. So you teach evolution?

    A. Absolutely - we need not fear the facts. Children who are taught to think logically and scientifically know how to weigh evidence and draw their own conclusions.

    Q. But isn't teaching evolution rather depressiong? Aren't you afraid your children will be brainwashed?

    A. Not at all, on both counts. On the one hand, it's a legitimate scientific hypothesis that deserves to be tested along with all the others. Its ridiculousness soon becomes apparent and we can have a good laugh about it. I know other believers who get all upset about having to teach it. I don't see why. If we can debate flat-earthers for all their bad science then we can do the same with evolutionists. The Dawkins' of this world don't intimidate us because their science is so bad. You know, my family enjoys science fiction even though most science fiction will always remain fiction because it's stupid. I like to look at old SciFi movies from the 60's and 60's to see how little they knew and how wrong they were. It's the same today except it's more sophisticated and the advancement of special effects makes it look more credible. I tell my children to enjoy evolution and, until they have tested all its claims, to treat it as science fiction. We also enjoy comedy too. Flat-earthism and evolution are twins in that regard and deserve a good ribbing. Might as well have a laugh and hone ones scientific skills rather than get upset or depressed. Flat-earthism and evolutionism are so obvioiusly religious systems and the fact that the latter is policed so ferociously by the system is enough to generate red-flags. Intelligent design is so obvious a child can understand it. All you have to do is teach the elementary principles of Information Theory and children can add 2 and 2 together. We don't always credit them with enough intelligence to think for themselves.l

    Q. You make it sound easy.

    A. Once you know what you're doing, it is easy. But it is important that you stress the importance of science because we live in a scientific age and science is such a fantastic tool. The other tool is philosophy - you have to know how to communicate concepts. Teach your children to do science and philosophy and they will draw the inevitable conclusions about reality. I don't worry about it. I have also learned that most hostility to Intelligent Design and religion has nothing to do with pure science but with scientism - that's politicised science and science that has been bent to accommodate personal issues and hurts. People don't get upset with a non-existent Deity. Karl Marx certainly didn't. Josef Stalin didn't. Both of them absolutely knew Elohim (God) existed - they were waging wars of personal vengeance. But that's a whole subject in itself.

    Q. Why is philosophy important to learn? Doesn't the Bible condemn philosophy?

    To answer your second question first listen carefullty to what Paul actually said:

      "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Messiah" (Col.2:8, NIV).

    The apostle doesn't say, "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy" but a particular kind of philosophy, namely "hollow and deceptive philosophy" which is dependent on human tradition rather than emet (truth) and on "the elemental spirits of the universe" (NRSV) or "the rudiments of the world" (alternative rendition)...or even better on "the evil powers of this world" (NLT). So philosophy is good provided it is not based on human tradition or inspired by the evil, demonic powers of this world, or substituted for Elohim (God).

    Q. OK, so what exactly is philosophy and what is a Christian or Messianic philosopher?

    A philosopher is a person who seeks to discover the first principles or fundamental truths. It's a useful tool in our armoury. Take epistemology, for example, which is a branch of philosophy, which helps us answer such questions as, 'how do we know what we know?' Philosophy helps us deal with complex subjects like Elohim's sovereignty versus human free will. Now philosophy by itself, as its own end, will ultimately lead to a departure from a knowledge of the Saviour since first principles or fundamental truths obviously derive from Elohim (God) and can't be pulled out of some imaginary intellectual hat, something we endeavour to prove rationally. There are believers, unfortunately, who believe philosophy itself is hostile to the Besorah (Gospel). How can seeking to understand Yahweh's first principles or fundamental truths possibly be hostile to the Besorah (Gospel)? The references we find in the New Testament to philosophy are always with reference to a particular kind of philosophy:

      "Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not Elohim (God) made foolish the wisdom of the world? (1 Cor.1:20-21, NIV).

    Paul's beef was with the two major schools of Greek philosophy of his time, Stoicism and Epicurianism, which are alluded to in Acts 17:18. Because of their theosophic speculations, they were finding their way into early Christian/Messianic circles. We are plagued by all kinds of false human and demonic philosophies in the churches and messianic assemblies today of which people are largely ignorant because they don't know much or any philosophy or what it is! They have just heard arguments, not understanding what drives these arguments. Many of the arguments of communism sound good and even Christian-like but when you get to its roots you soon find that it is a hatred of Elohim (God) that drives it and (when it shows its real face) a hatred of human beings too. The same with feminism...you should really read Henry Mackow's book, Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order - The Attack on Your Human identity.

    Q. I believe there are a couple of references to philosophy in the Olive Branch?

    Yes, Yahweh warned us in the earliest revelations of the diluting effect of false philosophy on the Davar (Word). For instance:

      "Ye have become spiritually weakened by the philosophies of the world which I, Yahweh, hate. What I, Yahweh, concentrate, the enemy diluteth, making righteousness feeble and powerless" (Olive Branch/OB, Section 198:30-31).

    And specifically we were told to beware of any philosophy which results in a forsaking of the Cross:

      "Verily, verily, thus saith Yahweh unto those who have forsaken the Cross for the sake of vain babblings and idle imaginations on account of the false doctrines of men, both wise and foolish: cease your empty movements and your philosophising, for they are as wind. The heart of mann is desperately wicked and vain, and his mind as a sewer; he seeketh after his own and clutcheth at the wind. He esteemeth the Cross as foolishness because he is dying, knowing not the power of Elohim (God) unto redemption. He seeth the form but not the substance; and unto him hath the Cross become a stumbling block, for he understandeth not the ways of Heaven and preferreth the sweetness of the words of the philosophers" (OB 100:1-7)

    Q. That particular revelation warns against philosophy, surely, and tells us to rather preach the Cross?

    A. Preach the Cross, yes, because the message of the Cross brings salvation. Knowing philosophy, which is a mental exercise, will not save the soul. But reasoning with a man, where necessary with science and philosophy, will cleanse his mind of wrong thinking and more readily enable him to open up his heart and surrender to Yahweh and to the message of the Cross. To be sure we all come to Messiah viâ different avenues and for a good many neither science nor philosophty will be issues - but for those where science and philosophy are issues, well, you have to meet them on their own turf. Not that I believe any of us are totally science- or philosophy-free. Every man and woman has their own philosophy of life which, if they are not rooted in Christ, are always found to be internally contradory and inconsistent. Since the philosophies of man are built on lies or half-truths, then can never be free, because only when you "know the emet (truth) [will] the emet (truth) will set you free" (John 8:32, NIV).

    We have, in any case, already had a long talk about philosophy years ago and I don't want to cover all that terrain again.

    Q. I guess it depends where in the world you have been educated or how you have been raised?

    A. For sure, and what your personal propensities are. It's also amazing how uneducated people have become even in societies where there is universal mandatory education to 16 or 18. There is little or no joy in learning because of the school system. My whole point in raising this was, in any case, to remind you that the school system was set up as a means of state control. Modern education is a dismal failure. I am amazed at just how illiterate people are these days. The Remnant have got to educate their children well, is all I am saying, for the state education system (both schools and, in some cases, univesrities) is one of the worst places to learn. And the cities are the hives of this non-learning.

    Here's the problem - by the time Yah'shua (Jesus) returns the masses, most of whom will be concentrated in cities, will have had lots of schooling but almost no real education because there's no systematic approach to learning not to menion almost zero knowledge about Elohim (God) and the Bible. The schools exist simply to prepare young people for the factories and the organs of government and to riddicule religion. And by the time of the Final Gathering, the Remnant and the world, because of their different education, will appear to have come from two different universes. The former will know how to think and the latter only how to regurgitate pre-processed factoids learned by rote but without any system of knowledge linking them. People who are well educated and know Messiah will not be easily persuaded to do crazy things. People who understand true principles and can think for themselves can govern themselves. Those who do not become utterly dependent on the state to do their thinking for them, which is what the state wants.

    Q. You seem to be saying that now is the time to get out of the system before it swallows believers whole?

    A. You only have to look at the news on a daily basis to see where everything is going, and how fast it is going now. People are not resisting and the one man who might have been able to do anything, President Trump, has his hands tied because of the overarching power of the 'Deep State'. It's only infighting for a slice of the cake amongst the various competing élite groups that is slowing the behemoth down as the possibilities for the continuation of the global rip-off of ordinary people petre out. The bubble will pop soon and then there won't be any money to make any more, at least not on the scale the Illuminists have been doing for the last few decades. All that will be left is a power grab. So, yes, I would be counselling our readers to seriously petition Yahweh as to His timetable for their removal from the cities if they haven't already been told. If they have taken counsel and prepped, they should have everything ready. If they haven't, for most much grief lies ahead.

    Q. What final words do you have for our readers?

    I think I have said it all, and many times over. I hope in these last three discussions I have plugged in any gaps that I may have overlooked previously so that everything is now clear. I have felt the prophetic anointing to lift up a warning voice progressively withdrawing now for some while.

    Q. You think it is ending?

    A. Most definitely. Yahweh has other work for me to do now so that may not only be my last 'Apostolic Interview'. So again I say, most urgently, knowing that an urgent response is required that may saved lives if acted upon obediently to Yahweh's mitzvot (commandment):

      "Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for Yahweh's vengeance; He will pay her what she deserves" (Jer.51:6, NIV).

    Get out, run to safety, to the places Yahweh has told you to ready if you were listening to Him, bolt the hatches down and wait there until He says otherwise. May He be with you all is my prayer in Yah'shua's (Jesus') Name. Amen.

    See the series on the Judgments of Yahweh

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