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Restoring Königsberg



    The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Capital of Prussia

    Herzlich Wilkommen!

    Welcome to the Prussian Portal, a doorway into Prussian history and spirituality unlike any other on the internet. We deliberately by-pass all the distortions, political correctness, stereotypes and misinformation that has been fed to the world by the powers who achieved military victory over that nation in 1945 and finally annihilated it politically in 1947. We are ourselves politically neutral and have an essentially Christian-Romantic worldview which we hope you will find refreshing and stimulating!

    "We Germans Fear God and Nothing Else in the World ... and it is the fear of God that makes us love and strive for peace" (Bismarck, in one of his last and most famous speeches in the Reichstag, 6 February 1888. Enemies of Prussia have only ever quoted the first part of the sentence).

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