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    Isabel's Corner

    The Personal Page
    of My Second Wife Isabel

    This is the website dedicated to my second wife, Isabel Towianska, from Dzierżoniów, who was the erstwhile best friend of my first wife, Suszana. We have an adult son, Stanisław, Jr.

    Though Isabel wrote very little, her two essays are very powerful and are linked below. Indeed, of all my wives, Isabel is the only one who heard the voice of Elohim (God) audibly telling her to marry me polygamously. She also had an inspirational dream about the Final Judgment and the eternal nature of the marriage estate beyond the grave, one of the central tenets of this ministry, which you can read below.

    You can read more about our relationship in How It All Started: Courtship & Polygamy in the Królewiec Family and in her own account, Isabel Tells Her Own Story.

    1. I Saw My Family in Heaven (Article #33)
    2. Isabel Tells Her Own Story (Article #34)

    Author: SBSK

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