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Month 2:15, Week 2:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5939:044 AM
2Exodus 1/40, Omer Count Sabbath #4
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 13 May 2014
Late Chag haMatzah 2014 I
The B'rit, the Tavnith & the Rock

    Continued from Part 1 (Late Pesach Season 2014)
    Continued from Chag haMatzah 2014 Series

      "Victory is the fruit of long planning" (Prov.11:14b, NEB)


    Shabbat shalom and Chag haMatzah Sameach kol beit Yisra'el - a blessed Second or Late Chag haMatzah or Feast of Unleavened Bread! We are gathered here both for the benefit of those who were unable to observe this mandatory Festival last month and for the rest who are observing it in spirit as we consider what Yahweh is doing amongst us at this very moment of time and what He is expecting our response to be.

    A Work Long in the Making

    Today's theme scripture is, "Victory is the fruit of long planning". I have chosen this for two reasons:

    • 1. Firstly Yahweh led me to it yesterday morning after my experiences of the night before which I spoke to you about yesterday; and
    • 2. Secondly, it connects to the work we have been called to and how it ties into the observance of removing the leaven of sin from our souls.

    Recognising and Forsaking Sin

    If ever a work of Yahweh has required long planning, this one has. Only now, 30 years later, are we starting to walk in the derech (way) to which we have been called. Removing sin from our lives is not an easy matter not just because forsaking it is difficult but because recognising it is there in the first place can be an even greater problem. Because judging according to the flesh is easier than judging by the Ruach (Spirit) we tend to chose the 'easier' way and get it all wrong. We often know as little about ourselves as we know about those who we love to judge and sentence. Chag haMatzah, as we all know, is a seven-day festival because it symbolises the whole of our lives. Getting rid of sin isn't just an activity we engage in for seven days a year any more than repenting at the Teshuvah Season in the autumn/fall is only for a few days either. Both seasons are simply reminders that both have to continue day in and day out for the rest of our lives.

    Vision of the Bright Light Part II

    Yesterday I told you of the experience I had of the bright light appearing above me. What I didn't tell you was that I saw it twice and that on the first occasion it was not quite directly above my head but a little to the side. It was moving - and ultimately moved - into position directly above me the second time I looked up.

    Alignment and Realignment

    The spiritual life is about alignment and re-alignment when we get off course. The festivals were designed by Yahweh to aid us in making those life course readjustments. Since this whole spring season of festivals takes place twice we are reminded of the importance of getting on course this second time so the rest of the year is not spent heading off in the wrong direction. So look at Second Peasach as the opportunity to fine-tune the direction of the year's journey. This year particularly we cannot afford to take any chances because so many big and important things are going to happen that will reshape the future of everyone.

    Make Sure the Revelation is Pure

    The other day one of the brethren reminded me of the importance of when we receive a Davar Elohim (Word of God) that we are to make absolutely sure that we get and share is 100% pure. If not, he said, it will give the Enemy not only the opportunity to spiritually plunder the one receiving the revelation or prophecy but also discredit the entire work we have spent 30 years so hard building up.

    Guarding the Work From Wolves

    I have had to guard this work against wolves pretty much continually over these three decades, including those very close to us who turned against Yahweh, and this has perhaps been the hardest thing of all. I have had to be reminded, many times, of the need to dare to be like Daniel by daring to stand alone for the sake of the calling given to me. I guard this calling jealously. Each one of us has to make that choice along the way and not allow those close to us, who may have doubts or who may be waivering, to deflect us from our course. What would have happened if Job had succumbed to his wife's counsel? (Job 2:9) What's at stake is not simply our well-being as individuals and families but the well-being of an entire end-time work. Everyone who comes to this Work will, at some time or another, face such a painful choice, and must be willing to endure hailstorm and tempest from those who, like Peter, momentarily (or even, in some cases, for much longer, or even permanently) listened to the Enemy and thought they knew best.

    The Message and the Messenger

    Typically those who do this see our weaknesses and confuse the imperfection of the one called with the calling itself. That is not to by any means give the one called carte blanche to do whatever he pleases for if he wanders off the way he too much at times be brought back, sometimes privately by Yahweh and sometimes through the instrument of family and brethren. No man is infallible and no man is immune to falling. But equally this vulnerability should never be used as an excuse to attack the Work for such is an attack on the One who called the Work into being and sustains it. Did you know that every Work of Yah is guarded by malakim (angels)? The bigger the Work, the more malakim (angels) involved. Just as in the army you salute the rank and not the man, so in the Work of Elohim (God) you honour and support the calling and not necessarily always the flesh-and-blood ministers called to lead it. I have seen many beaten to spiritual pulp on the anvil of judgment who confused the message with the messenger. The messenger is not, in any case, free of Yahweh's own correcting hand, as we know only too well from the nevi'im (prophets), the kings and the shlichim (apostles). Some do fall, like Solomon, but others, like David repent and are juistified in the end.

    Fire from the Mouth

    But if the messenger is in alignment with the message and the One sending the message, and you come against the messenger, you're in trouble too. Take the two end-time witnesses as an example:

      "If anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies. And if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this manner" (Rev.11:5, NKJV).

    Be Careful Whom You Come Against

    This may offend liberal sensitivities but when it boils down to a choice between staying alive or being toasted, what do you suppose happens to liberal sensitivities? Remember what happened to Elijah when soldiers tried to cart him off for a forced interview with the apostate king? (2 Ki.1) If the messenger is false, he will fall...yet if you are not careful, you may actual slay a true messenger too if he has been called to seal his testimony in his own blood. So be careful whom you come up against for their blood may cry up against you.

    The Ruach haShibi'i Is Poised Above Us

    As the Ruach (Spirit) descended from above on Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as he was being baptised in the Jordan by John to testify to those who witnessed it who He was, so the Sukkot Anointing, brought by the Ruach haShibi'i or Seventh Spirit of Elohim (God), has just positioned itself directly above our heads and is waiting to descend on those who have been called to it. It could descend gradually or suddenly, I do not know, but my sense it that it will be the latter. Then visions that have already shown us what will happen as a result of this anointing will happen in actuality.

    Those Sitting on the Fence Must Choose

    This means, brethren and sisters, that those who have been sitting on the sidelines particularly are going to have to choose pretty soon, and I wouldn't count on it being too long a decesion-making window of time. Whilst on the one hand I don't ever want to be seen to be 'pressuring' anybody - and most of you know only too well that we have always given people as much space as they wanted or needed - I must at the same time warn people that the hour of procrastination (if that's anyone's problem) is practically over. To procrastinate further is to seriously gamble with your life. You have to either choose to be fully 'in' this work or 'out' if you're investigating it, and if it is to be 'out' you must quickly find some other home.

    The Second Exodus

    When the original Exodus happened you either went with the body of Israelites or you got left behind. That movement - that Final or Second Exodus - began on Aviv 14 this year, on 13 April 2014 and it's happening a 'second time', as it were, to give the doubters a second chance to make the right decision and plunge headlong into this work or to flee because when the anointing strikes the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones) it will either burn them up or sanctify them.

    The Three Tasks of Messianic Israel

    If you're still not sure what it is we have been called to in this Work, then please see the Vision of the Blue Altar: The Three Tasks of Messianic Israel and From Scandinavia into the World.

    Obedience Before Knowledge

    One of the hallmarks of the B'rit Yahweh or Covenant of Yahweh is that He requires us to be obedient even before He tells us what He expects of us. When His glory descended upon Mount Sinai the people had no idea what the Torah was going to contain in toto. They came in emunah (faith) on the basis of the evidence of His almighty Hand that they had already witnessed.

    Shavu'ot Anointing and Spiritual Resonance

    As for this Work, there have been signposts or witnesses along the entire way, perhaps not in the way that was wanted or expected, but they have been there nonetheless, and in abundance. This is not Sinai and this is not the Jerusalem New Covenant Shavu'ot ('Pentecost') either. It's something very different and yet similar in some respects. But I guarantee when the Sukkot anointing comes, you'll know without any shadow of a doubt. Or as one sister said, after reading my 'Hot Potatoes' article, "I really resonate with this teaching!!!" 'Resonance' is a good way of putting it because you either tune in 'naturally' and spontaneously (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) or you do not. What Yahweh wants is not that you be awed by some miracle but that your whole being is tuned in to what is happening. I would say that this 'tuning' probably lies at the heart of what to expect because it's what we call a 'tavnith (pattern) experience'. And it's that I want to talk a little more about today.

    Tavnith is Absolute, Not Optional

    When Yahweh instructed the first Israelites to consruct the Tabnernacle in the wilderness He did not say that they could use artistic licence. He was very specific:

      "According to all (kechol) that I show you, that is, the tavnith (pattern) of the mikdash (tabernacle, sanctuary) and the tavnith (pattern) of all its furnishings, just so you shall make it" (Ex.25:9, NKJV).

    Personal Creativity and Mixing is Not Allowed

    He did not say that they could sprinkle a bit of 'Egyptian' style here, or a bit of 'Midianite' or 'Canaanite' there into the design. He didn't say: 'Use your creativity' but 'use Mine - follow precise instructions'. When the sons of Aaron presumptuously thought they could do things their way (Lev.10:1-2; Num.3:4; 26:61), they were executed for their presumption. YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH DIVINE TAVNITH - EVER! So sacred is divine tavnith that Yahweh has embedded profound truth within the word itself to emphasise the point.

    The Double Covenant

    Messianic researcher Sandy Bruce has made some interesting observations. The consonants of the word TAVNITH (pronounced 'tavneet') - taw-yod-nun-bet-taw (tbnyt) have a meaning embedded into the word that tells us why tavnith is so important. The word tavnith begins and ends with the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, taw (t), which in the original Paleo-Hebrew pictogram is represented by a symbol that looks like a Latin cross [1]. This letter has a meaning which is b'rit or COVENANT, the context being the Covenant of the Torah or Law, the Ketubah or Marriage Covenant of Israel to Yahweh.

    Between the Two Taw's

    However, if you look at the letters between the two taw's in the word tavnith, you have the three letters yod-nun-bet (bny) that form two words, 'beh-nee', meaning "My Son". Therefore the word TAVNITH has a double prophetic meaning:

    • 1. It is the Marriage Covenant of Yahweh with Israel - the first taw (t) on the right (Hebrew reads from right to left); and
    • 2. It is the New Marriage Covenant with Israel in yod-nun-bet (bny) or "My Son", Yah'shua the Messiah - the second taw (t).

    The Same Tavnith in Both Covenants

    The Son, Yah'shua (Jesus), is therefore the bridge between the Old B'rit (Covenant) and the B'rit Chadashah (New Covenant) both of which operate in the same divine tavnith or pattern though are applied in the qodesh (holy, set-apart) lifestyle differently in terms of most of the ceremonial law and the operation of Melchizedek rather than Aaronic/Levitical Priesthood.

    The Same Relationships in All Ages

    In practice this means that the same relationship exists between Old Covenant Israel and Yahweh as between Messianic New Covenant Israel and Yah'shua (Jesus) which is the same tavnith between Father and Son, between husbands and wives, and so on. The New Covenant - Christianity - is not a new religion, Israel has not been 'replaced' by another entitity called the 'church'. The substance of the Torah (Law) is the same but has been completed and (in some instances) fulfilled. The ethics and morals are the same, the spiritual pattern of festivals, sabbaths and new moons is the same, and so on. This is a progression from the Old to the New, and from a preliminary Shavu'ot New Covenant to the fullness of the Sukkot New Covenant:

      "Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed, and get yourselves a new heart and a new ruach (spirit)" (Ezek.18:31, NKJV).

    The Same Tavnith in Everything

    This ought not to surprise us because the same tavnith (pattern) ordained for heavenly and earthly relationships is embedded in the very stuff and laws of the Created Cosmos itself. Whether you are looking at the microcosmic or the macrocosmic you will see the same tavnith (pattern) everywhere. And though we don't make terumah or offerings with the same things anymore (animal and other sacrifices, now fulfilled in Messiah), we still do so in exactly the same way in our hearts, in the way we present ourselves and sacrifice ourselves for the King and the Kingdom. The inner spiritual motions and workings are identical and we do so on the basis of the same principles of surrender and teshuvah (repentance), as He does with us in giving us grace and ahavah (love). Yahweh loves us in the same way that He loved Adam, Abraham, David and the apostles. He has not changed, the principles of salvation are eternal, and it is these inner core or root principles that we must understand and apply first and foremost. There are still times and seasons to be observed, ordinances to be followed, but the inner essence is what matters so that no matter what your circumstances they can still operate and shape you.

    The Tavnith of 'Tavnith'

    The message of divine tavnith (pattern) is that "My Son", the Son of Elohim (God), Yah'shua (Jesus), is its heart, and that it is bound either side by b'rit or covenant. All true relationships with Elohim (God), with spouses and with the brethren other begin and end with b'rit (covenant) and the centre - the heart - is always the Master, Yah'shua (Jesus). When we cherish the Son as Ruth cherished her mother-in-law, Naomi, and was told that her cherishing was better than the genealogical legacy of "seven sons" for the family name because she was "faithful", then we have truly understood:

      "Then the women said to Naomi, 'Blessed is Yahweh who has not left you without a redeemer (Obed, the ancestor of Yah'shua/Jesus) today, and may his name become famous in Israel. May he also be to you a restorer of life and a sustainer of your old age; for your daughter-in-law, who loves you and is better to you than seven sons, has given birth to him" (Ruth 4:14-15, NASU).

    Prophetic Revelation for Today

    During this early morning of prophetic dreams and visions, Yahweh told me that our 'House', which has for so long been out 'at sea' waiting for this day to be called into port, must now be on the ROCK. His eye is on us for this I saw in vision this morning too. It is on the first page of this new book today that is this Work, and that eye is seven eyes, "the seven Ruachot Elohim (Spirits of God) sent out to all the earth" (Rev.5:6).


    Because we are under b'rit (covenant) - and that B'rit (Covenant) will be renewed at Shavu'ot (Weeks) in a way that has never happened before - we must be more diligent and more faithful than ever before. Yahweh wants the loyalty and dedication of a Ruth in us. He wants us firmly and securely on the ROCK OF AGES. Amen.

    Continued inPart 3 (Late Pesach Season 2014)


    [1] See Mystery of the Alef-Taw: Establishing the Right Foundations

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