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Month 10:15, Week 2:7 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5939:282 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Global Judgment - Day #T-17
Gregorian Calendar Saturday 26 December 2015
The New 30 Years War
Reversing the Historical Process


    Shabbat shalom mishpachah and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) be with you all as we assemble for the last time on this Roman month of December and year of 2015 with 2½ weeks left on the final count.

    People No Longer Understand the World

    Today I have to speak on a subject unlike any we have ever dealt with before. As you look at the world situation today, with all the lies and deception, it is understandable that people are confused and disorientated. What is going on in the world? How does this fit in with the biblical end-time scenario? What is the truth of our world? And how are we, as believers, to get a handle on it and live victoriously in it? Just what form is this 40-year Last Exodus going to take? Can we make plans? And if so, what kinds of plans can we make?

    The End of Nation-States

    For the last 500 years we have been accustomed to the idea of a world of nation-states like Sweden, Britain, the USA, Russia, China, South Africa and so forth. We have framed our thinking around them to such a degree that any other kind of system is inconceivable to us, unless you happen to live in one of those parts of the world like Somalia, Libya or Iraq (for example) where today anarchy and perpetual war exist. Were you to be living in one of those countries where civil war is the norm, you would have a very different outlook on life to the one you have today.

    Confused 'Prophetic' Voices

    It should be very obvious to those who are alert that our entire world is rapidly changing from one system to another. As ever, there are uninformed and uninspired believers who are jumping the gun and making all kinds of confusing and unhelpful statements about reality as they see it. How many self-styled 'prophets' do you know, for instance, who are saying that either we are entering - or have entered - the Great Tribulation or that Yah'shua (Jesus) is returning any time now?

    Who is Discerning What is Actually Going On?

    I know one ministry which has started a 58 month countdown based on certain calculations. I know another which says we are in that Great Tribulation now. How many do you know who are saying that we are about to get a One World Government any day? Go online and you will find endless theories and speculations. But how many today are truly discerning the "signs of the times" (Mt.16:3) that Yah'shua (Jesus) spoke of?

    The Sign of Jonah is for Unbelievers

    To those who were not following the Ruach (Spirit) but their own intellect or flesh, the Master went on to say:

      "A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah" (Matt.16:4, NIV).

    The Wickedness of Sign-Seeking

    Yahweh gives two sets of signs in any generation - to the righteous He spells out the emet (truth), often in ways that are hard to grasp and most definitely unwelcomed by those who are not acquainted with the Ruach (Spirit) - but to the wicked He gives the solitary "sign of Jonah". The Sign of Jonah is only for sign-seekers; for sign-seekers are by definition "wicked and adulterous". They will draw all the wrong conclusions. Authentic signs follow those of emunah (faith) who are not looking for signs.

    Today's Sign-Seekers

    It was 2,000 years ago, when unbelievers denied the resurrection, that Yah'shua (Jesus) spoke these words, and they are still valid today 2,000 years later as the same category of wicked souls deny what Yahweh had done, is doing, and will do with the last generation of talmidim (disciples). Yah'shua (Jesus) said:

      "Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders...you will never believe" (John 4:48, NIV).

    Signs Do Not Convert

    Human nature has not changed one bit over the ages. As the Covenant of Miracles unfolds, you will witness the same response in our time as in the apostles':

      "Even after Yah'shua (Jesus) had done all these miraculous signs in their presence, they still would not believe in Him. This was to fulfill the davar (word) of Isaiah the navi (prophet):

        'Yahweh, who has believed our message
        and to whom has the arm of Yahweh been revealed?'

      For this reason they could not believe, because, as Isaiah says elsewhere:

        'He has blinded their eyes
        and deadened their hearts,
        so they can neither see with their eyes,
        nor understand with their hearts,
        nor turn - and I would heal them.'"

      (John 12:37-40, NIV).

    Gradations of Faith

    We all get signs commensurate with our emunah (faith). If you have no emunah (faith), you will understand nothing. If you have a little emunah (faith), you will understand something. And if you have much emunah (faith), you will understand a great deal, more than most, though you yourself will remain misunderstood by the majority. Today, as anciently, even the Body of Messiah has lowered the prophetic bar and devalued the wonder the the Ruach's (Spirit's) gifts. In today's waterey, lukewarm church and messianic assemblies, everyone who has had a dream or has acted strangely is elevated to the status of a navi (prophet) of Yahweh.

    The Opposition to True Prophets

    The Remnant must expect opposition from both unbelievers and watery, lukewarm believers. And when these see the devarim (words) of the true nevi'im (prophets) come to pass, they will be amazed but continue in their opposition. Only a few will repent and believe. For there is a peculiar genius in the nevi'im (prophets) that is not of human origin or human labour - it's source is divine. And the response to these 'geniuses' is predictable, as Jonathan Swift once said:

      "When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign, that all the dunces are in confederacy against him"

    Intelligent Dunces

    Intelligence is not how learned you are or how many university degrees you have. True intelligence, which is spiritual when it is founded in emet (truth), is a fruit of emunah (faith). Likewise, to be a dunce is not to be intellectually ignorant but to refuse to exercise emunah (faith). There is a confederation today of highly educated men in institutions of higher learning whom Yahweh classifies as fools because of their atheism and faithlessnes:

      "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no Elohim (God).' They are corrupt, their deeds are vile" (Ps.14:1, NIV).

    Spiritual Intelligence is by Faith and Hard Work

    How can they be intelligent or claim to be scientific when they refuse to confront the available data honestly? Is that intelligence? People say all kinds of flattering remarks to me about my education and qualifications but what they don't realise is that academically I was run-of-the-mill when I was at school. Nothing very spectacular at all. I struggled to keep up with my class. At length my parents were politely told that I would never get into university because I didn't have the acumen. But I would not accept their testimony. Indeed, I decided I would apply to the best university in the land - Oxford - and get in. I worked hard and had emunah (faith) that I would go there, even before I was a believer. I defied the odds, and thanks to the grace of Elohim (God), got into Oxford, gained a respectable degree which I used both to enable me to earn an income to provide for myself and my future family as well as to later further the work of the Kingdom of Elohim (God). When I look back at what I have written I sometimes wonder where on earth it all came from, because I could not reproduce most of it again today.

    Obtain a Vision and Pursue It

    So do not let anyone judge you based on your IQ or school grades. The school system is a man-made system. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to obtain if it is in the will of Yahweh, if you are prepared to work hard and if you are prepared to exercise emunah (faith) in the Creator. All the Remnant must be of this mind and heart. And only those who are willing to let go of the world's programming and to trust in the revelation of the Ruach (Spirit) will ultimately make sense of it all and know how to walk confidently in emunah (faith). Once Yahweh gives you a vision of your goal, and you know it is from Him, throw everything you have got into it and let nothing and noone deflect you. And trust Yahweh to make it all happen.

    Encourage Your Children's Giftings

    I went to college to learn science - Biochemistry, to be exact - but I was simultaneously pursuing a passionate interest in history (that led me to write and complete an historical atlas in South Africa) and subsequently theology. I find whatever Yahweh leads me into to be exciting and stimulating. Grasp passionately whatever Yahweh leads you into. I find it fascinating how different my own children are and I try to support them in whatever direction they are being led into by the Ruach (Spirit). Art, cooking, building, gardening, cinematography, music, languages, programming and many other things have gripped my family. I rejoice in all their giftings and rejoice even more when they consecrate them to Yahweh and His Kingdom.

    Requirements of the Well-Equippped Believer

    The Remnant will need all kinds of people. But to be well-equipped believers:

    • 1. We all need to be scriptorians;
    • 2. We all need to understand people; and
    • 3. We all need a sense of history.

    The Loss of Humanity

    Satan has set about destroying emunah (faith) in the Bible, reducing human beings to mere biological machines and modifying history so that it becomes divorced from emet (truth) and reality. The resultant generation doesn't know where it has come from in the spiritual dimension, it doesn't know what to be truly human is, and it has no appreciation for the past and accordingly is unable to apply these things to the present and future.

    The Remnant are a Disturbing People

    The emet (truth) is disturbing and Yahweh's Remnant must be disturbing people to those caught up in the lies and illusions. The Remnant will not merely upset the status quo but will provoke it to fury because behind every lie there is a demon. And this world's system is so saturated with lies that they have exceeded the solubility product of their human hosts so that they are now plainly visible. Demons barely conceal themselves any longer. The lies are so out in the open now that you have to be utterly brainwashed not to see them anymore. And brainwashed people are the most easily provoked to rage because brainwashed people are so full of demons.

    The Bible and Elohim of History

    A very large section of the Bible is history because our Elohim (God) is the Elohim (God) of history. You cannot understand prophecy without a sense of history either because of the way Yahweh works through history and repeats history! And history makes no sense if you do not understand the human condition in both its fallen and redeemed aspects.

    The Disasterous Thirty Years War

    A little over half a millennium ago the disasterous Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) was fought in Europe. It was the longest and most destructive conflict in the history of this continent. Starting as a war fought between Catholic and Protestant states in the fragmenting Holy Roman Empire, a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developped in the Middle Ages and did not end until 1806, it was essentially the Kingdom of Germany to which was annexed the Kingdom of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), Habsburg Austria, the Kingdom of Burgundy (now a part of France), the Kingdom of Italy and many other territories like modern-day Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. Its borders were continually shifting.

    The Holy Roman Empire

    Protestant and Catholic Split in Germany

    Following the Protestant Reformation, Germany was divided more-or-less equally between the Protestant north and the Catholic south. For the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformation threatened to break the back of its power which it has held in Europe for over a thousand years. An uneasy truce existed between the two sides for some time until the Roman Church began imposing religious uniformity throughout the Empire. This caused the Protestant states to revolt when they banded together to form the League of Evangelical Union. The rebellion was crushed but the rest of the Protestant world condemned the action of the Catholic German Emperor. It was then that Protestant Sweden entered its most glorious day as the saviour of the Reformation by militarily intervening in 1630 that resulted in a full-scale continental war. Swedish intervention also brought in Catholic Spain, Austria and France.

    Politics and Power

    The resulting conflict was not, however, strictly along religious lines. Politics and power were, as ever, central. The Catholic Spanish entered the fray to crush Dutch Republican rebels in the Spanish Netherlands (a war that lasted eighty years! 1568-1648), under the pretext of helping their dynastic Catholic Austrian ally. This panicked France who found herself surrounded and threatened by Spain and Austria, so Catholic France entered on the side of the Protestants! You have to understand that so many of these wars were fought by competing family dynasties and that alliances based on religion were often just for political convenience. Understanding modern politics requiries that you understand these feuds between dynasties. There are many struggles on multiple levels going on simultaneously.

    The Devastation of the 30 Years War

    The 30 Years War devastated entire regions of Europe with war and famine, significantly decreasing the population of Germany and the Italian states, Bohemia and the Netherlands. It was so bad that the staunchly monogamy-only Catholic Church introduced polygamy for a while to ensure that women whose husbands had been killed in war could be provided for. 30 years is a long time and nearly all combattant powers were bankrupted because of it. Both regular soldiers and mercenaries were not paid salaries and were expected to fund themselves by looting and extorting tribute which imposed great hardships on the civilian population.

    A New European Order

    The two treaties of Osnabrück and Münster formed part of what we call the Peace of Westphalia and changed the whole European Order for the next 500 years...until today. In addition to the creation of a new balance of power in which Bourbon France rose and in which Sweden became a new great power with the Habsburg dynasty weakened, a whole new system of government arose that I will speak of in a minute. France became the leading continental power until Napoléon's defeat in 1815 after which Great Britain assumed that rôle until the end of the Second World War, though she was considerable weakened after the First World War. Thereafter the United States took over with her brief period of power coming to an end even as I now speak.

    Fast Forward 500 Years

    What was so special about the Peace of Westphalia (Westfalen) and why is a knowledge of it important to the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 in a little over a week's time? I got my major clue from the very capable Catherine Austin Fitts, one time Federal Housing Commissioner of the United States Department of Housing an Urban Development in the first Bush administration for whom I have enormous respect. If you're interested in politics, you should read her Solari Report website and take advantage of the deep insights she has into the corruption and workings of the American establishment.

    What the Peace of Westphalia Created

    The Peace of Westphalia changed the entire European way of doing politics and regulating war known as Westphalian Sovereignty which is based on the concept of co-existing sovereign states. Inter-sate aggression was to be held in check by a balance of power and a norm was established against interference in another state's domestic affairs. Out of this was born the concept of international law.

    Modern Interference With National Sovereignty

    Those of you who have been keenly following current affairs cannot have failed to notice the breakdown in international law. Syria, and recently Libya, are prime examples where we have seen foreign powers (principally NATO countries like the USA, UK and France) interfering with national sovereignty and 'demanding' that certain leaders (like President Assad) be removed. They killed Gadaffi and are trying to kill Assad. The conflict in Syria is a perfect illustration of the near complete breakdown of the principle of the Peace of Westphalia. Those of you who have been students of 'conspiracy theory', so-called (it's actually now established fact) will have understood that the real power in the world no longer lies with national governments but with behind-the-scenes ruling dynasties that are above governments and nations. More about them in a minute.

    The 13 Nations of the Peace of Westphalia

    Let us return to the political aftermath of the Peace of Westphalia. The map became considerably simplified. Today there are around 50 countries in Europe but at the end of the 30 Years War there were really only 13 to speak of:

    • 1. France (Bourbon);
    • 2. Sweden (with Finland, Estonia, Livonia and Kurland);
    • 3. Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Austria, Bohemia);
    • 4. England (with Ireland and Scotland);
    • 5. Spain;
    • 6. Portugal;
    • 7. Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth;
    • 8. Denmark (with Norway);
    • 9. The Netherlands (Holland);
    • 10. Italian states (half under Spanish rule);
    • 11. Russia;
    • 12. Switzerland (newly independent); and
    • 12. Muslim Ottoman Empire (Turkey) which occupied South-Eastern Europe

    The Westphalian Order

    It is very clear to me that we have been entering into a new phase of European and world history, which is now coming to a climax, in which the main tenets of Peace of Westphalia are being rejected and reversed. Asside from the territorial adjustments, there were three main tenets of that 17th century peace:

    • 1. That everyone would recognise the Peace of Augsburg (1555) in which each prince would have the right to determine the religion of his own state, the options being Catholicism, Lutheranism and now Calvinism (cuius regio, eius religio);
    • 2. That Christians living in principalities where their denomination was not the established church were guaranteed the right to practice their faith in public during allotted hours and in private at their will; and
    • 3. General recognition of the exclusive sovereignty of each party over its lands, people, and agents abroad, and responsibility for the warlike acts of many of its citizens or agents.

    The New Holy Roman Empire - the European Union

    It is very clear today that governments are now the mere stooges of Maffia-like corporate powers who are vying for global dominance. Nothing is as it seems to be. National sovereignty in Europe has been gradually eroded since the formation of the European Economic Community (EEC), now the European Union (EU) which is the modern equivalent of the Holy Roman Empire, with Germany at its centre. In an earlier sermon, Belgium and the Rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire, given in 2010 five years ago, I go into the history in more detail, looking at prophetic cycles.

    The New Powers

    Today we are seeing a resurgence of Catholic power under the leadership of the current Pope, Francis, who is hand-in-glove with the maffia élitists running the EU, NATO and indeed nearly all the other nations in the world. He is revealing the Catholic Church's true anti-Christian colours. What we are seeing is maffias in Russia and China challenging the old status quo and wanting a dominant cut in the power-sharing. You will never understand what is happening in the interactions between Vlaidimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Angela Merckel, Barak Obama, David Cameron, François Hollande and other major political players without understanding who the real rulers are and how impotent government now is, since it is no longer in the hands of the people, and arguably hasn't been for a very long time.

    A New 30 Years War is Starting

    We know from Scripture that a world figure will arise in the person of the Anti-Messiah or Antichrist but what people aren't realising is that the age of national governments is effectively over. The government you elected is a sham. In order to comfort and reassure the general population, we still have 'parliaments', 'congresses' and 'dumas', but they are now basically only fronts with which the corporate maffias interface with the general population. This also goes for the political entity known as the European Union. The real power today lies with the maffia corporate princes much as power lay with the princes of Europe until until the Peace of Westphalia. What we are seeing is a return to the kind of feudalism that existed before the 30 Years War began which means, in effect, that we are entering another 30 Years War now. This, I believe, is to be the characteristic of the Third World War, and arguably - as I have said before - it has been going on since the end of the Second World War. These are basically well-organised and filthy rich lawless rival gangs who are fighting their battles using governments and their armies as their pawns, changing alliances when it suits them and not for any high moral cause. The nations have been hijacked.

    The Islamic Invasion

    I want you to notice the presence of Islam in Europe in 1684. The Balkans, from Hungary to Greece, went through a hellish centuries-long oppression by the Ottoman Empire, today known as Turkey. You will have noticed how Turkey has suddenly flahsed to centre-stage in the last few months as the unresolved conflict between Tsarist Russia and Turkey in the 1914-18 war re-ignites in Syria. Europe is being subjected to a Muslim immigrant invasion that is going beyond its former area of containment in the Balkans and is now entering the former 'Holy Roman Empire' and Sweden in particular. You cannot fail to notice the pattern repeating itself in a new phase. What was contained by Poland, Austria and the rest of Europe, culminating in the Battle of Vienna - the second Islamic invasion of Europe (the first was in Spain and the West Mediterranean area) - is now being resumed by an invasion by other means of central and northern Europe. This will almost certainly be one of the main causes of the New 30 Years War.

    When the Maffias Become Heroes

    As this war gets underway (the recent bombing in Paris was an 'opening move', as it were), so you will see national governments breaking down owing to bankruptcy and corruption, and power shifting visibly to the Corporate Maffias. They will be the ones waging war on the Muslim extremists and though they are themselves feudal oppressors, they will come to be viewed as liberators in the war against religious terrorism which they themselves created by flinging open the borders of Europe, becoming the 'solution' to the very 'crisis' they created.

    The Rôle of Sweden in the Beast System

    I believe the various outer governmental forms will continue to survive outwardly for propaganda purposes to assure the masses that the old order is still there even though it is dead. I mentioned earlier that Sweden played a pivotal rôle in defeating the counter-Reformation of the Catholic institution and its princes, thereby saving Protestantism and securing the principles of liberty. That was all reversed in 1944 when the élites selected Sweden to be the political and social model for the New Order which was copied pretty much wholesale by the European Union into which it itself has since been absorbed. Sweden is now being abandoned, like other nations before her, having served her rôle as 'dupe' and 'useful idiot', to borrow Lenin's cynical expression, in furthering the cause of Marxist social engineering. It is returning to its former pre-1944 status. The good news for Sweden and Scandinavia is that out of the fire that will consume the Viking lands a new Christianity will emerge (see The Fields of Fire: A Prophetic Dream About Scandinavia ).

    The End-Time Beast System

    The end-time Beast System, as I have said many times, is not a single power base, even if spiritually it is networked together by its satanic belief system and by its control of money.

    Nature of the Feet

    It represents the feet of the giant statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw in vision (Dan.2), whose feet were part clay and part iron - weak and strong at the same time. It is not as the former beast systems which were of uniform strength, being represented as brass, silver or gold. Yahweh's people, when they are obedient and responsive to the Ruach (Spirit), will find relative safety within the 'clay' areas while those who are not may find themselves crushed by the iron. And this is not just a matter of location but of knowing what to say, when, and to whom. Yah's people will only thrive if they walk in the Ruach Hochmah (Spirit of Wisdom), one of the seven Ruachot Elohim (Spirits of God).

    The Sevenfold Ruach, the Remnant and the Messianic Bride

    I want to conclude my message today bý speaking about the Seven Ruachot or Spirits. To survive and thrive the Remnant must learn to walk in all seven and to do that will require total consecration. These are the same Ruachot (Spirits) that rested on our Messiah to identify Him as Messiah and in the same way these seven Ruachot (Spirits) must rest on the Bride of Messiah for these are the identifying signs of the True Bride. These are not malakim or angels, as some Christian writers are claiming, even though some malakim (angels) may stand representationally for them, but our Heavenly Mothers - they are the sevenfold Ruach haQodesh, the Holy Spirit. So let us look at Isaiah chapter 11, second verse:

    • 1. The Ruach Yahweh (Spirit of the LORD) will rest on Him;
    • 2. The Ruach Hochmah (Spirit of wisdom) and
    • 3. [The Ruach] Binah ([Spirit] of Understanding),
    • 4. The Ruach Etsah ([Spirit] of Counsel[ling]) and
    • 5. [The Ruach] Gevurah ([Spirit] of Strength/Power)
    • 6. The Ruach Da'at (Spirit of Knowledge) and
    • 7. [The Ruach] Yira Yahweh ([Spirit] of the fear of the LORD)
      and He will delight in the fear of Yahweh
      (Isa 11:2-3, NIV).

    Many Kinds of Messenger

    Inasmuch as the Seven Ruachot (Spirits) are messengers of the Father, Yahweh, they may also be termed malakim (angels) in the same way that Yah'shua (Jesus) was - and is - the Messenger, Malakh or Angel of Yahweh's Presence before whom it is permitted to bow and/or worship, as Joshua did before the Battle of Jericho since He alone, of all the malakim (angels), is also Elohim (God) and uncreated. We, too, who are called to bear the message of the Besorah (Gospel), are likewise 'messengers', 'malakim' or 'angels' but of the created, mortal variety. Like Yah'shua (Jesus), "the faithful and true witness" (Rev.3:14, NRSV), we too are witnesses, again of the mortal variety.

    The Fullness of Deity in Messiah

    This is important both because of what we have been given and what we are called to do through the exercising of our emunah (faith):

      "For in Messiah all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Messiah, who is the head over every power and authority" (Col.2:9-10, NIV).

    The Sevenfold Fullness in Regenerated Believers

    The fullness that was in Messiah in the sevenfold anointing of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) is also given to those talmidim (disciples) who are true and faithful. That means one in whom lives the Ruach (Spirit) has within him or her the following:

    • 1. The Ruach Yahweh (Spirit of Yahweh);
    • 2. The Ruach Hochmah (Spirit of Wisdom);
    • 3. The Ruach Binah (Spirit of Understanding);
    • 4. The Ruach Etsah (Spirit of Counsel);
    • 5. The Ruach Gevorah (Spirit of Strength and Power);
    • 6. The Ruach Da'at (Spirit of Knowledge); and
    • 7. The Ruach Yira Yahweh (Spirit of the Fear of Yahweh).

    The Fear of Yahweh is Foundational

    Please notice how the last Ruach (Spirit) is emphasised by being repeated - "and he will delight in the fear of Yahweh"! It is this reverential fear that gives a true, regenerated believer wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, power and knowledge.

    Possessing the Spirit of Yahweh - the Essence of True Identity

    What then is the "Ruach Yahweh" or the Spirit of Yahweh? It is the Spirit of haShem - the Name - the Name of Yahweh - and all it stands for. And what is that Name? It is the essence of being in its fullest possible sense. Because you are in the "I AM" you are yourself a little 'I am' within the eternal "I AM". You can say, 'I am what I am' because 'He is what He is'. Therein lies your identity, your value, your everything. You know why you exist, for whom you exist and how to exist. You understand the meaning of life and living and are therefore complete because Yahweh is complete. Your suffiency is in the All-Sufficient One. There is no identity crisis. You know who you are by virtue of the sevenfold Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) living in you and therefore you possess - because of that indwelling - wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, power, knowledge, reverential fear and identity.

    Yahweh-Sufficient for the New End-Time Thirty Years War

    As the whole world shifts into anarchy and the rule of law breaks down into a new chaotic 'Thirty Years War' leading to satanic feudalism, we must operate in this Ruach (Spirit) or perish. We must be fully Yahweh-sufficient because the world - the state - will not provide for us any longer. It will not give us protection, it will not give us justice, it will not take care of our needs in anyway except we accept the price tag of slavery which is represented by the Number of the Beast, 666. That is why we must learn to be self-sufficient away from the cities of enslavement. We have not just been prepared for financial collapse - we are being prepared for a whole new way of life that must see us no longer dependent on the Nanny State as it mutates into an ever more wicked Big Brother State.

    Preparing for Dictatorship

    That is what Yahweh is preparing us for now and that time of preparation is almost at an end. We are still in the Sh'mittah or Sabbatical Year of rest and next spring we shall enter the Yovel or Jubilee Year. We have had all this time, in the form of multiple preparatory coundowns, to get ready materially and spiritually. Suddenly, overnight, we may well find ourselves under full-blown dictatorship, and if not in every part of the countryside, then most certainly in the cities.

    Extremism Disruption Orders in the Wings

    In the United Kingdom the puppet Cameron government is planning to implement what it is calling 'Extremism Disruption Orders' or EDOs. By means of these the authorities can overnight make it illegal to be 'annoying' or 'insulting' and impose the harshest penalties. For the government wishes to use its power not just to combat terrorists but anyone who disagrees with them. This happened in 1939 and 1940 when the British Government not only rounded up anyone whom they thought might be a national threat but also many innocents as officialdom took its revenge on those who had been exposing their corruption and incompetence before the outbreak of hostilities. All the government needs is a 'national emergency', real of imagined, to start getting rid of people it, or its élitist handlers, do not like. That's another reason to be far away from the centres of power.

    Free DVD of the NCCG.ORG Website

    The day of free speech may soon be over and the liberties we have enjoyed in the public arena and online, for example, may soon be a thing of the past. That will include the free distribution of sermons such as this one. Indeed, the NCCG.ORG website may soon be forced off the worldwide web. I am willing to send a free copy of the entire NCCG.ORG website on DVD, containing thousands of articles, to anyone who sends me an email with their name and postal address. I will then write back with a postal address to which you can send a $10 bill (to cover materials, postage and packing costs) if you are in America, a £10 note if you live in the UK, 150 Rand if yiou live in South Africa, etc.. So just email me if you'd like a DVD and I'll send you instructions.


    Next week, as Yah wills, I hope to talk more about walking in revelation and in the prophetic. I hope, in hearing what the Ruach (Spirit) has laid on my heart to share with you today, that you will sense the urgency to get fully right with Yahweh. Anything and everything that is not of Him that you have delayed surrendering to Him needs to be done now. He is waiting to anoint His people with deeper endowments of His Presence to enable them to walk in the new fire from Heaven and through the new fire of demons in the world. This is my opportunity, and yours, to raise the bar of obedience in your life and to find greater newness of chayim (life). This is the time and it will not return in the comparitive freedom we still enjoy today. Today is the day of our salvation and more. Choose it and let us meet in the Fortress of Yahweh! Amen.

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    [1] "Amen!" (GDSS, USA, 26 December 2015)
    [2] "Truly excellent teaching" (BY, Germany, 26 December 2015)

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