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Month 9:15, Week 2:7 (Shibi'i/Pesach), Year:Day 5939:251 AM
2Exodus 1/40
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 6 December 2014
Dreams & Prophecy
Encountering the Ruach haQodesh
with End-Time Prophecies on
Finland, Switzerland & Australia


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the blessings of our Living Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) be upon you all. These last few days have been tough for me but also a huge blessing so first of all I want to publically thank Yahweh for the new work that He is doing in me and second all those of you who have been praying for me. Before I share my message with you today may I first of all give you some background.

    Illness, Responsibility and Divine Purpose

    My medical condition most of you know about, my burden and, as it is turning out to be, my blessing too. If there is illness in your life, and I know that it is in the lives of many of you, that whilst much of it may caused by negligence on our parts and our own failed responsibilities as stewards, or negligence on the part of others who failed in their responsibility toward us as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouces, friends, or some other relationship that Yahweh puts us into for our growth, please understand also that Yahweh permits it for a redemptive purpose. I say this not to be 'clever' but as fresh, living experience on my part.

    Blood Tests

    It began five days ago when, unable to find health solutions myself, I decided to go and see my new doctor and to get some tests done. As it happens the extensive tests that were done all proved inconclusive, as they always have done in the past, as most everything turns out to be 'normal'. The troubles began after I went to have some blood tests done and suddenly became ill during them, passing out, in fact, and feeling abominably ill in the process. I recovered quickly and thought nothing more or it. A couple of days later I became seriously ill, my condition getting out of control with all aids at my disposal failing, and I was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

    Symptoms Not Causes

    To cut a long story short, I had been given new treatment and began to have hope. On the fourth day I really though that I had recovered, so much better did I feel. But that turned out to be a false hope based on 'Tree of Knowledge medicine' which as we know, for the most part, deals with symptoms rather than causes.

    A Revelation

    The 'revelation', as I feel justified in calling it, began yesterday morning as I awoke. After a very interesting and different kind of dream - one filled with beauty, in fact - and as I was awakening, I had an extraordinary meeting with the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), whether as a whole (all seven) or in part, I can't exactly tell. Though I am sure we can all recall precious encounters with the Ruach (Spirit) that are familiar to us by virtue of our relationship with Yah'shua (Jesus), this was very different for me.

    Encounter with the Heavenly Mother

    As I was awakening, I felt what I knew to be a female presence, a divine one. I felt a cheek lightly pressed against my right cheek approaching me from behind. And the feeling was one of such purity, innocence and love. It was unbelievably comforting, so peaceful, so relaxing, so gentle and so assuring, all that imagined a perfect mother to be, but far, far more. It felt wonderful. I was amazed. But it was all I needed. I have never experienced anything like it before. What was so special about it was that it was so personal and intimate, a Divine Touch. I know it was the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit), my Heavenly Mother.

    Miraculous Recovery?

    As I said, I awoke thinking I might be healed, even though deep down I know things weren't right still. And you know what it's like when you have been ill for a very long time and start feeling better, you want to go off and start living what you have missed because of infirmity. For me, I wanted to go and do some Kingdom work. During the course of the day, as the new drug I had taken began to wear off, so the old pains began to return. I was not so much in despair over this, because the reality of life has conditioned to me to be cautious and pragmatic when it comes to such things, as I was aware that so many decades of illness would require a sensible recovery régime.

    A Stupid Mistake

    So things got progressively worse and I was more or less back to where I was healthwise before I was carted off in the ambulance the day before. I should have probably have taken another dose of that new drug in the morning as the first dose wore off but I let overconfidence get the better of me. So I dosed up again in the evening, took some stomach precautions using a second drug I had been prescribed, and then made a bad decision - I decided to treat myself. I paid dearly. Literally within minutes I was in agony again, but this time I had medically prepped, but nevertheless needed to take a second new drug to bring everything under control, and this caused the pain to subside relatively quickly so that I would not need a second hospital trip. I knew I had been stupid, admitted it to Yahweh, and went to bed.

    An Incredible Night

    It was, to say the least, a very, very interesting and instructive night indeed. More happened that I am able to share, but what I will share with you is some truths which I hope will bless many. Certainly what was shown me was an approach to understanding our bodies that I had never considered before. This was not, moreover, intellectual but experiential. I was lying on my side when I awoke, stripped to my waiste because a fever had caused me to sweat through my pyjama top, and my right arm was wrapped around my waiste, one finger touching my left shoulder.

    A Revelation About My Body

    As I was awoke, I found the middle finger of my right hand very gently rubbing a spot. I was aware of Yahweh speaking to me. The substance of His Davar (Word) to me was really interesting. I was aware that my body, though I was obviously intimately connected to it, was a living being in its own right that I was living in it! Not a 'soul', which is our spirit and body combined, but a living entity anyway with Yahweh's signature all over it. In the half light I lifted up my left hand, which I have known these past 60 years, and saw it in a totally different way. I was consciously aware - for real, not simply intellectually - that I was both intimately a part of my body as well as separate from it in an echad or oneness relationship, and that part of my medical problem was that I had failed to properly view it as such. I had exploited my body, without regard for its own needs and welfare, and was treating it as something disposable even though I knew it could not be replaced. I saw it not so much as a 'person', which of course it isn't, but as an extension of personhood and therefore, if I can put it this way, as 'personable'. Though on temporary loan, it was very precious indeed and was not to be abused. And you all know the hundred-and-one ways we can abuse our bodies, as people sadly do. Perhaps the Bible's description of it is the best - it's a QadoshMishkan or Set-apart, Holy Temple in which not only our own spirit dwells but the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) also (1 Cor.6:19; Jn.2:21). It is a unique interface for the Divine while we are in mortality.

    Fumbling for Words

    Forgive the inadequacy of my words in what must remain a very personal experience. The mind alone cannot process this information and only the Ruach (Spirit) and/or a comparible experience on your part, can ultimately make full sense of what I am trying to imperfectly say. As with all new experiences, we at first stumble with words, seeking the best ones with a limited vocabulary, to communiate the essentials to others.

    The Crashed Plane

    After this experience I went back to sleep and had a very interesting though intense dream. Much of the immediacy of it has gone but I can distill out the main points well enough. I was in an aeroplane, and it crashed. I knew that it represented my body which too had, in this dream metaphor, 'crashed' too. It was why I had ended up in hospital. Later in the dream I would find it repaired or restored, with a new crew on board.

    The Rear Gangway

    I remember climbing into it up through its belly on a rear gangway such as used on the old BAC 1-11, though much longer like those one still finds in military transport planes. I go to the end of the dream to illustrate the same chiastic structure of inspired dreams as one finds in the Scriptures. I was ascending the gangway which was untypical as it levelled out in the middle, leaving a large section that was flat. Some others had gone ahead before me. I stopped because a large section of the gangway was 'missing' and it was too far for me to jump. How has the others got on board? I wondered.

    Faith by Feeling

    So I stooped down (representing self-abasement or humility) and reached out to touch the open space with my hand, and was surprised to see it was, after all, solid if invisble. I could see though it to the ground below. As I touched it with my hand it seemed to come alive and glimmer. Then I knew it was real and I proceeded to walk across it feeling safe and secure. I understood then that this was also a living metaphor of emunah or faith. I was talking with Yahweh as this was happening, and recalled the Scriptures that speak of emunah (faith) and seeing (Heb.11:1). Then I heard the gentle voice of Yahweh say: "Faith is by feeling".

    Feeling is the Instrument of Faith

    That surprised my mind even though my spirit had no problem understanding this. To put this another way, emunah (faith) is by the instrument of feeling, the kind of emunah (faith) that leads to a living walk. It is by the heart.

    The Soul Led to Soar

    Now it's important not to get this wrong. The revelation was not that emunah (faith) and feeling are synonymous. Neither was it saying that emunah (faith) cannot be exercised when your heart is turned off or is otherwise malfunctioning - I speak not of the physical heart, of course. Emunah (Faith) can keep us steady in a fixed position while the heart gets fixed, but in order for it to be able to move - and to eventually soar, as one does in an aircraft - emunah (faith) cannot find its full expression except through the instrumentality of the heart and its feelings. It's one of the reasons Yahweh gave us feelings. Properly ordered and submitted to living emet (truth) - and thus, by extension, to the living Emet (Truth), Yah'shua the Messiah, from whence that emet (truth) and the Davar Elohim (Word of God) come - the heart is the vehicle of emunah (faith) itself.

    The Relationship Between Heart and Mind

    That is why in order to live by emunah (faith) it is the heart that must be regenerated along with the mind. In the Hebrew way of thinking mind and heart are rarely distinguished - they are regarded as an echad or whole which is why both must be functioning properly. If either are defective, we are immediately at a disadvantage and emunah (faith) is impaired. Emet (Truth) is both a mind and a heart principle.

    The Crew and Will

    But to return to the dream. I walked confidently across the gangway onto that plane. I remember a member of the crew, the pilot, was as fascinated by what I was experiencing as though he was learning too. He had never experienced this either. This was immediately a clue that what I was dealing with was a function of the soul we call as will or will-power.

    Will and Conscious Self

    Now we all pretty much understand what will-power is. Sometimes it can be positive but more often than not our will-power can make foolish choices and get us into serious trouble. Remember this aircraft was my body and by extension my life in this mortal plane of existence too. The will, as a function of soul, has also to learn emet (truth). Quite what the relationship between what I shall call 'Pilot Will' and my 'Conscious Self' in the dream was is not 100 per cent clear to me yet but that is not, in any case, the point.

    The Crashed Life and Self-Justification

    Now back to the middle portion of the dream. The plane had crashed - my body and therefore life - had come to a standstill because of this medical problem. You can't go and live your life normally, whether for self or for Yah'shua (Jesus) - if it has 'crashed'. Then you have to be totally body-focussed in order to recouperate. Now I know I have been abusing my body in all sorts of ways including eating a bad diet and not getting adequate rest. My will, as 'pilot' for my life, had not listened to sound advice in these areas. I confess freely I can be a workaholic, which is why I have a high output in the areas of my giftedness. I have justified my negligence in all sorts of clever ways, as we all do.

    Sweden, Finland and Estonia

    After the plane crashed I found myself with a number of people. I didn't recognise any of them from real life. Three nations figured strongly during last night, two of which I will talk about later. But in this context I was very aware that there was a connection with Finland. Though I have connections there through friends and enemies, as well as through that nation's links to Sweden where I live, I have never actually been there. Together with Sweden and Estonia it has an important destiny as one of the four permanent global revival centres of the Besorah (Gospel) before Yah'shua (Jesus) returns and I have long been conscious of the fact that Satan will prevent that from happening if he possibly can. There is a spirirual war to be fought for that to happen and this dream was, in part, a spiritual prelude to that.

    Dreams and Self

    One thing I need to explain about dreams before I go on. Nearly all of them are, of course, about us personally. The default interpretation of most dreams has to do with what's going on inside us and Yahweh's desire to be invited in through Yah'shua (Jesus) to rule and overpower the chaos which is of the fleshy, carnal or Adamic nature within (e.g. Gal.5:17). You all know what I am talking about. You know of the craziness and lawlessness that is often our dream content. There fleshy nature and spirit meet and conflict.

    The Flesh vs. the Fleshy Nature

    A word of clarification, if I may. I spoke earlier of the divine intelligence and signature resident in the body of flesh, bone and blood we wear. Most reading Scripture often misread Scripture when the 'flesh' is spoken of negatively there and assume that the whole human body is somehow bad. Some of the worst theological errors in Christendom have come about because of this misinterpretation. I think of various forms of Gnosticism that have led to the destructive mortification of the body as something that needs to be suppressed, tortured, abused, or somehow killed off. From this erroneous idea have sprung Buddhism, Catholicism, and numerous other expressions of faith. The body is good and reflects Elohim (God). It, along with the basic functional energies inside, are made in the image of Elohim (God). But because of the Fall there is, resident with it, as useless and destructive satanic baggage, another nature that is not of Elohim (God) but of the fallen malak (angel), Lucifer. What I experienced when I woke up was that physical body which was declared very tov or good in the Creation narrative of Genesis 1.

    The Kneeling Man Outside the Plane

    At this point allow me to insert another item from the end of the dream. As I was climbing aboard I saw a man kneeling on the ground wearing a black robe. On his left breast was a golden eagle emblem of the Third Reich. I was a bit puzzled by this in the dream and after I woke up to reflect on everything, my immediate reaction was that the man somehow should not have been there and that I should 'get rid' of him as a spiritual intruder. No sooner had this thought entered my mind than I heard Yahweh say, No, I should not, and could not in any case do this, because this was a representative of the Adamic or fleshy nature that would remain with me as long as I lived, but was now properly in submission to the spirit. It was not coming on board that aircraft even though it would in some way 'accompany' it. The fleshy nature cannot be suppressed or killed other than in the metaphorical sense that Paul describes it using the imagery of crucifixion (Gal.5:24), that is to say, we are to live life in this physical body as though that nature were dead. And it is indeed dead to us when we are in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus).

    How the Person and General Prophetic are Combined

    The central section of the dream was, as I said, connected somehow with Finland and the expected revival in those three nations which were once one nation under the Swedish crown and its covenant to faithfully adhere to the Lutheran-Protestant faith. Historically Sweden was the saviour of the Reformation when its very existence came under mortal threat from the Roman Catholic hegemony in the south of Europe which sought to destroy Protestantism by military force-of-arms. And as I was explaining earlier, dreams, though principally about us and our own struggles, can often combine prophetic elements that are in part, or mostly, outside those personal struggles, but with which they are combined by the Ruach (Spirit) in dreams because of our present or future part in that prophetic unfolding. Part of my calling is connected to this European revival that is to emerge out of the Restoration work we have been doing for the last 30 years and so my own personal struggle was both symbolically portrayed and combined with the evangelistic work that has yet to be born.

    The Battle Ground

    The centre part of the dream was a battle - literally - though it did not initially begin that was because I was not aware who the players were at first. It is a long story that occupied several hours of the night so I can only summarise what happened. There were these people, all men as far as I could tell, and as I said, somehow linked to Finland. I was supposed to believe and accept that they were benevolent and companionable but by the by I realised they were enemies and a huge struggle ensued. I was fighting all of them in my spirit with great passion and vigor while my physical body, fulls of meds, languished in sleep trying to regain its balance.

    Sword in the Throat

    Because it is helpful in explaining the often baffling symbolism of dreams, I will share one incident. One of my adversaries had thrust his sword into my throat as I had simultaneously in his with my own sword. It was a 'Mexican standoff' of sorts. This was not a regular sword so please don't get the idea that this was some kind of swashbuckling Hollywood-type of dual. The sword looked like a sword up to a point (no pun intended) but at the same time wasn't one. It was very flat and very sharp, almost two dimensional if that makes any sense. It was, of course, the sword of the Ruach (Spirit) which is the Davar Elohim (Word of God) which I was liberally employing during my combat (Eph.6:17). In fact, the devarim (words) were the actual combat, the energy and will-power behind them being represented as the actual movement of our bodies locked in combat. It's hard to explain as this dimension abides by its own rules. Obviously in physical space you don't survive long with a sword shoved down your mouth and its point ready to pierce your throat.

    Water is the Key

    I stood there with this sword down my throat, and my sword down the throat of my enemy, and Yahweh woke me up. My throat was parched and because dehydration is a serious part of my medical condition, I have to drink a lot of pure water throughout the night, more so when such incidents as this happen (mercifully not very often). So I drank water to slake my thirst and moisten my dry mouth and throat. As I lay back down ready to fall off to sleep again, I heard Yahweh speaking again. Just as my physical body needed plenty of pure water to function properly, so, He said, the spirit needs the pure Davar Elohim (Word of God) to function properly. And we must remember to 'tank up', as it were, regularly with that Davar (Word) which is the Bible. It is as dangerous to the spirit as it is to the body to neglect these "living waters" (Jn.4:10-11; 7:28), as Yahweh called them. Both are complimentary forms of chayim (life) and work in concert. Even more interestingly, both are to be regarded as echad (one) for indeed mayim (water) is important to the body both because of its molecular construction but also because of the energy it carries which imparts chayim (life) to the physical body. This is one reason why moving and sunlit water is so much healthier than still water kept in a dark water tank. Moving water is oxygenated rather than stagnant, and sunlit water kills bacteria as well as energising the molecules. This has been scientifically proven [1]. Yes, the New Agers do know one or two truths in this area that Christians yet remain ignorant of. But that's another subject for another time.

    A Dual Revelation

    My point in sharing this segment of the dream was to illustrate how a dream element can have a dual purpose, the one about ourself and the other about something outside ourself. My body, because of its illness, desperately needed water - one of the reasons I went to hospital was to get a saline drip and get rehydrated - just as my spirit desperately needed that living mayim or water that wells up in the heart that is the resurrection power of Messiah which is expressed by emunah (faith) through the vehicle of the heart and its emotions as the Davar Elohim (Word of God) given to us in Scripture.

    Multifunctionality in Yahweh's Design

    Do you see how brilliant Yahweh's design is? Everything is connected and one thing can be multifunctional like the physical body itself and indeed its very organs. Thus the kidneys not only purify the blood, removing toxic materials, but are involved in other functions too, one being hormonal, which comes as a surprise to some. Likewise our reproductive organs are also used for excretion and our mouths for breathing, talking, digestion and taste, to name but four. Yahweh is never wasteful so we should not be surprised to find the same kind of multifunctional activity in the spiritual domain too. That is why some apparently mundane kinds of dream also contain prophetic information. Indeed without the mundane we might even miss the prophetic altogether because of the way we tend to be focussed when the fleshy nature is in the ascendancy.

    The Agenda of the Battle

    There was, then, this very long battle indeed which seemed to take place aboard the aircraft because gaining control over it was part of the agenda of the two competing powers - my spirit in Messiah, on the one hand, and the demonic in the fleshy nature on the other. Until we have conquered this demonically-controlled carnal nature we have not properly overcome as we are commanded to in Scripture, and Messiah cannot properly rule in our innermost being and life, making us ineffective servants as professed believers. It is not enough to be born again - that is the deposit, but we have to overcome so that Yah'shua (Jesus) can rule completely. Spiritual rebirth, a tangible experience even though it is experienced differently by believers, is essential, but it is not all. It is the Yom haBikkurim (Day of Firstfruits) phase of our spiritual growth, the third of the annual festivals, with four further phases of development to come after it, that include proper submission to Yah's Kingdom Law (Torah) and overcoming the carnal nature.

    Within the Bigger Picture

    I know much of this is old hat to most of you but it's important to get everything properly arranged in the bigger picture. The thing is this - the Bride of Messiah is not all those who are born again, the bikkurim or firstfruits of our spiritual journey in Messiah. The Bride of Messiah consists of those who have overcome the flesh by subduing it, forcing it to yield and submit by kneeling on the ground as that man did in my dream. Then the Sukkot (Tabernacles) spiritual endowment becomes realised, step-wise, through multiple battles against the fleshy nature and the power of the Enemy, and the born-again believer becomes a fully qodesh or saint and part of the Remnant. As the famous Norwegian Lutheran evangelist to China, Marie Monson, taught, it is not enough for believers to just confess their sins and ask for foregiveness - each believer must die to self and completely hand their past, present and future over to Yah'shua (Jesus) as Paul taught to the Romans (Rom.12:1-2).

    Battles Yet to Be Fought and Won

    Now I am making no claims that I am 'there', for I know full well there are still battles to be fought in my life, still parrs of my salvation to be, as Paul would have it, "worked out" (Phil.2:12). But I do know that I am now one major step further along the Derech (Way) than I was recently, and that it took this illness to complete it. My only regret is that Yahweh had to use illness to break my will, which I had given Him permission to do many times in spite of the objections of my Adamic nature. This resistance is principally of the heart and its passions, which is why Scripture calls the heart a desperately wicked thing (Jer.17:9). Today society worships feelings as the barometer of all that is good and noble not understanding that the heart is corrupt and a poor standard-bearer of emet (truth). It is necessary as the vehicle of emunah (faith), like I was told, but it has to be cleaned out, just as a wine glass must be properly cleaned before it can be used to serve up good wine.

    Two Footnotes

    I have two footnotes to add to this story which I need to share before ending. It concerns those of you who may either be Swiss or Australians.

    No Such Thing as Neutrality

    During the battle, and when I had awoken to either drink water or pray while I took stock of what was happening in the prophetic scheme of things, Yahweh specifically brought Switzerland to mind. That's not a country Yahweh has said much to me about prophetically over the years beyond the fact that it contains many of the descendants of scattered Israel. For some reason I had been thinking about France which was not what the Ruach (Spirit) was leading me to do and I was swung around quite forcibly to Switzerland, which I saw momentarily in vision as a map. Then I heard Yahweh speak, saying: "There is no such thing as neutrality". I was slightly stunned because simultaneously I saw how I have taken neutral standpoints on issues relating to politics which I had already begun to see as untenable but which were being unmistakably underlined for me in this revelation. And Switzerland, like Sweden, has never been neutral, even in the last world war.

    No Fence-Sitting Allowed

    It is true too of spiritual matters. We're either for or against - there are no fence-sitters. Many armies have historically sat on the fence watching a battle but were forced to take sides eventually. You have to choose good or evil, right or wrong, emet (truth) or lies. And yes, I know, in Quantum Mechanics there is a third state which is both yes and no, or plus and minus, or up and down simultaneously, but that has nothing to do with ethics, morality or spirituality but with the way the universe is constructed.

    A Disasterous Swiss Referendum

    The Swiss made a disasterous choice the other day when in a referendum they chose not to base at least a portion of their paper currency on gold but chose to remain with the ficticious and criminal fiat currency system being used by the Illuminati to plunder mankind and ruin the world. They sadly chose Babylon and will have to pay the consequences financially. The Swiss, so well prepared in terms of self-sufficiency of food, weapons and other important items, and have prospered in part because of this, is crooked in many ways. And unless the nation repents, it will sink along with the rest of Europe.

    Prophecy on Australia

    My last prophetic message was not at all solicited but came in the form of an unexpected vision during one of those awake moments when I was praying. I saw Australia [2] in the form of a man lying face-down on the ground. There was another man standing over him, with one foot on his back, looking a bit like a Muslim. I've had a few revelations about Australia in the past and whilst that nation has rapidly delined to become a part of the Babylonian system, it's not necessarily finished. As I looked at this vision in horror, a power welled up from within me, and I heard the Voice of Yahweh speak, just as He had done when I was converted from Buddism to Christianity back as a young man at college, and He said - and my own soul resonated saying as well, "NO!" No, Australia is not to be abandoned, this branch of the House of Ephraim has a major end-time rôle to play, and there is a Remnant to be gathered out from it that is part of this work with Melbourne playing an important rôle. So I went into deep intercessory prayer for Australia, rebuked this dark power, and claimed Yahweh's harvest there.


    I hope the revelatory keys shared here today have been helpful. This is a little 'out of the ordinary' sermon and was writeen at 5.30 a.m. just after I had experienced all of these things so if it is a little disjounted it is because of a lack of sleep. But I felt a strong leading to share it with you. Above all I want you to be encouraged that Yahweh is very much at work in His people, that he wants us to understand deeper truths about the inner spirirtual life so that we can better discern both the Ruach (Spirit) and the machinations of the Enemy who is saturating the world with his demonic powers. The Remnant is being tested and prepared as "the children of Elohim (God) and the children of the devil are manifest[ed]" (1 John 3:10, NKJV). Amen.


    [1] I highly recommend Gerald H. Pollack, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid Liquid Vapor (Ebner & Sons, Seattle, WA: 2013) - also see the sister volume by the same author, Cells, Gels and the Energies of Life: A New Unifying Approach to Cell Function (2001)
    [2] Also see the Olive Branch, Chapter 424, Vision of Australia receibed in 1996

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