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    Prophetic Dream of the
    Three Lightning Bolts
    & the White Two-Horned Sheep

    Continued from Part 2

    The following prophetic dream (8 June 2010) is part of a sequence of visions and dreams that begins the second part of the Vision of the Black Bear and White Two-Horned Sheep (the first part on the black bear has already been fulfilled) and a Prophetic Dream of the Left Horn of the White Two-Horned Sheep which is soon to be fulfilled. It also connects to prophecies concerning this year of 2010 and in particular events that will take place at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of October 2010. It follows a prophetic warning of an approaching storm received in March 2010.

    The following vision is not only about the left horn of the white-sheep but also her family, and possibly beyond the family, though I am not certain of this. It may or may not include the right horn.

    I found myself in the attic of a house that bore no resemblance to any literal place I knew and which is unquestionably symbolic. The attic consisted of a nicely furnished room, quite large There the family members of the left-horn of the white sheep were all gathered for some secular celebration like Christmas or some family gathering. There was lots of merriment and laughter, drinking, and all you would expect at a worldly party.

    As I watched this scene there was a sudden crash through the roof and something went through the floor at great speed, shaking the whole place. The revellers were shocked and quickly dispersed. The action of this lightning bolt was extremely fast and it was very powerful. The hole on the floor board was not large, no more than about a foot square, and even then it was partly obscured by the broken floorboard.

    I next found myself downstairs in the kitchen on the ground floor. The bolt had penetrated right down to the ground floor from the roof, a bedroom floor below that, and now the kitchen floor and to the earth. The floorboard looked like the one in the attic only out of it this time water was seaping along with oil which was floating in blobs in the water, as though a water pipe and an oil pipe had been simultaneously burst The dog of a family member went up to the hole and started lapping up the water and oil, which I quickly removed because it was potentially poisonous.

    I then returned to the attic and to the hole where I found the grandfather (an atheist and senior member of the family who recently lost his wife) of the left horn of the white sheep (a lapsed believer, adulterer and family-breaker). He was inside the floor inspecting the damage done by the lightning bolt. However, he had no light, it was pitch black where he was, so that he could not possibly see anything. Though I shone a light in to help him, he was not appreciative and considered my presence an intrusion, refusing my help. He at length came out from between the floor and ceiling below and disappeared.

    After he had gone it was then that I noticed that there were THREE holes in the floor of that attic and that they were equidistantly spaced like an equilateral triangle. A son of mine was with me and I asked him if he would hold one end of a tape measure while I measured the distance between the holes to confirm my belief that this was no random act but by heavenly design. The tape measure was exactly 75 cm long (8+5=12, 1+2=3) and the tape extended three times between the whole (75x3=225, 2+2+5=9 = 3+3+3).I awoke before I could measure the rest but I know the distance was the same from what my eye told me.

    Upon awakening I began to receive the clear meaning of this dream. There had been three bolts of lightning sent by Yahweh to call this family to repentance. Whatever it is that yet to come to shock and awaken them it will leave them in no doubt that this was no 'accident' but a sign from God, even if some will refuse to repent or acknowledge Yah's hand. The triangle with sides of 3 (making 333) units spells out the warning that one '333' (the godly) is exposing another '333' (the demonic) which is in control of this family, namely, the demon Choronzon. In particular, this demon is associated with the following chararacteristics in her human hosts:

      "Akolasia (dispersion, incontenance, debauchery, wantonness), akrasia (self-indulgence, lack of self-control), epikranthen (make bitter, become bitter, be harsh or embittered), orgilon (quick-tempered, prone to anger, passionate), ediati (the why), ekataba (the fall), eparthenoi (the conceit of apparent purity), demosia (the public acclaim that causes public figures to begin inflating their egos), paidiske (maiden, female slave - seductive aspect), and eaeidelos (unseen, dark)".

    Upon awakening I was forcibly struck by two impressions from the Bible:

    • 1. The sudden death of Job's sons and daughters; and
    • 2. The story Yah'shua told of the rich man who had provided for retirement and old age but who was suddenly taken away without warning, making the accumulation of his weath utterly meaningless.

    I could say much about the symbolic meaning of aspects of the dream but will confine myself to just one or two. The attic is the realm of the thoughts, the family in question priding itself in its intellectual abilities and superiority over others, and its existentialism. This is a triple impact (corresponding to Yom Teruah) designed to warn of an impending judgment (corresponding to Yom Kippur). This family has been involved in adultery, fornication, drunkeness, kidnapping, bearing false witness, lashon hara and family-breaking. Most (excluding the grandfather and one or two others) are lapsed believers.

    Those of us who have been wronged by members of this family have been patiently waiting for Yahweh to set things in order again, as He did with the black bear. My clear impression from this prophetic dream, along with other dreams and visions which seem to be connected, is that Yahweh is going to demonstrate His power to them suddenly and at great speed to discomfort them (Ps.18:14) and to call them to repentance before they are judged, and most likely this year and possibly by the end of October, with a kidnapped child being returned home. Lightning is usually associated in Scripture with the Kingdom of Yahweh (Mt.24:27; Lk.17:24) and with the Messiah Himself (Dan.10:6).

    In many visions and dreams over the years I have been shown that some of this family will be saved and some will be lost. I believe the time of their fulfilment is now imminent - see The Last Party.

    Update #1 (8 December 2010)

    See The Burning Table: Vision of a Covenant-Breaker

    Update #2 (10 July 2012)

    See The Journey Home: Visions of Judgment & Gathering

    Laget: 10. juni, 2010
    Oppdatert: 10. juli, 2010

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