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    Prophetic Dream of the
    Left Horn of the
    White Two-Horned Sheep

    Continued from Part 1

    On 27 December 2009 I had a dream about the left horn (who is dearly beloved) of the white two-horned sheep. The white horn was in prison in Texas (though she lives in Europe) and was bitter about her imprisonment which she made known by means of a lengthy circular issued on red paper. The title of the circular was something like: "From a Sh*thole Prison". However, the circular or newsletter was published as though it had been sent from Salt Lake City, Utah and not from Texas. I understood that the only way she could broadcast her plight was to give the impression that she was not in Texas but in Utah.

    In the dream I was visiting her in prison. She was hardened, cynical and trying to be seductive but had no intention of following through with the seduction. When I rebuked her for playing games with me and told her she was behaving like a harlot, saying that I was leaving, she became very angry with me and yet tried to stop me from leaving, but I left her and the prison in Texas.

    When I awoke I was completely baffled by the dream. I prayed to Yahweh and went back to sleep. Shortly afterwards I awoke and the Ruach haQodesh immediately gave me the explanation. This woman's religious background is in Mormonism, in which religion she was raised. She and her family converted to this community/church fresh out of Mormonism which has its capital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Though converting to the truths taught by this ministry none had ever been born again of the Ruach haQodesh and so tended to view the Scriptures through an existentialist lens tainted by Mormonism ideas to which, in some cases, occult notions were later mixed.

    In the end the family left the ministry to be followed last of all by the 'left horn'. Today she claims to be agnostic or atheist. She knows she is in a spiritual prison but instead of confessing the real cause she is blaming her Mormon upbringing (and religion in general, including this ministry in particular) as the reason she is not free. The truth, though, is that her real problem is what 'Texas' represents, not Utah or Salt lake City. Texas is one of the most independent-minded states of the USA (having been politically independent once), proud, rich, materialistic and immoral. The problem of the 'left horn' is not religion as she wishes to believe (her scapegoat for avoiding personal responsibility) but her declaration of independence from Yahweh and her belief that material things, wordly romance and money will make her happy.

    As Yahweh was showing me the lie that she both believes in and proclaims in her red (representing both sin and anger) circular (her proclamation to everyone she meets), I was shown a vision of some small teddy bears underneath this 'image' of herself that she has. These represent childishness and immaturity in which she seeks sympathy, pity, comfort and acceptance. Amongst her many false comforts is now alcohol.

    Over the last 2 years Yahweh has shown me the spiritual state of the 'left horn' many times in vision which has progressively got worse as the defilement increases. She has yet to be fully taken to the end of herself like the angry bear was six months ago as reported in the previous vision but things are in process. Like the angry bear she does not really 'belong' to the right horn with whom she is in (probably an uneasy) alliance. And like the angry bear and the 'right horn' she has sought unsuccessfully to destroy this ministry and its ministers.

    It is only a matter of time now before the right horn is broken off the beast.

    Continued in Part 3

    Laget: 31. desember, 2009
    Oppdatert: 1. januar, 2010

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