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    I Saw My
    Family in Heaven:
    A Prophetic Dream

    The Dream
    by Isabel

    On May 9, 2000 I had a dream that filled me with great peace:

      I was in heaven - or to be more correct - we, the sister-wives in my husband's family, were in heaven. It was as if we had just arrived because we were very happy about being together again. I recognized the two sister-wives I have now, but there were many more, and it was a big, united family. There was a great love between everyone and even when the question, "Where is Stan?" was asked, there was a complete peace amongst everyone. I knew, and I could sense, that the others knew the same as I: Stan was with Yahweh (God) and had to stand before Him before he could come back to us.


    For those of you who do not know our story, Isabel is my second wife who was called by a direct revelation from Yahweh, our Heavenly Father, to enter into plural marriage. She heard Yahweh's own voice direct her. This was in 1988, and we were married shortly afterwards.

    Our marriage experienced some difficulties when my third and fourth wives, Kryztina and Kasia, entered (my first wife Suszana left very early on, seduced away by a New Age cult), and we started getting persecution for our faith. She eventually left and we were estranged for some six years. At the beginning of 2000 we were reconciled in some remarkable, Spirit-filled circumstances, that led to this prophetic dream above (see Isabel Towianska: The Miracle of a Wife Regained).

    What is remarkable about this dream is not only the spirit of love that filled it, so markedly different from the time six years previously when she left, convinced that she could never live this principle, but its doctrinal implications. It comes as a confirmation of our intense belief in the Chavurat Bekorot that marriage is eternal, for here was our family yet united in heaven. And the fact that I could not go to them until I had first stood before Yahweh has a striking parallel with the fact that Miriyam (Mary) was not allowed to embrace Yah'shua (Jesus) until He had first gone to His heavenly Father, Yahweh, for as many of you know we believe that Miriyam (Mary) was married to Yah'shua (Jesus) in mortality.

    These five months following our reconcilliation have been a happy time for me not just because of the fact that we are reconcilled but because she is at peace with the principle with which she struggled so desperately at one time. I hope this will comfort patriarchal families who have lost wives for one reason or another and give you hope that in the Messiah everything is possible given faith, long-suffering and patience.

    At the time of writing (2000) I am reunited with one of two estranged wives and fully confident that the Master will not only restore the remaining lost one but also gather together those many others whom Isabel saw in her dream. When this principle functions properly in the love of Christ it brings such a blessed peace and contentment.

    Also see, Isabel Tells Her Own Story Postscript (2016)

    Sadly, in spite of all these revelations, Isabel did not follow through and decided not to move back with the family.

    Authors: ITK & SBSK

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