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    Suszana's Corner

    The Personal Page
    of My First Wife Suszana

    This is the website dedicated to my first wife, Suszana, who never wrote any materials during our marriage. From Rzeszów, we have two grown-up children, Władysław and Maria.

    Suszanna was always hostile to plural marriage even though she knew it was biblical and would have yielded to it had I insisted that we live it, as I learned from her shortly before we separated. In the end it was another man and her belief in a New Age religion that caused our marriage to eventually break-up nearly 30 years ago. She has remarried twice since our divorce. We are praying for her deliverance and return home.

    You can read more about our relationship in How It All Started: Courtship & Polygamy in the Królewiec Family and the dirge I wrote about her called, A Song for Suszanna.

    Author: SBSK

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