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Month 2:15, Week 2:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5937:045 AM
SHABBAT 2:2, Omer Count Sabbath #4
Gregorian Calendar: Friday 24 May 2013
The Cuckoo Parasite
Exposing Another Den of Vipers


    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), be with you on this qodesh (set-apart) day of rest. Today is the fourth sabbath of the Omer count with three left followed by 50 days.

    Awakened by a Cuckoo

    This morning I was awakened to the very loud sound of a 'cuckoo' right outside my bedroom window. Everyone knows that many of these birds are what are called 'brood parasites'. What this means is that they lay their eggs in the nests of other species, and immediately abandon them so that other species can raise them as their own, doing all the work of parenting. What's worse for the other species tricked into raising the young of the cuckoo is that the cuckoo egg, and the chick after hatching, grows much faster than the eggs of the host species.

    The Enslaved Host

    The result of this unfortunate situation is twofold: first, great demands are placed on the host mother as she struggles to keep up feeding this oversized chick; and second, because the cuckoo chick grows so fast, eventually occupying the whole nest, it usually ends up displacing the mother's own chicks which end up dying. It literally takes over the whole nest - look at the picture of this warbler and a cuckoo chick (see above).

    Two Questions

    As I was listening to this noisy creature outside my window I asked myself two questions:

    • 1. Why did Yahweh create this species? and
    • 2. What was His purpose in drawing my attention to one this morning?

    The Cuckoo as a Human Behavioural Object Lesson

    I am of the conviction that Yahweh has created different kinds of animals under the original curse to teach us object lessons about ourselves. The cuckoo contains a very cunning program within its genes. How, you might ask, does it even trick the host mother in the first place? Mothers fiercely guard their broods and won't let another bird, let alone from another species, anywhere near her nest. Just you try approaching a nest with eggs or chicks in it - the mother, even if it is tiny like a sparrow, will dive-bomb you trying to scare you away.

    The Cunning of the Cuckoo

    The 'cunning' of this cuckoo species beggars belief but 'cunning' it is because it uses trickery. What happens is that the male cuckoo lures the target mother away from her nest by pretending to attack it so that while the target mother is away defending her chicks, the female cuckoo alights on the nest and quickly lays her egg. 'Speed' seems to be the characteristic in this animal's armoury of deception - the mother lays her egg fast and the chicks grow up fast. In the picture (above) you see the host mother - a reed warbler - feeding a cuckoo chick that is about 1˝ times her own body size!

    Organised Like Thieves

    These brood parasites, moreover, are grouped into what are called gentes, meaning a host race. Different families of cuckoos specialise in tricking different species of host mothers in different ways. They're organised like crooks! Worse, they can be killers! If the host species spots the cuckoo egg and ejects it from her nest, the enraged cuckoo will return and destroy the eggs of the target mother! Isn't this familiar human behaviour too?

    The Marxist Cuckoo

    How despicably like some kinds of sinning these birds' behaviour resembles! They are a reminder that Satanic philosophies and religions can only thrive in the midst of Christianity which is tricked into nurturing them. Communist Marxism was birthed and nurtured in Catholic France and brought to fruition in Orthodox Russia which by the by kicked the Christian chicks out of the nest by either progressively or violently banning Christianity. With Christianity out of the way, as it virtually was in Russia, the Soviet Union - without a Christian nest to hijack and destroy any longer - eventually was forced to let Marxism stand on its own in Eastern Europe and Russia, and the result was the moral, social and economic paralysis that was that country by the time Gorbachev was in power. Though the French Revolution began in violence, it was eventually tamed down, and displaced by a more temperate Western European liberal version of Marxism that evolved into the modern EU, itself shown to be as bankrupt and corrupt as the old USSR. As we speak, the same Marxist parasite is attempting to hijack North America through the Obama régime and is bankrupting it just as it did communist Eastern Europe ans as it is now doing in the European Union.

    The Fascist Cuckoo

    Fascism was also birthed in a Christian nest - in Catholic Italy and Catholic/Protestant Germany (Nazism - National Socialism). Had it not launched the Second World War and attempted instead to 'succeed' in the way the USSR and post-war Eastern Europe did on its own merits, it would ultimately have gone the same way as Bolshevism and collapsed. In both communist and fascist systems the Christian nest was hijacked and the chicks progressively thrown out.

    The Islamic Cuckoo

    We see the same 'Cuckoo Principle' at work in the religions. Take Islam for example which was birthed in the desert of modern Saudi Arabia and then took over the Christian world of the Middle East by Jihad or military conquest. There it flourished for a while, thanks to its Christian nest where it was well fed, before declining and stagnating, best typified by the former Ottoman Empire. Today it has replanted itself in the West but this time into the remains of the European Christian nest where it has played the cuckoo parasite well. I only read the other day in the British Daily Telegraph newspaper that it intends to create mini-caliphates in England in the cities it nearly controls where it can declare Sharia Law before eventually taking over the rest of the country. And even if it succeeds (which I doubt - the normally parient and tolerant British will eventually rise up against them, as will Americans, French and others), it would simply kick out the remaining Christian 'chicks' and create a society in irreversible decline as it did when it conquered the Christian Middle East. Like a virus, it needs a host in order to survive and flourish, but the trouble is, the more militant it gets, the quicker it destroys its host.

    The Hindu Cuckoo

    The leaders of Hinduism used a different strategy of conquest but Hinduism is a 'cuckoo' nonelessless. Back in the 1950's and 1960's they planned the conquest of the West by the introduction of Meditation repackaged to suit Western tastes by giving it a scientific flavour, the greatest beachheads being secured by TM or Transcendental Meditation. They have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, getting a lift on the back of liberal churches who ought to have known better, progressively killing them spiritually. Oriental-type meditation is practically a way of life in the West now and totally mainstream.

    Kicking Out the Christian Chicks

    Marxism, fascism, Islam and Hinduism...to name but four false systems, have appeared to flourish initially in Christian nations only because they layed their eggs in the Christian nest, exploited political correctness and the welfare state to get preferential treatment, and have all but thrown the Christian chicks out of the nest in their host countries. You only have to see what is happening in the USA today where chaplains and Christians soldiers in general are now forbidden from proseletising! But like all false systems, once they destroy the host, their darkness is exposed in their failure to improve society, and they only appear to be improving society in the beginning because they are riding the back of the Christian culture they have hijacked. It is the transitional form that deceives. The fate of Europe and America is to become like Saudi Arabia or Iran in the future. You only have to look at the gross injustices in their native cultures to see the darkness that is each false system is in the raw.

    The Pagan, 'Christian' and 'Messianic' Cuckoos

    I use the word 'Christian' here to depict authentic, biblical Christianity or Messianism, not the many false 'Christian' (and as we will see in a minute, false 'Messianic') systems that have held power in Europe and in the West in general. The Roman Catholic system, which calls itself 'Christian' but which in reality is an old Roman, Egypian and Mesopotamian pagan system dressed in the garb of Christianity, is little different than the other systems I have mentioned - Marxist, Fascist, Islamic and Hindu - for here paganism has layed its 'cuckoo' eggs in the Christian nest and at length displaced the Christian chicks. Indeed, there has not been a pure Christian or Messianic Kingdom or Republic anywhere since the New Testament Messianic Community though some - like Britain, the USA, some northern European countries and others like Australia and New Zealand have come closer than most.

    Cuckoo Brood Parasitism Everywhere

    If we examine the systems of the world minutely and in detail we will find that there are multiple hijackings going on, brood parasitism taking place taking place on many levels. Our planet has been under violent and subtle assault by the father of lies from the very beginning and most of us have been deceived on one level or another and still are even though we like to think that we have found the 'pure system' and have the right to sit in judgment of all others. We are all far more deceived that we think!

    The Authentic Cuckoos

    At this juncture I want to point out that not all cuckoos engage in the kind of brood parasitism I have been describing. There are cuckoo genuses that raise their own chicks. This is also true of Marxists, Fascists, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics and others. There are honourable people in all systems and religions who attempt to take personal responsibility for raising their families in their own belief system without exploting Christianity and in so doing display authentic Christian virtues though they would almost certainly reject the label. That is why I repeatedly say we must be very careful in how we judge others, and doubtless that is why Yah'shua (Jesus) commanded us to be vey circumspect when He said.

      "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24, NKJV).

    The Non-Christians Foreordained to Salvation

    Many who call themselves 'Christians' or 'Messianics' are undoubtedly hell-bound, not being properly regenerated and who live hypocritical lives. And many who call themselves atheists and the adherents of other religions may well be heaven-bound because their lev (heart) is in the right place. I might add, since the new Catholic Pope Francis has declared that all 'good' people from all religions or no religion at all and going to heaven, that I am not saying that what you believe doesn't matter so long as you are 'nice' because we are not saved by our good works but only through emunah (faith) in the resurrected Messiah which will lead us to Torah-obedience too:

      "For by grace you have been saved through emunah (faith), and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of Elohim (God), not of works, lest anyone should boast" (Eph.2:8-9, NKJV).

    A One World Religion

    All roads do not lead to heaven but there are those who are foreordained to salvation who do not call themselves Christians or Messianic who, when they are presented with the pure emet (truth), will embrace the Besorah (Gospel) openly. And that is not the message being given by the current Jesuit pontif in Rome who is calling for a One World Religion blending all others. I want to make that clear.

    In Search of a Sabbath Message

    How interesting that Yahweh should use a very vocal cuckoo this morning to give me this message. But I have not finished. I'm afraid I have a lot of people to yet upset with emet (truth) they don't want to hear. Actually, I was up late last night, for about three hours, and did not retire until 3 am. I went in search of this Sabbath message and did not, I thought at the time, obtain it. But actually I did and it was the cuckoo call that made everything clear.

    Ernst Zündel

    In searching for today's theme I came across a man called Ernst Zündel who is today in prison in Germany because he is an historical revisionist. He has broken perhaps the must sacred taboo - challenged the most sacred cow - of our age. He has challenged Zionism, the official figures of the Holocaust and the huge industry that surrounds it. Like the sacred cow of Hinduism, you disturb or annoy it at your peril.


    An Honest Man Seeking Only Truth

    I came across Zündel many years ago but at the time was suspicious of his motives and today I have to say I still do not agree with all his conclusions. However, after some hours of careful research, I have been forced to the conclusion that he was scrupulously honest, that he was not a criminal, an anti-semite, hate-monger or racist as he has been accused of, and that he is one of the many tens of thousands of persecuted victims of the Liberal-Marxist establishment, and especially its Zionist branch (which is Marxist at root).

    The Truth About Germany and Prussia

    I have know for a long time that our history has been rewritten and the emet (truth) concealed, and as many of you know I have taken a special interest in Germany and in particular Prussia for which I have been both criticised, mocked and sometimes hated. I have written extensively on the ugly emet (truth) that Germany is no longer a country but an International Corporation owned and run by a cartel consisting of élitists from the USA, UK and France (the USSR being a former partner before it sold out its DDR share before reunification).

    Of East Manasseh and Judah

    I am particularly disliked by Messianics for preaching that the German people are the lost Israelite Tribe of East Manasseh and - heresy of heresies - that the vast bulk of those calling themselves 'Jews' have no racial connection to the Tribe of Judah or Israel at all.

    Accusations of Antisemitism

    Because of this and my exposé of Zionism I have been attacked with the usual 'anti-semite' and 'nazi' accusations, which I am neither. I have many Jewish friends (and Muslim ones too I might add - I grew up amongst Muslims) and I loathe all forms of totalitarianism.

    Libertarianism vs. Compulsion

    I am an openly declared libertarian because free choice is the first principle of the Besorah (Gospel) - Elohim (god) forces no one into heaven. And those religions who attempt to do so reveal their falsehood when they do, be it the sword of Islam or the sword of Catholicism. I am interested only in the emet (truth). I am a member of the anti-racist, anti-totalitarian, anti-EU and pro-freedom UK Independence Party, the only political party I have ever joined, even if I have had Conservative and Social Democrat sympathies in the past. And the only reason I have joined it is because I believe it is honest, not beholden to the élite and supports the independence of all kinds of faith from the cuckoo mindset and sword of Liberal/Marxist coersion. The moment is abandons this platform I will likely pull out of politics altogether.

    Defining Israel

    I think we as a ministry stand apart as one of the few Messianics who are anti-Zionist and view the Republic of Israel like any other country - it must stand or fall on its own merits. I do not believe Yahweh has any 'teacher's pets' and the apple of His eye is not a race or even a religion but simply those who believe and submit to Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and obey His Torah. I do not, as I have been accused by some messianics, support Replacement Theology - I do not believe that the 'Church' has replaced 'Israel'. But then I don't define 'Israel' the way most Messianic and non-Messianic Jews do either...as the 'Jewish people', whoever they are or may claim to be, or the artificial state created in the Middle East which has destabilised the world since its inception. The Kingdom of our Messiah is not of this world system at all (Jn.18:36). I wish we could go back to the early 1920's when Muslim Arabs and non-Zionist Jews lived in peace together as brothers in the Holy Land. The Balfour Declaration was one of the biggest mistakes my own country has ever made.

    Being Pro-People - the Christian Humanist

    No, Messianic Evangelicals aren't 'anti-semitic' but then we're not anti-German, anti-Palestinian, anti-Syrian, anti-Iranian, anti-Russian, anti-Chinese or anti-anyone else either, nor do we believe that criticising any of these people or groups constitutes a 'hate crime'. In fact, I am rather fond of all of these people - we are pro-people, Christian Humanists, if you like. And if I believe that any of these people, or groups (political or religious) within them, behave like cuckoos, then I shall not feel restrained from criticising and exposing them in all emet (truth). The Pharisees may not have liked Yah'shua (Jesus) criticing them and their modern descendants may not like it either, but tough on them. In a free world, freedom of thought and speech is essential provided it is done in a non-violent and non-threatening way.

    But we all know that world will end, and very soon, if ordinary people don't speak up and resist tyrrany.

    The Cuckoo Strategy Within

    But let us move on now from the global cuckoo phenomenon and lake a look inside man. Satan typically uses the cuckoo strategy spiritualy by utilising one enemy to distract us from the real attack (the male cuckoo) while the other enemy - his partner in crime - tries to lay metaphorical 'eggs' in the nests of our lev (heart).

    Diversionary Tactics of the Enemy: Contention

    An illustration. An enemy attacks our theology and tries to get us into a futile debate with someone who is implaccably hostile who has no intention of being open or changing if he is wrong. His purpose in attacking is to contend, and get us so upset so that we sin in our emotional response and offer him the opportunity to invalidate our character as a believer. Stirring up feelings is one of the enemy's favourite devices. The thoughts are male principle and the emotions female. Once the lev (heart) is stirred up to anger (for example), an egg or 'seed' is laid which, if not repented of, will result in a 'chick' being born - a greedy and never satisfied 'chick' of resentment, bitterness, or even murder. It's important that believers not be drawn into provocative arguments whose purpose is simply to tempt us to sin. I have learned, through bitter experience, not to debate. Our job is to sow seeds and guard them, but we must be careful not to vaccate the nest when the male cuckoo attacks. Recognise his move for what it is - a diversionary tactic. So don't let people provoke you - don't fly into battle, stay and guard your nest!


    Let's take a second example - feminism. Over the centuries a lot of women have been mistreated by wicked and chauvanistic men who have sought to enslave them by intimidating and undermining their worth. Satan has used such men to destabilise and tempt women to admit lies into their minds and levim (hearts) by overturning biblical tavnith (pattern). By rebelling against agsinst Yahweh's emet (truth) when it comes to gender rôles, abused women have allowed themselves to be distracted by the abusive 'male cuckoo' (Satan) and allowed the 'female cuckoo' (demonesses like Lilith or Hecate) to 'lay eggs' in their lev (heart), persuading them to open revolt against (for example) male headship in the family. These 'eggs' grow up into mostrous 'chicks', and have to be fed overtime by the darkened, hungry soul that won't let go of the anger and spirit of rebellion. The result is that the natural 'chicks' of righreousness become pushed out the nest, destroying the soul from within. That's why self-control is so important in the talmid's (disciple's) Christian walk.

    Wrong Male Responses to Feminism

    With militant feminism attacking masculinity today and becoming more and more mainstream, men have to do the same, resisting the temption to respond with violent male chauvanism. I know many men who have felt emasculated by feministic women who have responded with anger and harshness, and have lost tenderness and sensitivity in the process. Both geneders are at risk!

    Watch Out for the Concealed Rear Attack!

    One genus of cuckoo actually lays small black eggs that the host mother cannot for some reason see. She sits on the cuckoo egg not knowing it is there until it hatches. Sometimes subtle feelings can slip in unawares - perhaps a spirit of haughtiness, a feeling that one is superior which is used as a shield against attack by the opposite gender instead of sheltering under the wings of Elohim (God). It's not the frontal attacks that are the most dangerous necessarily - some of the most destabilising come from the rear from those cuckoo 'eggs' that are slipped into the nest of our lev (heart). And once the enemy has successfully inserted one 'egg' he will be emboldened to deposit more, knowing what our triggers are and how we can be distracted. He is constantly trying to slip things past us.

    Just a Little Leaven

    Not so long ago we were celebrating Chag haMatazah, the Feast of Unleavaned Bread, and you will recall the warning made by the apostle Paul that "a little leaven leavens the whole lump" (Gal.5:9, NKJV). He warns the Corinthians specifically not to fall for the sin of boasting or self-glorification:

      "Your glorying is not good. Do you not know that a little chametz (leaven) leavens the whole lump? Therefore purge out the old chametz (leaven), that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened" (1 Cor.5:6-7, NKJV).

    Getting Rid of That Egg Quickly!

    Here the chametz or leaven behaves like the cuckoo's egg. An egg, like a "litte leaven", is small compared to the full-grown bird - look at the picture above again to remind yourself of what happens if you don't deal with the chametz (leaven) or 'egg' immediately! Do you really want to become its slave, exhausting yourself to feed it? That reed warbler has to do three or four times as much work feeding one cuckoo as one of its own. Yes, cultivating the mind and lev (heart) takes work, like the mother warbler feeding her young, but feeding sin takes a LOT MORE! Is that really what you want to do? We are given the energy needed to live right but not to live in sin which is why sin eventually burns you up and makes you ill. It's common sense, really, when you come to think about it, but how many people spurn common sense because they'd rather feed the more familiar negative feelings, nurturing instead the demonic power that drains them which they have come to believe is their own? The choice is between being a free man or woman in Messiah or a puppet-slave of the devil.

    Consequences of Postponing Repentance

    You all know this principle well. You know how sin grows like a rapidly expanding cuckoo chick. Most spiritual issues are like that and the longer you postpone repentance, the longer and harder - and sometimes dangerous - it becomes to get fixed, causing us to often times unnecessarily waste years of our life dealing with unrepented sins. Just remember, the host bird is smaller than the invading cuckoo chick.

    Counsel for Economic Collapse

    At this time of imminent collapse, with rioting affecting the Swedish capital here that's been going on for five days now, we absolutely need to get right with Yahweh fast! I am still being asked how long I believe we have before the economic meltdown and I am still advising that people be ready by the end of June to be safe. Lindsey Williams believes we have until mid-August based on what his élite insider source has told him. I do know that so many people are not ready and so I am praying that Yahweh will give us more time - other sources say we have 1 to 1˝ years...no one knows for sure. The only thing that is 100% certain is that the collapse can't not happen and that it isn't far off: the next time banks start failing there will almost certainly be no more government bailouts. But even before then, there is nothing to stop bankrupts governments stealing money from citizens' bank accounts as they did in Cyprus - the next victims are likely to be Australia, New Zealand and Japan. So get converting the rest of your fiat currency into precious metals and get any working capital out in cash. And need I say it again? - Food, water and medical stores need to be ready now!


    I have some prophetic devarim (words) and visions about being prepared spiritually which I hope to share tomorrow or shortly thereafter. Meantime have a blessed Shabbat! Amen.

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